by Adam Preiser updated December 26, 2019

Elementor Pro Review & Walkthrough – Best WordPress Page Builder?


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Elementor Pro is an add-on package for the popular WordPress page builder Elementor. It adds new features and modules to the page building experience.


Elementor is a WordPress page builder that has taken WordPress web design by storm. It has the deepest feature set, yet is very easy to use and master. Elementor is the most full-featured free page builder. There is also a Pro add-on to add additional developer features.

Key Elementor Features:

  • Live Front End Page Editor
  • Website Personalication Features
  • Template & Block Library
  • Extensive Mobile Responsive Options
  • Most Powerful Popup Builder
  • PRO Create Custom Headers / Footers
  • PRO Create Post Type Layouts

Elementor is the strongest page builder currently available. They consistently release new features that are in line with current design trends. This means you will be able to keep your website relevant.

Elementor Pro is an incredible value considering all the additional modules and power features that it includes.

If I were starting a new website project today, Elementor would be the page builder that I would choose. I consider it a must have WordPress page builder that is a pleasure to use.

Check Out Elementor

Video Transcript

Elementor Pro Review

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos for

non-techies like me being in this video I’m
going to review a new plug-in called Elementor

Pro now in the past life talked about the
element towards a page building plug-in and

Elementor itself is free it’s a full featured
page building plug-in for WordPress however

this video is lacking to be about Elementor
per se it’s going to be about their new Pro

version that they recently released and if
you’re not familiar with Elementor here is

where you would just download the page building
plug-in and it’s free and that’s been about

out for maybe six months now almost 6 months
and that’s already active on 30,000 websites

over 30,000 websites and that number is growing
so fast that I believe next year it will be

the most widely installed page building plug-in
for WordPress in the WordPress repository

and you can install this directly in WordPress
but I’m talking about here’s the website I’m

actually talking about the Pro version today
and I’ve had the Pro version for a few days

I had a beta copy but today I actually was
able to install and use the final live version

I purchased it myself I haven’t been given
Elementor Pro for free I spent my own money

to buy it and so all these opinions are my
own now a couple things before I get started

at the end of the video meant to tell you
how you can get a training course that I’ve

created on Elementor for free salinity about
that at the end of the video and this plug-in

is brand-new and they’re constantly going
to be adding new modules to it so if you’re

watching this video in 12 months there’s going
to be more to it than there is today so if

you take a look down at the pinned, that’s
the first comment down below if you’re watching

this on YouTube is a pen common area and output
links to updated videos so when they’re adding

new modules and features I will cover those
and future videos and links to those will

be down below now let me tell you how this
video is going to work for some to show you

how to install it and set it up in order to
do that so we can look at the new included

templates that come with Elementor Pro and
they have already released the videos on exactly

how to use all the new modules for it so I’m
really can give you my opinions after having

used those modules my self so you can purchase
Elementor Pro by just coming to their site

here I will also have a link down below to
take you here and it’s going to basically

tell you what you’re getting so you can get
some new modules and some new templates and

some new features that add power features
to Elementor to make it more customizable

more you when you’re using it for your website
more of what you would want and so it can

add a variety of modules here on the quickly
scroll down to the price and then I’m going

to start showing you some things okay so here
is how they price that now I actually like

the way they are pricing if there’s another
very popular page builder and the entry to

the paid version is $99 and a lot of people
might only have one website so I like that

Elementor you get a single site license of
it for only $49 and when you see all the features

you can decide if it’s worth it to you to
make the jump to the Pro version and then

if you’re going to have only three sites is
$99 and limited sites for hundred and $99

and the limit is mainly for people that are
making websites for other people or indent

development agencies and stuff like that so
that’s why it’s a 199 and you got have figure

you’re also getting priority support with
these purchases and that is also what is built

into these low prices in my opinion so here
we are this is a test site that I have in

a set up in the way it works is you can have
the main element mentor plug-in and then the

pro version is an add on plug-ins here and
have both installed and activated so I really

have Elementor installed right here let me
just activated and then I’m going to bring

in Elementor Pro some just click on add new
upload plug-in here it is on click on in stall

now minima to activate the plug-in so now
they are both activated now of course I can

pop in my license key in order to get updates
via the WordPress dashboard but I’m looking

to do that in this video now what I wanted
to first to show you some of the included

templates that you get with the Pro version
and then I’m good to share some opinions on

the modules so let me just click add new and
let’s just call it home publish this then

click on edit with Elementor and then I’m
going to go here and click on add template

so here are the new templates these five however
when I look at their homepage let’s see how

many it showed here Ed showed 51234560 maybe
I’m missing something so I honestly don’t

know their plans if there’s a new continue
to add additional new templates using these

