by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

How To Create A High Converting Landing Page For Your WordPress Website In 10 Minutes


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Thrive Landing Pages, which is part of Thrive Architect, is by far the easiest and fastest way to add high converting, professional landing pages to your WordPress website. I use it on all of my websites.

Video Transcript

How To Create A High Converting Landing Page For Your WordPress Website In 10 Minutes

Video to show you how to have an incredible
landing page to your website your going to be able to

do this all yourself and I’ll show you the
landing pages right now so they can speak

for themselves so right here’s one of the
landing pages you’ll be able to choose from

and you can scroll down this is for maybe
like a real estate generating real estate

leads everything’s going to be super easy
to edit so as we scroll now have a testimonials

area this is perfect for real estate or any
type of landing page is because you really

just want out the image in the text the logo
but this landing page is really designed for getting

someone to take an action which is to fill
out this form or to get them to call you this

is one example right here is a another landing
page will be able to choose from its perfect

for a restaurant that wants to have a single
action of making a reservation you can see

it’s absolutely gorgeous you can integrate
your menu into it testimonials your address

are right here is a perfect landing page for
any kind of a medical service right here and

that action is to get someone to make an appointment
while these landing pages would be perfect

if you’re running any ad campaigns or there’s
any kind of advertising you could send all

that traffic to one of these beautiful landing
pages so here’s one for a medical purpose

here’s a perfect one for any kind of a legal
or a maybe like attacks or some kind of service

like that and it’s got a perfect image by
default right there for a lot of that and

that you can scroll down here in all yet like
for instance this right here this is got an

integrated pop-up or you can use and integrate
this with any kind of email provider that

you might have as you scroll down you can
list out your services and done this is perfect

for generating email leads and phone calls
here’s a number one right here perfect for

a construction company and here’s the phone
number are prominently highlighted right there

and you can scroll down here there’s the phone
number again and you can show off some of

the construction work and to all this text
is easily good to be editable when I’m in

a show you in this video right here is a perfect
landing page for an automotive service I’ve

been to so many auto repair websites and they
all pretty much stink and this you can have

to promote your auto repair service in a flash
put your logo you pretty much usually just

want that phone call and to show your hours
you got that they’re in your address here’s

to make an appointment you can scroll down
a list out your services right here have some

images of your location and here’s another
call to action for requesting an appointment

testimonials a map you have it all right there
and I lastly we have this perfect landing

page for any type of a beauty service whether
that is hair or nails make up facial spa massage

it’s got the perfect calling color scheme
right here it highlights your your address

your phone number and the right here for booking
an appointment and you scroll down is just

actually just a perfectly designed landing
page so let me close these out now all these

landing pages are built with something cold
thrive landing pages it is a WordPress plug-in

and is very easy to add to your website and
to purchase and if you don’t have a website

right now or you just want to add some landing
pages to your website on a walk you through

it all right now it’s good to be super easy
now drive landing pages Eiji should you fraction

of the landing pages that are included it
actually has cons and tons and tons of landing

pages but those are just some of the new ones
that are targeted for local businesses that

are trying to generate leads generated phone
calls for their business so I’ve got a link

to this down below and you cannot scroll down
here and you can look at all of the different

landing pages at the offer there’s such a
wide variety and may add new landing pages

for free the ones I just showed you right
now were literally just added two days ago

and this piece of software came out about
a year and a half two years ago on their still

updating it adding features adding landing
pages which will speed up the time it takes

for you to get from point a to point B and
a lot of times I say I don’t care what the

tool I use I just want to get from point a
the point be in the least amount of time possible

so you are going to need to purchase this
plug-in let me scroll down to see the cost

right now so if you just want to use it on
one website only $67 you get access to those

amazing designs for a fraction of what it
would cost to hire a designer to to create

a landing page for you and it comes with all
those landing pages and it is it is not the

enemy keep adding and they keep adding landing
pages you don’t know what they might release

next month now if you want it on more than
one site is only $97 and to agency license

is for people like me that want to install
it for their customers and that’s actually

the package that I have so just go ahead and
click on the link down below go here and make

your purchase they have phenomenal support
this company and that $67 is going to give

you lifetime updates now the next thing you
need is a web hosting account and I recommend

going with in motion hosting I have a link
down below in her and one use the link that

I have to set you up it’s good take you to
this page were your in to get next to 38% off

and actually when you click on that link is
gonna take you first page on my website where

I explain in detail everything that I’m just
going to give you and you can only get it

through me when you sign up for a new hosting
account and how to redeem it basically I’ve

got an amazing library of training courses
on my website that covers every area of generating

leads securing your website and it includes
all the plug-ins that you need to accomplish

all that and I give you all that for free
it’s seven under the $99 value that’s what

it would cost to buy these courses but I included
when you sign up for and in motion account

now I’m to go through all the steps of signing
up for and in motion account and I’m not going

through the deep and explanation but I do
have a video on that but anyways you’ll come

here you will pick your plan my websites are
all on the pro-plan so you can choose which

plan you want on the Pro plan you can have
unlimited websites the main reason in motion’s

excellent is they had a phenomenal sort support
staff your websites on an SSD drive that means

it’s going to run and load faster and that
they provide really fast web hosting service

meaning your websites Google load fast and
that is a big SCO value with Google when they

decide if they want to show your website to
someone when they’re searching for what you

offer site speed is humongous and anyways
and there’s all these other reasons I am is

going to click on order now and other than
is committed to this page and you can choose

what you want I ordered the pro right here
but if you only are to have like one or two

websites you go the launch plan you can get
that is those 489 a month or the power plan

if you want six or more websites so hypothetically
I’ll just choose the pro actually here let

