How To Create A WordPress Business Website

1. Order Hosting

Get 70% off websites hosting with SiteGround

2. Download Template

This “Done For You” complete template resource file is ready to download right now

[thrive_2step id='5701′]Download Template[/thrive_2step]

3. Restore Template

Restoring the template is a simple process that will take less then 5 minutes Download Plugin

Can I translate the site into my language?

Yes you can! When you set your language in WordPress from English to your native language, if there is an available translation in your language it will automatically switch to your language. Soon I will release a video on how to manually translate the template. 

I already have hosting, can I still use this template?

While I strongly urge you to use InMotion Hosting, if you already have hosting you can still use this template. If you begin to have problems because of a budget web host you are using, then I really won't be able to assist you though. 

This all seems too good to be true. How come it's free?

Well for starters, I have spent over 300 hours putting all this together for you, and have spent my own money on the finishing touches, but yes it is free. To thank me I appreciate if you would use my recommended page to purchase themes and plugins, also please share this page on your social groups. 

Do you have a question?

If you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to reach out and I will be more then happy to answer it. Commonly asked questions will be added here from time to time to make things easier for everyone. 


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  1. Nice article.. The best article which I have read so far about the points, And also well explained with examples.

  2. Abdullah Tanvir says:

    I Can’t Download the template the web page just reloads

  3. Hello.
    Thanks for the video. Is it possible to add radius distant from the restaurant for purpose of delivery?

      1. Thanks for your reply Adam. Do you have anything in mind? I looked for the plug in for this purpose in the last couple days could not find it. I even looked at paid theme that include delivery distant limit but could not find any. Most of them just for pick up order.

  4. Hi, thanks for the video. I am having issues trying to download the template. Whenever I press download template it just refreshes the page. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Mark.

  5. Ndi Milton says:

    Hello Adam, thanks so much for this video. Please is there any means possible for me to add sliding images to the homepage?

  6. Ndi Milton says:

    hello, i am unable to download the template. When i feel the modal to receive the template resources, i don’t get that email

  7. ROMANUS UZOH says:

    I downloaded the zip file but what you demonstrated in the video is can not found in the files. the files are slipted and nothing like restore files , please fix

  8. Hi Adam:

    I installed Jetpack and setup my wordpress account. However, I cannot get to the page you are showing the Jetpack features and can only see the following message:

    Shortcodes allow you to easily and safely embed media from other places in your site. With just one simple code, you can tell WordPress to embed YouTube, Flickr, and other media.
    Enter a shortcode directly into the Post/Page editor to embed media. For specific instructions follow the links below.

    Any help is appreciated.


  9. Hi Mr Adam, thank u for dis video. Is it possible for me to test it on local server first, then trabfer it to my host? Thank u so much

  10. HI Adam,

    Further clarification on the problem is I’m being asked to log in when I attempt to use the theme customizer and admin section.

    Thanks again!

  11. HI Adam,

    Thanks for the template setup! It saved me hours and I love just being able to add my touch and go. I have a problem though I’ve been unable to remove the wpcrafter as a username. I don’t know if perhaps because I have another site linked to my account is the issue or not, but any assistance would be truly appreciated.



  12. thank you Adam for your reply.

    but can you Please reply me back with a link on the video???

    thank you very much.

      1. Hey Adam thank you very much!! Really Appreciate! 😉

  13. hey Adam, very cool theme, and Thanks so much for this course.

    I have a little problem, i’m trying to change the font in the HOME page and size, and I’ve try in different way and it don’t work.
    I want the Montserrat font from, and I insert the CSS code wich is: font-family: ‘Montserrat’, sans-serif;
    and no changes, can you please let me now how can I do it??

    thank you very much again.

  14. Hey Adam

    The resources for download isn’t displaying on the page. I don’t have any ad blocker installed and have tried on chrome, mozilla, and opeara. Here is what the page looks like:

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      My apologies, this is now resolved.

  15. Hi Adam,
    Thanks so much for this course. I already have an account with hostgator otherwise I would have signed up with InMotion for sure.

    Anyways, Like the comment above, the resources link is not showing on this page. I have no ad blocker installed and it’s not showing on Chrome, Mozilla, or Opera.
    Could you fix the link?
    Here is what the site looks like on my end:

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Deeply sorry that the download was not available when you wanted it. It is now available again and I apologize for any inconvenience.

