by Adam Preiser updated September 24, 2019

How To Create An Online Course Membership Website


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Online courses are red hot right now and in this video, I show you how to create an online course using WordPress.

In this video, I am using Beaver Builder, GeneratePress, and LifterLMS.

However, I have since expended this video into an entire video series that walks you through each and every step.

So here is that WordPress tutorial series.

Video Transcript

How To Create An Online Course Membership Website With WordPress

Back to another video I’m Adam from WP
where make videos of for nontechies in this

is a video of been wanting to make for a long
time convincing that a lot lately about different

topics that I’m going after but this is what
I wanted to make for a long time and in this

video under the show you how to create in
online course with your WordPress website

and the best part is the cost is nothing it’s
zero everything that we can use in this video

is going to be free to you and it’s so awesome
this platform to integrate into your WordPress

site that I know that after I share with you
today your in to be excited as well now let

me just preface one thing first there’s this
confusion that people have with what they

need when they want to have a course or some
kind of a learning or training program on

their website now traditionally you would
get something called a membership sites and

you would use usually plug-in then you would
be protecting content people can pay for this

content but that is a how things were probably
done maybe like four or five years ago the

new way of doing things is with a special
plug-in you at WordPress that’s called a learning

management system or an LMS now if you ask
me the acronym LMS is so dorky in geeky that

the industry could do themselves a favor by
dropping it out but anyways that’s just my

opinion so working to install was called an
LMS plug-in into WordPress and configure it

in this video now the reason we use in our
MS plug-in is it’s going to make your life

so much easier if you just have one course
and lots of lessons organizing them keeping

everything in order maybe even having something
more complex like multiple courses with multiple

lessons and stuff like that and you’re also
can be to add quizzes and things like that

so the first part of this video is to be more
of a review I’m in a show you the plug-in

and then the second part of this video I’m
a go ahead and install it into just a real

preliminary configuration and I’m gonna leave
you with all the resources you need to take

it even further obviously I’m not to be able
to configure every feature that this plug-in

has in this video if you really want to know
something and multiple people are asking me

I will make more videos on specific topics
with this plug-in so if you didn’t already

know I have a series of videos called the
60 minute website challenge were I give you

all the resources of predesigned template
that you can be online in 60 minutes or less

all you would have to do is put your images
in your text in and I am showing you right

now the next 60 minute website challenge and
it’s going to be a full website designed with

this learning management system integrated
so I’ll just let me show you it real quick

and if you really wanted this so there’s still
a work I want to do to it before I actually

make an official video and make it available
but if you did want and I will make it available

to you sooner and you could just work through
your own learning curve until my video comes

out so this is how I design the site you come
here you got this imagery can easily be able

to change the image and you scroll down a
little information on the side a little info

about me and you see this elegant course grid
right here so frequently asked questions and

your students will be old to come here and
say click on the course right here and then

there to see this course outline right here
you’ll be of the put may be a welcome video

or a sales video for this course here’s the
syllabus of the lessons right here and if

I wasn’t logged in it would say take this
course in your review of the put the title

here and some text here change this image
and this is going to be the course experience

and when someone actually clicks into a lesson
let me show you how that works I designed

this in such a way where you got this really
large it’s optional by the way this large

place to put your training video and then
your could be some supporting information

and then links to the next video or the previous
one and your students can market complete

on the right there’s a sidebar here which
has her course progress and then right here

is the syllabus and it’s nice and sickle all
these are collapsible so if you have a say

