by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

How To Setup A WordPress Staging Site


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Creating a staging site of your website is the key ingredient in avoiding and resolving problems fast. For me, because I have so many things going on with my website, it is common for one plugin to cause a problem with another plugin.

In fact, most problems you will encounter with your WordPress website are not caused by what you think it is. The best way to solve WordPress issues are to create a staging version of your website, then start testing.

In this video I will show you a 1 click solution to creating a staging version of your website.

Video Transcript

In this video were to be talking about setting
up a staging area for your WordPress website

in order to talk about why you want to be
doing this a free and super insanely easy

way to do it were to go through it all in
this video hi my name is Adam from

where I make WordPress tutorial videos for
non-techies if you knew your consider clicking

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to let you know when I have a new videos were
taught about website staging today and that

is the process of taking your WordPress website
creating a clone of it that you can log into

for testing purposes or for updating purposes
typically testing and so this is actually

the ideal scenario if you’re running to get
into any problems on your website and what

you would want to do is set up this staging
area then log into the staging area and then

hack away added to try to find out what is
causing the problem that you’re having with

WordPress if you’re the problem usually tends
to be because maybe you installed a plug-in

recently or there was a recent plug and update
or you change some setting recently on apply

gate plug-in and that’s what’s causing the
problem in fact that this actually happened

to me the other day on my website there’s
a login area and for some reason when people

were logging in and using the wrong login
name or password and then hitting log in it

just would refresh the page wouldn’t let them
know what they did wrong so they can have

an idea did I put the wrong username to put
the wrong password it wasn’t letting them

know that it was a big problem for me so what
I did is I create a staging set up I copy

everything to it or push everything to it
which is what I want to show you how to do

in this video that I went through all my plug-ins
I immediately disabled all my plug-ins and

then I tested it and then that problem wasn’t
there anymore and then I went through the

process of activating my plug-ins one by one
are usually like two or three at a time and

then testing and seeing if the problem came
back then I was able to narrow down which

plug-in had the problem and then I could go
into the settings and so if you log into my

website now your notice you not have that
problem anymore because I did this process

of pushing the website to staging and then
doing this testing process the reason you

want to do in the staging areas because it
doesn’t affect your life website so you can

hack away at it make whatever changes you
want and it doesn’t affect what is happening

for anyone on your main website so having
the ability to create a staging website for

your where staging area for your website is
a crucial part of having a WordPress-based

website supporting your website making changes
to your website and also testing data plug-ins

for your website if you are following or if
you’re an Elementor user you know Elementor

to just came out in the Pro version of Elementor
two is about to come out and this is something

you might want to test in staging same thing
for Gutenberg on your website you want to

test this in staging such as jump into it
let’s go ahead and make a staging website

for your website when I’m dissing website
like crazy today okay so what were to do is

really use this free plug-in right here in
holy cow this is a free plug-in is called

WP staging I’ve actually had my eye on this
for a while and so essentially it’s a free

plug in your and install it and you will click
one button and boom it’s going to make a staging

website for you were to do it together in
this video and I’ll show you some of the caveats

along with that now it’s important to note
is that this plug-ins could give you one way

a one-way push is going to push your website
into a staging area for you to hack away at

it it’s not can it take what you changes you
make in the staging area and bring it back

they do offer a paid version of the plug-in
called WP staging Pro this will give you the

ability to then push from staging back to
your live website I will tell you though for

me I I never do that and so it’s not like
it’s something that you have to have I never

I never pushed to staging and then proceed
you want to push it back to my live website

now if I did want to do that and I was making
states significant structural changes in the

staging location at that point you can use
one of the difference backup plug-ins or something

like that to move everything to back your
life website if you didn’t want to purchase

this however I will tell you my own usage
I’m using staging just to find out what’s

causing a problem or to test a few things
and then I’m going back to my life site and

I manually doing it there so I just wanted
to touch on that so essentially just log into

your WordPress website go to plug-ins add
new and do a search for the word staging it’s

going to be the first result that pops up
go ahead install and activate it and then

when it’s going to do is is can add this new
option here this is WP staging let’s go ahead

and click on that right now let’s see okay
it is pulling up so here it is and you can

see I’ve actually gone ahead and already created
a staging site I just wanted to show you so

what you would do is click on right here it
says create new staging sites and then it’s

gonna pull up this area right here we could
name it so you could maybe give it a name

what you want to do Jeanette and I want to
keep a bunch of different stage the versions

of your website you’re pretty much can you
want to create one test what you want to create

and then delete it so you can name this whatever
you want to the same thing every time it’s

not gonna really matter and then we have these
three more fine tune options one is database

tables you don’t have to get involved in that
it’s can automatically copy all your database

tables your files you don’t need to mess with
that the login options you do want to pay

attention to if you’re using some kind of
I don’t ever recommend this but a security

plug in that changing the URL to the login
of your website if you’re doing that or someone

