by Adam Preiser updated August 20, 2017

What Is The Best FREE Page Builder For WordPress


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Video Transcript

What Is The Best FREE Page Builder For WordPress

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from where I make videos

for non-techies like me and I asked every
now and then what is the best free page building

plug-in for WordPress and I just wanted to
answer that in this video now if you would

have asked me this question about seven months
ago the answer would’ve been very simple would’ve

been Beaver Builder which they have a free
version also paid version the free version

is generous you know it’s got some good features
to it however about was in January 2016 a

new page building plug-in came on the market
and in a guy I was attention to it but it

wasn’t until some of the features they started
adding about three or four months ago that

it really got me to take notice and I’ve been
using it and I am completely floored at how

awesome it is and the name of that plug-in
is element tour I don’t know if you’ve heard

of it it’s only been around for about a year
it has a team that is dedicated to its development

and is not just a one-man shop developing
some it’s a whole development team that is

of putting their heart and soul into this
plug-in and I’m sure the plug-in in this video

may actually using it and show you some of
the reasons that I really like it but here

is there a word press the page that they you
can download the plug-in on

and right here is pretty interesting to note
there’s 20,000 active in stalls now that might

not it’s a huge number but it might not sound
like a huge number to you because there’s

others like Beaver Builder has hundred thousand
active installations meaning this plug-in

is used on 100,000 websites but here’s the
difference Elementor’s only been out for I

don’t know seven months eight months actually
to get back nine or 10 months where Beaver

Builder’s been out for almost 3 years so there’s
a huge difference there and all the momentum

is with Elementor for a good reason it is
a full feature free page building plug-in

that is a front end page building experience
I want to show you it has a template library

you don’t have to pay for it is there and
you can save pages you can save sections of

pages these are features that you would usually
find only in a paid version of a page of a

page builder so Francis would Beaver Builder
you don’t get templates with the free version

you pay for that but with Elementor it’s free
and out for seeming pages you can’t do that

in Beaver Builder but with Elementor it’s
free saving sections of pages you’ve got to

pay for that was Beaver Builder but with element
or it is free all the different modules with

Beaver Builder there’s really just a couple
that come with the free one in the one has

more but with element toward the hold nothing
back it is the most full-featured free front

end page building plug-in for word press so
let me just take you to their website right

here now if you started using it and it needed
support you want to come here and then click

on the support tab and ask support and you
can come your read through all the amazing

reviews that this plug-in has now their website
they have a blog section here that they’re

constantly putting the video tutorials maybe
at some point in the future you might see

me in one or two of them but you can go to
the blog here and you can see their tutorials

now some people in and I’m one of those people
my think lots of free page builder plug-in

how are they going to make any money to be
around in a year and these things start going

on in your head U Elementor is made by a company
that’s already making software for WordPress

and they’re making this page builder and Elementor
is a paid version of it that’s coming out

desk anew do some other things however they
haven’t held any features back from the free

version of it and a nice thing about that
is they’ll probably also have more of a priority

support channel with the paid version when
it comes out at some point in late 2016 and

I will definitely be covering that and using
it and showing you how to use it in some of

the features and benefits but the free version
is top top notch so here’s the blog you go

here and you can learn all kinds of different
things here one of the most amazing things

are in the sea from their blog is how often
they’re adding features to it and they keep

adding new features to make it the best page
builder that there is there’s things that

Elementor does that I wish you the paid version
of other front and page builders did its if

they just hold nothing back so I’m not talking
about it let me just show you it so right

here is the page I’m building if you follow
my channel for any time you know that I put

together these done for you templates and
about four months ago I released 104 launching

online courses and I am redoing that template
the first one was with Beaver Builder this

one’s going to be using elemental work in
the results I’m getting our amazing there

do you just can’t even compare so this is
the homepage I’m not anywhere near finishing

this in and I hope to have this live in a
couple weeks and if you are interested in

adjusted my website you could see it but you
can just see how beautiful this page is this

home pages here and have information on the
courses done in Europe in our pricing table

and this is all with a free front-end page
builder it’s amazing so sick a look at it

so your I am on the backend of this template
that I created let’s go ahead and going to

pages and then let’s take a look at my logistical
look at the homepage so I go and click on

home click right here on edit with Elementor
in his can open up in the Elementor page building

experience now all page builders kind of have
the same theory you have sections and in the

sections you’ll have rose and then rose have
columns the new droppings in these columns

in the sections is not background images with
the elements were they also if you put background

videos there so many things you can do here
they hold no feature back but with Elementor

you got their panel right here that’s always
fixed on the left if you want to see a preview

of what you’re doing you can hit this little
arrow in a kind of makes it high but you can