Pro modules but I just wanted to show you
some of these templates that they’re adding

so I think I can click on this plus and it’s
going to show me a preview of this template

so’s to have these new templates they feature
the new module for creating a price list and

it’s actually very nice module and I’ll talk
about that a moment so here’s one for a cake

shop obviously you can change it to be used
for any purpose and you use a priceless for

a lot more than just like a menu so you can
see how beautiful this looks like that when

we go back to the library let’s see this fashion
landing page let’s see what this looks like

and here it pulls up and so looks like this
is leveraging let’s see what modules this

is like this it right here must be the new
forms module right there in this might be

one of their new grid modules and let’s take
a look at this festival landing page this

one is using the countdown timer right here
which is a probe module and then right here

it’s probably using the posts new module that’s
in the pro right here so you can totally see

how it styled with the color and the layout
and the button and so that is this one right

here in this is probably using the forms module
and then here’s another one which is just

your restaurant menu and this you can see
where that pricelist is really coming in handy

and all sorts of businesses need a price list
that mean they really need a priceless that

it’s not just for food it’s for any type of
service based business you can have a price

list now there should be some more templates
I buy just might not be finding them as I

scroll because all these templates already
just looks so perfect so I think that’s the

only templates and I’m going to be able to
demo because I’m not sure which other ones

are new based upon looking at them but I’m
sure all these templates are using these new

Pro modules so when you first install the
Pro version right here you have these pro

elements I keep calling them modules I should
become them elements because this plug in

after us called Elementor she had this advanced
post one a portfolio one forms template priceless

countdown slides and you also have a few Pro
features that are added the ability to add

some custom CSS to a module I’ll show you
what that looks like in a moment and also

the ability to have a global element and that’s
really nice I’ll explain what that is in a

moment so what to do right now is I want to
show you that they have a video for each of

the new feature so I’m in a go to each video
and share what I think about it so this right

here’s the video for their countdown widget
and this is actually very nice it allows you

to add stylish countdown timers anywhere on
your website and these are very good when

you’re trying to create scarcity or there’s
a sale or an event or something big coming

up I think it’s awesome the only thing I wish
that they would do differently and I’m can

ask them if they can build in an evergreen
feature so that means say when someone visit

your website the timer will start ticking
then and maybe go for a day or two days or

whatever you set it to do so right now the
countdown timer is great it doesn’t do Evergreen

but it is the most flexible countdown timer
that I’ve seen and Elementor is amazing I

got a video coming out about using it for
cells pages and landing pages and I think

a countdown timer is going to be pretty awesome
for that and you get this countdown timer

in the Pro and so here is a video of all the
different things that you can do with it is

actually pretty amazing if I go ahead you
have like full control of the style you can

see it right there and then at the end of
the video there showing different ways that

you can style this and it’s it’s very easy
I mean you can make this look however you

wanted to make it look this might also be
good for me like a church they got a countdown

event or any kind of event website or wedding
there is shown example here of a wedding so

this would be really good as a countdown timer
to the wedding or some form of an event or

a sale or something like that so that is the
countdown timer right here is the video in

this section when you’re gonna want to watch
us about how to add the custom CSS to sections

columns and widgets and in the example how
they’re using it there mostly using it to

add a background color gradient on the various
sections which I’m actually going to use and

I’m gonna make a video on that with some resources
on how to generate gradients so right here

let me go to so were there doing yet so right
here they just added a gradient to the button

right there and then right here there is a
now a gradient to the whole background you

see how you can use this custom CSS in a section
or module to do some really amazing things

with your website to make it really stand
out and be unique someone to make a video

on that in particular here it’s talking about
the global widget feature now this is actually

pretty useful so say you want to have a custom
footer that you design you can design it in

