Beaver Builder Review 2023

by Adam Preiser updated 2023-08-29 17:05:47

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that is loved by website developers and DIYers alike. It’s reputations of being developer friendly, having clean code, and reliable updates have led to it being used on over one million websites.

Current Pricing: Free to $99
Ease of Use

Ease Of Use


Incredibly easy to use and lightning fast, you won’t find yourself needing to read a manual on how to use it.

Price Value Icon

Price / Value


While still an incredible value for a reliable and modern page builder, there are other tools that are lower in cost.




My support experiences have always been top notch, fast, and personal without me having to explain everything. They just get it.

Beaver Builder Pros

  • Fast Front End Page Builder
  • Full Template & Block Library
  • Modern Design Features, Gradients, Drop Shaddows
  • Most Reliable Page Builder Available
  • Ideal Page Builder For Agencies
  • Whitelable Option On Higher Package

Beaver Builder Cons

  • Developement “Feels” Slow Compared To Other Builders
  • Theme Builder Costs Extra
  • Lacks Form Builder
  • May Need To Purchase An 3rd Party Addon For Extra Features

If you’ve been looking around for a WordPress page builder, chances are you’ve come across Beaver Builder. It’s grown to be one of the most trusted page builders since it was released in 2014 because of its reliability, user-friendly interface, and top-notch support.

Beaver Builder homepage

I’ve been personally using this page builder every day for years, so I have a lot to say about this plugin – both good and not-so-good. So if you want an honest, drawn-from-extensive-experience review, you’re in the right place.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ll cover:

  1. Beaver Builder: How It Works
  2. Beaver Builder Features: Free/Lite vs. Pro
  3. Mobile Responsiveness
  4. Beaver Builder Pro: Pricing
  5. Beaver Builder: What I Like About It
  6. Beaver Builder: What I Don’t Like About It
  7. Beaver Builder: Final Thoughts

Let’s get started!

Beaver Builder: How It Works

Beaver Builder is a WordPress plugin that helps users build a webpage by dragging and dropping elements like texts, images, icons, or videos.

Once you enter the builder, you’ll see a clean, clutter-free interface that gives you space to just explore and see for yourself how it works. Here’s what Beaver builder looks inside:

Beaver Builder interface

In this example, I’m using the Astra theme which I think is the best theme for any page builder including Beaver Builder. The sidebar is disabled for a completely blank canvas.

To start adding elements to your page, click the blue Plus icon on the top right corner of the screen. You can start by adding either a module or row.

A row can have more than one column, and each column can have one module or element like a photo, text, or video.

Let’s say I want to add a row to my page. I’d drag and drop a row to the content area and proceed to add photos to the columns. Here’s how that works:

adding rows and modules

As you drop the row or module, you’ll see a pop-up showing the general, style, and advanced settings for the module.

A good thing about this pop-up is you can freely move it around the screen so it doesn’t block the module that you’re editing. As you move it towards the left or the right, you’ll notice blue lines appearing, which means that you can dock it on the left or right side of the screen to get it completely out of the way.

moving the pop-up editor around

You can also access this pop-up by hovering your mouse over the module or row that you want to edit and clicking the wrench icon:

wrench icon

If you click the dropdown arrow on the top left side of the screen, you’ll see more tools that will further help build your page and streamline your process. We’ll discuss some of these tools in more details later.

You’ll find options to save your template, duplicate your layout, preview the layout, edit in responsive modes, see page revisions, add layout CSS and Javascript, change UI brightness (there’s a dark mode), and more. What you’ll see here is going to depend on the version you have. For example, the Lite version won’t have the option to save a template.

builder tools

One of the things that most people like is having full width content areas. What I mean by that is a content area that spans both ends of the page like this:

full width content area

Although Beaver Builder has an option to turn the content area to full width, it didn’t work for me right away. I had to do some configurations with my theme before the full width worked.

To make it work for Astra, I customized the theme’s layout and set the container to Full Width / Stretched.

set container to full width / stretched in Astra theme

Then I went back to the page builder, went to Global Settings, and set the default row width and default row content width to Full Width.

global settings - default row width and default row content width

Doing this did the trick. But I think that this is something that Beaver Builder has to improve on since it’s pretty much a standard feature in other page builders to be able to set a row to full width right inside the page builder with no need for extra theme configurations.

Aside from the slightly inconvenient way of setting a row to full width, the page builder in itself is easy to learn and use. You won’t have to go back and forth lots of how-to articles to get something to work. The clean interface also lets you explore everything at your own pace without overwhelming you.

Now let’s take a closer look at the features of Beaver Builder Lite and Pro versions.

Beaver Builder Features: Free/Lite Vs. Pro

Beaver Builder has a Lite/Free version and a premium version offered in 3 packages. In this section, we’ll go over how features differ in these versions.

The Lite/Free version is available in the WordPress plugin repo. Although you can definitely create a simple webpage with the Lite/Free version, it’s stripped of all the powerful features of the pro version, so it’s really only good for a demo if you want to get a feel for how Beaver Builder works in general. But if you’re serious about creating a website that can get results for your business, upgrading to the premium versions is the way to go.

Basic Modules (Free Vs. Pro)

One of the limitations of the Beaver Builder Lite is the very few basic modules included. Lite only has 5 basic modules whereas the Pro version has 8 basic modules including buttons, separator, and heading:

Lite vs. Pro modules

Not being able to add a button to a website takes away the point of creating a website. I really can’t imagine a website without a single button. That’s like having a door without a doorknob!

So, like I said before, the free version isn’t really enough to create a serious website.

Advanced Modules (Pro Version)

Aside from the basic modules, the Pro version also has advanced modules that will add even more functionality to your website. The advanced modules include a content slider, map, icons, slideshow, gallery, contact form, call to action, callout, social buttons, a countdown, and more.

advanced modules of Pro version

Templates (Pro Version)

Another thing the Lite version lacks is the pre-made templates included in the Pro version. Although I’m personally not really a fan of these templates, they can help give you design inspirations and somewhere to start if starting with a blank canvass is too intimidating.

