by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

7 Exciting New Features Coming To Elementor Page Builder


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There is a new version of Elementor coming in about a week. This update will bring many new and exciting features, so I thought I would list out my 7 favorite new features.

Video Transcript

In this video I’m going to go over these seven new
features that are my favorite that are coming

to the new version of Elementor said to be
released in about a weeks time hi my name

is Adam from where I make WordPress
videos that you can understand because they’re

made for non-techies if you enjoy the content
in this video I like to ask you to consider

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videos so a new version of Elementor is right
around the corner it is currently beta testing

it’s actually open to anyone that wants to
Beta test it I think I’ll put a link down

below to the link to download the beta version
but in this video but to go over these seven

things that I most looking forward to and
excited about I would be doing this all based

on the beta version that is currently available
maybe I’ll run into some bugs maybe I won’t

there’s a lot more than a seven features coming
I’m just going to go over my seven favorite

features and I have them all listed if you
are not familiar with Elementor here is their

website I will have a link down below it’s
a free page building plug-in for WordPress

they also have a Pro version that add some
features and modules to Elementor but the

version that I’m going through today is the
completely free version now if you did go

to Elementor’s website and purchase Elementor
I do have a special bonus and it’s this course

right here called Elementor essentials and
this is kind of the pain point I have with

this release of Elementor there’s gonna be
some significant user interface changes so

I’m actually get to go through every single
video that you see here and I’ve got to re-record

them for the new interface that’s coming to
the editor in Elementor but that’s okay here’s

also the link to the free version right here
you can see is currently being used on over

100,000 websites this is amazing seeing as
how it’s only a year old and it is pretty

impressive so let’s jump and I do have a list
right here off to the side to stay organized

and on point in this video so for someone
to go over some of the backend changes that

I like and then I want to go through some
of the front and changes that I like so the

first thing is there is an updated settings
interface so if you have Elementor installed

you’ll have this option here and here all
the different various settings panels for

Elementor so when you click in any of them
they now have a better organized in these

tabs so you have general style advanced in
the same goes for the tools settings panel

as well it’s just a nice tidying up to make
things a little easier to digest and this

actually leads me into my next favorite feature
and that is version control I’m so happy that

they are bringing this let me explain what
it is if you go to tools and we have our lovely

tabs there for the new settings panel you
can click on versions and right here it gives

you the option to roll back to the prior version
of Elementor so they push out an update and

there might be a bug and it’s causing you
trouble you can go here click on this and

reinstall the prior version and you will be
back in business and I’ll be real easy and

there’s also an option to join the beta program
where you will be testing the beta versions

I totally encourage you to do this before
there’s an Elementor update tested in a staging

environment this will give the option to test
beta versions before they’re even released

and be able to get feedback if you notice
any bugs in how it the update goes on your

website so those are my two favorite back
end of Elementor features now my features

that I want to go through are all front end
interface related features so I really have

Elementor pulled up and I went ahead and put
it in canvas mode that’s why you don’t see

any of the theme here and so the next feature
is they’ve updated the layout interface so

it’s not what you see here on the left it’s
gonna be what you see over here on the right

let me go ahead and show you my click on add
a new section and I choose this we have these

new ways of interacting with columns sections
in Elementor so your sections were going to

have this blue sections panel right here and
with the columns you can go ahead and hover

over to the left right there and it reveals
the additional options this is good to separated

and make it less confusing so you’ll know
whether you’re in a column or you’re in a

section and there’s also some hidden goodies
that are going to come with this the next

favorite feature in the back and is now you
are going to have the ability to add sections

anywhere in your page layout prior the only
way to add a new section to Elementor was

the scroll all the way to the bottom click
add new section and then drag it all the way

to where you wanted to and I can have to do
that anymore so for example if I want a section

above this section all I have to do is hover
right here click on the plus and then I This

option right here I can click on add new section
and let’s go with the two column option and

there it is I put a section above where I’ll
actually wherever I wanted this section the

go now I can go ahead and put those in without
having to scroll to the bottom added and then

drag it to where I wanted the next favorite
feature is column size control options so

you now are going to have to ways to adjust
the size of columns so if you notice right

here I have this section with two columns
and you can go in the middle and then you

can manually go like this I think this was
a feature there before anyway but what is

different is what let me show you my going
to the settings for column by clicking here

and now I’m in the column settings and you
have this new option right here that’s is

column width and so now when I do it you can
see that number changing what I like about

this is I don’t like this Dragon method I
mean I do like it for just visually testing

out the different widths but then I want that
fine-grained control so I don’t wanted to

be 36.40 I would probably just wanted to be
36 so now I can go ahead and do that and have

it be exactly what I wanted to be and so that
is the new column spacing control now what

is also the additional power of this is you
have mobile responsive options with it so

