How To Setup A WordPress Staging Site

Creating a staging site of your website is the key ingredient…

Creating a staging site of your website is the key ingredient in avoiding and resolving problems fast. For me, because I have so many things going on with my website, it is common for one plugin to cause a problem with another plugin.

In fact, most problems you will encounter with your WordPress website are not caused by what you think it is. The best way to solve WordPress issues are to create a staging version of your website, then start testing.

In this video I will show you a 1 click solution to creating a staging version of your website.


  1. Hello Sir,
    My name is Ivelt .I really enjoy your video. thank you .
    Let me ask you something. I have created a website three days after I can no longer access it from any devices connected to the same router. But with any other devices not connected to the router, I easily access it. Could you tell me what may happen ,please.


    1. Sounds like an issue with your hosting or your router.

  2. Ibad ur Rehman says:

    Staging is extremely important and WordPress is no exception. Great article.

  3. Marilyn Narotso says:

    Hi Adam
    Thanks for all the tips and videos. I’ve never used a staging site- didn’t know I could!
    On a separate note, I learnt today that there’s a sale on the Avada theme you reviewed a few days ago. $29.

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