The templates are classified into landing pages and content pages:

pre-made templates - landing page and content page

Creating and Saving Your Own Templates (Pro Version)

When you create a layout that you’re happy with and would like to use in other pages of your website, you don’t want to spend hours copying every single module and rows. That would be a huge waste of time!

The Pro version lets you save any template you create so you can reuse it in other pages.

To save a template, just go to Tools and click Save Template:

save a template

You can find your saved templates along with the pre-made templates:

saved templates

Saving Rows, Columns, and Modules

You can also save individual rows, columns, and modules so you can reuse them in your other pages. To do this, click the wrench icon of the element you want to save and click Save As at the bottom.

Give it a name, and here you will be given the option to make it Global. A global element appears in multiple pages across your site but can be edited in one place. We’ll take a closer look at this feature later. Your saved rows, columns, and modules can be found by clicking the blue Plus icon along with the builder’s modules, rows, and templates.

saving a row

Global rows (Pro Version)

As I said earlier, when saving a row and even a module, you’ll be given the option to make it Global. You’ll know that something is global by the orange Global label beside it:

global elements have orange labels

When editing a global element, first thing you’ll notice is the line surrounding it will now be orange instead of blue. Also, when you click the wrench icon, it’s going to open to a new window where you’ll do all the editing.

Once you’re done editing the global element, hit Publish, and all the changes you just did will be reflected in the global element across all pages.

editing a global element

Import/Export Feature (Pro Version)

Imagine creating a template so beautiful that you want to use it to your other websites as well. The Pro version makes this easy to do as you can create your own templates and export/import them to another website.

To export a template, in the WordPress dashboard, go to Tools > Export and select Templates. In the dropdown below it, choose if you want to export all templates or just specific ones.

Once you’ve selected what to export, hit Download Export File. You will be downloading an XML file.

exporting a template

To import a template, go to Tools > Import > WordPress. If it’s your first time importing, it will say Install Now, but if not, it will say Run Importer. Run the importer and select the XML file you want to import.

importing a template

All of your imported templates will be found in the Saved Templates inside the Beaver builder.

Background Options (Free Vs. Pro)

In both free and paid versions, you can change the background of any row. The free version will let you use a color, gradient, photo, or video background. With the paid version, you’ll be able to do all of that two more advanced background options: the parallax and slideshow.

Lite vs. Pro background options

Full Page Control (Pro Version with Beaver Themer)

Normally, page builders are not able to edit specific areas of a webpage like headers, footers, and sidebars as well as WordPress-generated pages like single blog posts, archive pages, and 404 pages. But the top page builders have found workarounds for these and have included features in their paid versions that will allow users to edit these previously untouchable areas.

You can also do this with Beaver Builder with their add-on called Beaver Themer. With this add-on you’ll be able to build every part of your website with Beaver Builder. You’ll be able to design your own headers, footers, grid posts, archive pages, dynamic content area, and more.

Pretty awesome, but the catch it you’ll have to shell out an additional $199 per year to be able to do that.

User Access and Restriction (Free Vs. Pro)

A really useful feature is the User Access where you can grant or restrict access to certain builder aspects to various page roles. This will come in handy if you want to lock the design and only allow a person, like a content writer, to be able to edit content.

The settings for User Access in the Lite version is limited compared with the premium version. With the Lite version, you’ll only be able to restrict access to content only or content and design.

But with the paid version, you can allow certain page roles to edit global rows, columns, and modules. You can also allow certain roles to access the builder admin menu and the template exporter tool.

User Access Settings of Beaver Builder Lite

user access settings of Beaver Builder Lite

User Access Settings of Beaver Builder Pro

user access settings of Beaver Builder Pro

Priority Support (Free Vs. Pro Version)

Premium customers get priority support from the Beaver Builder team, but this is only to be expected from a company on a freemium model. All of my past experience in getting their help with something has been pleasant and swift. Their tech supports really know their products and always seemed to fix whatever issue I had in a short period of time.

Also available for everyone is their Knowledge Base where you’ll find answers to pre-sale questions and anything related to how to use Beaver Builder and troubleshooting common issues with their page builder.

Mobile Responsiveness

Regarding my review video, I made some remarks about the mobile responsiveness of Beaver Builder, but soon after publishing the video all those issues were swiftly resolved.

As I said in my video, I used to hate mobile editing in Beaver Builder. It was an absolute mess as the mobile previews didn’t accurately show what the page looks like in different devices.

But thankfully the Beaver team listened and improved matters right away. Now the mobile editing experience inside the builder is much better. You can see an accurate picture of how the page looks like on both tablet and mobile phone and edit when necessary.

To switch from desktop to mobile editing, just click the dropdown arrow on the top left of the screen and click Responsive Editing.

responsive editing

You will then be able to see how your page looks on tablet and mobile phone by clicking the corresponding icons at the top of the page:

responsive editing - tablet and mobile phone

Beaver Builder Pro: Pricing

Beaver Builder Pro comes in three packages, the Standard, Pro, and Agency package.

Beaver Builder Pro pricing

Each package lets you use Beaver Builder on an unlimited number of sites, qualifies you for priority support for one year until license expires, and gives you access to premium modules and templates.

The main difference between the three is you’ll only get access to the Beaver Builder Theme with the Pro and Agency package.

So what’s the Beaver Builder Theme?

Some themes simply don’t work well with Beaver Builder. There are some incompatible settings that make it difficult to execute your creative vision for your page.

The Beaver Builder Theme is a framework theme that’s integrated with the Beaver Builder plugin, so you won’t have any problems with compatibility and whatnot. In other words, with the Pro and Agency package, you’ll get a page builder AND a fully-compatible theme.

Lastly, only the Agency package offers white labelling, which is where you users can remove the name of Beaver Builder usually at the footer of the page and replace it with their own brand. Web developers who create websites for clients usually need this feature since more and more companies want to see their own brand names instead of some page building company.