50 lessons in order to be broken down into
different modules it’s got a collapsible menu

here in your easily be able to do that and
you can see this as a real clean design awesome

looking click on courses there and see the
course in grid and tell you can also with

this plug-in protect any content on your website
your website and you can even have course

packages so and that when your students login
will be in my courses page in OC the courses

there there rolled in and you can see I gotta
fix this here so when you hover it says view

course but when you don’t it should say there
in a green lettering sets one thing I need

to fix and it has a built-in shopping cart
as well so your students can check out so

this is what’s actually can be released really
soon it’s good to be free don’t worry about

it it’s built on a free theme and a free page
building plug-in called the Beaver Builder

sluggishly was powering this is called lifter
elements it’s free and you can download it

straight inside of WordPress order to do that
in a moment let’s look at their website really

quick so actually when I just go and click
on the features area right there so this is

everything that this free plug-in does not
want to give you one bit of information this

plug-in wasn’t always free these the charge
for it but a few months back he decided to

make it free and actually I was right about
the purchase it when they did make it free

and I’ll explain you why they made it free
so it’s good to facilitate organizing your

courses in delivering those it has full e-commerce
and has its own check out but it will also

integrate with WooCommerce which is how I
personally use it on my own website this is

probably one of the most powerful features
is engagement what that allows you to do is

engage your students based on actions they
take so on enrollment we can send them a email

when they complete a lesson or something like
that or there’s a certain period of time of

inactivity meaning they haven’t logged in
not moving forward in the course it can also

send an automatic email to them and that’s
I think one of the most powerful aspects of

lifter LMS and it’s probably the main reason
why I have it on my own site and you can bundle

these courses and you can pretty much protect
any content on your websites OC had a download

page you can protect that as well with the
membership functionality so here’s some more

stuff that is interesting right there in the
middle top it has given location where you

can award badges based on people’s actions
that they take due to profiles you got analytics

it’s very simple interface I really like that
customize content I think that’s were referring

to all the widgets in some like their racial
due the course outline memberships of your

s’more yet your content you can actually drip
feed the lessons that’s awesome coupons you

can have coupons it is mobile responsive and
they also have something other than coupons

is called vouchers so say you are a public
speaker and you’re giving a us a speech someplace

and then afterwards you want to sell access
to your courses you could actually sell vouchers

and they can take these voucher codes and
they can redeem whatever they purchased when

they were off line with you and that’s about
pretty amazing as well and also you can issue

certificates and there’s quizzes and all that
kind of stuff okay so that is all the features

in lifter LMS now they do sell some things
and I just want to show you them real quick

they’re all optional so if you want priority
support they do provide support but it might

take a few hours or might take a day to get
an answer if you want priority support and

if you want to support developers that are
doing awesome things they’ve got this available

right here it’s only $99 per year for that
priority support so you’re using this for

your business and your making money and it’s
crucial to you it’s nice to know you have

an avenue to get real support and it’s an
option if you’re just starting out with your

course you might not need this but then when
it starts getting traction he start making

money it’s definitely a good idea to do that
they also have an extension to add stripe

integration that’s Dir. credit card payments
on your website it already has PayPal integration

or you can also integrated with WooCommerce
and use the free stripe add-on for WooCommerce

hello launchpad this is a special theme that
they design that makes it easier to customize

the look of the course grid in the courses
and all that kind of stuff and that’s a bit

essentially just a WordPress theme and they
have integration with converted which is an

email autoresponder service and mail chip
and if you don’t want to do any of this yourself

you just want to pay someone to do it for
you you can contact them and they have these

programs like I don’t know the cost them T-shirts
in the low four figures were though fully

implemented for you okay so put a link as
well to this right here it’s the knowledge

base so if there’s anything I’m not covering
in this video you can go to their knowledge

base and they got documentation on just about
everything about this plug-in and you can

come here in you can get your answer to whatever
question that you might have and I refer to

the knowledge base from time to time for things
that I want to figure out how to do right

here is my website and how I’m implementing
it you can see currently I have these five

courses I have another four on the way and
you can see how I have my course grid here

by default this is and how it looks I kind
of Tweet this bios a little bit as well as

