by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

WordPress Fix – An Automated WordPress Update Has Failed To Complete


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I ran into this problem the other day when updating a WordPress plugin. It is a simple fix if you know how to do it.

Video Transcript

Wordpress Fix – An automated WordPress update has failed to complete

You guys got a new video for you today and what would brought this video about is me actually just going to update a plug-in on one of my sites and if failed and I went and in fixed dates and then try to reinstall the plug-in but what ended up happening is I have this really annoying message in my WordPress dashboard this is an automated update it start an automated WordPress update has failed to complete nothing I can do to get rid of this I fix the plug-in problem that I was having but the message is still there so I figured out how to delete it… This is definitely a perfect the BP crafter video because it is a little on the technical side on how you get rid of it and I’m sure you can use a little help with that soaked and lasers the message right here and no matter what you do it will not go away so this what you need to do there is a file a hidden file on your Web server that you need to delete and it’s not so simple because it’s a hidden file now if your WordPress is on cPanel there is a limit go to my cPanel here there is a nice little option here called a file manager and this is what you need to do you need to click on file manager in any breezy to this pop up now normally I don’t look at the options of the pop up I just let go and I go to worry need to go but there’s little checkbox your cube never checked on it it will be unchecked to so you need to check on it and says show hidden files and then click on go his can of pop up in a new window and now you need to navigate to your WordPress install folder so for me it is a right here and this is the file we need to delete is called.maintenance and this will also put in your WordPress install and maintenance mode you know so if you try to do an update and it failed and you go to the website it says there is a brief maintenance. That’s the file that gets created when you update certain themes and plug-ins in WordPress and if there’s a failure and is created that violate doesn’t get to the point of actually removing the file I created you need to go in and manually remove it natural simply just highlight on it click the delete button and then not confirm Ellen go back into my WordPress installation right here if you refresh I haven’t tried this crossing my fingers that it goes away yesterday went away so anyways I hope that you found this video helpful if there’s any more videos like this that you’d like to see just leave a comment if you’re new to believe in the comments if you’re watching this on the website leave a comment over there and I also want to think the show sponsor which is in fusion is the VR exclusive partner with the wp crafters YouTube station and so they provide all kinds of WordPress solutions and services to make your life a little easier Soviet bronze like this they could fix it things like that so anyways definitely check out infusion

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