Value for Price

I’d have to be honest and say that although Beaver Builder is an amazing, reliable page builder, there are many similar tools that can do what it does at a lower cost.

The Pro package doesn’t differ much from the Standard package except for the theme and multisite function, which for me personally are unnecessary as I frequently use the Astra theme anyway for any website I build, and I don’t really use multisite.

So I guess it really depends on what you need as a user. If you’re a developer or agency that needs a framework theme that’s guaranteed to work with Beaver Builder, and if you need the multisite function and/or white labeling, then getting the higher packages is definitely worth it.

Refund Policy

If you’re the type to want to be able to test out a product first before deciding if it’s the right fit, you can go ahead and buy a package and request for a refund within 30 days of purchase if you find that the builder doesn’t meet your expectations.

License Renewal

As for the license, it expires after a year and auto-renews by default. If you don’t renew your license, you will still be able to access your content but all the formatting will be gone. You can renew your license with a 40% discount.

Beaver Builder: What I Like About It

  • Beaver Builder is made by a reputable company that will stick around for a long time, ensuring regular updates and customer support.
  • It’s a developer-friendly builder with clean codes and reliable updates.
  • They implemented so many improvements in the past based on user complaints, and that’s a sign that user opinions aren’t falling on deaf ears.
  • The mobile responsive editing is now working really well.
  • This page builder can be relied upon for updates that won’t break your website and prompt response to issues. Perfect for agencies and web developers that need 100% reliability for high stakes projects.
  • Beaver Builder has little things that make users’ lives easier that other page builders don’t have. For example, inside the page builder there’s a direct link to the WordPress dashboard or Theme Customizer that opens on a new tab so you can stay on the page builder.
  • Their support is really world-class with prompt response and solutions that work.

Beaver Builder: What I Don’t Like About It

  • The development can be pretty slow in the sense that it takes longer for them to add new features. So if you want to create a more advanced style or flashy designs, you’ll have to use third-party add-ons. The problem with some of these add-ons is, aside from they cost extra, some of their updates will cause problems because of incompatibility either with Beaver Builder itself or WordPress. It makes things more complicated as you’re now having to deal and communicate with two separate companies to troubleshoot issues.
  • Their premium templates pale in comparison with the templates of other premium page builders.
  • No undo/redo! This can be more annoying than you think.
  • To enable full width for content areas, I had to customize Astra theme outside Beaver Builder, whereas in other page builders users can enable full-width content for almost any theme right inside the builder.

Beaver Builder Review: Final Thoughts

Despite its limitations, Beaver Builder is still a reliable, easy-to-use WordPress page builder plugin that I personally used to create amazing-looking websites. Its clean code, developer-friendly features, reliable updates, and great support make it one of the best page builders out there in the market.

Beaver Builder Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active Beaver Builder Coupon or Beaver Builder Discounts available. However, if you do purchase Beaver Builder through the link on this website, I will give you access to Beaver Builder Essentials, my premium training course which normally sells for $199.

Beaver Builder Review: Wrap Up

Beaver Builder is a fantastic page builder that I personally use. When you pair it with Beaver Themer, there is no limit as to what you can build for yourself and for your clients. This is the exact combo that I use, and simply couldn’t create what I am now able to create without it.

Beaver Builder Alternatives

Video Transcript

In this video to review Beaver Builder 2.0
which is a page builder for WordPress I am

in a unique position to review because I use
it on a daily basis so I definitely am and

very much in touch with its strengths and
very much in touch with the weaknesses of

this page builder hi my name is Adam from where I make WordPress tutorial

videos up for non-techies if you knew here
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the bell off to the right and you too will

let you know what I have new video all the
links to anything I talked about this video

will be in the video description box down
below and just as a point of reference the

page you’re looking at right here this was
built with a Beaver Builder I do have Beaver

Builder on this site right here the reason
I wanted to make this videos because I actually

use Beaver Builder or not someone that played
around with it for five minutes and then all

of a sudden has all these opinions about it
know I’ve been using this and I’m very much

in touch with where does a great job and where
it could use some improvement and I would

highlight all those in this video so that
you can make the best decision for your circumstances

and in your situation so let’s just jump over
to Beaver Builder’s website now what anything

I do know they’re actually redesigning this
website of theirs which I do think’s going

to be a good idea so let’s take a look at
the pricing so I can kind of explain it now

there’s actually four different versions right
here you see three there’s another one because

there’s actually a free version of Beaver
Builder however it is very stripped down and

it’s probably not what you’re going to want
to use with the Beaver Builder it’s more for

like demo purposes to get comfortable with
the interface there are a lot of people that

do use the free version however I’m going
to tell you that this is really something

where you want the paid version of it they
have these three plans here let me explain

the differences really quick on the standard
plan for $99 this is just the page builder

and you would have to supply your own theme
which is okay because there’s a lot of WordPress

themes that will work perfectly with Beaver
Builder one of them that I’m any use in this

review video and actually show you demo of
Beaver Builder the second option is the Pro

plan it’s $100 more the only difference is
that in includes a theme that Beaver Builder

makes so that it is made to work perfectly
with Beaver Builder now a lot of people that

end up going with this plan they do because
they want to get a theme from them so they’re

only dealing with one company when it comes
to any support that you would need or updates

they tend to go with the Beaver Builder theme
and they get this package right here then

there’s agency package the only difference
is you can actually use this on WordPress

multi site I never really talk about WordPress
multisite because I don’t like using it and

there’s problems and is very difficult and
also with the agency plan you can white label

the page builder so if you are and I think
the theme as well you can white label both

so if you’re building websites for clients
and you don’t want them to see Beaver Builder

here Beaver Builder there you can white label
it make it say whatever you want it to say

that’s a new thing lately people wanting everything
white labeled so these are the three options

here just you know I used to have the Pro
plan now I have the standard plan and I have

my own theme that I use so here we are I set
up a new WordPress installation and what I

want to do right now is give you a quick demo
of Final Cut a little walk-through of the

interface that I want to talk about some of
the strengths and weaknesses of Beaver Builder

so what I’m doing here is I have the Beaver
Builder plug-in installed just a page builder

now for a theme I’m using the free Astra Theme
and it is in the WordPress directory so if

you want to themes add new did a search for
Astra this can pop right up I find that this

is probably the fastest seems that will work
with any page builder but is also very intuitive

so when when I want to create a new page in
I want to use Beaver Builder it’s been a realize