Elementor and you can put that in each of
your pages and then what happens is if you

edit it or update it in one location is cannot
update globally because it’s a global save

section this is more of a power feature it’s
awesome that they included it in here and

it sell one that I know I will be using the
next feature here is that pricelist and I

showed you in the templates them using it
but it can be used for so many different things

at first I thought all would be due a priceless
but then when you really think about it there

so many situations where a pricelist feature
like this is super useful you can manually

create one but this makes it easier to have
a more stylish professional looking priceless

than just having some random dots or hyphens
and then a price at the end I mean this really

has all the power and the features for that
you can use it for menus catalogs price lists

just about every business has a priceless
like a salon would have a price list or any

type of service like that there would be this
priceless where you want to show people the

price but you’re not selling it directly on
the website that would be more of an e-commerce

thing so you can see them styling it here
in lots of different ways I love how you can

put in the image off to the side of it and
then you can rounded like this you can make

it a complete circle or just round the corners
there was an earlier example here were they

were using it for real estate to list the
price of these different properties and I

thought that was a great example of using
it as well I think I’m going to end up using

this pricelist a whole lot it seems like a
very useful feature that also helps justify

the cost of going Pro and in this video they
talk about the Wu products which it now I

think this is actually the one which it that’s
the weakest and I don’t think it really does

anything that the WooCommerce short code doesn’t
already do obviously it’s easier because you

that shows you being able to select how many
columns how many products and stuff like that

but I believe the standard WooCommerce widget
already does that what I think they need to

do and I think they’re going to do it I think
since it’s the first release of this plug-in

they didn’t build all these features in but
they need to add it in where you can do different

things with the images and totally control
the style and the buttons and all that and

I’m sure they’re going to do that because
the post module you can do all that but for

some reason they didn’t do this into the WooCommerce
one I think maybe they just ran out of time

would be my guess so it’s actually very basic
and there’s nothing special about the WooCommerce

element just yet so I’ll try to get some further
clarification when I actually make a video

using this widget but right now honestly it’s
nothing special so the next one is the slides

widget so you can make a slider and it’s up
to be a basic slider you not to get all kinds

of crazy animations and stuff like that actually
didn’t watch this video I was using this myself

testing it out but you can have full control
over a slider like this and there’s lots of

different use cases for it and you know I
am personally not a fan of sliders but there’s

a lot of people that are fans of sliders and
there’s a lot of businesses that want a slider

and you know this could be a really nice way
of not having that now go get a slider plug-in

so if you notice all these different elements
you can get the same features from a separate

plug-in so instead of having eight separate
plug-ins you can just have Elementor Pro and

you are good to go so on this video there’s
lots of different customizations of it you

can have it take up the full screen like this
and there’s a lot of different style that

you can add to the slider module here that
comes with Elementor Pro so I probably personally

won’t be using that one that much but if I
did build the site for someone that wanted

to slider this is the slider that I would
want to use with it so in this video right

here they talk about a really cool feature
and that’s where you can design elements in

Elementor and use it in other places of your
website and there’s lots of different ways

they let you do that you can use as shortcodes
so they give you shortcut that you can copy

and paste anywhere they demo that but they
also give you a widget that you can put in

widget areas so there to show this video you’ve
got this boring looking sidebar but they design

it in Elementor you can see right here they
design and Elementor and then they drag and

drop it right there in the sidebar area and
then now this is what the sidebar looks like

a huge huge difference in this is something
that most people goes in on they they can’t

really get into those widget areas but with
Elementor you can get into those widget areas

and that you just can I show you her changing
the background image there which is which

is a very powerful feature because you can
use this say your have a blog that is your

blog and you want to have a little about me
blurb in a newsletter sign-up and all that

kind of stuff you can design all that and
Elementor I can tell you my times I go to

a website that might be from some popular
blogger or Internet personality and I look

at the sidebar and I’m like wow this is just
so beautiful all these things that they created

and they put their sidebar now you can actually
do that in Elementor and that is pretty huge

if you want to use Elementor on your blog
and make a really nice looking blog is that

sure could feature so if you’re in the template
library and there is a short code for every

element that are every saved rower section
there are entire page that you have in your

