by Adam Preiser updated July 3, 2018

How To Backup A WordPress Website Offsite And Automated


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The most important thing you can do for your website right now is to have a reliable backup in place so when disaster strikes, you will be covered.

UpdraftPlus is the highest-ranking backup plugin on, with over a million currently active installs. Widely tested and reliable, this is the world's #1 most popular and most highly rated scheduled backup plugin. Millions of backups completed!

Key Features:

  • Simple To Setup
  • Automates Backups
  • Offsite Backups
  • Easy To Restore

Video Transcript

How To Backup A WordPress Website Offsite And Automated

Welcome back to another video my name is Adam
from where I make videos for

non-techies and do you have a backup for
your website I mean look at your website think

about it do have a backup and where is that
backup now if your answer is no you must be

smoking crack or something because you’re
crazy if you do not have a backup for your

website or if you think your Webhost as a
backup for your website you are sadly mistaken

you cannot trust your Webhost to have a backup
you have to have your own backup that is automated

it happens on the schedule you have verified
that it works and it backed your website up

off site so it your backup is not sitting
on your web hosting provider’s server all

kinds of bad things happen in the Internet
and websites get hacked into you make mistakes

hosting providers they have problems they
have hardware failures everything gets wiped

out even they think they have a backup and
sometimes those backups get corrupted I have

experience I have seen it all and I just want
you to not be a victim I care about you and

to want you to not be a victim of any of this
and normally I do not ask for you to share

my videos but I’m asking you to share this
video on your social networks because I’m

gonna show you how to back up your WordPress-based
website is going to be automated it’s going

to be off site and it’s gonna cost you nothing
to do and in working it was going to take

five minutes to set up so if that interests
you share this video on all your social networks

give it a thumbs up right now we want to make
sure as many people see this is possible let’s

get started so working to use the free plug-in
called updrafts plus it is free its use on

over a million of WordPress-based websites
and I’m gonna tell you there’s a lot of backup

solutions I’ve use them all and this is the
only one that I would trust to use to backup

my website I’ve given you some of the expensive
aid backup plug-ins one of them is called

back a buddy I don’t know why anyone when
use that thing it is such a nightmare to actually

restore your backup there so many failures
in the backup process this is the only backup

solution I have found that can handle anything
I throw at it I even use this to back up a

website that was over 8 GB in size and updrafts
had no problem it’s the only plug-in to backup

that has never let me down not once it has
saved my butt more than once okay enough of

me talking let’s just get installed so I got
this website right here I’m to go to plug-ins

add new sorry Ed knew and then I’m to do the
search for updrafts plus right there, click

on install now and then I’m going to click
on activate and there we go so what this is

going to do it’s can add a new option here
for settings and it’s updrafts plus now they

also have a paid add-ons and you don’t need
any of them to make a backup and restore backups

and to do it off-site you don’t need any of
these adults would just know that right now

so first thing we want to do is going to settings
and working to set this up so WordPress is

a bunch of files in the database now the files
don’t change that much as when you update

WordPress update of theme earned install a
new plug and those are your files but whenever

you add a page or post or get a comment that
is in your database so we can have a different

backup frequency for these two things so for
the files they don’t change that often I want

to automate backing that up once a week and
how many versions of it do you want to keep

Weatherby to her one legislative that is to
so that means if you have two backups are

ready from the last two weeks and it goes
to make a new backup it’s gonna delete the

oldest backup that’s all that means okay so
now for the database backup schedule this

is important you want to do this every single
day and you’ll thank me later so and for this

we want to retain more now your database isn’t
gonna be so huge the backup so we can either

go to seven or 14 on this if you really wanted
to be safe to 14 I usually do seven but it’s

completely up to you the frequency so that’s
the first step now the next step is right

here we need to choose which a remote storage
solution that we want to use to store this

backup on remember you gotta have your backup
off site now I using dropbox on the link down

below I think of use my link I get an extra
some extra storage capacity and you get some

extra storage capacity or you probably Artie
have a dropbox account that’s fine to another’s

other services here that are supported I use
dropbox it’s been super reliable and here’s

the thing dropbox actually keeps a file that
you might delete for 30 days so even though

this automated process might delete off your
old backups you will still have access to

the prior 30 days beyond that of backups that
dropbox does for you and dropbox gives you

2 GB for free so there’s no cost to have dropbox
you might already have it and then when you

like refer people to dropbox they’ll give
you an extra 250 MB I know for me I have over