I’m using Beaver Builder and adjust some settings
to accommodate it like it make it full with

and remove the title this is something no
other teams really do and that’s one of the

reasons I’m using Astra another reason is
because I installed this a free plug-in called

Astra starter sites and what that allows me
to do let me show you I can go to starter

sites right here under appearance it allows
me with just two mouse clicks to install any

of these these complete website designs right
here that have been made in build with the

Beaver Builder so literally I just click on
preview click on install and I have a full

website so because of that look at the website
I have all going on right here I’m actually

in the builder right now that’s why you see
all this stuff going on but I’ll explain that

in a moment so that’s why I went with Astra
and Astra starter sites both are free and

I can have a Beaver Builder base website with
just a few mouse clicks now when you install

Beaver Builder there’s gonna be a new option
underneath settings and it’s going to be right

here where it says page builder and this is
where you can pop your license code in in

this is where you would enable Beaver Builder
to be used on different post types so I think

where is that right here post types by default
it only is configured out of the box to work

with pages but if I also want to use it on
blog posts I can click this box right here

and click on say post types if you had any
special custom things going on on your website

you would probably want to come here and enable
Beaver Builder on those pages and there’s

other options here that you can come to for
Beaver Builder but you don’t really spend

much time in here I find most of your experience
with Beaver Builder’s are going to go to pages

or posts you’re in a go ahead here and click
on add new and there’s going to be this option

right here for the page builder and that’s
to tell your theme that you want to build

this with Beaver Builder so let me go ahead
and go into one of these existing pages that

I built and will take a look at the interface
real quick of Beaver Builder so I’m in a go

ahead and click right here it says page builder
this essentially is a Beaver Builder what’s

new what’s really nice the note is some of
the details that the developers have put into

Beaver Builder so if you notice when I’m hovering
over contact or commercial or any of these

and you see page builder you see a little’85
Off to the right of it that let you know that

you actually built this page with Beaver Builder
I really like little touches like that that

are built into the tools I use to make them
smart so I would go ahead and click on page

builder what is can adduce can open this up
the page in the Beaver Builder interface now

I reviewed the first version of Beaver Builder
and I’ve been using Beaver Builder for two

years and when version 2 was just released
a month ago it is brought a lot of new features

and address a lot of the complaints that I
had about Beaver Builder the first version

and it really

but if you notice off to the right of these
options UC keyboard shortcuts I really like

keyboard shortcuts and here is a perfect example
of a great implementation of keyboard shortcuts

because the biggest problem with keyboard
shortcuts is remembering the keyboard shortcut

so over time I’m sure you come here and see
these options right here and get very comfortable

with it one of things I really like is there
is a user interface color option so I can

click right here it says change UI brightness
and now I’m in dark mode I really like dark

mode on most of the things that I use that
has that option so let me just talk about

some of these options right here in the Norman
to show you how you actually start adding

and manipulating content in Beaver Builder
and then I’ll get into the strengths and the

weaknesses of Beaver Builder so here’s the
essay would duplicate I really like how they

had this duplicate option because what I noticed
in a lot of page builders is they don’t have

a duplicate option and a lot of times if you
created something great you’re gonna want

to reuse it and that’s what I like about this
is duplicate layout option preview revisions

they have a fantastic revision manager so
what a revision is as every time you clicked

on the save button now you have a saved revision
that you can go back in time and restore if

you’re testing different designs out and they’ve
really done a good job of implementing the

revisions they did not have this in the first
version of Beaver Builder I have used it several

times and I’ve been very impressed with this
revision option right here layout CSS and

JavaScript I really like this it allows you
to put custom CSS on a page by page basis

the reason you want to do this is because
you might want to just for that page so why

loaded on all the other pages some global
settings right here’85 I take a quick look

at them to notice how fast that popped up
so right here just some CSS selector options

some default margins that you might want to
implement some of the CSS for the global all

the pages you done and Beaver Builder really
come in here that option this is actually

something that’s very nice and a lot of people
you don’t really see this and all the other

page builders as you have control over the
responsive breakpoints so you have it here

for medium devices which is tablets and small
devices which is cell phones so this gives

you more control over when a page on your
website will respond and shrink down to that

next device size of going to click on cancel
and get back into here so that was your global

settings and we already talked about the brightness
that’s to put this into dark mode WordPress

admin just get a kick out of Beaver Builder
you’ve got some help options right here and

here actually never clicked on keyboard shortcuts
this is just going to give you a reminder

of the keyboard shortcuts actually you can
even modify these keyboard shortcuts if you

wanted to do change them to be something else
I have instructions on that over on my website

now if you want to add anything to this page
or post that you’re creating now you’re just

going to go ahead and click on this plus and
it’s going to pop open like this and give

you a list of your modules now they they change
this a lot from version 1 to version 2 there’s

a lot of neat things with it and they have
to really figure out how we can fit all of

these options in this floating box right here
so right here Juergen Inman immediately is

to be given the options of the various modules
we can just drag and drop them anywhere on

your layout so comes with some basic modules
right here which is video heading audio text

editor separator HTML which you’ll drop shortcodes
in or embed code cells are that the common

things are in use that for a button and your
photo options and there is media options and

there’s all these various options here which
are actually very nice now working to have

these tabs appear so if you wanted to click
on arose then it’s gonna take us into our

road layouts if you have templates and you
click on templates it’s gonna show them Beaver