  16. hie , where is the download link please

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      It’s right here on the page, but if you have some kind of an ad blocker or anything like that running in your web browser, sometimes it hides the download button.

  17. Plz send me the link of Restore DFY Template for pique theme.

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Why when you can download it yourself.

  18. Joseph Weber says:

    is it at all possible to get a similar theme to this one, except not in a 1 page scrolling solution ?

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Hey Joseph I have a whole new series of templates coming out very soon. I’ve been doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes work on my website to prepare for it.

  19. Ivonne Goergenyi says:

    please disregard the jetpack error, I have contacted my web hosting company and have fixed it.

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      That’s great news! Can you tell us what was wrong so that other users will know if they’re facing the same problems.

  20. Ivonne Goergenyi says:

    Adam, I have a question regard Jetpack features, I have noticed on your list you have a 2 features that is not showing for being available to me on jetpack, Manage & Omnisearch ??
    Then I have some that are activated but you haven’t and not sure if I should deactivate them, these are: Sharing, Publicize and Enhanced Distribution ??

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      For the purposes of this template you really only need the testimonials one. I personally don’t use the jetpack so I really can’t guide you on the different modules in the benefits of each one. Just keep in mind if you enable them they could make your website go slower.

  21. Ivonne Goergenyi says:

    I’m at the point to add Jetpack but the following error comes up “Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site [HTTP 403]. Ask your web host if they allow connections from If you need further assistance, contact Jetpack Support:
    I am hosted with DDNS in Australia, which has a control panel.
    Please help as I need this website up and running asap.

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Yeah sounds like you have a problem with your Webhost. In fact it’s almost a guarantee because DDNS is really not a proper Webhost.

  22. Karen Wisch says:

    Please disregard my question. I discovered the testimonial page was utilizing the Jetpack plugin and have managed to change the settings.
    Thanks so much for all of your insight and work. (I plan to purchase Elementor Pro through you – waiting on confirmation of a couple of sites from customers.)

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Glad you figured it out! You won’t be disappointed with Elementor Pro. It is so powerful and easy-to-use.

  23. Karen Wisch says:

    I really like this tutorial and the template. Is there a way to add a third testimonial on the testimonial page?
    Thanks so much for all your great resources,

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      This feature is currently enabled by jetpack. I think you realize that in a later comment.

  24. I have been an InMotion customer since you recommended it at the beginning of the year. I would definitely recommend this hosting company! Great support, quick support – honestly I am very happy with them!

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Happy to hear your experience has been great with them.

  25. MikeDRickard says:

    Hi Adam,
    love the theme, will this theme also work on Local by Flywheel?

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Yes, absolutely!!

  26. Olanrewaju says:

    Hi, ii extracted the file and i port into my already built website but it not working at all. Pls kindly help me out.

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      I need a lot more info then that to be able to help you. 99.999% of problems are caused by dirt cheap or free web hosting services. There is not much I can do about that.

  27. Wow, thanks! I don’t want the black overlay over the website. Can I somehow make my website with just regular photos without the black opacity or change the color?

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      The setting is there in the Customizer for the sections.

  28. Tony Espinosa says:

    I got the following error when trying to install this theme:

    Installing Theme from uploaded file:
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the theme…

    The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

    Theme install failed.

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      2 Things:

      1. If have issues like this, please visit the help section. The link in in the top right menu
      2. You skipped a step, you need to first unzip the file

  29. Karen Wisch says:

    First, thanks for the great template. Second, I have figured out a way to mess it up almost immediately!
    I wanted to make the logo on the home page larger. Saw your css script in the comments to do so. Pasted it in the CSS Style Sheet and shut down my site. (I obviously have no clue what i am doing.) Is there a way to fix this? I can FTP to my site but am not thinking I should just charge in there until I have a little bit of instruction.
    Thanks for any help you offer.

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Contact me via live chat. I also have a video on what to do when you screw up your website, 🙂

  30. Main obj is Improve Lives? Not money … ok …. sure ….

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Wow, completely shocked at the negativity you are bringing to my website here. Am I charging any money for this, umm no. Have I asked you for any money, umm no. Do I get anything money related at all from this, not at all.

  31. Hi Adam, Wp migration isn’t accepting restore file.

    It’s saying Unable to import.

    Version 2.1.1 of All in One WP Migration introduces new compression algorithm. It makes exporting and importing 10 times faster.
    Unfortunately, the new format is not back compatible with backups made with earlier versions of the plugin.
    You can either create a new backup with the latest version of the plugin, or convert the archive to the new format using our tools here.

