by Adam Preiser updated July 23, 2019

Elementor Pro Year In Review & What To Expect In 2018


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Today is the 1 year birthday of Elementor Pro.

It's crazy to think that just 1 year ago, it was first released to the public. It has come such a long way in only 12 months.

If I were to list all the new features they released in the past 12 months, I would run out of room on this blog.

What is most exciting is what new Elementor features are coming in 2018. It's so exciting in fact that I have begun implementing Elementor Pro on this website.

But don't just take my word for it, hear what others have to say:
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  1. Just a note to say that Elementor Pro renewal is now 25% and Not 50%. This may be on another post somewhere, but in case you land here, good to know. I still think it is absolutely worth it!


  2. Hi Adam,
    Elementor is really impressive, one can easily create a website in no time. Great options if you have if you regularly have to create new websites for your clients.

    Tried many of the page builders, but ease which Elementor provides stands out.

    Have a great day ahead!


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