Builder does, some page templates I personally
haven’t found a good use for them I do think

that’s an area that they could really improve
on they do have a bunch of templates some

of them are okay I just find them a little
on the bland and play inside and here is the

grouping of landing pages so I can go here
and switch between the different groups of

landing pages and then right here is saved
this is probably I think my favorite feature

with Beaver Builder is on every different
level you can save and reuse portions of what

you create so you can save your entire page
that’s fine but you can also save a row that

you created and it can have a whole bunch
of things going on and you can save and reuse

that even all the way down to columns and
modules you can save all of that and reuse

it actually let me back up you’re not saving
columns but you can save the content in columns

the modules and reuse it I find this very
useful for me in you can also set different

saved items to be global so that means say
this part right here if I wanted to put that

on every page but then later on sites on 10
pages and I want to change the wording I don’t

have to go to every single page to change
it I can make it global so if I change it

on one page it’ll change on all of the pages
and I would say this is probably one of the

strong suits with a Beaver Builder as some
of the other page builders don’t quite have

this reusability like that you can say things
but you quite don’t quite have the power one

of the other very popular page builders you
can only save and make global a and individual

modules can’t be this whole chunk of design
that you put together could be just as the

little tiny piece which makes it to be kind
of a pain in the rear end but with Beaver

Builder you don’t have those problems so that’s
the Rose right here and let’s just jump back

into modules now one thing I’ll talk about
later some of these add-on packages for Beaver

Builder and what you’re going to do is when
you when you activate those it’s can add some

new modules and new features and typically
the way you’re gonna get to it is there to

be in a different group so on this I have
one of them installed so if I go to group

and I click on it here are those of modules
in the name of it is you ABB and this is the

you a BB modules so you have that there now
I gotta tell you someone that uses a solid

time I don’t sit there and scroll through
modules your images know the name of what

you like in your to click on the little search
here and you just go to do a quick search

for it because to scroll through module after
module after module to little tedious so you’re

to find yourself using this search all the
time I really like that they have this search

option there now I can show you some of these
superpowers behind this new interface and

this is a new interface that works the way
that you wanted to work so let me try to demonstrate

this you see how there’s this kind of marking
right here and when I move my mouse cursor

over it the mouse cursor changes in this is
to indicate that I can click my mouse and

I can literally drag and drop this anywhere
now if I like all right here it snaps right

back but watch this when I start Dragon that
you see on the left of the screen and the

Y and the right of the screen you see those
blue markings and that means I can drag and

Doc this settings panel right there and now
my settings panel will be docked and everything

will be on the right and it will always show
this settings panel and I can do the same

thing to move it off to the right now I really
like this feature and this was one of the

things I didn’t like about the first version
of Beaver Builder it would always tend to

pop things would these pop-up boxes would
just get in the way and I didn’t really like

that one of the side nice things about this
if I want to edit anything so I got this block

of text when I click on it what is going to
do is it’s going to open it up here on the

right in that dock panel so nothing is ever
covering my design now let me show you the

alternative of that so when I undock it and
I let go it’s good to have the pop up right

here in the middle now I can actually move
this anywhere I want and this will pop up

the same and I can even resize it so if I
go ahead and let me click on cancel and now

I want change this bit of text and I click
on it I get this pop up that kind of blocks

of what I am doing and so this is one of the
things that I really like about the docket

you don’t have that problem anymore unless
you wanted she’ll like it you can have it

but I like to keep mine a doctor there on
the left now one of the things when you are

editing anything all the various options that
used to be visible in different tabs they

are now going to be in this options right
here so you see for this particular model

or module it has list item general topography
and anything over three it’s can it be crunched

into a little drop down right here which is
the only other option which is advanced so

there happened to be more option panels for
this particular module they would all be listed

right here and that advance when you find
yourself in a lot because that’s where you

find your spacing for the different items
that you may be in some he undock this and

let me go ahead and click on cancel so we
can see the full design now the way any page

builder works is it’s going to be broken down
into rows and in these rows can have columns

in them and inside those columns Juergen to
place modules of content now on your rose

in your columns you can do different things
in the background you can put back on images

are background colors there’s all these different
things you can do with the background now

when you’re using Beaver Builder you notice
live got my cursor right here and I see two

boxes I see one that is highlighted in blue
and then just above that I see one that’s

highlighted in that gray color this is the
let you know the one in blue is actually a

module that I’m working on in the one in gray
is actually the row that I am in so let me

give you an a a better example so right here
if I click on this right here it’s letting

me know this is a module in a row and when
I go up here that gray is the actual row so

if I want to change any of the settings in
the row I would go ahead and click on the

ranch and is say it says right there row settings
just to make it more obvious for use let me

pull over our row setting so your typical
row settings are just gonna be the width is

in a fullwidth as it contained and when you
scroll down you have the options for the colors

of the elements that are the I’m sorry the
modules I use these different terms all the

time interchangeably modules elements widgets
all of that so it allows you to choose the

colors that are going to be applied to everything
inside of that container and also to set the

background here are background options you
have no background color photo video so it’s

nice to put a background video very easily
you can have a slideshow in the background

that’s a very neat feature a lot of people
use it and you can use it in very subtle ways

there is the parallax effect people like that
a lot in the add-on package that I have installed

it has a background gradient option this is
not something that’s in the default of Beaver

