by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

How To Change Website Hosts & Migrate All Your Data


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Here are some of my favorite web hosts.


SiteGround is a highly recommended web host online because they have catered to WordPress users and yet still have affordable pricing. They are most known for their fast performance and equally fast support.

Key SiteGround Features:

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • FAST Knowledgable Support
  • WordPress Staging Enviroment
  • Free Website Migrations
  • Daily Backups

SiteGround is a solid choice for your web hosting needs. They cater to WordPress websites and offer fewer resources than their competitors, but higher reliability.

Check Out SiteGround


Cloudways in a managed cloud server service where you choose the cloud provider and Cloudways connects their platform to it which makes it incredibly easy to manage. You pay a small monthly premium vs going direct in exchange for the management platform and support when you need it.

Key Cloudways Features:

  • Choose From 5 Cloud Hosting Services
  • Insanely Fast Servers
  • Easy To Use Control Panel
  • 24/7 Support & Live Chat
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • One Click Staging For WordPress
  • Free WordPress Caching Plugin

I really like what Cloudways is doing. Sure you can go directly to the various cloud hosting providers, but for the modest premium you pay, you get the Cloudways control panel and more importantly, support.

But in my personal experience support was not fast, or that interested in helping me.

Check Out Cloudways

A2 Hosting

A2Hosting is a US based hosting company that specializes in WordPress website hosting. They offer affordable prices, a stable hosting environment, and execelent support.

Key A2 Hosting Features:

  • Uses SSD Drives
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • US Based Support

A2Hosting is one of the top 3 WordPress web hosting companies that I recommend. If you want your WordPress website to have fast loading speeds without breaking the bank, then you should strongly consider a new hosting account with A2Hosting.

Check Out A2 Hosting

Good luck with your migration!

Video Transcript

How To Change Website Hosts & Migrate All Your Data

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from WPCrafter where I make videos for

non-techies now in this video I will show
you how you can move from one web hosting

provider to a different web hosting provider
now if you been following my channel for anytime

you know that I strongly just going with in
motion hosting in fact I’ll have a link to

InMotion hosting down below and you also probably
know that when you do sign up through InMotion

hosting through my link you get a bigger discount
than what you see here and I also give you

access to my paid course library completely
for free so but that’s not what this is about

is about how to transfer from one web host
to aid another web host now there’s two parts

to this there is the first question is where
are your domain names registered your website

names now some people don’t realize you could
have that at one company in your web hosting

at a different company and that’s totally
fine so that’s one piece of the puzzle and

the other piece of the puzzle is all your
existing stuff all your existing websites

and email configurations or whatever you have
going on with your existing web host getting

all of that moved across now with your domain
names if you’re just moving from one host

to another for the hosting side of your website
you can leave your domain names at the old

host if that’s where they are or you can easily
transfer your domain names anywhere you want

to transfer them to you don’t have to have
them with your web host in fact I don’t have

them with my web host this way I can be more
mobile when it comes to web hosts so I register

all of my domain [email protected]
also put a link download name or

some people use Go Daddy now those companies
also sell web hosting but I don’t like to

user hosting is I don’t find them quite as
good I’ve had an excellent experience with

in motion now with InMotion and particularly
one of their line items when you’re looking

at their features is they have a no downtime
website transfer in what this means is there

to transfer everything for you but it’s limited
to three transfers and what that means is

three websites or other three databases or
something like that are also was called three

cPanel accounts now the thing we have working
in our favor when moving from one web host

to another web host is that pretty much the
standard industry control panel for all web

hosts is called cPanel now host gator has
cPanel blue host has cPanel I patient has

cPanel all these big names they have something
called the cPanel and in motion is using cPanel

as well what you need to do to my move from
one web host to another is as simple as getting

a backup of your cPanel account now lots of
cPanel accounts that you you might have with

the various hosts there’s can be a backup
option in there to generate a full backup

and all you have to do is generate a backup
download the back of your computer uploaded

to the new web host and send them a ticket
saying hey I put the backup on my account

can you restore that backup and it’s as simple
as that once that’s done that’s can move all

your websites all your databases all your
email configurations all of that in one file

move it right across and that is the fastest
and most efficient way of doing it especially

here with in motion if you request the transfer
sometimes I get a little backlogged and if

you say I want to transfer here’s my cPanel
login than what they’ve got to do as they

go login make that backup uploaded and all
that in they get a little bit of a backlog

word might take a couple days now if you want
it done a lot faster you can go to your host

