by Adam Preiser updated July 23, 2019

Elementor Pro Year In Review & What To Expect In 2018


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Today is the 1 year birthday of Elementor Pro.

It's crazy to think that just 1 year ago, it was first released to the public. It has come such a long way in only 12 months.

If I were to list all the new features they released in the past 12 months, I would run out of room on this blog.

What is most exciting is what new Elementor features are coming in 2018. It's so exciting in fact that I have begun implementing Elementor Pro on this website.

But don't just take my word for it, hear what others have to say:

Video Transcript

In this video we look at how far along
Elementor’s come in the last year but I think

for most of us really want to know what’s
going to happen in the next year of Elementor

I have some inside information on that that
I’m to share in this video but a happy birthday

is in order it’s not my birthday it’s not
your birthday it’s actually Elementor Pro’s

birthday today if you have been following
Elementor from the beginning like I have you

would probably remember that Elementor Pro
was first released on December 12, 2016 in

fact here is my first purchase receipt for
Elementor I first purchased on November 27

of 2016 I first purchased the single site
license right here but then later purchased

the unlimited license I never actually got
a refund I never asked for a refund I just

wanted the unlimited version and I wanted
them to keep the money but in these early

receipts that went out it says right here
on December 12 you’re gonna receive the Elementor

Pro and Elementor Pro came out December 12,
2016 before I get further into the video hi

my name is Adam from where make
WordPress tutorial videos for non-techies

if you knew your consider clicking on the
subscribe button and to make sure you don’t

miss a thing click on the bell off to the
right there any links anything a talk about

this video I will put in the video description
box down below and I forgot to mention there’s

gonna be a contest at the end of this video
so let’s first talk about how far along Elementor

has come in the last 12 months and try to
decide in this video if we should renew now

for me because I literally purchased a year
ago this one right here this license my unlimited

license I need to decide today if I’m going
to renew or not and I will decide at the end

of this video and if I do decide to renew
it I will do it live in the video so first

let’s talk about how far this beloved Elementor
Pro has come along here’s the page as it is

today now year ago Elementor only had about
30,000 active installations is only being

used on 30,000 websites and you know sometimes
in marketing and in our goalsetting we set

man I want have a 10 X year will Elementor
actually had a 10 X year 10 X meaning they

grew by 10 so they started at about 30,000
having it on 30,000 websites now it’s on over

300,000 websites and I bet any day now that
numbers going to hit 400,000 websites that

is amazing growth if you ask me I know I’ve
said I wanted to have Tenex growth of my YouTube

channel I only had about three times growth
which is great and I’m so grateful for it

but this thing has so much power for some
momentum behind it let’s first take a look

at some of the new additions to Elementor
over the last 12 months now actually if I

was to go over the past 12 months that would
be way too many features to go over so I’m

actually only to go over the last four months
and you can go on their blog right here in

you can scroll and through the various posts
and see all of the things that they have gone

ahead and added so I’m going to start in reverse
order and I’m only going back to August were

now only four months and because they have
added so many new features to Elementor this

video would take an hour to get through number
one they added in August this really cool

text shadow effect this is a really neat feature
I’m glad that they added it before you have

to use some CSS or something like that to
accomplish this and

was they introduced a history feature where

you can easily undo or redo changes that have
happened since you last clicked on the save

button this is huge and they also had some
keyboard shortcuts so that you can you know

what you would normally use in a document
you do control Z to undo you can use these

keyboard shortcuts as well this was a huge
usability improvement that they added and

they just it was just a flawless feature then
in September so those three were just one

one month an hour in September I can’t go
back 12 months they added Facebook widget

so now you can add like buttons videos fees
comments and more a lot of times on sales

pages you might see Facebook comment threads
in there and then they added on September

12 this is really one of those features that
kind of work in a tired and later in this

video when I share where Elementor is going
but when they release this you really got

to see where Elementor is heading its heading
outside of the content area of the page it’s

now venturing outside of that in this is really
the first major showing of that fact so now

you could actually make beautiful navigation
menus in there so much flexibility have never

seen so many options for making a menu then
this actually has in this just came out in

September and then later in September we got
block coats quotes these are actually really

good so if you’re using Elementor to make
a blog post these are really good to break

up these big text heavy areas on your page
and also increase some social engagement we’ve

got later in September a media carousel for
your images or for your videos then we have

on October 1 so now were in December this
was only like two months ago we had this testimonial

slider or as they worded this carousel widget
for slighting different testimonials then

we got in November 7 which was huge we finally
got in line editing this means it’s so intuitive

now to use Elementor you just click on the
text and you can start editing it this was

a huge huge improvement and it really opened
my eyes to the fact that now you can totally

use Elementor for writing blog posts along
format blog posts then in November we got

this and this was another one that kinda slipped
under the radar it’s amazingly useful but

it kind of slipped under the radar and this
is another example of Elementor getting outside

of that post content area where the page content
area they added a search widget now to me

this signals the future of Elementor and that
is they already have the menu navigation and

now the search widget which you usually have
what in the header next to your navigation

and so this is giving you close to where Elementor
is headed and this came out just this past