Builder and then there’s more options down
here so these are your typical row options

and to move anything around you have these
little move markers right here and you can

start moving anything anywhere that you wanted
now to save a row or a module it’s super easy

so right here I can click on the ranch and
if you noticed right here there is an option

to save as when I click on it I can give this
a name and I can choose if I want this to

be global or not that some of your power features
to Beaver Builder and that’s pretty much the

user interface right there now one of the
things that they really improved upon with

version 2 is the speed so if you notice when
I click on here it pops up and it gives me

the option to start editing it very very fast
whereas before in version 1 it was actually

very slow and if you didn’t have really good
day are decent performance web hosting environment

it would be even slower in fact this was one
of my biggest complaints on Beaver Builder

version 1 and I’m happy to say that they heard
that from all the people that might’ve brought

it up and they went ahead and made a change
to how the page builder works in order to

make it be near instant just like you saw
then when you’re done with your page you would

go ahead and click on the done button it will
reveal these options to discard your changes

save this as a draft or click on the publish
to publish and when you click on publish you

see it publishes very very fast so that is
Beaver Builder in a nutshell now what we should

talk about though now is some of the strengths
of Beaver Builder and then get into some of

the weaknesses of Beaver Builder first of
all Beaver Builder is built by a solid company

that’s not going anywhere okay they have been
in business I think this came out in 2014

and it’s been very very successful venture
for them we scroll that I think they have

a picture on the bottom there they are so
I’ll let you know that I’ve personally in

person met Justin and I personally in person
met Robbie a few months back and had lots

of talk about Beaver Builder version 2 and
I’ll save me two best things that could be

said about Beaver Builder number one it has
a very reliable team it’s a very reliable

company they are not going anywhere that’s
a huge number two I would say they probably

have the most reliable page builder for WordPress
but there are some reasons all talk about

why when I talk about some of the lid and
the negatives here with the Beaver Builder

the things I can improve upon that’s a nice
way of saying it and I but what I wanted to

say is that if you say you have a web development
company or an agency and people are counting

on you to deliver reliable website solutions
that don’t break that never have problems

that are super reliable I don’t thing never
having problems is even possible but if that

is your situation where there’s a lot riding
on updates not breaking anything I think your

best chance at having the reliability that
you really need is going to be with the Beaver

Builder solution it really is they are so
careful in what they add to Beaver Builder

and how they updated and then the how attentive
they are after an update to fix anything that

might go wrong and you only know this as having
used it for a long time and being part of

the experiencing all the updates and how things
have gone wrong and been fix and I’ll tell

you very few things have ever gone wrong with
a Beaver Builder update in the very few times

something went wrong it was a very minor thing
and it was fixed probably within is six hours

which is pretty fantastic for fixes they get
pushed out that quick so those are the two

biggest strengths of Beaver Builder another
big strength is a product that I didn’t talk

about that they just released maybe seven
months ago it’s a product that I’m using as

well it’s called beaver femur now they have
this banner right here if I click on it we

can take us over to Beaver Themer’s page I
do have a ton of content on it Beaver Themer

it’s kinda one of those things that if you
can grasp what it does you’re just mine blown

right you like wow now I can do so much more
but it’s also one of those things that it’s

kind of hard to describe in a nutshell what
it does you can check out their page right

here if you want to see more about it and
I have a whole playlist on everything that

you can do with it so essentially what is
can allow you to do is there certain parts

of your website that are traditionally built
and controlled from a design standpoint by

your theme in this would be your headers and
your footers your blog posts something called

archive pages and 404 pages okay I might have
hit them all right they’re very good these

are things typically controlled by your theme
but there’s no real easy way to change the

way they look at leisure theme provider has
at all built in and very few themes actually

do so what they did is they said people come
in them saying I want to do this with Beaver

Builder why can I build a header with Beaver
Builder why can I build a footer with Beaver

Builder so what they did is they built a tool
called Beaver Themer that essentially allows

you to do all of this now Beaver Themer is
not cheap it’s an additional purchase is another

hundred and $47 however if you need when Beaver
Builder a Beaver Themer does for you that

prices like nothing I mean nothing I use Beaver
Themer and so I wanted to say strength of

Beaver Builder is that you have the option
of adding Beaver Themer to it and so for more

info on Beaver Themer just go ahead and check
out my videos on Beaver Themer okay so now

that we’ve sugarcoated everything let’s talk
about the things that you probably are watching

this video to know and that are what are some
of the weaknesses that Beaver Builder has

and certainly can be the one that shares that
but it’s not sharing it in a I’m trying to

be mean or harsh or not give these guys are
for a fair shake it’s more these are things

that I wish they would improve but some of
these things they’re not can improve because

that’s not the direction that they’re headed
and that’s okay as well so the first thing

is that in my opinion it’s not even my opinion
it is just what it is they’re very methodical

in the slow to add any new features so if
you’re looking to Beaver Builder you have

to buy it for what it is today and don’t hope
for it to be able to do this fancy thing or

that fancy thing in the future because it
might do that but you do don’t want to bet

any money on that because they’re very methodical
and slow to build in new features and this

is been my experience over the years and that
actually feeds into why the update process

is so reliable a lot of the things that they’re
putting in these updates are things that are

more catering to higher level developers or
mid-level developers there not updates that

are catering to maybe the guy that only has
a couple websites or one website so they’re

very slow to add these in demand of features
actually I just added a new word to it in

demand features and what this is done is it’s
open up 1/3 party add-on marketplace I guess

you could say for Beaver Builder and so essentially
what I’m trying to say is if you want a flashy

fancy really cool meet designwise new feature
for Beaver Builder you’re not can it get it

from Beaver Builder they are going to let
you either use some custom code to do it yourself

or you need an add-on package now these animal
packages are not so expensive there think

it’s what 69 bucks or so they there $69 for
these various add-on packages that I can add

templates and it’s can add a bunch of pre-design
stuff and also some new modules and new enhanced

features we bumped into a couple of those
when we were looking at Beaver Builder just

a second ago now that’s both a pro and a con
I think for Beaver Builder itself and the

problem that I think it is because I think
a lot of these things Beaver Builder should

build because now you’re dealing with two
companies where there’s two different things

that could go wrong so if you had Beaver Builder
and their updates are super reliable but now

you have this third-party plug-in in your
you know they could push out an update and

it can cause a problem and they can kind of
step on top of each other it can be not so

good and that has been my experience there
is two main add-on providers one of them I’ve

had a really good experience with the other
one I’ve installed on my own website and I’ve

had lots of problems with the modules that
it offers that I’ve chosen to use on my website

and I’ve had weird issues with it and I don’t
know what’s wrong and I have to wait for them