Elementor library and the Elementor library
just you know is a recap it’s already included

in the free version but not the short code
embedded anywhere feature I think this is

quite a power feature and I will use this
extensively it’s a really great feature right

here it’s pretty amazing this is the most
powerful flexible easy to use post element

that I’ve ever seen on any page builder you
can literally display lists of your posts

in any way that you want you can make it look
very feminine if you have a feminine base

the website and masculine cool you can make
a look however you want you can do anything

with the images the text you coldly control
the length of the excerpt the can have a read

more button you can style that it is amazing
what this can do and you can have some really

beautiful looking pages that show your content
and it doesn’t just work for posts it will

also work for custom post types so on my website
have a learning management system why can

have an entire grid showcasing those courses
on my website very easily with this flow with

this element right here you can do some of
the most amazing things I think some of that

the best demo of it I saw was one year I like
this is making a circle out of the featured

image I mean you can do whatever you want
with this and some of the templates that I’m

having designers make for me they’re going
to make some Pro version parts of the template

that are using some of these amazing modules
in this is one that we will be using a lot

to display your content in the most gorgeous
and beautiful way this is an awesome awesome

element that you get with Pro and it might
make Pro worth purchasing because there’s

actually planning to do something very similar
and it costs about the same price as bro this

is pretty amazing right here it’s a portfolio
elements and what it does is it presents your

posts in a portfolio style that’s where you
can see right here you just got the image

and you can click on the image taken to the
actual portfolio item which would be a blog

post or some kind of a custom post type on
your website and you can also have that sortable

area at the top where they can click on it
and it will dynamically sordid this is a beautiful

module that you can use for more than just
a portfolio obviously you can use it for your

blog posts so for me all of my blog posts
the featured image pretty much says what that

post is about so I can use something like
this and really you have a real beautiful

grid for all of my posts and so you could
see all the flexibility here of choosing how

many columns how many items which contents
it’s pretty amazing and flexible the spacing

you can choose all of it right here I really
like when you hover you can have a hovering

effect where they’ll be an overlay color she’s
demoing right here this sortable portion where

you can have the different tags or categories
and you can sort it automatically but by whatever

piece of additional information that you have
on it this is an amazing feature right here

this is the last Futurama look at that is
part of this Pro package in this one is probably

the most amazing way to create forms that
I have ever seen all form builders right now

they’re all in the back end of the word press
and they don’t have styling options you have

to be a coder and have some idea of the style
and know how to code it in order to style

any of the current form solutions and I’m
talking about gravity forms WP forms contact

form seven which is free all of these form
plug-ins your you have made it so hard to

make them look good I mean it’s impossible
to make them look good unless you’re someone

that codes all day long and that’s not me
and I’m guessing that that might not be you

so here is she’s going through all the different
options at the end of the video he or she

show some examples and exactly how she accomplished
it so let me just try to jump to that part

and that’s where you can really see the power
actually they have more than one video on

forms let me jump to the other video on forms
real quick because that’s where you see her

demoing some of it so here’s a style right
here it’s and remember you couldn’t make these

in and put them anywhere you want on your
website you can embed them into a pop up you

put them in the sidebar widget you can drop
it in the middle of the content of your posts

or pages this one right here is absolutely
beautiful this form she created where there

is the three fields and the button are all
in line on the same line that usually something

that’s very hard to do if you might like to
have experience using a Genesis theme it’s

very hard to do or any type of form building
plug-in it’s just you Q just don’t have the

option I mean look how beautiful this is where
the fear form of field to have a beautiful

color in the background and you can control
the tax that overlays on it you can put a

custom font to for the button you just can’t
do this stuff with any other solution this

right here could be its own plug-in and justify
the price of the cost of Elementor Pro in

my opinion if you look at these form building
software’s there are one of them is 200 bucks

a year another one is 200 bucks a year or
$400 for a lifetime license this is expensive

stuff look at this beautiful form I probably
can use this one is just an email and a send

button but this kind of link together and
it looks like a pill I mean is just absolutely

beautiful you cannot create a form like this
any other way without custom code in a custom

developer coding that in styling that for
you but you can do all of this in Elementor

here is where you can make a more complex
form with more fields and you can totally

control all of the style aspects of that form
this would be wonderful embedded in a pop

up so someone is leaving your website or they
just get your website or they click on something

you can have a beautiful pop-up like that
man here’s another form where you actually

have some checkboxes and stuff like that so
right now the negative with in the form of

plugging element is that it’s not really integrated
with all these third party email services

they have said that they are good and integrated
in there is a way to integrated so one of

the settings of it you can do with Skoda post
URL so if your email service platform supports

that you can do that I’m and explore ways
of getting this email data collection stuff

in two some kind of a CRM or an email platform
and see what we can come up with with that

to meet people’s needs and that will probably
be a video later but but this is powerful

powerful stuff and so when I go back to their
website so it’s not just these templates that

you’re getting here’s obviously the WooCommerce
section here were they show all of it and

what’s coming so here are the modules that
are there now let’s see I went over everything