I did on that 60 minute website challenge
that I showed you that’s coming out each week

the styles to give this nice hover affect
I changed the button styles and stuff like

that if you have their theme though it’s a
little easier but it’s was really that hard

to begin with I’ll let me actually show you
the inside of a course the on how I have it

on my site so when someone clicks in our show
you how I have implemented to click your on

the first lesson now I implemented its on
the 60 minute website challenge very similar

to how I have it here on my website I did
this very large video because I like that

design myself and then I got the text in a
got my videos in the course and the progress

of this is how I have this implemented so
the first step to getting this all done would

be to in stall WordPress hosting account and
install WordPress on that host account now

I have a link below to the provider web hosting
provider that I recommend in motion hosting

and you can also come to my website right
here click on recommended and it’s right here

in motion hosting now when you click through
this link to in motion hosting a 38% discount

and if you order hosting send me the receipt
number and I will give you access to all of

the courses I have available on this site
you get access to them for free just you know

if you purchase them all individually it would
be close to $1000 so it’s a awesome bonus

that I’m throwing in if you at a hosting account
when we just walk you through that real quick

here’s the in motion a hosting Peter you can
order a new hosting account they have these

three plans and you can see we’ve got this
discount going here are some of the reasons

why I prefer them over all the other web hosts
out there number one is just you know all

my websites are on them so if you go to WP that website is on in motion hosting

and so the all the hosting plans are to be
on solid-state drives which gives you speed

you get this one click installer now other
hosting companies have one click installers

but they also install a bunch of junk along
with it, like when you get a Windows computer

and it’s got 30 programs you don’t want so
they kind of stinks they don’t do that here

it’s very nice and they got excellent support
live chat you can call them they also have

a ticketing system if you already have web
hosting account and you want to move to them

they will do the transfer for you though transfer
your entire cPanel across in this is a long

list of reasons why I like them and does so
anyways the other three plans of this plan

right here he thinks supposed to websites
this plan here is the host six websites in

this one years and limited it’s super easy
you just click on order now on any of the

buttons then right here you would choose the
plan you want so say I just went with this

Pro plan click on continue right here you
put your domain name in or you can order a

new domain name so I’m just going to throw
any old name in when I go to continue continue

and then you just fill this out popping your
credit card info and if you wanted you can

click right here and they will install WordPress
for you and send you the login so that’s also

a nice feature so anyways that’s emotion hosting
remember if you order them to send me the

receipt number and I will give you access
to all the training courses on my site okay

so this right here is a fresh default installation
of WordPress where I am going to set it up

with this learning management system right
now so the first thing I like to do always

when I set up a new site is I go to settings
and I go to permanent links and you always

want to click on this post name permanent
link and then click on save changes next thing

I like to do is go to plug-ins and delete
any plug-ins that might be there ask Matt

and hello Dolly so minute delete those like
that the next for this this demo and use a

free plug-in and use of free theme called
the generate press on the go to add new and

I’m in a type it in here generate press it’s
right here and click on install now that 60

minute website challenge is based on the generate
press theme and the reason I like that it’s

a free theme but there is a developer that
works tirelessly supporting this theme and

there’s an upgrade path if you want some added
features some to activate that now usually

I like to delete any themes I’m not using
the way you do that is you click on the theme

and you click on delete and so let me just
do that request and delete now just you know

when you go to my website to be the crafter
I have an entire beginner WordPress course

that I put together that goes role these things
and there’s no registration required you can

just go there and watch the videos so I went
to go here to plug-ins add new Ametek lifter

LMS and him and hit enter and here it is right
there and these developers are tirelessly

keeping this thing updated they just push
an update two days ago and I’ve been using

it for maybe about four months and the regularly
improving it adding features and adjust improving

the code so I go ahead and click on install
now now I have installed this fresh in a while

so I might stumble little bit in this video
but will get it all sorted out so I’m in a

go-ahead right here and say no thanks I know
what I’m doing so now we have installed it

added these three different menu items here
lifter elements and this is kind of the admin

section there’s the courses and this is where
you create your courses your lessons and you’re

also going to create your quiz and quiz questions
and then memberships this is simple this is

where you put your course bundles together
so let’s go to settings one of the things