    Is there anyway to update the restore file. BTW thank you for all your efforts


    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      I think you may have emailed me. The problem is you are going to fast and missing important steps 🙂

      You need to unzip the download before you try to restore it.

  32. Hi Adam

    First off brilliant effort with the website template. I watched a few of your videos and they’ve been nothing but help, really appreciate it.

    I seem to be stuck at the step where you connect to Jetpack. The error reads as follows:
    Your website needs to be publicly accessible to use Jetpack: site_inaccessible
    Error Details: The Jetpack server was unable to communicate with your site … [IXR -32300: transport error: http_request_failed Too many redirects.]

    Any help would be appreciated.

  33. Mark Fedorovsky says:

    Hi Adam,

    I camo to this page via YT and I tried downloading the project files, but a very annoying popup showed up asking me if I would like to have the files send to me. It seems that I need to exchange my email address for the files, but that feels rather weird when I want to download files, just like it says on the description. Downloading is downloading and sending is sending, let’s not get confused here.

    Maybe you could change the text to “Have the project files send to you”, so it is clear what this is, a list building thingy. We all know that nothing is free on the internet and we have to get used to exchanging our personal “information” to receive “free” information, but please don’t be the person that willingly misleads people. It makes you look like a secondhand car salesman. Just my 2 cents.

    Good luck with your site and list building.


    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Hi Mark. I think you are quite out of line here and completely wrong in your impressions. To be direct, I don’t think my website, my videos, and the effort I deliver for 100% free, is for you.

  34. Hi Adam

    First let me say THANK YOU….This was the very 1st tutorial i watched and got it right the first time…. This is awesome. I do have one question. Is is possible to add a donate button (go fund me) to my site since I am non-profit? Thanks in advance

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      You mean add a link on your website to a go fund me crowd funding campaign? If you, yes you can create links on your website to any website you choose.

      1. Thank you Adam! I think I asked it the wrong way. How can I add a donate button to link to paypal. I am not sure how to do this. Thanks for your help you rock!

        1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

          Paypal will allow you to create a payment button. Then they give you the code to past into your website. It’s all pretty easy, but its on the paypal side of things.

          Also you may want to check out the plugin named Give. Here is the link

      2. Thanks! I think I asked the wrong question. How can I add a donate button and link my merchant account to it? I m not sure how to add that to this template. Also is it possible to add social icons to the footer ?Thanks so much

        1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

          The footer is essentially just a widget area. You can add any widget you want to that area.

  35. Hi Adam
    Many Thanks for your quick response. Worked a treat

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      I’m so glad to hear that!!!

  36. Hi Adam
    The site is great, Thank You. I have a problem though. When i send an email through the contact form it sends them to the email sent page but the email never arrives. I’ve looked to see if I’ve put the correct email in. Have you any ideas?

  37. Hello Sir…

    I love your template and use it for my wordpress website but i got 3 main problem:
    1) How can i change the background or menu item from ‘blue’ to ‘green’ color coz my product theme is green.
    2) How can i add ‘order form ‘ into this theme?
    3) How can i change background color for blog page coz it so white bright to me… If can change into more dark color, i really approciate.

    How your can reply as soon as possible coz i really need your help sir. Tq

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      1. You would do this with CSS. I have a video on customizing your site with custom CSS.
      2. You can add woo commerce to the theme, its a free plugin.
      3. That setting is in the customizer.

      Hope that helps 🙂

  38. hi,please could you write me a password becouse i am not from usa and i dont undertend spelling,and now i can not come in to my site.Thnx

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Everything is written out in the resources file that was included in the download.

  39. Hello Adam,

    Thank you for the tutorial; the site looks great! I’d appreciate if you could let me know how to modify the footer in order to include my company’s copyright info.