see it’s right there and I can reveal the
Elementor panel again and this lets you look

at your website without having to save and
refresh and all that kind of stuff is one

of the benefits of having a front end page
builder so when you first open it you see

this a list of elements that you can add anywhere
on your page so much as quickly look at them

with enough columns and had an interesting
a few see many other free page builders you

know they have like three or four modules
in and just keep that in mind when I’m reading

through and looking through some of these
modules you’ve got headings images text editor

video buttons dividers spacers image boxes
you can drag-and-drop Google maps and you

can out these icons and icon boxes image carousels
image galleries think about it guys this is

free all of this is real or not holding anything
back you can have a list of icons counters

of progress bars you know the counters are
the numbers go up testimonials module tabs

accordion, and this is free toggle switches
social icons alert boxes or click on a cool

and then you can embed like sound cloud and
is shortcodes for bringing content from other

plug-ins in HTML menu anchors and you can
also put in some of these WordPress widgets

and it will take you maybe 20 minutes if you’ve
used any other page Miller might take your

20 minutes to get use to Elementor but it’s
real simple so this right here is a headline

if I click on it on my mouse it pulls up the
settings right here on the left and I can

go ahead and change any of the text and then
right here I’ve got control of the style that

would be the colors and the topography the
sizes and then I got advanced tab where for

this element I can add spacing above and below
and a lot of the other modules are to be the

same I could just click on it and start editing
it here but what’s interesting is why all

these elements that involve spacing and size
you’ll see the slow icon there and its icon

of a desktop so I click on it I can click
on this is an icon of the tablet and then

this reveres an icon of a mobile phone so
what this means is you get device specific

editing of every element in every aspect of
an element or page now this is something that

most of the other page builders do not have
I know Debbie has it and it is a paid pager

builder it out to be has it but Elementor
has us and it is so easy and so was really

nice about it is font sizes so I got a very
large font here but on a mobile device might

want to make it smaller so I can go here to
style and when I see the size here of the

fonts I can click on the mobile here and then
what it does is it shows me the mobile view

of this page right here and it already has
it at a lower size but I can change it even

further so I wanted to be 30 pixels or whatnot
what’s nice about this is how easy it is to

get a perfect looking page and it doesn’t
matter what device you’re using you can perfected

for desktop perfected for tablet and then
perfected for a mold device and that is very

important because right now most websites
are getting about half the traffic on mobile

devices so giving you this ability to modify
things in detail like this is pretty darn

amazing so other some icons you’re on the
bottom of element tour in this second one

here is what’s called responsive mode when
I click on it I can see with the page looks

like on a tablet or on the desktop and mobile
so you get this fine attention to detail with

being able to change things depending on the
device it’s always good to be using when they’re

on your website that’s pretty amazing guys
so here I can just click on this right here

and start editing the content right here is
the module where there is an icon and then

it set was known as an icon box I can click
on it I can choose a different icon right

here if I wanted anything you see you can
edit or change so here’s the title and then

here’s the contents and you can change the
alignments so you can do whatever you want

to accomplish this is one of the nice things
I like about you can also move things around

so if I wanted to say move this column around
I can drag and drop it wherever I want to

do that in the same thing goes for here I
can just drag and drop it wherever I want

to drag and drop it your full control over
the background colors images videos you can

do whatever you want with the background and
so I’m really loving this now one of the amazing

things that really got me to take notice of
this and really appreciate this is the very

best free word press front end page builder
is the ability to save your pages as templates

but save sections of your page that you can
reuse on other pages of your website when

we show you what I mean by this so if I click
on courses this is the template I put together

I have this area right here and it’s good
to be at the top of each page and it will

have two lines of text and image in the background
well instead of for instance with the free

version of Beaver Builder you would have to
manually re-create this on every single page

but with element or I can create it once I
can save it and then on the next page I can

just I can pull it out of that saved template
library and then just edit my text she can

see that right here and when I click on contact
its difference like that and it’s really easy

if I go on the dashboard you can see it’s
different so is different on each one of these

so is a huge huge time saver when we show
you how that’s done so you can save with call

sections so when I’m hovering here chose me
words is sections when I click on it I get

these options one of the options is to save
it so I wanted to use this design section

on other areas of my website instead of having
to re-create it every time I can save it and

then reuse it so when I click on the save
button it gives me an option here to just

enter a name and then I can click on save
and it’s that easy let me show you how easy

it is to add a saved element so I go right
here it’s on the bottom left next to the save

button it has a little folder when I hover
over this is templates might be hard to see

because of the way I have my recorder set
up when I click on it it shows me this option

to save this whole page is a template or I
can click on template library so I just clicked

on template library in here is the library
of built-in templates and since I’ve been

using this while he didn’t have templates
when I first started using it and then they

came out an initial batch and then recently
they added even more templates recently they

added this app template this law firm template
this restaurant template and this homepage

of fitness template procurement to scroll
down and I can use any of these page templates