I love is the settings panel is so stinking
easy to go through and navigate there isn’t

8 million settings that you don’t know what
they do it’s actually very simple so this

is good I like your dashboard you would see
how the people of enrolled new members only

lessons of been completed this week in your
total cells it’s pretty cool in here shortcuts

to purchase any of their extensions or add-ons
and click on courses now we need to assign

a course page but when we activated lifter
LMS it added some new pages to this WordPress

installation so when I go on this drop-down
it created a courses page right there and

you can change some of the visual the visual
items with this if we look at right here this

is my courses page on this 60 minute website
challenge you can just see how the grid is

so that’s what were configuring right here
you can change what the button says to take

this course or to order this course at the
same thing with the membership button if you

are bundling courses together you also have
full control over the display of the course

for instance the author the featured image
if you want to show different difficulty levels

and stuff like that I personally have most
of this stuff disabled so they give you all

the flexibility here to do what you want someone
to click on save changes same thing with membership

someone to click on that and I’m can assign
a membership page and that’s can be memberships

right here and then I want to go ahead and
click on save changes I’m a go to accounts

and this is good to be the my courses page
and this is the page were your students revealed

to go to and there to be up to see a list
of all of the courses that they have enrolled

in and might be in the middle of a course
in the B of the jump right back into taking

that course so my scroll down here and actually
let me add a couple things here this is some

of the user registration options when someone’s
registering for an account way works is when

you sell an account when you sell taxes to
a membership or course first users get a register

in the to be taken to the shopping cart to
make their purchase and hear some of the options

with that so we have the user registration
part enabled and there’s different things

here right here you could treated terms and
condition page and force them to agree to

that if you’re more of a business that wants
phone numbers you can just check this box

here to add a phone number field to the user
registration click on check out and I got

a sign that pages well and for check out they
recommend you choose this up purchase page

but you can change the name and have it be
whatever he wants and you can choose your

currency click on save changes in just you
know the point is fully translatable and they

very have a couple translations out gateways
this is where you’re going to integrate this

with PayPal so you would click on enable PayPal
and then you could just do a Google search

or look at their docs on how to get your your
PayPal API username password and signature

key and you would just be copying and pasting
those in engagements this is where you configure

the email settings so when the system since
an automatic email out you’re going to be

able decide what that email addresses can
be the name with it and stuff like that and

I here’s the options there and integrations
this is where you can enable the WooCommerce

integration so what that means is you would
use WooCommerce instead of a lifter alum mass

when you’re selling a membership or your selling
a course now I personally using the WooCommerce

integration on my website is I want to use
WooCommerce to sell other things as well and

so that’s why I use the WooCommerce and integration
you can also enable buddy press if you’re

not like in advance WordPress user I don’t
recommend doing that this would add a user

community form or maybe if you’re going to
do that make sure you have a good support

person that you can go to to help you along
the way it just add some more complicated

stuff I actually have a better suggestion
then that if you need that that back-and-forth

communication that form communication with
your students okay so there’s an analytics

area here obviously have no data in here so
it makes no sense for me to go through that

for students this is where you’ll see a list
of your students emails this is where you

can customize emails that get sent out engagements
that’s what I was saying were we can create

these engagements these automated email contacts
based upon the actions your students are taking

it so you can create that achievements this
is that game of vacation that is talking about

certificates you can issue certificates as
someone takes a quiz and passes reviews you

can enable people to be about to leave a review
of your course orders is gonna be your list

of orders that people have placed coupon self-explanatory
vouchers and system report if you need support

you can give him the system report so I wanted
to just blast through the act is I want to

create a course in a membership right now
so click on courses and I’m to click on add

course and this is kind of the best thing
about using lifter elements is this this method

or process for creating a corset and lessons
it could it couldn’t be any smoother or faster

so I’m in a name the course of manages: my
first course that and click on create course

there you already created your course now
all we need to do is create a list of lessons

