by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

How To Fix WordPress White Screen Of Death Error


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Video Transcript

How To Fix WordPress White Screen Of Death Error

In this video I’m in a show you how to fix
your website in the scenarios where you are

putting some custom code or CSS or custom
function into its and something went wrong

in now you’re getting that white screen they
caught the white screen of the death I want

to show you how to if that’s happening to
you how to go in and remove that little bit

of code that you put in to revive your website
so right now I’m logged into a WordPress site

and cures the front and I’ll do refreshing
can see that the sites working fine you can

actually see him even logged into it so we
go back here to the back and now typically

when you’re adding some custom code you probably
put in one of two files and put any file called

functions.php or another one that’s called
styles.CSS and let me show you where you would

typically be adding those so here I am and
I would go to appearance and then the editor

and whatever sees a list of my files here
so you can see got that functions file right

right here in about that style.CSS file here
now depending if you’re using a child theme

or not you might see I’m using a child’s theme
that’s why you see only a couple of files

but if you’re not using a child senior to
see it, files this is what it would look like

if you weren’t using a child theme here’s
the parenting and you can see about this long

list here of files in there to be here pretty
much be editing the same ones functions.php

in style.CSS let me go and jump back into
my child theme right here now you if you are

doing any kind of custom code or whatever
you need to be doing then a child theme so

that it’s update safes that you can update
your parenting I have a video on how to create

a child thing so let’s go ahead and working
to break this website by putting in something

into the theme functions Folsom click your
existing functions and I’m going to put some

code down here that I know is going to probably
break my website now here’s the thing when

you’re putting a custom function and or some
custom CSS it’s very easy to miss one little

character in us going across your website
unfortunately so I think for me I’m going

to go ahead and watch let me show you this
other tab and this is a bit of code that I

just did a video on on how to create a backdoor
in taxes to a WordPress site so if someone

deleted your user account this will make it
so that you can create an account so I’m actually

copy this and wonder why don’t I just use
this as a matter fact so I copied it and I’m

in a piece it into here so this would be the
custom code that I’m adding in let’s see if

I you know maybe I forgot a character and
that was the characters you saw that it was

just the; so if I had some pie had this formatted
wrong and then I came here and I clicked on

update file see I get this error and this
is your white screen of death or it might

be worse it might be just completely blank
now what’s nice is this is actually telling

me you’re not always going to get it the so
convenient like this but this is actually

telling me right where the problem is so I
need to somehow get to this file and on this

line there is a mistake so if I just put this
custom code and as I did I would know I just

need to somehow get to this file in just undo
what I did it’s pretty simple so let me show

you also the front-end of the website and
to do refreshing you can see the website is

down so right now you use it like oh my gosh
what am I to do in that this video is about

on what to do so what you want to do is first
log into your web hosting account now I’m

using in motion a hosting if the web hosting
provider that I recommend and I got it amazing

bonus package when you sign up through my
website for their service but this is a standard

is what’s called cPanel in years your web
hosting control panel is going looks similar

to this and it might look different but the
options they’re all going to prop pretty much

be the same and so when you log into your
web hosting control panel we just need to

find the option this is file manager in for
me if I scroll down just a little bit it’s

right here it’s his file manager so ahead
and click on file manager and you first get

this little pop-up you can at this point you
just click on go are okay or whatever and

what happens is the new tabs can open up in
it’s good to show you all the different files

and folders on your web hosting account so
right here I can see I’m at the home in this

section you give me a nice clue where I need
to go see when I go to right here it says

I need to go to/home/so show the seven public
HTML will check this out this is that beginning

home show the seven so that I need to click
on public HTML I know the remainder of the

path I need to click into WP content now I
put custom code in the theme so that I need

to go into the themes right here initials
me a list of the themes I have installed on

my site now I know I placed it right here
in this child theme as you would want to go

into the theme that you know you put that
custom code in and I can also know the path

right here so so far I’ve gone here here here
themes in the 60 minute website challenge

and so I just need to look at my functions
file someone go back in there double-click

here and here’s those files so I know where
the bad code is it’s in this functions.php

file so what you want to do is you want to
click on it and then he wanted uses option

that’s his code editor know when you click
on that its canoe will first we get this little

pop-up just click on edit then it’s gonna
pop up in a new tab and you can see the same

code that we were just editing okay in this
is what I put in right here remember I took

this; out right there and that’s what caused
the problem so I can just put the semicolon

back or I can just delete the whole thing
that I did so I’m actually just been up at

the semi: back’s like that and then when you
have fix the mistake or just taken the whole

thing out there’s a button on the very top
right that’s a safe and when I click that

it’s good to save my change so now I can go
to the front end of the site and do a refresh

you can see my website comes right back in
here since tab where was logged into the back

and I’ll do a refresh and you can see I’m
back in the back and it takes me right where

I was which was in this functions file and
I can scroll down and there’s where my semicolon

is that I just added so once you’ve done that
you can just close this tab that you had open

you can click the close button there and to
get out of this a file manager you can just

close out that tab and then you’re back here
in the control panel now you can also use

this to if you say uploaded a plug-in and
it cause a problem you can go in there just

manually delete the plug and there’s lots
of reasons why Juergen wanted know how to

do this from time to time in order to just
cover your rear end when it comes to fixing

a problem yourself and especially when a surgeon
like this in your website is completely down

so that is how you would fix your code errors
that you would inadvertently add to your theme

that’s it for today’s video I love to hear
your thoughts on it in the comment section

down below please also give me a thumbs up
on YouTube that really helps me out and if

you haven’t subscribed it to the channel go
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also helps me out now I don’t want you to
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together a free video course and just for
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success now if you would like free access
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here on the right things for watching and
I’ll see you in the next video

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hello! I have my website originally from Go Daddy and then I moved to Cloudflare. My website is a blank screen with the following message ” this page isn’t working error 500″
    Thank you!

  2. Very useful video, thank you. I note that the error code indicated a problem with line 20 but that it was actually on line 18 in the host file manager. This might cause confusion to the nervous developer. Do you think there us merit in using some form of marker or notation when adding/amending code which will help find it?

    1. Glad the video helped!! Hmm, thats odd that the error was on a different line.

      Yes, it’s good practice to leave notes because as time passes, you will forget why you added bits of code. I know I forget, like the next day, lol.

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