to push out an update which takes a few days
and usually the problems are related to different

web browsers so they’ll put a new feature
or just something will just automatically

stop working right and now all of a sudden
on Safari it doesn’t look right but it looks

fine on chrome I run into a lot of problems
like that with one particular add-on provider

not the other one but just this one I’ve had
these various problems so the thing that stinks

about that is I found myself in a situation
where every time I update plug-ins now I’ve

got a go and spot check the front end of clear
clear my cash and then spot check everything

on the front and of my website where I’ve
used those add-on packages that I know have

been problematic his chest and super unreliable
Beaver Builder’s reliable but you know when

they give too much flexibility for these third-party
solutions that come in and just kinda say

will let them build that were not can you
build it you you have these potential problems

and I actually don’t like that aspect of Beaver
Builder really good example of that recently

is Beaver Builder 2.0 just came out and it
doesn’t have something that I think it should

have called in-line editing what in-line editing
is is so for example if I wanted to edit this

text right here in line editing you just click
on it and start editing it with Beaver Builder

doesn’t work like that you would click on
it you wait for pop up you edit the text in

the pop up and I felt very strongly that Beaver
Builder should add in-line editing and they

just kind of let a third-party developer do
it for an additional cost that you know if

you want this in-line editing now you have
to pay this additional cost in order to get

the in-line editing and also I will say that
since that happened Beaver Builder said they’re

going to put in-line editing in Beaver Builder
2.0 which I’m sure will be out in the next

month or several months you’ll have that in-line
editing but I just feel like they should do

more to add these types of features in Beaver
Builder and not have such a dependence upon

these third-party developers because for you
that means additional cost additional preferred

potential problems I’ve experienced it myself
when some of these things could really just

be added to Beaver Builder directly and so
I think that would be probably one of my biggest

criticisms of Beaver Builder now the other
criticism and I’m knocking to be so nice on

this one in this section of the only other
thing that I think is so needs improvement

with Beaver Builder let me get back into the
builder let me just say it and straighten

his harsh and as direct as possible mobile
editing in Beaver Builder completely sucks

in my opinion they are’s mean this is 2018
it should be super easy to create versions

that have lots of the little tweaks you need
in order for to look good on a mobile device

and in Beaver Builder they just I think there’s
one area where they’ve really dropped the

ball you have other page builders that have
dedicated mobile editing experiences on a

per device basis and what I mean by that is
you click a button and now you can see how

it looks on a tablet view and you can start
making all of the changes and have a pretty

accurate representation of what it’s gonna
look like on a tablet and then you can click

on mobile and have a pretty accurate representation
of what it’s gonna look like on a mobile device

with Beaver Builder it’s properly part of
it is these third-party add-on’s and they’ve

got up everybody’s gotta play nice together
but what happens is you you really don’t get

an accurate representation of what it’s gonna
look like on a mobile device it’s like here

let’s just try to replicate the issue right
here so if I go into preview mode I’m I can

jump back into the builder I can go to preview
layout and then we have this option here to

see what it would look like on a mobile device
now I already know this is not how it looks

like on a mobile device herself so we’ve already
got that out of the way that the mobile editor

experience in the preview really stinks and
Beaver Builder here is the tablet view and

here’s the desktop view obviously the desktop
skin to be accurate and there so this is actually

just viewing it I can’t like click on anything
and actually change it here so the thing that

you would think as I can go ahead and just
click on it and start editing it and you know

it what you look at this you like oh my gosh
is a problem the font is too big that’s not

how it actually looks like on a mobile device
though so you really it’s a disaster of a

mobile editing experience because what you
should be able to do is see what it looks

like on a mobile device have it be pretty
accurate and then you could go in there and

start editing things however what you have
to do instead is you have to go module by

module make your edit save it publish it then
view it on a mobile device to see if that’s

actually how it looks it’s it’s pretty bad
it’s pretty bad this is you know this looks

pretty bad right here right but this is not
at all how it looks like on a mobile device

so their mobile preview is really bad so let
me show you where some of the mobile editing

options are on Beaver Builder so the first
mean the main thing you’re in 1/2 a let’s

go to row setting right here so a lot of these
options are to be found under advanced so

go here any part that has this little monitor
you can click on it and you can make a specific

edits to that setting on a per device basis
so we have it here for margins we have it

here for padding and here is actually something
else that’s really cool you can choose to

display a row or certain different parts of
your site on a per device basis is actually

very good feature that they have it’s actually
pretty standard as well so here is the margin

it set to zero but if I click on this and
now looks like a little tablet here and it

goes into the tablet view and if I click on
this again goes into the mobile view and I

couldn’t make changes to these settings right
here and it will be just applied to the mobile

version of your website so now we look here
we say GOT a problem with this and what what

the problem is is this is an accurate representation
of how it looks like on a mobile device and

then is say I didn’t change this font right
here to be something that would look right

on a mobile device and then I went to edit
something else was not to show the mobile

version of that anymore it just you know I’m
expressing a lot of frustration on the mobile

editing of Beaver Builder I don’t want it
get tuned to down this wormhole with it I

just want to say this if you’re considering
getting Beaver Builder go ahead and install

the free version and tested out this mobile
editing experiences can be exactly what I’m

showing you right here and just try to see
how easy it is to get this to look pixel perfect

to how you wanted to look on a mobile device
and on a tablet device and you’re probably

gonna find that it’s it’s a bit on the tedious
side it’s totally doable don’t get me wrong

it’s totally doable except it’s very tedious
to get perfect on a basic layout you’re probably

not can I have so much trouble but on a more
complex layout that you might want to have

a little bit more going on with it it’s going
to be on the tedious side so anyways that

is the mobile editing experience it’s not
that it’s not doable to have a great looking

website for mobile device using Beaver Builder
itches it is good to be a little bit more

work and it’s good to be a little bit more
tedious than I think it needs to be and it’s

one of the areas that I think that they really
need to improve upon just to make it as easy

as possible because a super important to make
sure your website designs look great on all

devices so that’s pretty much going to be
all the cons I’m really going to hit on with

