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What Is the Best WordPress Page Builder?

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from WPCrafter.com or a make videos for

non-techies and in this video I’m going to
try to answer a simple question it is the

question what is the best page builder for
word press okay and I’ve seen this question

asked I’ve been personally asked this question
I’ve seen other people answered this question

and I’m gonna try to tackle this entire issue
in this video okay so just buckle in this

video might be a little longer than some of
my other ones and what I’ve done differently

in this video I actually have a sheet of notes
right here on the side so I can make sure

that I am staying on track so first of all
I want to about the problem with asking this

question of the first problem is it depends
on who you’re asking it to so if you’re asking

a friend addressing someone in a Facebook
group or maybe you’re even asking some perceived

WordPress guru or Internet guru it depending
on who you ask you get a different answer

you can ask 10 different people you’ll get
10 different answers and that’s why this topic

is kind of like stepping into a landmine sort
of speak and I’m sure that people are passionate

about the page builder that they have chosen
to go with now some of the problem I’ve seen

around this discussion revolves around the
different types of users of WordPress so there’s

different groups there’s people that are brand-new
to WordPress and usually are the ones asking

this question there is novice users and there’s
what I like to call the word press purists

and the kind of are the ones that can be very
very harsh and not even give some page builders

a chance and be very harsh on their criticism
and I’ll talk more about this word press purist

problem later in this video when I’m talking
about the different page builders in some

of their pros and some of their comments so
that’s a problem I see you have people with

different skill levels but you also have people
with different goals and so you just might

want to have a landing page on your WordPress
website that might be your goal your goal

might be to build an entire website with a
page builder that might be your goal everyone

has different goals and that’s why this question
is really hard to answer because these different

page builders have their own pros and cons
and they have their own unique features to

them so it’s a dynamic loaded question that’s
why asking what is the best page will do for

WordPress is a hard question to answer authentically
the next thing that makes this a very hard

question to answer is that all of the page
builders are in a different stage of development

depending on when you ask income and what
prompted this video is one of the largest

WordPress page builders Divi just came out
with a new version and they release the whole

front end interface option and it’s filled
with eye candy is beautiful and I’m to talk

about Divi in this video and then you might
look at some of the other ones and they don’t

look as pretty or they don’t have some of
the same features and things like that but

is important to note that every page builder
is in a different stage of development and

I happen to know that two of the page builders
I’m about to talk about are being completely

revamped their UI the way you interact is
being simplified so if I answer the question

today what I think is the best page builder
that answer might change tomorrow when the

next version of one of these page builders
is released that’s why this is a very loaded

question on who you’re asking it to and I’m
going to have a special page on my website

that I’m keeping up to date with these different
changes of the different page builders that

are coming out so very hard to answer this
question because of these different stages

of development so in this video I want to
talk about before main front end page builders

for WordPress now you might be thinking but
there’s way more than for front and page builders

in their totally are and I do for because
these are the four that are going to have

the most traction in Word press and they are
mature and they got a development staff that

strong in committed behind them and so that
might change but as of making this video there

are four main page builder settlement to talk
about and there’s also like of fringe ones

you know like the ones that are bundled with
the theme and I’m not to talk about those

in those would be a cornerstone it comes at
the X thing what you find on theme force talk

about that there’s another one called massive
dynamic and it’s only bundled with the theme

there is a very small use race I heard of
people asked me about that and I’m not to

talk about that either because it’s just there’s
no saying whether it can be around tomorrow

there’s also visual composer and they have
a huge user base because it’s bundled in a

lot of themes but is a very poor front and
page builder and also in the WordPress repository

there’s a bunch of front-end page builders
trying to get market share but there are really

not getting traction and they’re not really
being marketed properly and I really don’t

see a future for a lot of them so that’s why
I had to narrow this down to the best for

that I could come up with so I’m just to go
through these for right now and try to get

the points but like I said you’ve got to go
back to my website and always be keeping an

eye on the freshest data to answer this question
I have a page specifically geared towards

this comparison charts videos for each of
these different page builders on how to use

them and what are the new developments with
them so first let’s take a look at element

tour now you might not have heard of Elementor
it is a free front-end page builder and I’m

sure in the future actually I know for fact
in the future they are to come out with the

paid version of it and elements were is actually
only a few months old and I’m not being hypocritical

by adding this to the list because their user
base has skyrocketed their feature set his

just matured it is it’s moving at a fast pace
it’s amazing what Elementor is doing it is

amazing what they’re doing for a free page
builder in fact I’m 99% sure my next done

