by Adam Preiser updated September 24, 2019

How To Make A WordPress Website Fast & Painless With Astra Sites


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If you are wanting to make a beautiful website, as painlessly as possible, then I have a solution for you, the fastest way to make a WordPress website.

Look no further than the Astra Theme paired with the Astra Sites plugin.

Astra is the only solution that makes it point and click easy to create an amazing website in very little time.

Astra is the easiest way to make a WordPress website.

Astra Theme

Astra is a free WordPress theme that is focused on speed. Optionally you can purchase the Pro version for $59 which adds some additional settings and options.

Key Astra Theme Features:

  • Fast Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  • Lots Of Free & Paid Demo Sites
  • Newly Added Header / Footer Builder
  • Flexable Mega Menu Feature
  • Custom Layouts Options
  • WooCommerce Support

Astra Theme is a fair choice for any WordPress web design project. I suppose the biggest question is if you even need to purchase a theme these days as page builders are doing all of the same things you would need a theme for.

There are still some good reasons to purchase a pro theme, but for most people, they most likely will be fine with a free theme.

Astra being over 3 years old, in a sense, operates similar to Apple Computers. They wait for others to innovate and bring new ideas, then when a certain feature becomes expected, they implement it there way. This is not a bad thing in any way, when you are responsible for over 1 million websites, it good to be cautious.

Astra's free version offers very limited customizations when compared to other similar themes. So if you were not wanting to purchase a theme, you may want to look elsewhere if you want more options.

Astra Pro on the other hand is a solid choice of theme.

Check Out Astra Theme

Video Transcript

In this video and explain what Astra Sites
is and how you can use it to build a beautiful

website as painlessly as possible as pain-free
as possible in the shortest amount of time

hi my name is Adam up from where
I release a total content around WordPress

to help you get better results faster and
that is exactly what Astra sites is an Astra

sites does so here is the Astra website it’s
essentially a high performance a free WordPress

theme that is available right now for you
now what they’ve done know is they’ve created

an additional plug-in called Astra Sites that
is also free and it’s going to allow you with

just a few mouse clicks to have the most beautiful
website for you all pretty much done you just

have to tweak the logo here in a little bit
of text here and you really have built a beautiful

website for yourself in the shortest amount
of time here is what those websites that are

currently available look like animal to show
you here but in a moment we can actually go

into a fresh WordPress installation and put
this to work so here are the templates not

the first thing is you can toggle between
the page builder of choice there are two very

popular page builders Beaver Builder in Elementor
and you can toggle between the websites available

for each page builder a lot of these websites
will be available for both though so it’s

right here I have Beaver Builder selected
and we can scroll down and see these beautifully

designed websites that are ready in one mouseclick
and we can keep scrolling down now here’s

the thing these are more then just website
demos these I’ve seen website demos before

these are not like those these are really
designed for specific purposes in their pretty

much already ready to go I’ve seen a lot of
website demos and they just they give you

an idea of what you can do but they’re not
necessarily practical for real-world application

this is the opposite these are websites that
are 100% practical for real-world application

so we have these in various designs here for
Beaver Builder Dominus scroll up and I’m in

a click right here where it says Elementor
now there are a variety of website designs

here for you to choose from now some of them
are marked as premium in the premium designs

are only available in the Astra agency packages
that you can optionally purchase and the difference

between these designs and the other designs
is these ones are leveraging some of the pro

features of Astro that you only get through
purchasing the optional add-on professional

version it’s purely optional the free ones
that use the free theme are amazing these

are just a little bit more you can see primarily
with these three ones right here you see that

beautiful transparent header being use and
that’s one of the power features of the Pro

version of Astra so we have these designs
here as well using Elementor for WordPress

now you can come here and you can click on
any of these say for example this right here

this pet services website I can click on quick
view and it’s going to pull up the entire

website right here and I can look at it and
decide if that is what I want and you can

see these are just one page websites these
are multiple page websites fully created and

ready for you and him to go ahead and you
can click on this X here on the bottom right

to collapse that here’s a quick look at one
of their more recent premium website templates

on the click on the quick view here and this
is really unique it’s actually a website for

a web design studio that might be making and
selling these Astra Sites this is just beautifully

and masterfully designed right here okay so
enough of me showing let me actually show

you this in practice so if I go right here
first thing you’re going to want to do is

install Astra so we go to appearance and then
themes we will click add new and where it

says search themes were going to just type
the word Astra is going to pull up the Astra

