by Adam Preiser updated January 7, 2018

The Easiest Way To Manually Update WordPress Themes And Plugins Without Deleting Them First


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Some plugins and themes do need to be updated manually for many different reasons.

Typically though, it is a pain to update them, but in this video, I will show you an easier way to do it.

Video Transcript

In this video I’m in a show you how to easily
update any plug-in or scheme without having

to delete the existing installed version 1st
I know that’s a mouthful hi my name is Adam

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you know this is something that really should
be in the core of WordPress in my opinion

and I’ve always he did this so there’s a lot
of situations where you have a plug-in or

theme on your WordPress website but you don’t
have a way of automatically updating it so

a perfect example is anything you might get
from our purchase from code Canyon or theme

for us you have to go through a bunch of extra
hoops in order to have automatic updates which

you actually should do anyway but there’s
also other scenarios to work you might have

a plug in that you want to downgrade but in
order to do that you have to deactivate and

delete it first because if you try to do that
update WordPress will say the folder already

exists let me show you what I am talking about
so here is the name of the plug-in nominations

shall wax I’ve already installed it go to
plug-ins add new and then do a search for

it here it is easy theme and plug-in upgrades
and what this plug-ins going to do is it’s

going to allow you to install a new theme
or plug in like you normally would and if

it’s an update it will just overwrite what’s
already there so here is actually a perfect

perfect example is one of my favorite page
builders it’s called Elementor and if you’re

not familiar I have a ton of content on Elementor
in fact I even made a video where I compared

Elementor to Beaver Builder and my biggest
criticism of Elementor was sometimes a push

out updates that are problematic and they
can cause these problems and you will regret

having updated well let me show you everything
I’m talking about so I want to go to my plug-ins

you can see I have Elementor installed right
here and I have version 1.4.7 so say I just

upgraded and it’s causing problems and I need
to go back a version well if you have a local

copy you can do that or you could go to
their page right here and right now you can

click on advanced view they keep tweaking
this layout in my change but if you go to

advance view and then you scroll down here’s
an option that says previous versions so I’m

going to go ahead and download the previous
version this 1.4.6 to go ahead and click on

download okay now that that’s downloaded this
is what you would normally do actually here

let me go ahead and deactivate my easy being
plug-in and upgrades so in order to downgrade

Elementor I would have to deactivated and
then deleted now that is a scary thing because

you’re not I cannot be 100% sure every plug-in
or theme author has coded their plug-in or

theme properly and you’re not gonna lose some
your settings good a plug-in or theme authors

going to give you the option of having it
be your info still be there when you reinstall

the updated or in our the prior version an
even better plug-in authors and theme for

the authors will give you an option to have
it delete the data if you wanted anyways so

this is what would normally happen you would
go to add new and then you would click upload

plug-in and then you would drag and drop your
plug-in right there from your local computer

you click on install now it’s going to upload
it to the side in it’s going to give you this

plug-in install failed and it’s good to say
because the destination folder already exists

now let’s go ahead and activate that plug-in
the easy theme and plug-in upgrades to my

click on activate or penetrate over again
so I’m on Elementor 1.4.7 on a click add new

and then a minute click on upload plug-in
and do the same thing but this time I’m in

a click on install now and let’s see what
happens so look at the difference it says

right here that it’s upgrading the plug-in
so he realized with this new plug-in that

I added to realize that I’m trying to upgrade
or just have a different version doesn’t know

if I’m downgrading or upgrading it just knows
it’s already installed and I want to put a

different version of the same plug-in in my
website and then look what it does it backs

up the old version and it actually puts it
in the media library so you can easily download

it if you wanted to and it says right here
it even gives you a link to download the version

that you just replaced and then it updated
the plug-in successfully him to go ahead and

click on activate plug-in in the ring to go
to plug-ins and see what version it is you

can see now I’m on 1.4.6 what I just wanted
to add now this I think is huge and it should

be in the core of WordPress I do not know
why it isn’t but this is going to make things

a lot easier for a lot of people now obviously
if you’re a developer or someone that’s more

technical you can FTP in and then just copy
and overwrite files and that’s actually what

I usually do and the reason I do that is because
I can’t do it this way but now with this plug-in

I can do it this way and I think for the people
that have a website because they need one

in there trying to manage it themselves this
will make things so much easier especially

when it comes to themes you will say only
have one theme on your website you don’t have

a temporary one to switch to while you delete
this one and then you up the upload and update

it’s very wonky the way that WordPress does
it in my opinion it should do it this way

by default but it’s nice that with this plug-in
that is completely free and if you go to their page you’ll see it’s installed
on well over 100,000 websites and it has fantastic

reviews so it’s going to be a reliable plug-in
for you and I just I just think this is just

a fantastic solution let me just jump into
the media library map there it is here it

is the Elementor that it was there it actually
put both in here which is actually really

nice because then now I actually have a copy
locally on my WordPress website that I can

download and revert to very easy would be
really nice if I could click on this and then

click a button to switch to it but you know
I’m happy with this functionality as it is

so anyways guys this is a super easy way for
you to update your plug-ins and themes and

I totally recommend staying on top of your
plugs and themes or even downgrading to a

prior version if you’ve upgraded and you’re
having problems

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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