I can just click on it and bam it’s right
there ready to go and be used and the templates

go on and on but there’s this other test here
this is my templates now when I click on it

I can see the templates that I’ve saved so
you see right here is a section that means

this is a save the section that I want to
use over and over and over again on my websites

and I can click on preview so I think this
page header is that one that I am using on

all the pages let’s see what happens when
I click on preview it opens up in a new tab

and he kinda gives me a preview obviously
it shows it in this little container here

and we know that it works full width on the
page that I would go on but you can preview

it is well deleted and I can even exported
so what’s gonna be nice him to be using Elementor

extensively to give you guys my viewers free
website templates so I can build it no mentor

exported and then make that available to you
and all you have to do is click on important

you have your fully designed website Roy needed
to change her image and change images and

change the text on the site so I’m in a be
able to do that because element or hasn’t

held any feature back when it comes to their
page builder this is usually feature you’re

not gonna get for it from any three-page builder
and you have paid page builders that don’t

even have this functionality in it so it’s
pretty astounding what you get a minute click

on the X here to make that screen go away
now there are some other things that they’re

working on if I click on the top left here
this shows me some of the Elementor settings

so there you have global colors I think the
features already working in global fonts what

this means is you can come here and change
your fonts globally on your page in her colors

globally on the page which is going to make
it really easy for it to adapt to what you

want in the styles that you want in this is
also something you don’t even get with paid

page builder plug-ins comes a color picker
actually didn’t know this okay and it’s nice

actually have some color palettes built in
their let me go back there to have a revision

history that will give you the ability probably
to undo right now there is in the undue ability

and there but most page page page builders
don’t have that either so it looks like the

beginning that if I wanted to delete all the
content on this page and start new I can go

ahead and click on this button here and if
I want to get back to my elements I can go

right there and it’s it’s as simple as it
gets guys you want to drag something into

your page like for instance a video all I
would have to do is find what I wanted drag

it in place it where I want you can see right
there with the blue that’s where it would

drop if I wanted it there and I can drop it
right there no I don’t actually have market

it has a video placeholder but I can click
on it right here you can change your URL if

you wanted and you can change your aspect
ratio and I’m sure it’s pretty easy to change

your size right here of this video so anyways
and that you want to get rid of something

I can go ahead and click on the X and then
delete it and I just deleted that one thing

so anyways this is been my recommendation
and my review of element tour which is by

far the very best free WordPress front and
page builders, tongue twister to stay like

that now I do have a link down below that’s
can it take you to a page on my site definitely

dedicated to Elementor’s could have all my
training videos there all the resources their

resources to free templates it’s all gonna
be right there you can also go to that page

and you can sign up on my email list so when
I have new information on Elementor I can

contact you that’s purely optional you don’t
have to do that click on the link go to my

site now I am developing a course for element
or I would be giving that away for free when

people purchase the paid version of Elementor
which will be coming out in late 2016 so if

you’re seeing this video and it hasn’t been
released know that’s coming but if it has

been released you’ll see information on my
website about that and I’m excited to see

what happens with Elementor I’ve seen it mature
just leaps and bounds over the last six months

and it could be billed by a better team of
developers I’ve had conversations with them

and I really believe in in this front and
page builder in it will disappoint and all

of my love for you templates for 2017 they’re
all going to be built with element tour before

you go I have something for you and before
I get into that I wanted to ask you to do

something for me to give me a thumbs up on
this video and if you’re not a subscriber

click on the subscribe button right beneath
me if you have a question on this video be

happy answering you can also leave a comment
or question down below this video hey I put

together a course just for you and him and
they give it to you for free all you have

to do is click on the button right here on
the right is called the three steps to WordPress

success is an awesome course you’re gonna
love it I would love for you to join in and

enroll as a student in this base for watching
this video I really appreciated and I do it

just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hi Adam:

    Great as usual!

    Where do you host your private videos? AWS (S3+CloudFront), Vimeo, Wistia, other?
    What video player do you use?


    1. On the front end of my website I just yes youtube. For my courses, I have a video on it, just search the blog for video and you will see exactly what I use.

  2. Wow, that’s amazing Adam.
    Thank you for the great information- as I am a non techie and you are speaking directly to me.
    I appreciate your training and your viewpoint on these products.
    I plan to change our website to use this program to make it more effective.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I wish you the best of success in building your new website. Pretty soon I will be releasing a whole new batch of done for you templates that will make the process much faster and easier.

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