you can get this backup if it’s not obvious
how to generated him to show you how to generate

one but if it’s not obvious with your host
you can ask them hey can I get a backup of

my cPanel account and they’ll generate a backup
and give you a link to download it and then

once you’ve downloaded it all you have to
do is upload it to the new host so we show

you how to do that so the scroll up here and
here is where I’m logged in with in motion

and there’s an option here to go into my cPanel
account now no matter where your host is your

probably logging into your cPanel account
you know the login you know the link and all

that kind of stuff to log in now is in motion
this is the pretty much the default look at

the cPanel some of the different hosting providers
will have a different look to it because you

can actually choose how it will look so this
is how it is within motion but I can change

to single paper lantern and I go like that
and it’s good to have this kind of a more

modern fresh look to it but it’s the same
thing it’s just an updated interface so right

here you can click on backup or what I like
to do is just click on backup wizard so let’s

go ahead and click on the backup wizard right
now so it takes you here and there’s just

a couple steps to creating this backup first
thing we do is we click on the backup button

and then it’s good to take us to step two
and then you want to click on full backup

so let’s click on full backup right now and
then it’s good to take me to step three so

right here it’s saying where do you want us
to put this back up and then it’s gonna say

where do you want us to notify you of this
backups completed and ready to download and

this is where you just pop in your email address
so you can leave this is the home directory

that’s what I would do and then go ahead right
here in put in your email address click on

generate backup and then it might take depending
on your host might take a minute and also

depending on how big the files can be my take
a minute it might take 10 minutes it might

take 30 minutes but you’ll get an email notification
when it’s ready to download and then all you

have to do is download this backup so I’m
actually not to do the backup because I don’t

want to generate one right now I’m to go back
here now what you want to do is when you have

that back up so if you’re your moving doing
motion from host gator blue host or I page

Go Daddy whatever host it is when you’re moving
to in motion now what you want to do is click

on words is file manager in the Morgan and
now upload this backup to in motion city click

on file managers can take you here and is
can immediately put you in was called the

home directory and then when you’re here all
you have to do is click on this upload button

and then you can drag-and-drop that backup
file right here and then it’s been uploaded

so the upload limit though is one gigabyte
so if you’re not familiar with sizes and if

it’s 1 GB or less you can first try to upload
it and then if it errors out you know your

files larger than 1 GB and then you have to
upload it through something called FTP now

uploading it through FTP is just a little
bit more complicated unfortunately maybe I’ll

save that for another video on how to FTP
into your website but most people there cPanel

accounts are to be under a gigabit in size
and you can easily upload it this way and

then what you do want you uploaded it all
you have to do is contact in motion through

a support ticket or whatever web host you
have and say I just uploaded my cPanel backup

it’s in the home directory can you restore
it for me and usually I know within motion

don’t restore it within for me it was usually
within four hours they haven’t fully restored

so instead of waiting for them to go and log
into the old host generate the back of download

and upload it and restore it your cut and
out like three force of the work in doing

it for them were all they have to do is restored
so it happens a lot quicker you don’t have

to wait in that long queue maybe 34567 days
when someone has the time to go in there and

do all these steps for you you can instead
do it this way in it ends up being a whole

lot faster and this is how you can move and
migrate from one web host to another web post

it’s a real simple process and that’s why
you always want to use a web hosting provider

that is using cPanel because it makes it really
easy to move around if you needed to move

around so anyways that’s all there is in this
video to migrating from one web host to aid

another web host and a some of these technical
things been a bit complicated like generating

a backup all you have to do is ask your old
Jos’e9 can you give me a backup and they’ll

do it for you I’ve done that before so that
cuts out a little bit of the techie type of

work out but then you still will need to upload
it to the new provider so before you go I

have something for you and before I get into
that I wanted to ask you to do something for

me to give me a thumbs up on this video and
if you’re not a subscriber click on the subscribe

button right beneath me if you have a question
on this video be happy to answer and you can

also leave a comment or question down below
this video hey I put together a course just

for you and I’m in a given to you for free
all you have to do is click on the button

right here on the right is called the three
steps to WordPress success is an awesome course

you’re gonna love it I would love for you
to join in and enroll as a student in this

course makes for watching this video I really
appreciated and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hi Adam, I find your tutorials really helpful. Thank you for what you do.
    Based on your recommendation in one of your tutorials, I hosted my course websites on Siteground. However, I have been told that VPS is better for an LMS, and was told to use Cloudways. Now I am confused. Please can you tell me the difference between hosting on Cloudways and Siteground.