for you template is can be based off of element
or because if you’re looking for a free front

end page builder this is the very best option
it has a tableting system in their fugue and

it has built-in templates you can import export
templates it has mobile specific editing it

it’s just amazing what they’ve done with element
works and it’s full featured in fully free

and I’ve got a bunch of videos and I’m in
a be releasing on element tour and you should

really follow them you should like their Facebook
page so you can keep tabs on the new features

that they’re adding and they have literally
the most aggressive marketing team out there

they are really good at getting the word out
they got a huge user base overnight and I

bet in time this will be one of the top if
not the number one free font and page builder

so right now I’m declaring Elementor is the
best most full-featured and reliable free

front and page builder and that is Elementor
here’s a website I can put links down to below

just amazing what they’ve done and Daniel
Seymour coming from them next I have to talk

about Divi Divi is a page builder built by
elegant themes and it had always been was

known as a backend page builder and that’s
why Provident talk about a whole lot but a

few days ago they release version 3 and they
been working on that for a while and it’s

a whole new front and page building experience
and is pretty amazing to look at and I’ll

show you just briefly that front end user
experience right now but some of the pluses

with elegant themes is a huge development
community huge user community behind it and

anything you want to know how to do there’s
many different places to ask they are not

going anywhere huge advancements in what they’re
developing with Divi antiquity also has some

very unique features like AB got go back to
my website for the most up-to-date list but

all talk about one of them right now and that
is it’s the only page builder with a B split

testing built into it so if you are concerned
or wanting higher conversion rates on your

website will that’s something that they are
the only ones that have it a split testing

A.B. testing engine built into the page builder
and I think it’s pretty darn amazing that

they have that they just released as a bran
new user interface on the front and it’s gorgeous

I’m in a show you that Debbie also has their
haters out there and that it goes back to

the were depressed.

They hate Divi with a passion and depending
on who you ask.

Have someone say they love Debbie or you have
someone say they hate to be in there and tried

all give you their justifications for both
be careful who you ask that question two and

listen for clues on answer that they give
you I’ve seen a few people immediately dismiss

their new user interface and you know with
the the process that a new user to Divi do

not to know what to click on and I think that
argument I hear it but I also think it’s absolute

crap and the reason I think it’s a bunch of
crap is because my website I got live chat

on it in in my website and when I try to do
in curing towards the new user to WordPress

and you know what I suggested the easiest
to use front and page builder and they don’t

know how to use that so any page builder that
someone new to website building or WordPress

they’re not gonna know how to use it and there
is going to be a learning curve no matter

which one so you could say that this once
easier-to-use or that one’s easier-to-use

or think this one is easier to use but it’s
all relative because anyone new to WordPress

and front-end page building is going to have
a learning curve no matter how you look at

it no matter how you cut it there’s gonna
be a learning curve and I tried to help people

and want to front page builder to talk about
is Beaver Builder and I love Beaver Builder

but I felt people branded workers Beaver Builder and they don’t know that they’re doing they all need help they all need training the all need to go through this learning cursive to

dismiss the front and page builder because
you you look at it and you don’t immediately

know what the click Hon. none of them have
that no page builder and immediately know

to click on you’re going to need to use it
and get comfortable with it so that is the

problem with when you ask these WordPress
purists their opinion on Divi another one

is behind the scenes Divi is creating something
called shortcodes and what that means is this

notion of Divi for life meaning you can’t
change and stop using Divi because your website

will be a mess but see that abalone argument
as well because there’s numerous solutions

on the Internet a little code you can drop
in and although shortcodes are cleaned out

and your have the same content just put right
there so that’s really just non-sense and

that’s actually one of the things people like
about Beaver Builder’s when you deactivating

choose not use Beaver Builder your content
still there and this things are with Debbie

if you just take that one little extra step
copy and paste a bit of code in and you’re

gonna be said these this this whole notion
of shortcodes and you can’t move away from

it your have the same workload with any of
these page builders if you decide to stop

using them and go on to a different one so
I personally think that’s a bunch of baloney

now there could be some some legitimacy with
the shortcodes actually some having your website

run a little bit slower however there is excellent
caching solutions hosting solutions and if

a webpage takes an extra three or 4 ms to
load because you’re using Divi is really not

that big of a deal and there’s been studies
that I’ve seen on the Internet with the different

page builders comparison speed test and all
that that shoulders really little difference

between them speed wise no matter what word
press page builder you use your going to need

to use caching you’re going to need to optimize
it or do you need to minify you need to do

all these things to get it to run at optimal
speed anyway so I’m not so convinced on that

argument either now I did hear it said if
you have a really big site with Divi that

it’s just gonna run slower I think I’ll see
that when I believe it I’m not saying that

that’s not the case but I what I am saying
is for what most people want a WordPress website

for maybe 10 or 20 pages Debbie’s a fantastic
option so here’s their announcement page oh