November I’m actually implementing this on
my website right now then we got just this

month this was the big announcement just yesterday
as a matter of fact single opposed widgets

so this means you can now build out portions
of a blog post with these widgets so you can

drag and drop your comments section you can
drag and drop all these different meta-information

that you used to make a blog post their featured
image your content area all of that let’s

look at this a little deeper so you can now
have a element for an author box and for your

comments for your breadcrumbs and your post
navigation and you can use these modules when

you’re using Elementor to build out a blog
post so this is giving us a further indication

of where Elementor Pro is headed and if you’re
in the Elementor Facebook group I would recommend

you jump in there it’s an amazing Facebook
group of people using Elementor helping each

other out but if you hop in that and I’m in
there by the way so if you tag me I’ll see

it now be able to respond to you in there
and if you been in there for any length of

time they haven’t actually kept this a secret
that Elementor is building a team builder

I don’t think they’ve given it an official
name just yet but it’s a theme builders so

essentially what this is going allow you to
do is a build custom headers for your website

custom footers for your website you know when
you look on a blog post and you wish you had

full control over maybe styling a blog post
and maybe all of them at the same time were

you to be able to use Elementor to create
post templates now this is kind of a complicated

topic I should make one video dedicated to
this for Elementor and I definitely will when

the future is released but I have talked about
this at length and especially in a recent

video I made about something called pods for
extending what you could do with WordPress

I talk about this concept of creating a post
template in that video so the way it is today

when you have a blog post in WordPress the
design of it has been created by your theme

you just click post add new and’s just put
your content in your title your featured image

and the theme takes over everything else well
with this new theme builder you are going

to have total control using Elementor what
you already know and have been using for it.

Of time your to be able to take Elementor
and create these supposed templates it’s going

to be astonishing I use something similar
to that now however when I found out about

a month ago that Elementor is finally kind
of revealing a little bit of information that

they are building this and it’s going to come
in the first 1:45 thousand 18 the first quarter

this is common in a few months guys I decided
now is the time to get Elementor in my main

website and start redesigning some of the
pages in Elementor eventually phasing out

the tools that I’m using on my website right
now and the reason is because Elementor is

giving me the control that I want on my website
so a lot of my decision-making process of

whether or not I’m going to renew my Elementor
license really boils down to this new team

builder that they are building and have already
said that it’s going to come out in the first

1:45 thousand 18 neck starting to have some
usability improvements were talking about

autosave and a role manager I don’t know too
much information on that but I would really

hope that means that we can lock down if you’re
making websites for clients that you can lock

it down certain functionality based upon the
role of your actual client to your with the

WordPress account that gets created for them
so you can limit what they can do essentially

preserving the integrity of the design so
they can maybe move things around but maybe

they can change text to be of the in-line
text editor I also know that they are working

on improving the Elementor library experience
and they’ve actually kinda hinted at this

maybe six months ago that they have been working
on this and figuring out the best way to deliver

the very best template library experience
in they are definitely working on that as

well and they’ve said as much in podcasts
a few months ago now they’re obviously working

up all kinds of things that they have to keep
you know it yet in in WordPress when your

software developer you do have to kinda keep
your cards close to the chest because if you

put a public roadmap what happens is your
competitors will go and look at your public

roadmap see what you’re doing and either try
to do it faster than you or copy you or they’ll

just have some indication of where you’re
going so I’m sure there is a ton more teachers

coming to Elementor in the next 12 months
and you know what out of all the if you knew

me personally and anyone that knows me personally
knows I’m very conservative when it comes

to money I don’t just renew something I don’t
just go and haphazardly buy things okay am

very conservative when it comes to what I
choose to spend my money on especially when

it comes to certain renewals so even with
Elementor it’s gonna cost me 50% just you

know the way the renewal system works is it’s
50% off if you renew it within a certain period

of time and I’m just right now in that period
of time in fact here is what my Elementor

account looks like now I have my license as
a blurred out like I was showing you earlier

I actually purchased Elementor twice I bought
a single site license I didn’t ask for refund

I sniped I wanted them to keep that money
because I was so I just one of them to have

some money and then I later purchase the unlimited
plan so if you have a plan up for renewal

they give you a 50% discount but that that
the period of time that you can actually renew

at that discounted rate it expires you can’t
just in six months after it expires now want

to renew for the 50% off you literally only
get it I think it’s maybe up to the date it

expires or maybe a week after so right now
you can see one of my license expired I’m

not can actually renew the $25.01 but the
unlimited one I’m only really using it on

five websites right now but because I really
believe in Elementor the developers what they’re

doing in the direction that they’re going
I think this is pretty safe for me to give

them the hundred dollars and renew my license
because of all the features that all the reasons

in the last 12 months they gave me to renew
and now I know what’s coming in the next 12

months will actually a lot sooner than 12
months I think this is one of those plug-ins

that I’m absolutely going to renew it as a
matter fact I’m going to pause the video and