that’s doing that then you might want to read
this I don’t ever recommend that because I

find that it security through obscurity and
it ends up breaking things so then you’re

just gonna click on start cloning and literally
that is it what it’s going to do is it’s going

to court create a new folder on your Web server
it’s going to push all the copy of the files

in there it’s going up it’s gonna make a copy
of the database and it’s going to be this

total playground where you can do anything
that you want and so it might take you maybe

three or four minutes it took me probably
about three or four minutes and then this

right here is what I was left with and it
was the completion of doing these four steps

and then it gave me this notice here about
permit links but then all I had to do was

click on this link this is the link where
the new staging site is so for me it’s show

the Pro two I named this staging
site E Pro two and that’s how I got that folder

name now this is one of things I really like
about this plug-in and then I noticed is a

problem with other plug-ins see if you’re
creating a staging site you don’t want anyone

to be able to view that staging site including
Google so this is what they do when you click

on this link and think you are right here
or there it is it’s going to be this message

is as access denied nobody is going to be
able to spider peak in on what you’re doing

in this staging site which I think is the
most important thing other tools fail in this

regard not even Google’s going to see this
an index any of the content is going to be

behind this wall which is actually very good
so then you’ll just click on this and then

login it will be your same login and password
as the site that you made the staging site

from Mrs. another thing that they get right
when you first log into your staging site

you can see from the URL there I’m in the
staging site it has instead of that that darker

colored admin bar at the top it’s got this
bright orange admin bar to let you know hey

don’t get confused this is the staging site
is very easy when you’re in your main site

your staging site to get a little confused
and then what happens is you screw up your

main website I’ve done that big everybody’s
pretty much done that you’re not can it do

that with WP staging you could see right here
it’s it’s unmistakable you got this bright

orange bar now what happens is depending on
the plug-ins that you have installed in your

website when you push it to a staging site
and then you first login some plug-ins might

pick up on the factor using a staging site
and give you some notices so you see right

here about this big notice right here from
LifterLMS it saying hey I know that this isn’t

your normal URL so should we just deactivate
all we were automatically going to deactivate

all the payment options for this staging site
so there’s no double payments that go through

automatically and things like that so you’re
probably going to get some of these notices

don’t worry about it though and pretty much
now you can pack away all that you want at

this and test things and deactivate plug-ins
activate plug-ins test new plug-ins and you

got nothing to worry about no one’s gonna
be able to login and see it so I mean it’s

really good alright so let’s jump back into
the night of the main site okay so this is

the site that we installed WP staging you
see I don’t have that orange bar anymore so

now when you click on WP staging it’s going
to show you a list of the staging websites

that you have created and it’s going to give
you the option to delete it and so what my

workflow is I create a staging site I logged
in and so maybe I’m creating a staging site

because I need some support I don’t have the
ability to resolve a problem and I’ll get

a login and that staging site give it to a
support company so they can log into the staging

site find out what is wrong so anyways whether
I’m logging in to fix something or and given

a login to a support company to fix something
what I would do now once it’s all done and

over with I would go here I would click on
this delete option and then delete that staging

site and that’s pretty much all there is to
setting up staging for your WordPress website

it is fantastic for troubleshooting I can’t
stress enough how when I notice something

is wrong with my WordPress website either
I’ve notice it or someone told me about it

when I end up doing is creating this staging
site I disable all my plug-ins and then I

figure out what the heck’s causing the problem
and then I fix it myself it’s a lot faster

way to get support will not support but to
solve my own problem and then if it’s a situation

where I genuinely need support from whatever
company I’ll create the staging site a temporary

log and give it to them let them hack away
at it then tell me what the fix was so that

I can manually apply the fix to my website
so that’s it it’s WP staging it is right here

it is free there’s nothing to buy just keep
in mind it’s a one-way push it’s not a two

way push if you wanted that there is a a pro
version of the plug-in that you can go ahead

and get if you do use this plug in the free
version and it works out well for you I’d

encourage you to head over to the plug-ins
page and leave a review for the developer

I’m sure that would make their day they’ve
really made a quality tool that is very useful

to just about anyone so that’s all I have
you in this video it let me know in the comments

section below if you’re currently using staging
in this way or some other useful ways of using

a staging area and maybe what other tools
you might be using for creating quickly creating

easy staging areas for your website hey thanks
for watching if you enjoyed the video give

it a thumbs up and I’ll see you in the next

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hello Sir,
    My name is Ivelt .I really enjoy your video. thank you .
    Let me ask you something. I have created a website three days after I can no longer access it from any devices connected to the same router. But with any other devices not connected to the router, I easily access it. Could you tell me what may happen ,please.


  2. Staging is extremely important and WordPress is no exception. Great article.

  3. Hi Adam
    Thanks for all the tips and videos. I’ve never used a staging site- didn’t know I could!
    On a separate note, I learnt today that there’s a sale on the Avada theme you reviewed a few days ago. $29.

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