Divi it’s probably the best of value in WordPress
the pricing is so attractive and inviting

you can even get a lifetime license words
you’re not paying a fee every single year

and it’s a great value so I want your site
right here and just show you real quick with

the new interface looks like there’s a button
near that you can click on and you could try

the new interface for yourself so you know
you move around you got this operable button

here when you click on you’ve got different
options you can hover over something if you

don’t know what it is it’ll tell you what
that button does you make a change there’s

a nice essay but here and if you want to undo
something you can click on this and you can

revert back they’re such great things that
you can do it this is probably the fastest

front-end page building experience that I’ve
seen so you can just click on some text like

this and start typing away and you got your
editing options and you can move things around

now like I said this just came out answers
can be lots of refinements to it but if you

are coming from a different page builder this
might seem might seem a little out of place

I know I’m 40 years old and at 30 you could
give me a brand-new cell phone and I can learn

it in using Phil happy I’m 40 if you take
my iPhone away and give me an android phone

number to feel uncomfortable and out of place
and that’s what I think boils it boils down

to with the new interface and I think it’s
a pretty good in time will tell how good this

really is so like you said you got to go back
to my website and check it out I like it it’s

very pretty the updated information on this
on my website depending on when you see this

video the next one I want to look at is right
here actually this was in it this is what

I wanted to look at right now Drive content
builder no threat content builder has lots

of pros and cons with it okay it was one of
the best first generation of front and page

builders not actually shouldn’t scare you
I think they kind of pioneered the concept

really I mean they were the first page builder
that was front and that I’d ever seen that

had a true flat front and editing page experience
and this was back in 2014 just a few years

ago now there one of the first and now there’s
a different twist to the Thrive Content builders

more kind of geared towards marketing so a
lot of their elements there really geared

towards marketers and ultimately most websites
were marketing ourselves our website our product

or business remarketing something in and that’s
kind of the twists and turns that thrive,

the builder’s strengths are in and one of
the most unique features of it is it has a

landing page feature where you can create
a new page and and they’ve got about well

over 100 templates built in it they keep adding
new templates to these landing page packs

is pretty amazing the value that they give
you with it no just quickly scroll down so

here’s what the editor looks like it but I
want to comment on their their editor hero

soon as those really one of the first what
you see is what you get editing experiences

is a very mature and is packed with features
that are marketing related and I love it I

actually use this all on my sites that I might
use one of the other page builders on and

is usually because of this unique landing
page feature and some these unique marketing

elements that it has now when I was talking
about each of these page builders being in

a different stage of development I can tell
you I’m allowed to tell you that’s right content

builder is being redeveloped from the ground
up now soon to come out with version 1.5 and

then when they come out with version 2 the
whole interface is good to be redone and simplified

so one of the the complaints I’ve heard about
the right content builder is that it’s a little

complicated to work with well they’re well
aware of that and they are simplifying it

and they’re redesigning the user interface
and that’s one of things I like about this

whole page builder war yet elements were in
putting pressure on companies like Thrive

content builder to update their UI and make
it better and better I personally am a big

fan of the Thrive content builder and a lot
of the things that they are doing I use them

personally you’ll see them being used on all
of my websites in fact and the pricing for

Drive copy builder is very attractive they
have one time fee that get you one year support

the lifetime of updates which is a really
unique feature to them that all the other

ones don’t have you a lot of your typical
WordPress pricing is you either get it for

lifetime which is not a good practice or you
get a one-year of updates of one year support

and if you want anything beyond that year
you have to pay for it even if you don’t need

the support while what they’re doing you need
that unique is your get the updates so you’re

the new features and they’re constantly adding
new features but you’re not to get support

after that year you have to pay some nominal
fee if you want support and I think that is

a more upfront reasonable way to go for any
WordPress product but I understand why they

do it the way they do it for for revenue and
keeping it out of the money come in and now

what I want to say that about right content
builder you can use with anything but it doesn’t

fully integrate with themes when talking about
is full with Rose so I scroll up you see how

this is a row right here and it has this color
and then here’s a different erroneous different

color cup full with rose and a big negative
right now with right content builder is that

you can’t get full withdrawal and less you
use right content builder on one of their

themes or you’re using the landing page featuring
Drive content builder now I’m begging begging

begging the developers to to change that and
that’s why got go back to my website I’ll

keep the data all up-to-date the features
all up to date but this is a big negative

for them but I think that with a little bit
like they will fix that in version 2 I don’t

know that for sure but I’m I’m I’m begging
them to update and change that because I want

this to be the very best product that can
be so that is right, content builder so now

the last one I’m gonna look at is actually
right here and this is Beaver Builder now