I’m going to renew it right now so right here
you can see I’m getting the renewal off the

renewal license notice to go ahead and renew
it right now all right I am back I just renewed

it you can see right there the expiration
date change from December 12, 2017 and now

it’s his December 12, 2018 I just and you
know I’m happy to give my money to Elementor

because they are producing an amazing product
that is changing people’s lives and I really

mean that it’s enabling anyone to build a
beautiful website and they have a free version

that you can do just about most of the things
you’d want to do in a website and obviously

the paid version is just some additional features
and functionality so I wanted to have a contest

right now I think so many times in life we
can not take the time to express appreciation

to an individual to a family member or to
a friend and or even a business and so I really

made this video to for me to express my appreciation
to Elementor so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna

hold a contest right now so I’ll tell you
what you need to do to enter the contest but

here’s what the contest prizes going to be
if you are randomly selected I am either going

to pay to read out of my pocket to pay to
renew your license or if you have a license

and you maybe have a lower license you want
to upgrade I’m going to pay to upgrade you

my money out of my pocket or I’m going to
go ahead if you haven’t purchased Elementor

and would actually like to have Elementor
I’ll buy you license I’ll do it I’ll buy you

a license and so those are what the three
prizes prize opportunities are going to be

now here’s how you enter I want to encourage
you to make a video with your cell phone that

you will publish on twitter so you need a
twitter account and this real simple just

put Twitter on your phone and hit record and
I want you to say something like I am renewing

Elementor because or I use Elementor because
or Elementor is been a game changer for me

because now in these videos I want you to
say your name and if you’re a website developer

or if you have a business that you want to
let people know what your website is include

that information so for me I’d say my name
is Adam from and Elementor has

been a game changer for me because and then
here’s what I want you to do I want you to

go to twitter so here I am on my twitter account
and all you have to do is click right here

it’s is what’s happening and I want you to
tag me and I want you to tag Elementor and

then post your video so for me I have one
of these iPhones right here I can click on

the little plus on the top right it says what’s
happening you could type at WP and then also

tag Elementor and then tag their twitter accounts
so that they will know and hear from you how

Elementor has affected and change your life
in your web development so on my iPhone there’s

a little button there that says camera I can
tap on camera like this and it’s going to

patch into my camera on my phone I can record
and then shoot this video up to twitter so

if you tag me and you tag Elementor I’ll see
it and that will enter you in the contest

and you know if you might not have the best
English don’t worry about it I’m sure your

English will be perfectly fine I want to encourage
you to just go for it and it may be if you’re

don’t want to have your face on camera that’s
okay as well maybe just have the camera on

your website in your hand is pointing the
things on your website that you built with

Elementor but I want to use this as a chance
to express our gratitude to Elementor for

building an amazing page builder and amazing
tool that we are genuinely being able to benefit

from okay so just once again make the video
put it on twitter tag at me at [email protected] and

then here is the handle of for Elementor it
spelled EL EM MTO are that way they see it

that way I see it I enter you and I will hold
a file randomly pick a winner and it’ll probably

be around Christmas time and I will tweet
you back on Twitter and if you’ve already

renewed or something like that I’ll just PayPal
you whatever you paid for your renewal I’ll

just PayPal you and that’s how you will be
able to redeem this contest but I’d like to

hear you I’d like to hear about your business
is actually great opportunity if you want

to get a little marketing free and inexpensive
marketing to your business if your web developer

this is a great opportunity to do it depending
on how many submissions I get I might put

all the videos together in a collage I love
to give you an opportunity to shine a spotlight

on you your business and what you’re doing
with Elementor some of the amazing things

and bring some attention to that so these
are all site fringe benefits to taking just

two minutes of your time firing up your twitter
app and creating a brief short video to thank

Elementor for how they’re changing things
for you and to let them know that they’re

doing a great job and you can’t wait to see
what they do in 2018 so as usual if you don’t

have Elementor currently visit
it will take you to a bonus page that I have

set up for Elementor essentially I’ve created
the course on Elementor it’s a video base

course I’d like to give you access to that
for free if you’re going to purchase Elementor

and you can find out all the details for that
by going to and that’s

pretty much all I have in this video I can’t
wait to see the videos that you make things

are watching bit on the tedious side then
about two weeks later they added this a really

neat animated text headline feature will you
could use it for headlines where you can underline

things you can circle things in text to draw
people’s attention to it and that was released

just this past August and then were still
in August and this was a big one

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Just a note to say that Elementor Pro renewal is now 25% and Not 50%. This may be on another post somewhere, but in case you land here, good to know. I still think it is absolutely worth it!


  2. Hi Adam,
    Elementor is really impressive, one can easily create a website in no time. Great options if you have if you regularly have to create new websites for your clients.

    Tried many of the page builders, but ease which Elementor provides stands out.

    Have a great day ahead!


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