Theme right here now this thumbnail image
may change it when you are actually doing

this but as long as it says aster right here
it’s the right theme go ahead and click on

install it’s just going to take a moment it’s
gonna download this to your website and then

go ahead and click on the activate button
so the first step is already done next step

is go to plug-ins click on add new in order
to do the same thing working to search for

the word Astra now there are a variety of
plug-ins that Astro is made for free and added

here these are plug-ins to add custom fonts
to your website do have some advanced developer

tools like hook areas but what work when I’m
in a do right now is just install Astra Sites

light to click on in stall now now if you
were someone that has the agency package there

is a plug-in that you actually pay for to
unlock the ability to install those premium

templates that I talked about so many go ahead
and click on activate here and now that is

activated so step two done now go to appearance
and we have this new option right here that’s

is Astra Sites when go ahead and click on
that and here is pretty much that same view

that we were just looking at but now the right
here in your website here’s the toggle between

Beaver Builder and Elementor based templates
over the page builders so why don’t I go with

a Beaver Builder template right now and there’s
also some sorting options right here to maybe

hope you find what you’re after quicker though
on the scroll down and choose a template for

me I think I’m in a go ahead and choose that
pet template right here for a pet services

to be perfect for dog walker veterinarian
or anything like that so I can also preview

it if I wanted to so many click on details
and preview it’s going to pull the template

up here in the right now all I need to do
is click this one button here that says install

plug-ins know what this is doing is this is
going to go ahead and install and activate

all the blocks and plug-ins that you need
in order to make this beautiful website some

to click on install plug-ins and it’s going
to just simply install these few plug-ins

ones gonna be Beaver Builder one is good to
be ultimate add-ons for Beaver Builder that’s

going to extend Beaver Builder a contact form
plug-in and that’s in a power the various

contact forms and then there is a widget bundle
and that’s what used to add the button in

the header there it’s just mind-boggling to
me though that were getting all of this for

free so far I’ve only done it three different
things I installed the theme I install the

plug-in and then I clicked this one button
choosing this website so now that these four

plug-ins are downloaded and activated all
I have to do is click on import this site

now you want to do this on a fresh installation
of WordPress if you do it on a existing site

it’s going to cause maybe some problems to
that existing site so here is this morning

just to let you know that I’m a go ahead and
click on okay now this is going to take just

another moment or two it’s going to configure
the menus for you it’s can and can just going

to configure everything for you contact forms
were all that you’re going to have to do that’s

left is use the page builder in order to change
these bits of text to change the images look

it’s already done and all of that sum to go
ahead and click done view site right here

it’s now opened it up in a new tab where I’m
in a be able to view the website and here

it is you can see the admin bar as I’m logged
into WordPress I now have a beautiful website

were all I have to do is change a little bit
of text and change a few images and it’s perfectly

designed just for me and here’s an example
we have all of these different pages of content

so I can click on and get in touch right here
and it’s all installed and ready to go and

when I look here there’s a beautifully designed
contact form and I didn’t pay anything for

this this was all included all done for free
pulling the best tools for WordPress together

all configured for you professionally designed
and there for you this is the fastest way

to have a website that is practical something
you can use right away this is the best way

to do it and if you are only ready for the
free version of Astra and one of these templates

now that’s fine later if you wanted to add
some transparent headers or you wanted to

add some of the numerous features that we
have available right here for Astra Pro sticky

headers pay a dynamic page headers control
over all of the colors that the website has

more topography options on all of these various
options when you’re ready for this you can

just come to the website purchasing and easily
added to your site when you are ready now

you have to agree there is no easier way to
have a practical website within five minutes

and this was actually much less than five
minutes now obviously you need to spend maybe

2030 minutes changing out text and images
but you would have to agree there is no easier

way to get a beautiful website right now then
with Astra or Astra Sites in the most exciting

part about this is this is only the beginning
the developers of aster are adding new sites

on a regular basis covering the most needed
niche is that people need websites for this

package this solution is infinitely better
than any of the other website building packages

that I’ve ever come across or website building
tools just taking WordPress with Astra and

Astra Sites is going to get you a beautifully
designed website pain free and very very fast

now if you’re not familiar with me my name
is Adam here’s my website I

have a very active channel on YouTube that
is all around*tools these various page builders

in various topics surrounding WordPress and
you can subscribe to the channel and there’s

a little bell if you click on that you won’t
miss anything now after you’ve installed Astra

Sites and you want to know how to use Elementor
come to my channel come to my website if you

want to learn how to use Beaver Builder come
to my channel come to my website because I

am making content around this each week new
videos are being uploaded therein to teach

you how to use these tools and get the most
out of them well that’s all that I have for

you in this video I want to thank you for
watching and I’ll see you in the next one

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Can you build custom layouts also for a certain type of archive pages or posts?
    Can you build a dynamic website only using Astra?

  2. Thanks your guide, it’s exciting.but with astra theme, how do reducing the size of featured image on blog pro? It always get the original image, so heavy

    1. Hmm that’s odd, I would think that it would use the smaller version. Have you reached out to their support? They even work weekends.

  3. How does the pro version work if you don’t renew after first year?

    1. Yep it sure does. You just don’t have access to support and updates, but it will continue working perfectly fine.

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