Beaver Builder is actually the favorite of
a lot of WordPress developers I use Beaver

Builder on a lot of my sites and and if I
was to go build a brand-new website today

I would use Beaver Builder for that it is
geared towards building out full websites

with it it’s pretty fantastic they also have
a theme available that it works perfectly

with so Beaver Builder is great for full website
build outs and it’s very efficient it’s very

easy to use I like Beaver Builder a lot now
they have an excellent templating feature

what this means is you can also import and
export templates they have built-in templates

but you can save modules in rows and stuff
like that are novel video on that how amazing

it is is also free version of Beaver Builder
the paid version of Beaver Builder I’m speaking

about the paid version the free version is
stripped-down if you have no intention of

ever paying for a page builder you want to
go with Elementor if you want to paid page

builder with professional support that’s where
the Beaver Builder comes in so you got this

fantastic tableting feature eight easily integrates
with anything pretty much now for instance

I’m using it on my site and it’s it’s just
a few snippets of code that I needed to add

to get that full with the row on my site and
it integrates perfectly on my site I really

love that about Beaver Builder in there is
a plugging: the weird name Genesis dam buster

which allows you to use Beaver Builder full
with templates for the rose on every single

studio press template and child thing it’s
pretty fantastic and is great that a lot of

developers are getting around Beaver Builder
theme developers they just inked a deal with

the Go Daddy interests were Go Daddy’s essentially
can install it automatically and a lot of

their websites and they got a huge user base
of the free and the paid version it’s a very

healthy company so now with Beaver Builder
I do want to say that they are also redesigning

the interface so this is, what the interface
looks like right now when they release the

version 2 of it is going to be completely
slick amazing they’ve been putting off a little

sneak videos out and it’s a good be a thing
of beauty I love Beaver Builder it is super

reliable Beaver Builder communities pretty
passionate about Beaver Builder just like

the Divi communities passionate about Divi
so that is Beaver Builder in a nutshell and

their unique feature that’s coming out I don’t
think it’s can actually be given away for

free to paid owners of the plug-in I think
they’re going to can be an add-on plug-in

that they might charge for I don’t know you
can quote me on that but they’re making a

feature where you can design a page templates
any page in WordPress you can design a template

for in Beaver Builder so your 404 pages your
blog posts which is actually one of the weaknesses

I think of Beaver Builder currently I wouldn’t
use it for blog post is just pages so anyways

that is Beaver Builder so one thing you might
notice in this video is I didn’t answer the

question of what is the best WordPress front
end page builder and that’s because it depends

on so many factors and that’s what I want
to go back to my website WPCrafter.com and

your easily be able to find a page that is
good to be tracking all of these front and

page builders it’s going to be kept up-to-date
it’s good to have a breakdown of the features

a comparison chart of everything it’s going
to have separated out the videos I have on

each of these four-page builders is going
to be a place for you to get your frequently

asked questions answered it’s going to be
a place for you to to comment and get an answer

from me and all of that so I really want you
to head back over to my website depending

on when you are watching this video now I
will tell you for me my answer to that question

and you know what my answer my change so maybe
I shouldn’t do it but I’ll do it anyway I

if I had to build a website for someone for
business use Beaver Builder if the business

needed landing pages I’ve ever will likely
might also include dry content builder on

that site so I can quickly crank out landing
pages for them that’s my answer Divi I honestly

I need to play around with that I need to
try to build a full website with it and I

intend on doing that and also releasing a
course on TV to help people get through that

initial learning curve with Beaver Builder
I already have a promotion on my site work

you click through my site and you buy it through
the link on my site I’m giving away training

course on it that will take you from being
new to Beaver Builder to being able to build

out a full website and leverage all the power
of Beaver Builder now Elementor if I had no

budget and I had no money to buy a website
theme or by a website page on WordPress page

builder Elementor all the way Elementor all
the way and I don’t know what the future really

holds for Elementor I know there in a happy
paid version and the waiter going is just

like this user base is going like this there
features is going like this I don’t even think

anything can stop them with Divi I really
need to dig into it and I’m just being transparent

