by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

Best Landing Page Builders For WordPress Compared


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If you have a website, you also need a way to create landing pages.

The way I like to define a landing page, is a page on your website with a singular focus. Where you want the visitor to do 1 next action.

That action can be to give you their email address. Or to buy something. It can be anything really.

You typically want landing pages to be distraction free but removing the menu, the sidebar, or anything that will be distracting.


After having used just about every landing page builder for WordPress, here are the top one and I share their strengths and weaknesses in the video.

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that is loved by website developers and DIYers alike. It's reputations of being developer friendly, having clean code, and reliable updates have led to it being used on over one million websites.

Key Beaver Builder Features:

  • Fast Front End Page Builder
  • Full Template & Block Library
  • Modern Design Features, Gradients, Drop Shaddows
  • Most Reliable Page Builder Available
  • Ideal Page Builder For Agencies
  • Whitelable Option On Higher Package

Beaver Builder is a fantastic page builder that I personally use. When you pair it with Beaver Themer, there is no limit as to what you can build for yourself and for your clients. This is the exact combo that I use, and simply couldn't create what I am now able to create without it.

Check Out Beaver Builder


Divi is one of the original theme & page builder combos for WordPress. It has been around for many years and because of that, it has a huge userbase of fans. It boasts many innovative features that are unique to Divi.

Key Divi Features:

  • Front End Page Builder
  • Hundreds Of Templates
  • Inline Text Editing
  • Comes Bundled With A Theme
  • Responsive Editing
  • Global Elements
  • 40+ Elements

I can see why people buy Divi. It has a lot going for it especially after the release of Divi 4 which added theme builder functionality which was lacking, but now it's here.

I will say that the pricing and the lifetime option is very attractive.

Also, the Divi team over the last 12 months has become a well-oiled machine cranking out unbelievable features and enhancements. If that wasn't enough, they also have pushed out an insane amount of free templates and a template manager for them. It's a good value all around despite the issues mentioned above.

Check Out Divi


Elementor is a WordPress page builder that has taken WordPress web design by storm. It has the deepest feature set, yet is very easy to use and master. Elementor is the most full-featured free page builder. There is also a Pro add-on to add additional developer features.

Key Elementor Features:

  • Live Front End Page Editor
  • Website Personalication Features
  • Template & Block Library
  • Extensive Mobile Responsive Options
  • Most Powerful Popup Builder
  • PRO Create Custom Headers / Footers
  • PRO Create Post Type Layouts

Elementor is the strongest page builder currently available. They consistently release new features that are in line with current design trends. This means you will be able to keep your website relevant.

Elementor Pro is an incredible value considering all the additional modules and power features that it includes.

If I were starting a new website project today, Elementor would be the page builder that I would choose. I consider it a must have WordPress page builder that is a pleasure to use.

Check Out Elementor


OptimizePress is one of the first page builder plugins for WordPress. It's more marketed to internet marketers, but can be used for all sorts of purposes.

Key OptimizePress Features:

  • 30 Page Templates
  • Autoresponder Integration
  • Membership Plugin Included

Right now I wouldn't recommend using OptimizePress because it is old and outdated. If you are wanting to create landing pages you would be better off using Thrive Leads or Elementor.

Also, the included membership plugin is essentially a fork of S2 Member.

Check Out OptimizePress

Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a WordPress page builder from Thrive Themes. It's their next-generation page builder that replaced Thrive Content Builder. It is ideal for any website build, but also really shines for marketers because of its marketing focus.

Key Thrive Architect Features:

  • Over 100 Page Templates
  • Pre Designed Section Templates
  • Global Colors For Easy Customization
  • Included Popup Engine
  • Advanced Marketing Features
  • Constant Updates & Improvements
  • Works With Any Theme

Thrive Architect is a VERY exciting WordPress page builder. Cost-wise, you will not find a better deal because it comes with lifetime updates, but keep in mind its just 1 year of support. Extending support is very reasonably priced at only $40.

Thrive Architect lacks a theme builder. Thrive has been building a separate theme that will allow you to use Thrive Architect to create headers, footers, posts templates, but it's taking a very long time. Hopefully, we will see it in 2020.

