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Listen, because I want you to be successful, if you purchase Elementor Pro through this page, I will give you my $149 course, Elementor Essentials, for free.

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    The largest Facebook group just for Elementor. Almost 2k members, including me 🙂

  • Knowledgebase

    Want to master Elementor? Find answers and instructions over at the Elementor knowledgebase.

  • Template Demo's

    Want to see all the Elementor templates? These templates can be used in your website. 

Recommended Elementor Web Hosting

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Themes Compatible With Elementor

Each theme is Elementor friendly


GeneratePress Theme

This is one of my favorite's, its is fast, lightweights and FREE! Thats right, it costs $0 and is used on over 60k websites. 


Studiopress Themes

Rock solid and developer friendly, Studiopress themes are an excellent option. Work's perfectly with Elementor page builder. 


GeneratePress Theme

This is one of my favorite's, its is fast, lightweights and FREE! Thats right, it costs $0 and is used on over 60k websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about Elementor

What is the difference between the free and paid versions?

Elementor Pro has some additional modules and a few developer features. 

What are the hosting requirements for Elementor?

Elementor will run perfectly fine in most web hosting environments. Of course some hosts are better then others. You will want to avoid EIG owned web hosting companies such as Hostgator, Bluehost, iPower, HostMonster, to name a few. To see my recommended hosts please visit my Recommended page. 

Are you an Elementor affiliate?

Currently they don't have an affiliate program, so unfortunately not. But I am a passionate user of Elementor and really believe in its future. 

Have A Question?

If you don't see your Elementor question answered here, the please ask me directly via the live chat here on my website. I will answer your question and also add it here for the community. 

Customizations For Elementor

Learn all the best customizations that you can do to your Elementor website.


  1. You are very enthusiastic about the clean programming (sparse use of shortcode) in Beaverbuilder. I am very curious how this compares with Elementor?
    By the way I enjoy your tutorials, keep up the good work!

    • The code is VERY CLEAN. And there are no shortcodes at all. In addition, if you ever stop using Elementor, all you content is still there.

  2. I’ve just clicked on your “Elementor Page Builder Complete Resource Guide” link, but it doesn’t work.

    Have just purchased GeneratePress and pre-ordered Elementor. Do I need both of these?

    • That’s very odd that you clicked on something and it didn’t take you to where it should’ve taken you. I’ve tried to duplicate this but I can’t zero in on what the problem is. GeneratePress is your theme and Elementor is your page builder. You need both.

  3. Helo sir i am following your youtube chanel regularly i did not understand gradient effects and feature boxes i want to create some feature boxes like you told
    1) i want to create different types of feature boxes like on studiopress website
    2) i want to create split screen video effects like those uploded avideo on elementor official youtube chanel

    i alredy viewed your tutorial on gradient and feature boxes but i cant understand them because you explained that what previously done before plz explain them with a new tutorial please please

    • So you are saying that you watch my video on using the gradient feature and you tried to do exactly what I taught in that video and it didn’t work for you?

  4. Hi there, I have 2 questions:

    1. I formatted a blog post using Elementor (the free version) on WP and saved my changes. When I load the published page, the format is not the same at all. How do I fix this?

    2. Can I use Elementor to edit a free wordpress theme (I am currently using ‘Fashionistas’ free theme)? I would like to make changes on the header and sidebar but it currently does not let me do it. Is this a pro feature?

    Thanks! — Also I have no knowledge of code and am completely new to WP and Elementor


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