How To Setup A WordPress Website With Astra Pro

Learn how to setup a WordPress website using the Astra theme….

Learn how to setup a WordPress website using the Astra theme. This is by far the easiest theme to use, and it is so powerful. It's the theme that I use on my websites.

This video covers a lot of things including:
– Install theme
– Install child theme
– Install plugins
– Go over other options

Let me know what you think.


  1. Mary Mangold says:

    hey Adam, there are no references in Google to the change from Advanced Hooks (in Astra Pro Add-ons) but a good topic for one of your videos to your audience might be an update to where a person would paste in Google Analytics code. It must be real recent that they changed their Advanced Hooks to Custom Layouts. I added it there since Advanced hooks doesn’t show up in add ons. I have reached out to Astra team to verify that this is correct. But NO WHERE on line or in their support can I locate this tidbit of confirmation. So thought I’d shoot that idea to you as I’m sure many will be searching for that info in 2018. Thanks for leading me to Astra pro. I really love it. Built one site so far on Astra pro for a new client.

    1. They changed it 2 – 3 months ago. Yea the best location is in the wp head. You should see that as an option. I know Astra is adding a ton of documentation to their website right now, but an updated tutorial video is on the way for sure.

      1. Mary Mangold says:

        Thank you Adam. I did figure it out by verifying the analytics code through search console. so all is well. I”m glad to hear they are add a ton of documentation. its lacking but that doesn’t affect my appreciation of the theme/plugin over all. Very pleased with the value.

  2. Dave Holsclaw says:

    I am just starting with Astra. I downloaded the “Workplace” demo theme but do not like it.

    Is there some way to uninstall the demo?

    I want to start afresh and follow your tutorials step by step.



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