Check Out Thrive Architect

Video Transcript

In this video were to talk about the best
landing page builders for WordPress hi my

name is Adam from where release
a ton of content around WordPress and hope

you get better results faster if you do your
consider clicking on the subscribe button

and if you don’t want to miss anything click
off the little bell next the subscribe button

and you too will let you know when I have
new videos sorted talk about landing pages

in this video were to compare some of the
various landing page builders out there and

talk about the pros and cons of those landing
parades builders first of all if you’re not

familiar with the landing page to delete just
a page on your website with a singular focus

where you’re trying to get a singular action
from someone and typically what you’re gonna

want to do is eliminate other options that
might be distracting for your web visitor

and these would be your primarily your header
and that’s for your logo and mainly your menu

items are to be because you don’t want them
to leave your landing page want to keep him

on it so typically you remove your header
and footer and there are several tools that

will allow you to do this with your WordPress-based
website before I even talk about any of them

I want to give you the best piece of advice
here it’s always best to see if what you already

have can be used for this purpose there’s
no sense in getting something new to your

website if what you have can already do this
now there’s pros and cons with all these things

so I’m to go through them right now in this
video and I’m gonna show you a couple of the

reasons why I like the two top landing page
builders for WordPress cake suffers a minute

and try to keep things positive here I want
to go over a landing page builder that I think

you should consider avoiding and I’ll explain
why and that is going to be optimize press

now I’m sure if you’re on the market looking
for landing page builders are gonna come across

optimize presses website optimized press is
fantastic if it was 2014 were not in 2014

right now and it pretty much hasn’t changed
that much since 2014 now when this first came

out it had this amazing page building experience
there was nothing like that and now it is

the worst page building experience because
we have true front end page building editors

so this is very clunky and clumsy you have
to click five or six times is very awkward

and difficult to work with now I own this
I bought it the day it launched in 2014 although

I haven’t used it or touched in the last two
years and I have followed its development

though in nothing really significant has changed
or happened with it so that is optimize press

now the lure to optimize press is that there’s
some templates that come with it but even

all the free templates that come with it today
are all pretty much dated so because of that

I am recommending that you just skip optimize
press altogether also I find it’s actually

kind of pricey when you compare some of the
options out I think the least expensive option

is $97 for one site and there’s renewals and
and stuff like that so the next one were to

talk about is Beaver Builder now I wouldn’t
go ins I wouldn’t suggest going and buying

it Beaver Builder specifically for landing
pages Beaver Builder is a very good well rounded

page builder for WordPress and you could also
build a landing pages with it however if all

you’re after his landing pages there are better
tools out there for the job that I’m in a

talk about in this video and Beaver Builder’s
gonna run you $99 for unlimited installations

on unlimited websites if you do client work
you can also install it on their websites

now one of the negatives with Beaver Builder
for doing a landing page is it doesn’t have

a built-in mechanism to remove the header
or the footer you need to do that with custom

CSS or there is a free plug-in right here
that you can get and add to it called full

with templates for any theme or page builder
you can just go to WordPress plug-ins click

on add new and do a search for full with templates
and it will pull right up and this will make

it so with any of these page builders you
can use this tool to remove the header and

footer in just a few mouse clicks and if you
come to this page right here and scroll down

you’ll see a video it happens to be me explaining
how to use this so if you’re curious about

this and want to use it for your website this
is the best way to go so I don’t really recommend

this going and getting Beaver Builder for
that purpose but if you’re looking for an

all-around page builder it can do both of
that next Wednesday to be Divi and honestly

I’ve been good and then harsh at times on
the Divi for various reasons and they have

been impressing me lately they have been coming
out with feature update after feature update

each week and it’s been some impressive stuff
I must say now Divi builder is $89 and you

can install that on unlimited websites as
a one year license now what’s interesting

about it is that it includes is something
that might be important to you if you are

trying to build a landing page it has built
in a B split testing and what that means is

you can create variations of your landing
page so you can see which one is getting a

higher conversion rate so if a conversion
rate is filling out a form that’s a conversion

you can have multiple versions and then you
could go back and look at it later and see

which version had the most number of sign-ups
to that form or whatever the success would

be quantified as clicking on a button or something
like that and so it has this a B split testing

built into it also a another huge +4 Divi
builder is that it has in-line editing what

that means is him and actually show you in-line
editing in a moment but not with Divi builder

that’s where you can basically just click
on the text that’s on your template and start

typing away and changing it that essentially
means it’s a lot more simple to use now most