I go ahead and get into the section controls
here and then here is my column with I can

go ahead and click on this little icon here
and I can set widths for the device that the

person might be on so I can on my desktop
with my tablet with in my mobile with and

what’s nice about that is Juergen it just
now have more layout control on these various

different devices that your website visitors
might be coming to your website on a perfect

example is if you had a three column layout
what you want to have happen when it’s on

a tablet you want malls, scrunched in together
and in kind of on the same row or do you want

to maybe make that first one go on the top
in the other to go beneath that you now have

these options with the different column widths
and now that you can choose it for mobile

devices as well as for tablets this is a very
powerful feature because you have to design

your website for all devices there is no getting
around this you have to design it in think

about how’s this going to look or do I have
the option to change how this looks on these

various different devices that people are
using to come to your website the next favorite

feature is the very easy way to have Z index
options I’m sorry if that is something that’s

a little more on the technical side but with
Elementor there is a lot of times you might

want to have overlapping elements and so what
that is a say you have two images and then

you want one of those images up a little higher
and maybe covering it the other image a little

bit but say this one’s on the top this was
on the bottom but how the heck to get this

one on the top and put this one on the bottom
and that is where this is the index comes

in the Z in the element with these the higher
is the index number is going to be on the

top let me try to demonstrated I don’t know
what images I actually have on this test installation

let me go to add a new section 2 columns like
that I want to go ahead and drag an image

into the here let me see what I’ve got in
the image so I do have some stuff in the image

library very good some to go ahead and choose
this one insert media that this is perfect

okay Sonoma to go ahead and do the same thing
for the image right here I’m to go ahead and

drag that in a minute choose an image like
this and will do something different like

that and actually you know what I need to
have an image that’s going to be similar size

so we go ahead and choose this one and there
we go so now I’m in a go ahead and create

this overlapping effect so I’m I’m I’m in
this image right here go to advanced and I

need to do this with something called negative
margin some of the go ahead and unlock it

and so on the left to go negative like this
and you see how it’s kind of overlapping okay

I’m not to get too much into this is so say
you’re doing something like this but you may

want this image above this image right here
with this see is the index you’re going to

be able to do that you just go ahead and click
on this image right here then go ahead and

click on the advanced tab and yearning to
see right here this new is the index option

so I’m can go ahead and increase the number
and there it is just by giving it a one it

put it on top of this right here now having
overlapping elements is a very modern design

trend and before it was very tricky to do
this for someone that might not understand

CSS and now you have this option which wasn’t
called Z index I wish it was something more

obvious but anyways that is what the index
is Elementor is bringing easy Z index control

on a per element basis a per column basis
it’s pretty amazing what they’re doing and

I really like this feature the next new feature
they’re adding is hover effects to just about

all kinds of stuff and so let me see how best
I can demonstrate that okay I’ve gone ahead

and deleted the section and so I got the section
right here let me go into it’s like this and

then I want to go ahead and start some starts
running some of these hover affects right

here so what you can do is for example let’s
just give this background a color let’s go

like that let’s make it black why not any
notice I have this cover option but you will

also notice that it’s not just for colors
it’s going to be here in the background overlay

it’s going to be in the border and is likely
to be for shape divider so anyways you can

have everything kind of visually change when
someone hovers their mouse over it and it’s

the subtle things like that that really make
your website come to life so let me just show

you real basic example of the click on hover
click on this right here and let’s just choose

this green why not like that so there we go
and now when I hover my mouse over it changes

to this hover effect now you’re to be able
to do this it uses in some very creative ways

I’m really excited to use this in and just
gonna brainstorm all the different really

creative ways that you can use this to make
your website come to life a good example of

this is maybe an e-commerce site where you
go over if you see an image of a product right

there you hover over it and then it just fades
into a different angle of that product that’s

a very typical use for this there’s lots of
different things that you can do you can also

have a drop shadow when you hover soul kind
of make the effect where it looks like it’s

being lifted off the page so there’s a lot
of really creative things that you to be able

to do with this new hover effects and they
are going to be all over these different modules

are to see hover affects pretty much everywhere
don’t overuse this feature whatever you do

but it is good to be a fabulous feature that
you to be able to have now on your website

now if I counted right that is seven of my
favorite features that are coming to the new

version of Elementor there are some more let’s
see there’s going to be more mobile editing

options you’re going to have and set up a
box shadow going on the outside of an image

or an element it’s good to be inset which
means it can be on the inside of it that’s

can be pretty cool there’s also going to be
the ability to adjust the spacing between

widgets so if you have a three column layout
you drop your widgets or your elements in

there you can control the spacing between
each one I really like the controller giving

for that and that’s also going to be an option
that you’re going to see in the panel here

but there’s a global setting for that year
and be able to control the entrance delay

animation so if you have an entrance animation
on something you can control the delay how

long it takes for that animation to complete
and you’re also to be able to have the option

for any links that you add to a button or
something like that to make those no follow

links wow so that was a big mouthful all of
these amazing new features that are coming

to Elementor I’m very excited about it is
supposed to maybe come out in about a week

or so and I’ll probably be having more videos
on these individual features and like I said

I got a update every video in that course
but I’m looking forward to doing it and if

you do know you can actually get this course
for free if you are interested in purchasing

the Pro version of Elementor I have a link
down below to tell you how to get free access

to this course the course is also available
for self or $149 so anyways if you use in

the beta version of Elementor that’s coming
out wanted to live, down below and let me

know what are some of your favorite features
and some of things that you’re looking forward

to in this new version of Elementor and perhaps
also add any features that you wish that they

would add hey thank you for watching this
video I really appreciated

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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