I think over the price table but there’s maybe
it’s more advanced price table I went over

the price list so I might be missing something
but here’s a couple more that are coming carousel

flip box twitter feed MailChimp and I’m sure
they’re going to be adding more and more of

these to Elementor to make it more of what
it is it’s already the most powerful fastest

easy to use page building plug-in for WordPress
and that’s just the free version and the Pro

version just add so much more and that very
important support I love this if I didn’t

love it I would tell you I didn’t love it
there’d been plenty of products I’ve said

I do not love this one I absolutely love now
like I said in the beginning of the video

as they add new modules which is whatever
you want to call it I will make new videos

on those and I’ll have all those links in
the pin post below and also the beginning

of the video I said I have a course that I
have on Elementor and you can see how you

can get that for free will if you want that
for free this is all you have to do if you’re

going to purchase Elementor Pro I have a link
down below and when you click on my link and

link and you make that purchase I will learn
a small affiliate amount it’s not that much

money and it’s like a very small commission
hey that’s not why am talking about Elementor

I bought it with my own money I use it I’m
impressed by it and I’ve got a ton of videos

on it so that’s why talk about Elementor but
if you did want to buy the probe plug-in you

might as well do it through my link down below
because I’m in a give you a course now if

you don’t want to buy elemental pro that’s
fine because the course isn’t specifically

about the Pro version it’s just about building
websites with Elementor and how to do that

and I’ve got it all in this course you to
purchase the course is $97 or you might as

well just Heck even purchase a single site
license for $49 and I’ll get you access to

that all you have to do is email me your receipt
and I’ll verify your purchase and then I get

you access to the course one little caveat
if you have already visited the Elementor

websites through someone else’s link or some
other way if you’re going to purchase it through

my link down below you’re gonna want to do
that in an incognito window in your web browser

or a different web browser that you haven’t
visited their site before because that’s the

only way that I’ll be able to see that you
made a purchase is if you did it through my

link in you had visited the website before
through someone else’s link so that’s it for

my review on Elementor Pro and I love it if
you have any specific questions about it you

can ask me down below be happy to answer any
specific question that you have on it also

if there is something you don’t like about
it feel free to POSTNET down below to because

there are sometimes things that I haven’t
thought of and this could be a great chance

for all of us to share our thoughts on this
product before you go I have something for

you and before I get into that I wanted to
ask you to do something for me if you can

give me a thumbs up on this video and if you’re
not a subscriber click on the subscribe button

right beneath me if you have a question on
this video be happy to answer it you can also

leave a comment or question down below this
video hey I put together a course and just

for you Dominic given to you for free all
you have to do is click on the button right

here on the right it’s called the three steps
to WordPress success it’s an awesome course

you’re gonna love it I would love for you
to join in and enroll as a student in this

course thanks for watching this video I really
appreciated and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Adam,

    First let me say that your videos have helped this non-tech guy build his own website from scratch.
    Your videos are easy to understand and very thorough.
    When ever I get stuck on something I always go to your YouTube channel for an answer.

    I am so close to launching my website for my pet sitting business, but have hit a snag!
    Hope you can help me with this problem.

    I am using EPro with a Generate Press theme … The contact form has me totally baffled as how to set it up.
    It is all ready to go, but I have search hi and low online for an explanation on how to get it to work!!

    There are just no good videos out there that explain how a contact form works.

    Do I need an auto responder to use a contact form? All I want it to do is let anyone just leave a message simple right?
    What am I missing here? I want to launch this website before next year but this has me stumped!!

    Can you help with this problem?

    My website is on the maintenance mode right now.

    1. I’m so sorry that I don’t have a tutorial out on using the Elementor Pro contact form. I can tell you right now that you do not need an autoresponder or anything like that. When someone submits their contact information it will be emailed to you. From there you can respond to them.

  2. I now have Elementor Pro Adam. Go me! However, I think that you may want to make a few more videos on this. First, do I delete the free version of Elementor…idk. Second, now that I have the pro version do I upload the zip into each website that I create for clients? More often than not I create websites using their domain name. Third, if the client does wants full control of their website after I have created it do I encourage them to purchase Elementor Pro so that what I have created stays with them when the website is transferred back to them and they have full control? *I did notice that when I go into the themes I have a huge variety! Woot! Woot! I like that! 🙂 I must say that I’m anxious to play with Elementor Pro.