and or if you wanted to organize those lessons
into modules let me just explain this screen

for you little bit so right here is really
cool you have these two description areas

so right here you can put a sales video pricing
table or whatever and if you put something

different right here what’s really cool about
it is if someone’s logged in or not logged

in and hasn’t purchased the course they see
this if someone is logged in and they had

purchased the course still see this and the
reason you want to do that is because if you

use a sales video you don’t want to show someone
that sells video when they just want to see

the course syllabus and jump into another
lesson I’ve been using this a lot on my site

that we have these general settings right
here I haven’t really I mean you can play

around them I don’t personally use them you
can specify a length of the course the difficulty

level you can embed a video this was would
just be a video that is on the course right

here I don’t use it for that then we have
restrictions here in this is if you want to

specify when a start date or an end date of
the course also the capacity of the class

and maybe a prerequisite meaning they had
to take a successfully take a prior course

on the website now this is where you can spend
set up all the pricing so right here the first

thing is the SKU now this is really only used
I think it with the WooCommerce integration

so I integrated with WooCommerce I’ve got
to put a SKU number in here and put an identical

SKU number in a product and WooCommerce in
that’s how it all knows what what goes where

and how to integrate everything right here
for you would specify your price so let’s

just make this a $47 like that and you can
also put a course on sale and have a sale

price it puts a nice little badge on the banner
and now you can also specify date range for

the sale and right actually have a re-price
if you wanted to do it like a reoccurring

cost you can set that up and configure that
here and set up for maybe take $10 a month

or something like that students is a school
this is where you can add students manually

and remove students manually so I do this
so when you order the hosting with in motion

you send me the receipt in your email I just
going here and I manually add you to the membership

and so you can do the same thing this way
as well and the last abscess reviews is where

you can enable or disable the ability for
people to leave reviews that have taken the

course and that’s good as well so these are
just the course settings and you can only

see how straightforward and simple to understand
all the settings are but if something confuses

you use go to the knowledge base and find
out what the deal is there so now here’s where

we build our course outline and that’s what
I love about this it’s got this visual course

outline builder and it’s so easy to build
your course so right here would be the section

that, like equivalent to a module and so it’s
a section 1 your first section so you can

click on this click will hear and change the
name of that section so let’s call this getting

started and say we want to have three different
lessons in this getting started sort already

has this first one here so go ahead and click
on the click wheel and I went to change it

right here see buying hosting and equity description
of your lesson or if you’re not to use descriptions

delete that okay enough to click on update
Lessing so there it is so now this is what

I love if you want to add something all you
have to do is click on add and it’s as you

want to add a new section which is essentially
module a lesson or add an existing lesson

so they had 10 courses you can take a lesson
from this course in that course and you can

compile them into a new course and it’s pretty
nice so I’m going to click on add new lesson

and then this pops up here and I’m going to
say install WordPress okay I’m not can have

this right here not have description and it’s
saying select a a section to place this new

lesson so I only have the one section right
now but if I had multiple sections it would

give me the option of which one to put it
in click create lesson and let’s create another

lesson see okay the third one would be to
install lifter elements Mike that’s in the

click on create lesson and so let’s also create
another searching so want to show you something

cool someone to call this
just called configuring everything soon I
can see about another section so say I decided

this install lifter elements I think I want
to move that to section 2 check this out you

just click on it and then you can just drag
it down and you can drop it and that’s why

I love lifter LMS is you can easily just move
things around and adjust them and they just

make it so easy to build out this course outline
so the way I create a course personally is