people don’t go in by Divi builder simply
for building landing pages I just want to

included in this video as an option because
they’ve been adding lots of nice new features

that involve fonts and backgrounds subtle
animations and more so it’s definitely worth

looking into because of the AB split testing
aspect of it next is going to be Elementor

now the benefit of Elementor is if you’re
on a tight budget Elementor has a free version

now you can also get the paid version of it
to add some additional features but you can

make a beautiful landing pages solely with
the free version and also another thing I

like about Elementor initially all of this
in a moment is that it also has that mechanism

with two or three mouse clicks to remove the
header and the footer of the page you can

guide your visitor into a singular focus it
also has a few landing page templates that

I’ll show you they are pretty much in general
purpose though they’re not really that targeted

so I’m gonna show you that right now now the
free version of Elementor you can get right

now in the Pro version is only about $50 for
a single site license and they have other

options in this can add additional features
that I think would really increase the conversion

rates of your or the engagement rates of your
landing pages to things to keep in mind though

number one Elementor today does not have in-line
editing however I was on a webinar with them

earlier today where they demonstrated in-line
editing for Elementor and that’s coming very

soon I don’t have that version yet and is
probably not to be out for a few weeks if

you’re watching this video in a few weeks
it’s already going to be there so if there’s

that in-line editing a second thing is Elementor
does not have a B split testing if that’s

important to you it may and may not be important
to you but I just want you to know in front

they don’t have it I don’t know if it’s on
their product roadmap but I wouldn’t think

that it would be or if it was it would be
kind of low on the totem pole people can use

Elementor to build their entire website but
it really does excel and can be added to any

existing WordPress website to add landing
pages to it so this is Elementor want to just

demonstrate how easy it is to create that
landing page we remove the header and footer

you could just to go to pages and him and
add a new page and I’ll just name this new

landing page okay now that I put the name
in I’m going to click publish and then I’m

in a go ahead and click on this button here
that says edit with Elementor now I do have

the Pro version installed they do a good job
of separating what you get front with the

Pro from the free version so it’s really easy
to know what you get alright so here we go

I got this header in this footer here and
this is how you get rid of it you click right

here on the left the hamburger icon and there
were to go right here it’s his page settings

and then right here where it says template
it’s by default it says default but if you

click there you can change it to words his
Elementor canvas what this is going to do

is totally remove the header and the footer
and give you a completely blank slate to start

building your landing pages with now like
I said there’s a free version and a Pro version

so that the free version is gonna allow you
to do a lot of things but there’s a couple

things that you might want from the paid version
and let me scroll down here to it number one

you might want to have an easy to add form
Weatherby a contact form or maybe an opt in

form he just has to name email or maybe just
their email now if you have the Pro version

you get this form builder in it is the most
powerful form builder in terms of being able

to style it very easily that I’ve seen so
it comes with that form builder which I think

is pretty huge another thing that is nice
having a landing page or a feature to have

is this price list feature where you can list
out prices of things if that is what you wanted

on your landing page there’s also a pricing
table if you wanted to show some prices here

another thing that’s really important that
this has is a countdown timer now it’s not

an Evergreen countdown timer I’ll distinguish
with that is when I talk about the next landing

page builder but it doesn’t have this countdown
timer and lastly what I think is really cool

is up here it’s called animated text and it’s
well animated headline sorry this is actually

really neat you can have it underlined a little
bit of text or circle lead or do some really

need interactive kind of attention getting
actions like that with this advance headline

I really like that feature a lot I have a
ton of content on the channel around Elementor

and of course links everything will be in
the video description box down below now I

want to talk about the last landing page builder
in it’s going to be Thrive Architect Thrive

Architect was recently released it’s actually
the second generation of a full powered page

builder for WordPress and the rewrote it from
the ground up and I gotta say it’s pretty

amazing now what this is going to get you
is a couple of things number one it already

does in-line editing so what does that right
now and I’m then actually now be able to demonstrate

it for you because I’m in a show you this
number two a B split testing is coming I don’t

know when it’s coming I am sure will be this
year for sure it is coming they’ve already

built and a B split testing engine for some
of their other product so just a matter of

bringing that into the page builder so that’s
awesome number three it has the ability to

remove the header and footer so you can create
this singularly focused landing page number

four it has integrations with pretty much
any every any and every service under the

sun so if you wanted to have the email address
be captured it can integrate with any service

and it’s probably the deepest integrations
available for any of these page builders with

third-party services certainly get out of
this another benefit I’ve already lost count

is that you can generate pop ups with this
so if someone is leaving your landing page

you can hit them with a pop up if you wanted
to saying hey wait a second don’t go here’s