11 GB of dropbox storage I think it’s fantastic
so I’m recommending you use dropbox on the

go ahead and click on dropbox now the way
works is here some instructions to go down

and click on the save button and then I have
to authenticate the dropbox to allow objects

to make its backups there super simple so
right here is the files to include in the

back of her leave these all checked and the
way it works is updrafts creates different

archive files to make up your backup so it
takes all of your themes and it zipped them

altogether and that’s one part of the back
of takes all your plug-ins zip some that’s

another part of your backup your media library
which is going to be the biggest of all these

files it zips all those inputs that and it
does the same thing for your database so it’s

going to have them all separated out like
that which is more efficient if yes me and

it’s more convenient because I might just
want to restore a plug-in this or am I just

want to store my theme so that’s when you
might do a theme update and it breaks everything

you want to go back that’s where just restoring
your theme themes is very convenient so leave

all that database encryption that’s a paid
ad on and we don’t need it anyway email notifications

you can turn that on I don’t it will get too
annoying for me and then there some expert

settings but I want to go ahead and click
on save changes now it’s going to give me

this notice that I need to now click on this
link and make that connection between updrafts

and dropbox so I’m in a go ahead and click
on it I know it’s taken me over to dropbox

you can see by the dropbox logo I’m on dropbox’s
website and right now it’s asking me to log

into my dropbox account so I’m in a go ahead
and log into my dropbox account but if you

don’t already have one you might want to do
that first you might want to create your dropbox

account first or right here it’s is new to
dropbox screen account it’s all up to you

which order you want to do it so prominent
login now okay now that I am logged in it’s

taking me to this screen right here were all
I have to do is click on this button here

that says complete set up someone to go ahead
and click on this and then it’s gonna put

me right back into my WordPress website and
it’s gonna give me some stats on my dropbox

account so that will convert further confirm
to you that’s made the connection and let

you know how much of your storage capacity
you views and how much you have available

now you technically don’t even have to do
anything right now you can it’ll just automatically

make a backup according to that schedule but
is probably good I did a click on the backup

now button and this will make your first backup
minute will be a manual backup but then it’s

good to make those automated ones moving forward
now whenever you click on that button it’s

good to give you these options right here
and just leave them all checked is basically

saying you want to back everything up and
then do you want to send this off to your

remote storage which in this case is dropbox
only go ahead and click on backup now and

are in a C right here it’s making the backup
files and it’s already pushing them off to

the remote storage now this WordPress website
is not that big and so this backup is going

to go pretty fast and right now you can see
it’s uploading those files right now 20% 40%

it’s already on file two of five and then
I’m in a show you what we do to restore it

it should be done any moment here okay and
I were at 100% file 55 so now my backups done

enough you have a website with lots of images
and and plug-ins and themes that backup might

take a few minutes and so you could just go
and then come right back but anyways I’m in

and now click on existing backups and you
can see I’ve got this backup right here now

if I’d wanted to download this to my local
computer I can click on any of these buttons

here and download that to my local computer
if I wanted to and over time you start having

all these lists of your backups here and the
date that you made it you can click on restoring

it will restore any of these old backups that
you have and when you restore you can choose

to just restore the themes or just restore
the plug-ins or just restore the database

or just restore the upload you can choose
what you want to restore and that’s why this

is so powerful there so many times were people
will either update their theme and it breaks

things or update a plug-in and then regret
it and want to go back you can easily do that

here now doesn’t let you choose the exact
plug-in it’ll just restore all the plug-ins

that you had based upon the date that you
made that backup now if disaster strikes and

your whole website is wiped out and you want
to restore it all you have to do is install

a fresh installation of WordPress then install
updrafts come here and click on upload backup

files so you would then just go and download
it from dropbox you go here click on upload

backup files upload them in and then click
on restore that way and that’s how you would

restore your website if some disaster struck
and maybe got hacked into or maybe your web

hosting provider left you out in the dust
so this is all there is to making a backup

guys it doesn’t cost anything it’s going to
be fully automated from here on out I would

hate for you to be a victim and to have this
huge cost and penalty if something bad happened

to your website or your web hosting provider
don’t trust your web hosting provider even

if you have the best most expensive web hosting
service don’t trust them you cannot trust

them to backup your website and I’ve seen
enough situations where the Webhost really

let you down you can’t trust them with that
you have to have your own backup solution

and this is it it’s free guys take this video
shared on your social networks hey if you

consider yourself a friend of someone else
make sure they have a backup of their website

because you made it to the end of the video
I have a free gift for you but before I talk

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I make them just for you.

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hi Adam, I installed drop box and I followed your instructions I clicked the Backup Now button but it didn’t finish backing up all the files.
    I got a message saying “Waiting until scheduled time to retry because of errors”
    Under the Backup date box it says (Not finished – dropbox icon).

  2. Dear Adam!

    Congratulations for your great work! I really like your video tutorials, they are very useful and clear helping me a lot.

    Concerning this helpful video about the backup process with the UpdraftPlus free plugin, I have an important question.
    I have done everything and each setting in the same way as you demonstrated in this video and the backup process goes well regularly and continuously with Dropbox. However, I have just realised and am surprised that beside the remote storage the backups (as separate .zip files as well) are also automatically saved on the server and thus take a lot of the storage space. Why is this process going on if I only set Dropbox as the off-site storage for the backups? Now I have received an email of disk usage warning from my host provider that my account already uses 81,42% (3,18 GB/3,91 GB) of its disk capacity.

    Could you please answer my question and give some advice how to solve this problem?

    Thank you very much, I am very grateful to you for your help in advance!

    Best regards,

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