I go in here and I create the course outline
and then I know what videos I need to create

or content I need to produce I have this outline
and that is why I love I love L mess now these

are some different options here for your drip
and the for adding content assigning a quiz

in pre-work requisites to these different
lessons now here’s what you can do if you

want to now put some information in this lesson
all you have to do is click edit contents

and that will take you to the lesson page
where you can put some content in their so

let me scroll down that’s pretty much all
there is to this I’m a click on publish and

now many show you how to put info in the lesson
so here we are like messages click on edit

content like that in his can open up the lesson
for buying hosting so what what happens is

you get 10 courses in each course has 10 or
20 lessons that 200 lessons is a nightmare

to to find the right lesson into to change
things and all that and that’s where most

other LMS plug-ins fall short but that’s were
lifter LMS really shines it’s really easy

to get to the right lesson that you might
want to edit or modify so must is easy just

put your content right here and then hear
some different settings for the lessons for

restrictions if you wanted to paste the YouTube
a link or a video link or if you had an embed

code for your video you can just put it right
in here and it couldn’t be easier such as

put lesson content like that alright someone
to go ahead and update this lesson so now

we have installed M elements we’ve done a
preliminary configuration and we created a

course and we created some sections and some
lessons so now to go in just create one more

course but but I’m going to build a membership
with both courses click at a course my call

this on my second course like that and then
click on create course and then I’m good to

click on publish so now I’ve created two courses
so I click on courses we see these two courses

now with the membership feature we can make
course bundled packages and we can also with

the membership protect other content may be
a blog post you want to protect or a a page

that might have a download link or maybe you
have a WooCommerce store and you want products

that are just available to people that have
purchased the membership you can do all of

that so going to memberships in creating a
membership is similar to creating a course

minus the lessons and the sections some of
the call it my membership like this we have

our same member groups we ever see membership
settings the same thing where you can do with

the contents so let’s go to price single and
lives at a price of 197 and all the settings

are to look the same except where it says
enrollment song to go ahead and click on enrollments

right here in this is where we can choose
which courses are part of this membership

summit click right here and I’m gonna make
the first course of the click right here in

him and add the second course you can add
whatever courses you want and click this button

that says add courses now when you do that
is when you save it in refresh the page so

that’s why I’m getting this little warning
some click on leave page it’s just going to

say that let me make sure my prices save I
see price single and there it is so now I

go to enrollment you’ll see that this membership
includes the first course and the second course

and you can choose if you want to automatically
enroll the met the members into these courses

or not I don’t have that checked because what
happens is say you have 10 courses and nine

you auto enroll people and 10 courses in the
other desk where they see all these 10 courses

are to have someone go to my course grid my
course page and just choose what course they

want to take I think it’s all a little cleaner
that way alright so I am going to click on

publish so check this out say I wanted to
create a page that is protected so only people

who own the membership can actually see that
page so I’m encoded pages and, to create a

new page and on the call this download page
this and check us out when you scroll down

you have this new box right here this is membership
access zero click on restrict this content

and you multiple memberships that have been
configured different ways of yet 10 courses

one membership can be three courses another
16 courses another one all the courses however

you want to do that so right here to choose
the membership the scroll up and I’m click

publish so now you have a page that you can
put your downloads and their completely secure

in the only people who can access it or people
who have paid for this membership that you

offer in case so let’s see now allow we can
go to the front and and see how things look

now I didn’t add featured images and things
like that to make it visually look nice and

I didn’t create a menu selection let me just
quickly create a menu for the theme to go

to appearance menus and let’s just call this
the math menu that’s fine and click create

menu I need to assign the menu to the primary
location I don’t want to this a sample page

there and I don’t want that download page
there going to click save menu and let me

create a homepage real quick you know there’s
no contents grading homepage and then I’m

going to tell WordPress that that is my home
page by going to settings and then reading

and I’m been a choose right here home page
and I don’t have a blog page set up click

save so now let’s see what’s there I don’t
know what working to see hopefully looks perfect

all right is pulling up so here’s my demo
here’s the homepage of the click on courses

here’s our two courses and you can change
the style of these are for instance in my

