Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2023

It’s that time of year again, the holidays. And with that will be some amazing, hard to pass up deals on the most wanted WordPress tools. This is where I will post some of the best deals out there. The list will be updated through the week. I won’t list every deal under the sun, and that’s because I only like to share the products/services that I believe in and personally use. I wish you and your family a happy holiday season!

WordPress Black Friday Giveaways

Top Use Cases

Ecommerce Website Package For Physical Product Stores

Looking for better ways to sell your physical products online in 2023? We have just the right set of tools for you.

Choose a good host and a snappy theme like Astra so your website remains fast and delivers the experience your customers expect. 

Add forms to get information about buyers, product shipping details and more. Finally, get an easy-to-use sales funnel builder to convert more traffic and start making money!

Ecommerce Website Package For Digital Product Stores

Want to sell digital products online this year? Here are the best deals to get you started.

Start with hosting that can handle sale season traffic along with a snappy theme like Kadence.

Set up a complete online store with SureCart. It has everything you need to set up an online store and begin selling from your website. It’s so easy to use!

Engage your users with a form builder like Fluent Forms and build high-conversion sales funnels with CartFlows to convert traffic and increase your average order values.

Online Course Website Package

A powerful set of tools to start your online course website.

As with any high-traffic website, you need a good web host and a snappy theme that delivers supreme performance. Use LearnDash to organize your course material and PrestoPlayer to serve videos from multiple locations at high speeds. 

Create a membership website and monetize it with SureMembers. Sell access to memberships and automate everything with native integration with SureCart.

And don’t forget to let users get in touch using Fluent Forms and use a sales funnel builder to convert more traffic and make more money!

Membership Website Package

Want to run your own membership website that people can subscribe to? With the right set of tools, you can get started right away! 

Build your website using a good web host along with a multi-purpose theme like Kadence. Add MemberPress to enable subscriptions and Fluent Forms to help them engage. 

Use AffiliateWP to convert your membership website into an affiliate management system and let your existing users earn commissions for promoting your website. Simple!

Dropshipping Website Package

Get more out of your dropshipping website with these great deals. With a good web host and a versatile theme like Astra, you can grow your traffic without slowing your website. 

Use an effective sales funnel builder like CartFlows to encourage buyers to purchase more and Fluent Forms to ensure customers can always get in touch.

DIY Website Builder

Build your website from scratch with ease using these intuitive tools. Start with low cost hosting to handle your website traffic, and use a super flexible theme like Astra Pro to build a beautiful website. 

Customize your pages to your liking using the Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg and include beautiful forms to encourage engagement with Fluent Forms.

Professional Web Designer

Save time designing websites for clients with this professional web designer package. Build on solid foundations with multi-domain hosting that can handle your traffic easily. 

Create websites with a flexible theme like Astra Pro and use Starter Templates to speed up the design process. 

Manage all your client websites from a single dashboard with MainWP and let your clients share sticky-notes style feedback on their website for you to work on with ProjectHuddle. Finally, ensure every website is a two-way conversation with Fluent Forms!

Want an easy way to showcase your work and ideas? WP Portfolio has you covered!

Online Community Website

Fancy building an online community website? You need to start with a good web host that can handle hundreds of users at a time. 

Use BuddyBoss to add community functionality to your WordPress website and let users create their accounts, talk to other users, and much more, without any code. Then add Presto Player so everyone can add video to the conversation without slowing down the site!


What better platform to run your own blog than WordPress? Make sure your blog is always online with reliable web hosting.

Design your blog to look great with Astra and add Fluent Forms so your readers can engage with you and get in touch whenever they like.

Affiliate Marketer

Build an affiliate business using your WordPress website. All you need is this package we’ve built for you. 

Start with a low cost, reliable hosting and add an innovative link management solution like PrettyLinks. Then install a form builder like Fluent Forms so businesses can contact you with new opportunities. 

Once set up, you’re ready to begin creating your content and generating commissions!

Business Coach / Consultant

Are you a business coach or consultant? You absolutely need a website that looks great and opens you up to new opportunities. This package is all you’d need to get started.

With Astra and Starter Templates, start your consulting business website quickly and with minimal effort. Astra is amazing but requires reliable hosting to run. 

You can then build beautiful contact forms with Fluent Forms to encourage visitors to get in touch and create high-converting sales funnels using CartFlows to turn visitors into consulting clients!

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Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are a lot of great WordPress Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals this year.

Be sure to take advantage of them while they’re still available!

And don’t forget to check back on WP-Crafter for more tips and tricks on how to use these tools and make the most out of your WordPress website.