    1. For Elementor, you keep the free version and also install the Pro version which extends it features. I do have over 40 videos on Elementor already and since you purchased it via the link on my website (as long as it was in a private / incognito window) I’tt get you into my Elementor training course.

  3. Hi Adam,

    I just signed up for the Pro version through an incognito link as requested. Can you forward me a copy of the course when you have a chance?


    1. Thanks for your purchase. Please note that I need you to send me the entire receipt to the email address in the instructions so that I can verify that your purchase was via my link.

      Please follow all the instructions on my contact page:
      1. Visit
      2. Click on “Course Offers”
      3. All the redemption instructions are right there

      I look forward to getting you access ASAP!

  4. Hi there Adam.
    I’ve been waiting to use Elementor on live projects until Ultimate Addons for Elementor is released (currently use BB but your assessment of BB’s mobile editing previewer is spot on and a definite switching builders factor). A little birdie told me the first week of March is now to projected date – I’m wondering you have news on that as well. Maybe another video topic for you once it is released?? (like you need more topics and to do’s on the plate).
    Best regards,

  5. Tried Elementor Pro and I found the learning curve to be off-putting. I think you need to include a few provisos in terms of “ease of learning.” I went back to Divi– ironically because Elementor made it look so much easier to use.

    1. Well, I think that is now boiling down to personal preference. I will say that changing the settings of modules is WAY easier in Elementor versus Divi.

  6. I would like to add optin forms (lead capture forms) on my site but the free version of Elementor doesn’t seem to have that option. Does the updated version?


    1. The forms element is only in Elementor Pro. They have to hold something out for the paid version right?!

      There are many form plugins if that is what you would like. There are Caldera Forms, Contact Form 7, Ninja Forms.

  7. Thank you Adam for your comment, Can I still ask a question ?. Some customers do not need Elementor Pro features and others do not. Is Elemento free a Good combination with CSS Hero?

    And is Css hero a plugin to have? I can therefore use it without Elementor for a simple website.

    Thank you for your time.

    1. Well CSS Hero is more for changing the CSS styling of your website. It’s very helpful. I would suggest Elementor Pro for the additional modules and global features. Also the templates. But if you don’t need those, then the free version is perfectly fine.

  8. Hi Adam,

    Would it be useful to be able to switch off some of the options for end customers. So they can not ruin anything about the layout? Only edit Text and photos?

    I can not find this option anywhere with Elementor Pro. It also seems handy to me to be able to choose the blocks in the Elementor menu.

    Thank you for your expertise
    Dennis Schmets

    1. You are right Dennis, these are features that are not there but should be a priority for them. I think it’s on their internal roadmap, but no telling when they will come. Beaver Builder has these features, but that’s because they cater more to developers than end users.

  9. Something I’m having trouble understanding (even after asking an Elementor rep) is, what is the benefit of paying each year for Elementor? Can I just pay the $49 for one site/one year and be done? I understand on their site they say if you do not renew, you no longer get updates or support, but I’m new to all this, so what does that mean? Are the updates for security/vulnerabilities, or just updates for new bells and whistles to the Elementor product? Adam, how critical is it to renew if I’m using Elementor to design my WP photography website/blog/gallery (but using PixieSet to proof and sell my photos). Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    1. So it’s up to you if you want to renew, but I think it is always a good idea. they even give you a renewal discount. But primarily it is just access to support, and any new bells and whistles that they may release. Sure there is a chance of a needed security update, but that is not so common, but it does happen with plugins.

  10. Hi Adam, I agree with your “Spectacular” rating for Elementor. BUT, like what seems to be all page builders, Elementor is not upfront with the fact that it’s basically for NEW sites, and not EXISTING sites with content. Plus page builders can also make already complicated WordPress sites even more complicated to learn, design and maintain.

    1. I don’t think it’s a matter of not being upfront about something. You can absolutely use it with an existing website, but any content not built with the page builder will not automatically start working with the page builder. Also I think whether or not your WordPress website is complicated is more dependent upon the theme you’re using. There are many themes that are very convoluted and difficult to set up. This is not a problem with WordPress, it is a problem with some theme vendors out there that do wacky things.

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