I’m not in a rush to judgment on Divi and
say it’s crap or it’s this service that I

don’t know where to click in this and the
other because I really need to use Divi build

a full website would Divi and that’s what
I’ll be doing here soon over the next few

months and I’m sure when you go over to my
website I’ll have a whole library of videos

on Divi so I hope I gave you enough information
to make the decision for yourself I hope to

see you on my website I have a live chat there
you can go to my life Jane asked me a question

if you just want to know what I thinks the
best for your situation I’m more than happy

to interact and communicate with you via live
chat on my website or comment down below or

comment on my website before you go I have
something for you and before I get into that

I wanted to ask you to do something for me
you can give me a thumbs up on this video

and if you’re not a subscriber click on the
subscribe button right beneath me if you have

a question on this video be happy answering
you can also leave a comment or question down

below this video hey I put together a course
just for you and him and they give it to you

for free all you have to do is click on the
button right here on the right is called the

three steps to WordPress success is an awesome
course you’re gonna love it I would love for

you to join in and role as a student in this
thanks for watching this video I really appreciated

and I do it just for you



  1. Michael Robert Laurino says:

    I have been battling to understand the difference or conflict I am experiencing fro Visual Composer and WPBakery. I have inherited my new site from a web builder who has walked away and I am trying to repair come 404 broken pages. VC is a HORRIBLE company and WPB is not much better.
    I am wondering now that the VC was used to build my pages, can I plug in something like DIVI and delete the other two? Will DIVI recognize my pages? My business site is struggling and it is killing me! A few pages where my products are are not showing, or showing for a feww seconds and then 404 error! HELP!! I am going to copy the site to a working domain where I can experiment with how to proceed… any suggestions?

    1. Unfortunately, there is no cross compatibility for the various page builders. But that is very weird what you are experiencing.

  2. You should try making a video on Elementor + lean themes. A powerful page builder with a good theme is the best combination. I used Elementor with Base theme and I read about it in this article. The combination gives you speed, flexibility and quality.

    1. Last month I created a video on the best themes made for page builders. You should watch that.

  3. Hey Adam!

    I was just curious about what your thoughts were on the topic of Beaver Builder vs Elementor? I know you’ve done a video on the comparison, which is awesome by the way, watched it multiple times actually lol I’m mainly curious what you think about in terms of customization, such as being able to customize headers, footers, etc. I really want to be able to have as much control over my website as possible, in every way I can. Not opposed to a little coding for more advanced stuff, but just want to be able to customize everything possible, and also have a lot of options therein. I see many pros for both BB and Elementor, and your video helped me a lot. I wanted to ask in more depth, taking things like BeaverThemer and UltimateAddOns into play as well, cause if I went the BB route, I would definitely want to purchase those as well. Thanks for any help you can provide, i love your content so much, you’ve really helped me in more ways than I ever thought possible. Much love man!


    1. Well traditionally page builders do not work to design the headers and footers. These have been areas of your website that are controlled by your theme. That being said, Beaver Themer which was released a few months ago, is starting to change what a page builder can do. With Beaver Themer and Beaver Builder you can now create headers and footers on Beaver Themer compatible themes. I know that Divi is working on a similar solution and I am pretty sure Elementor is working on a solution as well. That being said right now the only option is Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer, but I would expect that to change in the next 6 to 8 months.

  4. Hi Adam, apologies if this is covered somewhere but I’m not seeing it-what are these metrics you’re measuring the different front-end site builders on in the table at the top of the page (content lock in, global sections…etc.)? Could you provide or direct me to a basic description of each metric?

    1. Those are some things to consider with each page builder. I know some of it is tech term heavy.

  5. Hi Adam, So between divi builder and beaver? which is best? I do like the A/B testing because I need to have open pages for products. beauty and creative layout flexibility is a must for me. not much code knowledge and mobile responsive that looks beautiful and is flexible is important. which one should I go with?

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Well if you have to have A/B split testing, there are not that many options available. You can do that in google analytics, but it is a bit technical. Divi has it of course. However its harder to get a beautiful website using Divi without adding any custom code.

  6. Free versions..elementor vs site origin vs beaver builder lite comparisons please

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      No need to make a video on that, Elementor!

  7. 1.What about muffinbuilder…..

    2….. beaver Builder

    .fast Loading time?
    any theme, plug in, widgets compatible? ???
    Wpml translation???
    wpmu compatible????
    woocommerce friendly????
    Sea friendly?

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      Muffin Builder is complete crap. And yes to all the questions on Beaver Builder.

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