by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

What Is A WordPress Page Builder & Why You Need One!


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Video Transcript

What Is A WordPress Page Builder & Why You Need One! – Explained In Detail

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos for

non-techies and in this question I’m going
to explain what a page builder is for WordPress

now the whole concept of the page builder
is really only been around since around 2014

that’s when they really started coming up
now prior to this when you’re creating content

on your WordPress website it was just limited
to text let me show you what I mean here I

am logged into my WordPress website and when
I click on pages I’ve already created a few

pages here and let’s just go ahead and click
on the homepage now before you had page builders

this is your your process for adding content
to page you would sit here and you would type

out your contents and you can see how it’s
very basic and plan you type out your content

like this and you have your options of you
know maybe formatting your text and things

like that but this is what you were limited
to intrinsic content yes you can add an image

and things like that but you really couldn’t
have these dynamic layouts unless you were

an expert at coding into to do all this custom
coding stuff so when we click on update and

show you what the front page looks like right
now so when I refresh the page here is what

your website would look like it would just
have your content and it’s very basic and

boring and it would be very complicated if
you are not a designer coder building websites

is not your life like most of us it would
be very difficult to create a beautiful looking

website for yourself so what has come out
is these things called page builders so with

WordPress when you want to add a page builder
to your site there’s lots of options there

some free ones and some paid ones so if you
wanted a free page builder you can go to plug-ins

click on add new and then you just have the
search box here and you could type in page

builder just like that and here are some of
your options and there’s a lot of options

now I have done several videos on page builders
now if you want a free page builder there

really is only one that you should be looking
at and it’s called Elementor and I’m in a

just go ahead and install that for you right
now scroll down and find it here it is Elementor

right here so go ahead and click on install
and then activated now this is the most full

featured free page building plug-in now when
it comes to page builders there is was called

a backend page builder in a front and page
builder Elementor is a front and page builder

so I’ve already downloaded and installed and
activated so now let me show you the difference

of building a page using a page builder some
to go back into that homepage and then I want

to scroll down and tell the page set the page
up for my page builder and the way I do that

as I get rid of any sidebars and I have this
option to let the theme know that I’m using

a page builder and then I can hide the content
title because I don’t want that so many go

ahead and and actually am to get rid of this
content here I don’t want it to click on updates

now what I’m to do some to click on this big
button here that’s is edit with Elementor

so instead of putting my content here I’m
going to do it with this new free plug-in

page builder called Elementor so when I click
on it it’s going to put me right into the

Elementor interface and it’s a whole different
experience with building a page is all done

visually so I can create columns and I can
put content in those columns and hears all

these options of content that I can put in
those columns but instead of showing you that

bit by bit let me just install one of the
predesigned templates that come with this

free page builder so what I’m to do is there’s
this this so little folder down here to click

on it and I’m the click right here it says
template library and then here’s an entire

library of page templates that I can click
on and have that content place right into

my website so what I choose this one right
here this agency once all I have to do is

click on insert and it’s going to download
all the information into my site and is can

insert it right here on my page and then you’re
going to really get a full grasp of the difference

between using a front-end page builder or
a page builder versus that little text editor

so here you can see how beautiful the site
looks where before you are limited to just

text and you know maybe slipping in some images
now you’ve got this fully gorgeous and dynamic

page on your website and this is what a page
builder allows you to do and you’ve seen this

took me about 30 seconds now when you want
to change something like some text or some

image is a very intuitive process all I have
to do is click on it so when I click right

here I have this option here on the side where
I can change whatever I wanted to say to design

your new website and you see how easy that
is in the same thing goes for here I can click

on it and then I can change the text and you
see right here I’ve got this kind of a visual

separator how would you even do something
like this without a page builder so when I

click on it I can change the color to whatever
I want to just with this color picker right

here and I can even change the thickness of
it if I wanted to and the size it’s beautiful

and how easy this is and so you got this background
image there you can change that as well I

would just click on section because this is
a whole section click on style and I can change

the image to whatever I want I don’t happen
to have another image right now and there

is this overlay color right now and I can
change it to go like this one is like that

is hard to read the text so that’s why it’s
good to change the Overlake color just a little

bit and on and on it goes I’ve got this testimonial
slider I can just click on it and I can change

these testimonials and I can put whatever
I want in there and the same goes for all

of these images if I wanted to change this
image I just click on it and right here I

would change the image so you see how with
a page builder you can easily create beautiful

looking websites and you don’t need a pH PhD
and website building and who has time for

that anyway the page builder especially this
free one Elementor allows you anyone to build

a dynamic website and you can easily move
things around if I wanted to say move this

all I have to do is click on it and I can
move it wherever I wanted if I wanted it right

here or maybe above this image that’s all
I have to do to move things around if I wanted

to duplicate something all I have to do is
click on the duplicate button and the same

goes if you want to remove something you just
click on the X and click on delete and if

you make a mistake let me just put that back
like that so there you have it whoops this

is on top so you see how easy it is to shuffle
things around and move things around and that’s

just what I love about page builders but more
specifically this free page builder now this

is Elementor there’s several other page builders
free ones by far Elementor is going to be

the best free page billing plug-in there is
there’s also a variety of paid page builders

I have a page on my website dedicated to paid
page builders and given you pricing and feature

sets and my opinions on all of those but by
far Elementor is the the best free one and

there’s actually going to be a paid version
of Elementor it’s gonna be out very soon and

I think that is probably good to be the best
paid page builder as well for WordPress but

we’ll see when that comes out I will for sure
have videos on it hey if you want and any

information about Elementor and page builders
I have the links down below in the show notes

on the link to Elementor’s websites you can
check it out and I’ll have a link to the page

on my website that goes over all these and
is like a page builder tracker and you can

get the most up-to-date information right
there as well before you go I have something

for you and before I get into that I wanted
to ask you to do something for me if you can

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course thanks for watching this video I really
appreciated and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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