CrocoBlock Review 2024

by Adam Preiser updated Feb 23, 2024

CrocoBlock is a full suite of plugins to do amazing things with your website using Elementor. It offers tremendous value and is both beginner-friendly and great for developers.

Current Pricing: $59 – $229
Ease of Use

Ease Of Use


If you are familiar with Elementor you will have no problems using CrocoBlock.

Price Value Icon

Price / Value


Unbelieveable value on a comprehensive suite of plugins.




Support is responsive and eager to help.

CrocoBlock Pros

  • Innovative Plugin Suite
  • Beautifully Designed Templates
  • Pre-Designed Sections
  • WooCommerce Builder
  • Header / Footer Builder

CrocoBlock Cons

  • Some Of The Plugins Cause Performance Issues
  • Just For Elementor, But Elementor Will Be Around For A Long Time
  • Personally I Hate The Name CrocoBlock :-)

This review is mostly based on the plugins versus everything else in the subscription. I do prefer features found in other themes such as Astra, GeneratePress, and OceanWP.

CrocoBlock Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active CrocoBlock Coupon or CrocoBlock Discounts available. However, if you do purchase CrocoBlock through the link on this website, I will give you access to one of my premium training course which normally sells for $99.

CrocoBlock Review: Wrap Up

CrocoBlock is an outstanding value and adds features in a modular way. They keep pushing the envelope on what you can do with Elementor.

You should give CrocoBlock a serious look of you are an Elementor Developer.

CrocoBlock Alternatives

27 thoughts on “CrocoBlock”

  1. Hi Adam,

    I am Fiverr Freelancer. What you suggest, What theme is best to use for my client projects?
    As per my research, Elementor Pro and croco block is enough to fulfill clients’ need.
    Are you recommended any else?

    If i purchase the theme from your link, how I get to access to your course?


    1. Well if you have Elementor Pro and CrocoBlock your needs will be fully covered. You will still need a theme, you can look at using the Hello Theme or what I think is even better, the Kadence Theme. Both of these themes are free.

  2. Hi Adam, you may need to change this review for support point. They are terrible in supporting both the Facebook community or ticket support. Not only me, but many people also experienced bad support. It said that up to 24 hours, even more than 24 hours, they do not respond to your ticket.

  3. Hi Adam,

    I really admire the way you take the time to interact with your readers. You say Kava is garbage, did you have a chance to look at any of the other themes? I have Elementor Pro and am interested in using Crocoblock for both all the plugins and this theme that is based on JetBlog.

    The reason is that I want to create some magazine sites. I am sure that with sufficient training I could learn to do the same with a theme such as Astra. But I am a beginner, and being able to modify an existing theme would be much easier for me right now, and I have found very few elementor optimized magazine themes. Astra for instance, doesn’t even offer one. *However*, I don’t want to go the Crocoblock theme route at the cost of site speed being horrible, or other performance problems.

    Just to also give some Crocoblock feedback since I saw some above that is negative, I am lucky and have had the opposite experience. I purchased the Jetblog plugin and each support request was answered promptly and their own people also responded to every question I posted on their Facebook forum.

    Thank You!

  4. Hi I’ve been following you for some time and thank you for everything that you do, so much value in your vids. I’m going to purchase Crocco block now through the link on top lights and check out Crocker block how do I get access to the course you mentioned you would offer?

  5. hi sir
    may i know which plugin you used for adding (june 2019) in your all title automatically? and this helped you in seo or not?plz let me know

  6. Matthew Rideout

    I just tried crocoblock’s plugins for elementor, and they just don’t work. I requested a refund. The language used in the emails and help section lends me to believe this is a low-quality product with little care. On the other hand, my Astra Ultimate Addons for elementor have worked flawlessly.

  7. Hi Adam,

    Great article and content as always. I was searching for “sticky sidebars” and Elementor / Generatepress.
    The thing is the sidebars will be unique to the post, ie probably need 5 different sidebars.

    Do you have any recommendations?

  8. Hey Adam,

    Still no video here… When you stated that the CrocoBlock theme was garbage above, were you talking about Kava Pro or is this a different theme? I really like their lineup of plugins for Elementor but I was wondering about the Kava Pro theme that comes within the subscription. I currently use Astra Pro and love it but didn’t know if this was something that might be competing with it in the future for the best theme to use with Elementor because their plugins are so amazing.

    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  9. Hi Adam, thank you for this review. I’d love to see your video review and I wonder if you are still planning to upload it back.
    I would like to know if you think the Crocoblock package is a solid one in terms of quality.
    Do you think JetEngine makes sense? Does it work with custom fields and custom post types built with ACF or Toolset?

  10. I’m currently looking for a theme and addons to use with Elementor Adam. Would you still recommend Astra plus plugins over Crocoblock? Many thanks.

    1. 100% I would not use the CrocoBlock theme. Hands down, it is lousy. They plugins are interesting of course, but the theme is garbage. I would say that very few of their customers use that theme. For the addons, they all a lot of new features. I personally don’t use any of them, but do use Ultimate Addons for Elementor because its more refined. However it depends on what features you need, most don’t even need an addon package.

      You can’t argue that you get a lot for a low price.

      1. Thanks a lot for the heds-up Adam. I’m going to go for Astra + addons.

        I’m currently using Thive Architect with different themes and want to standardise. I use TA mainly for landing pages and from what I’ve seen, Elementor lends itself more to full blown websites, so I’ll give that combo a try.

        Great site and youtube channel by the way. Cheers

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