  2. Hi, Adam. I’m SOOOOOOOOO grateful that I have found your site and videos! I only wish that I had discovered them a year ago before painfully cobbling together my current WP site, but better late than never! Quick question: why not Bluehost? I’m currently with HostGator and looking to switch. Bluehost currently has the cheapest packages (both intro and annual), so I would like to go with them, but definitely want to make the best choice. Again, MANY thanks!

  3. I found your blog via Google while searching for such kinda informative post and your post looks very interesting for me.

  4. Thank you so much for detailing this, I’ve been struggling for weeks with which host to choose.
    Anyway, i am looking for the cheap linux hosting. Can you suggest me the one most cheapest hosting provider to transfer my domain?

    Thank you so much.

    1. When it comes to hosting, the cheapest is usually the worst and produces slow websites. I would suggest checking out SiteGround which is supper affordable.

  5. Hello Adam. I saw a video like 2-3 weeks ago where you showed a way how to store the wp content on servers very cheap(cent amounts).
    Could you send me the link plz.
    Thx in advance

  6. Hi
    I am not a web builder, I am a program developer. I was told to use name cheap as my hosting company, so I transferred my domain. I am starting to locate a web builder with LMS for on-line learning. I just found WP crafter, very impressive. I watched a video and like the product and want to learn more to build my site.

    1. Can I utilize your website/LMS and remain with my current hosting company; at least for now?
    2. Will I be able to purchase your course to help me learn how to build website?
    3. Is their any costs associated with your website/LMS ?
    4. I must report all student content to several regulatory boards, if I move my hosting to where you recommend. IF I ever decide to change hosting;
    Can I move hosting elsewhere ?
    Do I loose the content if I move it ?

    1. You can migrate your hosting account or your domain wherever you want and as often as you want and you won’t lose any data. For hosting, they are not all the same, some are much better than others. Also, depending on the purpose of the website, you may want a higher powered web hosting account.

      For a Learning Management website, I would recommend one of the managed WordPress hosting companies or Siteground.

      My courses are available for sale 🙂

    2. This post helped me a lot when i moved my blog from one useless hosting company to the one am using right now

  7. Moving a website from one host to the other is mostly good with backup plugins, but only if you have clean version of your website already backed up somewhere.

    Thanks fof this guide anyways, i really appreciate.

    1. Yes that is another option IF you only need the website and do not need your email accounts, email forwarders, DNS settings, etc, migrated as well.

  8. We currently have an active, working domain for example — We are developing a new, updated site on; We want to use a new host – either SiteGround, InMotion, or Cloudways. We want to move the sandbox site over first and then when it is ready, stop pointing to the old site and start pointing our domain to the new site. Will the migration of the three hosting services above handle this type of migration?



  9. I like to migrate to a new service provider, the process is too tricky & have many chances for errors which leads to data loss or rework. Thank You for writing this article

  10. Hi Adam,

    My website was very slow so I decided to move it to Siteground, But I was worried as I am not techie and not sure how to move the site, After watching your video tutorial I had not only moved my site but also improved my site optimized, Thanks for the videos, now I am on my way to becoming a pro.

  11. should n’t you first change your dns of your website address after making a backup before you ask inmotion to install it on your account?

    1. No you shouldn’t. You want to AFTER the new host has restored the backup. If you change the DNS before, and your new host takes 2 days to restore, then your website will be down for those 2 days.

  12. Hello Adam,
    If I use your link, but purchase the WordPress optimized hosting instead, can I still get your bonus courses? I have been chatting with someone from InMotion and really like what comes with the WordPress hosting!

    Thank you,

    1. From InMotion Hosting, yes. They recently released that new service and I haven’t had a chance to fully test it. But I will say that I am really excited about it and its build for high performance with no compromises.

    1. Well, it’s a tough one there. So you are 5 years prepaid? I will say that you need an SSL certificate and you get them included with InMotion Hosting, but not with GoDaddy. So that offsets some of the cost. But yes your experience will be much better for sure.

  13. Hey Adam,
    I am thinking of changing hosts. My host does not use CPanel for my wordpress site. Currently with host gator should I just ask them for a backup I am still in the process of building my site. TIA Dawn

    1. Hey Dawn, you can use a WordPress migration plugin like All In One Migration, I do have a tutorial on it, to just move the website. You would then need to recreate any email addresses. You know Hostgator does use cPanel.

  14. Please Tell me how to make sticky share buttons like your site. Please Please Tell me how to you make this.

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