Beaver Builder you can see it’s not major
it’s not like it’s anything that they can’t

improve upon on their own I will say the whole
issue of them adding new features I don’t

think they want to because they’re more interested
in just having it be stable and reliable although

I don’t think adding new features that make
something unstable and unreliable I do though

feel that if you’re in a buy Beaver Builder
buy it for how it is today now lastly I just

want to talk about who I think this is for
Beaver Builder’s for and I think I already

had a lot of that in this video it really
depends on what your goals are or what your

priorities are when it comes to your website
if it’s reliability number one then Beaver

Builder great option for you especially if
you are going to have for client websites

that you manage you might want to have the
path of least resistance there however you

do have to take in consideration that you
probably didn’t need a third-party add-on

which could bring in issues that Beaver Builder
doesn’t really have a lot of control over

now if you’re more interested in modern design
it’s going to be a little harder to get that

out of Beaver Builder without adding any kind
of custom CSS to get really modern design

effects out of it in that case there may be
other page builders that better fit your needs

in fact I have made a video that compares
11 different page builders on all of these

different points so if you want to be exposed
to some of the other options out there that

is definitely something for you to look at
now all of that being said the pros and the

cons when you go to my website it’s built
with Beaver Builder and it’s right here into

what like I said it’s been a great experience
this page right here is built with the Beaver

Builder and I’ve been grateful for Beaver
Builder I’ve been grateful for the Beaver

Themer and really right now if you need those
features that come with Beaver Themer you

have no other choice but to go with Beaver
Builder to have that functionality and that’s

kind of the category that I am in sure there’s
other page builders I look at may have other

features that I really want to but right now
I also have to keep Beaver Builder because

of Beaver Themer so as you can see the purpose
of this video wasn’t really to say you should

go by Beaver Themer Beaver Builder or you
shouldn’t go by Beaver Builder it’s more to

give you information so you can make that
decision for yourself however if you are interested

in buying Beaver Builder I do have a training
course called Beaver Builder essentials it’s

going to basically teach you how to build
a beautiful website using Beaver Builder there

is even a whole section in there on it Beaver
Themer that some you are interested in and

the best part about this course is I give
to you for free if you purchase Beaver Builder

through the link on my website so you can
go ahead and visit the video description box

will be a link it’s been essentially the VP Builder it’ll take you

to page that has all the information about
it on how to get access to that course I sell

a $499 so it’s a insane offer if you made
it this far in the video should definitely

have something to give you in return for it
and that is this course when you purchase

Beaver Builder through the link on my website
just to be Builder so hey

I’d like to hear what you think about Beaver
Builder if you think I got some points wrong

or if I left a few things out pros or cons
go ahead and leave that down below let’s have

a civil discussion though I know people love
their page builders including me but the fact

is there’s a lot of great page builders out
there and no only purpose of this web of this

video is to help you make the best decision
for you and your circumstances based upon

what you want and what your goals are so thanks
are sticking with me to the end thanks watch

this video I’ll see you in the next one brought
in a new interface so first when you go into

a new page with Beaver Builder auger to notice
is this bar here at the type top now off on

the left there’s a drop down right here and
when you go like this you’re going to see

some options that you have like save


  1. Hi Adam,
    My self Anil Prayag, I have using beaver builder at my wordpress website, from last month i am unable to edit the content. Even we checked every setting of builder. Our working is stuck due to this builder. Please assist on my concern.

    1. I would recommend reaching out to the developer.

  2. Maybe they give you priority support, but our experience of their support is beyond a joke.
    It takes them roughly 24 hours to respond and when they do, it is only to ask a moronish question, which gets you no further and you then have to write back to explain the situation all over again and wait another 24 hours.
    This is not World Class support – It is useless, in our opinion

    1. Thats pretty harsh. This is WordPress software, its sold at a very low cost. A 24 hour response time is typical.

      1. I agree with Bowe, Adam and this is not harsh at all. World Class Support is not in the order of 24 hours and is of no use. I have also experienced the same, weak first line response, which then facilitates another 24 hour wait for a second crack at it –
        The product itself is Word Class, but (in my opinion) could do with being better supported.


  3. Hey great post and video. Quick question have they changed the mobile editing features?

  4. J.K. Roberts says:

    As a financial advisor, one of my roles is helping others establish their new businesses. An online presence is obviously necessary. I purchased Beaver Builder because it offered drop and drag capabilities in Word Press. It also appeared to be a cost-effective solution when compared to subscription-based solutions.

    This is not the case. Shortly after my license expired, Beaver Builder lost all functionality. The company’s website claims that “Beaver Builder doesn’t stop working just because your license expires.” After a Word Press update, I was left with zero ability to make any changes. In fact, the software doesn’t even start after the change.

    When you look at other services, they start with monthly subscription fees running from $5 to $12 a month. Beaver Builder costs $16.66 when you consider that updates are required (and yes, the only solution the company offered was for me to pay for an upgrade). Considering how tight the budget can be for a new business, I can’t justify recommending Beaver Builder.

    1. Yea so after your year is up, you can choose to pay for continued access to support and updates. Beaver Builder will continue to work, but if there is a fundamental change to WordPress or something like that which causes Beaver Builder to no longer work, that is where you would need access to their updates. The renewal cost is reduced though. So if you purchased the $99 Beaver Builder, you can renew for $60.

      1. Very expensive. I’d rather use Avada and get free updates.

      2. Very expensive. I’d rather use Avada and get free updates, particularly if you used UABB plugin which requires additional expense. I have only two client sites using BB & UABB. Not enough to warrant the continuing license fees. I don’t think I’ll ever build another site with a Beaver because I prefer free updates that come with most premium themes!

        1. Yes you can buy single site licenses to themes. The cons are you can only use it on 1 website and they include only 6 months of support. But the pro is access to updates.

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