XYZ let me give you the stick around that
is built-ins you’re not going to need to buy

one of those if you want that feature on your
landing page and you don’t already have some

kind of a pop up plug-in already installed
on your website and I do like to save the

best for last Thrive architect has the most
templates landing page templates of any of

these different page builders I talked about
combined and I want to show you a new one

that was actually recently released what they
do is they don’t just release a landing page

template they release these in set see you
have this consistent design said that you

can use for all of your marketing so before
I go into it I just want to talk about the

pricing I think this pricing way down here
on this page so we can see I think it says

67 bucks right now here it is not 100 other
it is a single site license is $67 and that’s

all you pay your get support for a year if
you want support after that year it’s a really

small fee of $40 or so but you’re going to
get lifetime updates for the plug-in this

is something that none of the other plug-ins
that I’ve talked about actually give you it’s

a one year support and one year of updates
so there it is $67 and if you wanted this

on more websites there’s other options available
here for you so let’s take a look at this

real quick I actually haven’t done this I
wanted to take a look at this new landing

pages said that they release let’s take a
look at it because there’s a couple key things

that I really wanted to show you in this video
on a go ahead and click on pages and then

loops there go add new and I’ll go ahead and
put a title and there is new landing page

I’ll go ahead and click on the publish and
then I’m in a go ahead and click right here

it says edit with Thrive Architect and it’s
going to take me into the page builder for

Thrive Architect so by default as you can
see it’s showing me the header and the footer

but that’s okay this is all we need to do
we click on the little click will in the top

left like this then we click on template set
up and then right here we just click on choose

a landing page template soma to go ahead and
click on that and it automatically pulls me

this list of templates that are available
and they have them organized in these that’s

and one of the things I really like about
this is that all of these templates are in

the cloud meaning when I download and install
the plug and they’re not all now stored on

my website making it take up all this additional
space these are all delivered to you in the

clouds when they release a new package of
landing page templates there just automatically

there for you so this right here is the new
series is called the right someone go ahead

and click on this and you can see it’s an
entire set of landing pages that all work

together so it’s not just landing pages it’s
a landing pages confirmation pages download

pages cells pages if it’s pop right here in
‘df in this is all included for that $67

it’s crazy like you can literally by this
or 67 bucks and go fire your designer if this

meets your needs or you have a desire to learn
about it so right here’s a perfect example

I think to demonstrate the power of Thrive
Architect is right here it’s a two-step lead

generating landing page someone go out and
click on it and then I’m the click on choose

template is gonna take a moment asking to
download and get it all set up for me and

here it is now remember I said this thing
called in-line editing it’s coming to Elementor

well Thrive Architect already has that in
this is what it is you can click on some text

and you can just start editing it right there
with all the other page builders when you

click on it it sexing in a pop and a little
panel on the left or the right and it’s just

not as easy to do what you want to do or intuitive
intuitive is I want to click in change right

I want to just click on it and start typing
away now let me show you the second thing

that is really interesting about what they’re
doing with their landing page templates if

you are new starting out you don’t have a
graphic designer and say you wanted a landing

page like this with this kind of a book right
there you would normally have to go and hire

designer to design some kind of a book cover
if you are just given away some white paper

or some PDF or something like that what Thrive
is done is this is actually integrated into

the book is actually integrated into the landing
page and so what that means is you don’t need

to go and hire a designer to design some kind
of a book cover you can literally with that

same in-line editing click on it and change
the title and change this this tagline right

here you can just do it with this in-line
editing and it’s as simple as that now everything

that you see on this page is a fully customizable
so one of the things I really like about Thrive

Architect as it had the only one that has
his breadcrumb feature so this is an entire

section here fighting like that read and I
kinda wanted to change to my Brands colors

I would click right here it’s his background
section and then I would scroll down here

and then word says background style I believe
that’s it and there it is here’s the colors

