by Adam Preiser updated January 2, 2018

Elementor Has A Big New Feature – Undo / Redo


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When building any website design with WordPress, you are going to want to try different things to get the look just right.

Up until now, it has been hard to have multiple revisions and easily switch between them. That is until this new Elementor feature release!

Now you can easily undo and redo any change you have made in Elementor. You will never lose any work.

Video Transcript

In this video on the to show you how to undo
or redo any changes you make using Elementor

hi my name is Adam from where
I make WordPress videos for non-techies if

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let you know when I have a new video okay
so this videos in a be about Elementor and

how some new features that they recently added
could really save you a lot of time and can

really save your butt to be honest now prior
to this a beta release that is just was made

available now in about seven or eight days
or so this will be a an update that’s pushed

to everyone that uses Elementor so if you’re
watching this video in seven days from now

you can already have the feature and this
is one that I think everybody’s been wanting

and it’s pretty amazing the way that they
implemented it so if you’re used to using

a computer on your PC if you want to undo
something say when you’re using word you can

just hit command and then Z to undo and they’ve
added essentially that same feature to Elementor’s

can attract every change that you make and
it’s can easily allow you to go back in time

to change it and if you’re using a Mac it’s
gotta be the apple key in Z I use a Mac what

are the colleges got locksets called command
on the PC it’s control okay so I galloped

back backwards there so anyways here’s the
new beta and you can also do a redo it’s going

to be that same key key combination just also
hit the shift key this is a good time to take

a look at all of the hotkeys that are available
for Elementor if you didn’t know they have

these keyboard hotkey shortcuts I’m sure this
will be updated shortly to include this new

one so you can use the same combination control
as the say control P to preview and there

is a three other short key shortcuts or hotkeys
whatever you choose to call it so let me just

show it to you in action so here I am and
say on this button when I click on it when

I do the hover it’s showing me this black
cover color and say I wanted to test it out

with a different color so I would probably
go to style I would scroll down and I would

choose this hover option and there’s that
black color let’s see if I wanted to make

that whites and then I probably need to change
the text color to a darker color let’s just

go with the black color right there so I just
made my change and let CSO just essentially

the background saying white and the font colors
turning black you could see it there is a

good time to try our preview shortcut Kim
and Adu command P and it’s can show to meet

right there now let me get back out of there
and say I don’t want that I can literally

click on control Z and I can undo the last
change so the last change was the I just hit

it actually did you see what I just click
that and the color changed but if I click

it one more time this is going to change from
white to black let’s see up there it is that’s

how easy it is and I can actually move forward
by hitting command shift Z and it made it

white again to mention of Z and a made that
black again and you can see there’s a new

icon in the panel here so now we have this
new one when you hover over it it says history

you click on that and it’s can show you your
history of edits that you made in this session

that you’re in it with your page now when
you save it then it’s going to become a revision

Sony click on the revision tab then you can
jump backward and forward in various revisions

but in between you have this ability to undo
and to redo which I think is used as a lot

of times your Alexa let me show you better
example of it so say I drag this button right

there and I think all my gosh what I do that
for I don’t like that all you have to do is

to demand Z buttons right back it’s as easy
as that so these are new hotkeys that are

just added to Elementor I think it’s going
to be huge huge huge convenience factor now

if you want to learn more about Elementor
I do have a training course called Elementor

essentials if you are interested in purchasing
Elementor Pro all have a link down below when

you do purchase it through that link I give
you access to this course or you can purchase

a course it’s $150 so anyways if you have
any great ideas of some hotkeys that you think

Elementor should add to the plug-in wanted
to add that information in the comments section

down below I think it be very helpful for
the developers to hear what we want and what

shortcut keys or hotkeys or whatever you want
to call and you think would be useful as you

build websites with Elementor thank you for
watching and I’ll see you in the next video

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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