  40. hi Adam, how can change the color of call to action buttons, what template do i need to edit, please. thanks a LOT

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Ok so this is going to require adding some custom CSS to your website. I have a video on exactly how to do that. There are 2 buttons and each button has a normal state, and a hovered state. You will need to know the color code of the colors you want. I have a video on that as well, how to get the color codes. So just copy / paste everything below this line, then edit it:

      /* Primary Button */
      button, .archive .read-more a, .blog .read-more a, .search-results .read-more a, .button, input[type=”button”], input[type=”reset”], input[type=”submit”] {
      background-color: #83b6cc;
      color: #eff6f9;

      /* Primary When Hovered */
      button:hover, .archive .read-more a:hover, .blog .read-more a:hover, .search-results .read-more a:hover, .button:hover, input[type=”button”]:hover, input[type=”reset”]:hover, input[type=”submit”]:hover {
      background-color: transparent;
      border-color: #83b6cc;
      color: #83b6cc;

      /* Secondary Button */
      button.minimal, .archive .read-more a.minimal, .blog .read-more a.minimal, .search-results .read-more a.minimal, .button.minimal, input.minimal[type=”button”], input.minimal[type=”reset”], input.minimal[type=”submit”] {
      background-color: #eff6f9;
      color: #83b6cc;

      /* Secondary When Hovered */
      button.minimal:active, .archive .read-more a.minimal:active, .blog .read-more a.minimal:active, .search-results .read-more a.minimal:active, button.minimal:focus, .archive .read-more a.minimal:focus, .blog .read-more a.minimal:focus, .search-results .read-more a.minimal:focus, button.minimal:hover, .archive .read-more a.minimal:hover, .blog .read-more a.minimal:hover, .search-results .read-more a.minimal:hover, .button.minimal:active, .button.minimal:focus, .button.minimal:hover, input.minimal[type=”button”]:active, input.minimal[type=”button”]:focus, input.minimal[type=”button”]:hover, input.minimal[type=”reset”]:active, input.minimal[type=”reset”]:focus, input.minimal[type=”reset”]:hover, input.minimal[type=”submit”]:active, input.minimal[type=”submit”]:focus, input.minimal[type=”submit”]:hover {
      background-color: transparent;
      border-color: #eff6f9;
      color: #eff6f9;

  41. Mario Castillo says:

    Hey Adam, wanted to ask you how can i erase or take out one of the panels, i only need 6 of them, thanks for everything!

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      It’s in the customizer, I think under theme options. Its where you choose your panels, just use how many that you need.

  42. Mario Castillo says:

    bro, i put the code on the edit css and it worked, you are the best, thanks a lot for everything, love the theme, the tutorial, everything, quick question, how can i get the free course? thanks again Adam!

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Thats great! Glad to hear. Regarding the free course, did you order the hosting through my link?

  43. Mario Castillo says:

    i put the code on the pique theme style.css and it worked, but when i went to the child theme it didn’t worked, thanks for everything!

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      So you put it in the child theme and it didn’t work, then you put it in the parent theme and it worked?

  44. Mario Castillo says:

    Wow, the theme looks awesome, i wanted to know if i can erase or take off the stroke box that has the titles inside in each section, thanks!

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Great question Mario. Check back later in the day and will a code snipped for that.

      1. Mario Castillo says:

        Thanks a lot Adam, awesome work by the way, will be waiting for the code!

        1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

          Do you know how to add custom CSS? I think I need to make a specific video on it, but have talked about it in many videos. If so this is what you need to add:

          .pique-panel-content h2::before, .pique-panel-content h2::after { border-bottom: 0px !important; }
          .pique-panel-content h2 { border-width: 0px !important; }

          Go to Appearance > Editor > Click on style.css over on the right > then add that at the bottom

          1. Mario Castillo says:

            it will be a great idea to make that video, i copied the text on the style.css but nothing happened, the stroke boxes are still there, did I make something wrong? Thanks again.

          2. Adam from WPCrafter says:

            Well I don’t know what you did. Can’t tell you if you did something wrong without know what you did. 🙂

            I’ll gladly help you, just tell me exactly what you did. Also make sure you add it to the bottom of the css file.

        2. Mario Castillo says:

          it will be a great idea to make that video, i copied the text on the style.css but nothing happened, the stroke boxes are still there, did I make something wrong? Thanks again.

          1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

            I already have it made, just need to post it.

  45. Really like this template!! Is there a way to increase the size of the logo on the home page?

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      It will need to be done with a small snippet of CSS. You need to add this custom CSS:
      .site-branding .site-logo-link img {
      height: 100px;

      Where it lists the height, increase that number. So you can start out with 150.

      Glad you like the template BTW.

    1. Adam from WPCrafter says:

      Yea I should add something there huh?

      Well the video goes through the ENTIRE setup. You are not installing a theme as you see in the video, you are restoring an entirely done for you website. Just follow the video and you will be fine!!

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