60 minute website challenge I’m hiding this
I changed kind of the size of this I change

the padding I change a lot of things you can
see how I made it look a little different

and I’ll give you the code if you want to
have something similar to mine it’s fine it’s

just modifying something called CSS so here’s
a course where we made the different lessons

only click on view course and I didn’t really
put any content up here but here’s the course

syllabus and you can see it’s right there
and your your visitors have the option to

take the course or they can become a member
and to any course as part of the membership

it’s going to give them these two options
here which is quite perfect so that you can

always promote your membership so anyways
that’s that now we have this sidebar here

it be nice if we had the course progress in
the course syllabus there that’s easy to do

to go back into the back in go to appearance
and widgets and here’s the right sidebar someone

to go ahead and just delete some of these
things actually I should delete these anyway

but I forgot to mention that Lester elements
has its own lesson sidebar and course sidebar

in the right here the lesson sidebar in the
course sidebar so I should be able to drag-and-drop

a widget right here into the core sidebar
and it should show here so let’s see hopefully

this works I will do a course progress just
call this progress and then I can drag this

syllabus right there when we save and close
that you can name it whatever he wants and

if you want to make a collapsible you can
do that by checking that box only have three

lessons is pointless so if this works I should
be up to go here and click on a refresh in

this should change on the right and it did
so now I’ve got this progress bar and I got

my outline right here here’s my different
modules some of the video I’m in a log out

and see what happens when we click on take
this course obviously you so I didn’t integrate

PayPal or any kind of payment processor so
let me log out right now so now log out you

can tell I don’t have the black admin part
the top I’m locked out in so I can click on

take this course and this is where it takes
you and like I said the way check out works

his first it prompts you to register or if
Yorty have a if you’re an existing student

you can login and then you can check out so
someone would first come here and either log

in or register and then after this it would
take them to make the payments and so you

can see right now though when I just click
on my courses it prompts someone to login

or to register and you can see when I click
on memberships we have that one membership

that we created up I would input the information
in there you probably want to make this look

kinda like a sales page and here is our course
outline so I wanted to do this as fast as

possible this video make it as short as possible
but I think it came out a little bit long

but I wanted to walk you through all of the
different options that you have in lifter

elements you can install this on any WordPress
website now if you want to just waits until

I release this all done for you templates
annual beams implement this whole design and

everything in under 60 minutes my customizations
to the style you can Artie see when you click

on it the way that I created the course page
looks totally different than the default install

it move the title up here I made this pretty
much look gorgeous and I made this custom

home page with this huge hero image in these
nice buttons and out with a bio area and all

that you can see I put a lot of design work
into this is probably about 85% done and but

if you feel confident I will give you access
to it you can just contact me remember if

you need hosting go to in motion send me the
receipts and that pretty much wraps up this

and I can’t wait to see the courses that you
launch for your website and for your business

a really quick and you do something for me
if you’re watching this on you too can you

give me a thumbs up and I want to invite you
to subscribe to this YouTube channel there’s

a button right beneath me and I really appreciate
if you did that and I’ve got something for

you I don’t want you to leave empty-handed
if you just click off here to the side it’s

a free video course that I put together just
for you called the three steps to WordPress

success you will love this course registration
is free right now all you have to do is click

on the link right next to me thanks for spending
this time with me and I can’t wait to make

another video for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. hey adam i want to know that how should i install your resource files of the video “create-online-course-membership-website”

    1. If you follow the tutorial videos, you are shown how to set everything up.

  2. Can you please send me access to the layout with the css as you mentioned in your awesome video, please?

  3. Hallo Adam,

    I could not download resources. I get an error ”
    Tsk tsk. Apparently you don’t have access to this area.
    403 Forbidden

    1. I’m not sure why you would be getting that message on my website. I do have security measures in place to protect my website from bots and from hacking attempts.

  4. Adam:
    Excellent content here!
    Woocomerce is innecessary in this solution?
    Vimeo Pro or Wistia for host videos?
    Amazon S3 for other stuff?

    1. Thank you. So WooCommerce is not required, its just if you want more payment options. For the video player options, have you seen this video:

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