I can click on here and I can change that
if I wanted to to maybe like some kind of

a a deep blue like that hey that’s actually
really nice looking blue so go ahead and click

on apply and there is but that’s not all you
could put an image back there you could put

a video with no sound you can put a radiance
you could put a pattern there is no limit

to what you could do back there so you scroll
down it’s the same thing you could just click

and it’s that in line editing on all of these
icons you can click on in change they made

this so it’s super easy to click and change
on anything you can change the images the

colors all of it is super easy for example
I’ve got this right here I highlighted what

there it is font color I can go ahead and
make it that same blue if I wanted to that

I made up here in so it’s really easy to click
around and change the colors to really make

this for your brand okay so what I want to
do next is let me click on save and then a

minute click on preview and I want to show
you that it also has that pop up feature so

if you wanted your landing page not to just
ask for someone’s email you wanted them to

click on a button like this it says get it
now it has that built into it some the click

right here and then I’m gonna click on preview
it’s going to pop it up in a new tab watch

what happens when I click on this it gives
me this beautiful pop up and you can edit

this with the very same editor and like I
said right here the name in the email you

can integrate this with the longest list of
services imaginable I mean it is a deep deep

list so you can see how that works as well
now one of the things I really like about

this is the mobile responsive editing options
now Elementor has fantastic mobile responsive

editing options and a Thrive Architect does
as well all the other ones they’re not as

good or easy to use and right now if you’re
innocent any kind of pay traffic maybe through

Facebook or ads or serve something like that
you absolutely need to make sure what you’re

creating looks fantastic on a mobile device
so what’s nice with Thrive Architect is you

can have settings that are specific to devices
so you can have some size options that you

can hide some things on a mobile device or
tablet or whatever you wanted so these landing

page templates already come perfectly presented
for a mobile and a tablet and what we can

do is easily toggle between them with this
button right here on the bottom left I can

show you what this looks like on a mobile
device and here it is did you notice that

this headline the font size shrunk down we
got to the mobile device it’s already been

all set up for that and you can just scroll
down and see how this is been perfectly edited

you see how these icons were off to the left
of the little block that they were in and

when you switch it into mobile view it perfectly
goes in centers right above it this is because

the youths have already been set up perfectly
for a mobile device the same thing with this

testimonial this image was actually to the
right of the testimonial but because it has

an awesome feature with the mobile editing
the minute we shrunk it down a put that picture

on the top for you when we show you at that
again so I go to desktop you can see right

here it was on the right but one we went to
mobile view it went on the top and this is

one of my favorite features that Thrive Architect
let you have as well so this is a Thrive Architect

and that is why I think out of all of the
landing page builders if you want to add a

landing page to your WordPress a base website
that I would recommend giving a long hard

look at Thrive Architect now of course there’s
a lot of things I didn’t go into and most

namely are the list of modules and some of
these are so perfect in ideal for landing

pages it is a very powerful and feature-rich
button module where you can do amazing looking

things to make your buttons stand out it also
has a Evergreen countdown timer and what that

means is when someone visits your landing
page you can have a countdown timer that starts

just for them so say take special discount
and they can only get that discount for 30

minutes you can show that Evergreen countdown
timer to them and it will start the minute

they visit your site that 30 minutes will
start ticking ticking down is just a strategy

to motivate someone to take action on whatever
you’re trying to get them to take action on

the also have this content reveal so that
means if you have a landing page where you’re

playing a video and say to 10 minute video
you can have it be say that the seven minute

mark in the video you’re starting to present
whatever offer or whatever you’re asking them

or will you can have content reveal right
at that seven minute mark that would coincide

with what’s going on with the video that’s
another very powerful tool for landing pages

and the list goes on and on all these features
are right here built into it so anyways this

is been the various page builders are landing
page builders for WordPress if you want to

just add some landing pages to your site it’s
super easy to do with any of these tools now

I have links to everything down below and
I’ve also created training courses on a four

of these different page builders and these
are paid training courses however if you click

in to the video description box and then you
click over to purchase any of these products

are one of those links I’m going to give you
access to these training courses whichever

one you bought soap it’s Elementor Divi Beaver
Builder or Thrive I’ll give you the training

course that corresponds with that page both
of you but I sell these training courses for

between 149 and 199 each you’ll get the one
that goes with the page near the landing page

builder that you choose and I make that offer
because I want to help you get the most out

of it and kind of make the learning curve
not be so steep up there all pretty easy to

use landing page builders for WordPress so
anyways remember my advice in the beginning

you don’t need to buy a landing page builder
if Yorty have a tool on your website that

you can use for it I’m just showing you some
of these options because even though you might

have a way of doing it it might be worth buying
a solution that will get you to the results

you want quicker and it will just be easier
to accomplish and that’s what I think Thrive