me choose the launch 24 click on continue
and the next step is you want to order a new

domain name or do you want to just use a domain
that Yorty have and you can make that choice

here such as click on right here one that
I have you can just enter your domain name

and click on next and right here it’s offering
your nice little upgrade you don’t have to

take it it’s just giving you an upgrade offering
you an upgrade to their power plan also go

ahead and click on continue and then right
here all you need to do is fill out your billing

information and that’s what it is for WordPress
are right here you can have them automatically

install WordPress for you so just one less
step that you have to do and then go ahead

and put your payment information and so you
can see it’s an incredible deal to years of

web hosting for only $117 so still you brought
drive landing pages and then you also got

hosting you’re still well under $200 to have
a designer design a landing page for you is

good to be way more than that so anyways I
just go ahead here and create your account

you’re getting email from in motion that is
to confirm your order to give you a link to

create a password and I’ll also send you your
WordPress login so here I am in WordPress

now and for you to look something very similar
to this when you purchase the Thrive content

builder Thrive landing pages yoga right here
to plug-ins add new in it just the downloaded

zip files you click on upload plug-ins you’ll
drag and drop it right here in then click

on install now now you look here I already
have it plugged installed it right here Scott

right visual editor also can be a little confusing
because I said thrive landing pages the plug

is actually called Thrive visual editor for
the chemicals unfortunately by several names

dry visual editor Thrive content builder Thrive
landing pages but here it’s good to see thrive

visual editor sluggishly a load up one of
those landing pages it’s pretty simple so

what we would do is say we wanted to make
one of those landing pages the homepage when

someone goes to our website you click on pages
will click on add new and will name this homepage

like that and they will click on publish that
will go right here will click on edit with

the right content builder and you can see
this is what the page looks like right now

not to fund not too exciting right here you’ll
click on words is thriving landing pages and

click right here to choose a landing page
showing where to find the landing pages I

showed you the beginning of the video so right
here is his default landing pages these are

all the landing pages that came included what
in the installation of the plug in those new

landing pages and all new landing pages rose
can be found right here it’s his Thrive template

cloud so you click on that and it just takes
a second it’s going to go to the Thrive server

this can pull down a list of all the available
landing pages Soma scroll down and find the

one I want I really liked that real estate
one because it has a contact form right there

so go ahead and on that one I’m a click on
download and it just takes a second skin and

downloaded to the local website then I’m the
click on open and then it just loaded it in

there that fast and you can see as you scroll
down this is that website now the beauty of

this drive content builder in this landing
page solution is anyone can edit anything

without a degree in coding so like I said
that this landing page I like because of the

contact form but I might want to use it for
different purpose it’s so easy everything

you can just click on change sorry this is
find your dream home so say I wanted this

to be for cars as a find your dream and lets
you put the car like that and then let me

delete home and then I can click off and then
there it is now it’s good to be about cars

and everything you can see as I hover over
it you can click on and you can edit so we’ve

got text right here I can click on there and
I can change any of the text and you can see

right here you have different formatting options
bold italicized things like that you have

your font size and you can make this window
go away by clicking on acts and this is same

thing with all of your text and all of these
boxes you can click on anything and change

it so anyways it would take a longer video
and I want to keep this short to show you

every little aspect about editing this but
when you purchase the plug-in they give you

all the training videos is a huge support
community behind it and you is you can see

the learning curve is not that steep when
you’re just clicking and dragging and dropping

are you and you can actually drag and drop
so I wanted to duplicate this paragraph I

the little green button say wanted to move
this up here I can just go like that and here

if I want to delete something I can go like
that so super flexible so as you would make

this look the way you want to look oh let
me show you colors so I clicked on this box

and then I clicked on here it’s a color palette
and you can see the background and so I can

change it to be you know whatever Jos’e9
wanted it to be black that’s that’s it’s a

kind of sleek as well and you can see how
easy it is to change colors anyways I can

go on and on about the little things you can
do and even this image okay let me last less

than gone this image right here is his background
image and you can change it to be whatever

background image you want okay so once you’ve
added it to your hearts content just click

on save changes and then we can close that
window and were back here so now we need to

tell WordPress that this is gonna be our home
page even though it says homepage and you

go to write down here to settings you go to
reading and it says our front page will make

homepage the page we just created click on
save changes and then click on view site literacy

band there is the landing page so I know I
went fast sometimes I videos can go too long

and I went fast on this if you need help with
anything you saw I got a live chat on my website

you can click over to my website and just
ask me I am there all day every day and sometimes

it might take me a minute to respond to you
if I’m doing something but you can go there

I got a link down below for you to purchase
the Thrive content builder Thrive landing

pages and are going down below and it’s especially
for the hosting you’re gonna want to purchase

it through that link the new hosting because
it includes my extra bonus of all the training

courses it’s really good to get you off on
the right foot and it’s also to get you that

38% discount now I do get a small referral
fee that is not why I use emotion and that’s

not why I use the drive content builder Thrive
landing pages I use them personally because

they are the best that there is the website
I have is on in motion I use these landing

pages on all my websites I only talk about
the things that I personally use my self that’s

it for today’s video I love to hear your thoughts
on it in the comment section down below please

also give me a thumbs up on YouTube that really
helps me out and if you haven’t subscribed

it to the channel go ahead and click on that
subscribe on that also helps me out now I

don’t want you to ever leave empty handed
and that’s why I put together a free video

course adjust for my subscribers called the
three steps to WordPress success now if you

would like free access to that course just
go ahead and click right here on the right

thanks for watching now see you in the next

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. I notice they have a toolbox on the larger plan? or can you get this with the 67.00 plan? and is it worth the 228.00 a year for this? Thank you

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