Architect or Elementor will do for you you’ll
be able to get to that result a lot quicker

so anyways I like to hear which of these builders
do you think is the best in which one that

you’re having the most success with down in
the comment section down below hey thank you

for watching this video and I’ll see you in
the next one

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Man I’ve been on your website all day, lol! So much great content, and so thorough in all of your videos. I’m currently on a mission to eliminate a couple of things I’m paying a monthly fee for, and LeadPages is at the top of that list. What you said about OP made my jaw drop! I’m so glad I watched this video. Keep up the great work you’re doing here. Anything I’ve seen here that I end up purchasing will definitely be done via your links.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hey Ron, so glad to have you here. And also glad you were saved from going the OptimizePress route. An interesting tidbit of info to add is right now Thrive Architect is beta testing their A/B split testing feature. I have used it and can say it is the best I have used. Only if that is important to you for landing pages.

      Feel free to ask any specific questions in the Forum.

      1. Hey Adam!

        I have an e-book, one 45-minute video course and one video vocal training course right now. I also plan to launch a new monthly course this year. My problem is I’m using LeadPages for the sales pages and landing pages, Get Response for the e-mail lists,Viddler for the video hosting and a membership plugin that’s no longer working well for me and apparently no longer being supported by the owner.

        So I’m researching now looking for the best way to consolidate all this stuff in as few components as possible. LeadPages and Viddler have to go for sure. And I’m over the membership plugin. They’ve failed me as far as I’m concerned.

        I’ve seen a couple of membership platforms that include hosting so I considered those. But mostly I’m running into either price issues or feature issues. Thrive Membership seems great but they don’t offer a monthly option. So if I want to use any of their stuff I’d have to buy it one product at a time, as the yearly and quarterly options don’t work for me.

        Vimeo sounds great for hosting but again, I’d have to pay for the year up-front and that’s not possible for me at the moment. Other than that it’s just information overload trying to figure out the best theme and page builder for me (which would eliminate LeadPages), and then the best route to take for my video hosting and membership platform dilemma. I looked at the membership platform you use and recommend but it’s way out of my league price-wise. MemberMouse actually fits feature AND budget-wise but still leaves me needing an option for the video hosting. I tried Amazon S3 but it’s just too complicated for me man.

        Anyway, I’ve been watching your vids most of the day, and while they’re all great, I’m having a tough time figuring out the best move for me right now. Information overload I guess. Which theme? Which page builder? You made them all sound good!

        1. I am not sure what your timeframe is and the volume of transactions but here is my stack and it is going to get even easier over the next 2 months:
          LifterLMS for selling and delivering my courses, its free but you will need to buy an addon to add the payment gateway. It will cost $99, but I can give you a 15% off coupon
          Elementor which is free and there is a pro version which is $49
          Astra Theme which is free and there is a pro version for $59

          Ok, so you can get this all going now for free. LifterLMS has a manual way to sell courses, you can generate voucher codes that you give out when someone buys. You can sell directly on PayPal, then when you get a receipt manually email out the voucher code. Then when your finances are better, buy the payment gateway to automate it.

          For landing pages, the free Elementor is perfectly fine.

          Saved the best for last. Astra is building a pro extension for their theme that will essentially make LifterLMS visually look closer to Teachable.

          Or you can start with something like Teachable which has various plans and is an all in one solution. Depending on your plan with them, they take a cut of your sales.

          1. Good deal Adam. I was aware of Astra thanks to your videos. I saw your demonstration of how well it works with Elementor. Regarding an option for hosting my videos, I’m still looking for the best option. I saw a video you made about Voo Player but I missed the special price. Now the monthly fee is basically the same as what I’m paying Viddler.

          2. Yea they changed it. Every 6 months or so I reevaluate the various options out there for hosting video. I must say that VooPlayer still has my business even though it is a monthly fee. They have the strongest video security of any of the video hosting options.

            Also they have 50% off sales from time to time.

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