Divi Review 2024

by Adam Preiser updated Feb 23, 2024

Divi is one of the original theme & page builder combos for WordPress. It has been around for many years and because of that, it has a huge userbase of fans. It boasts many innovative features that are unique to Divi.

Current Pricing: $89 – $249
Ease of Use

Ease Of Use


While some aspects of using Divi Builder are easy, overall there are too many options crammed in that it can become overwhelming quickly.

Price Value Icon

Price / Value


Divi is an incredible value, especially when you consider that you can still purchase a lifetime license and use it on unlimited websites.




With many support channels, for most issues, Divi will have you covered. Sometimes support lacks a personal touch.

Divi Pros

  • Front End Page Builder
  • Hundreds Of Templates
  • Inline Text Editing
  • Comes Bundled With A Theme
  • Responsive Editing
  • Global Elements
  • 40+ Elements

Divi Cons

  • Lacks Popup Builder
  • Shortcodes When You Deactivate
  • So Many Options, Almost Too Many
  • Very Glitchy With Longer Pages

When people say Divi, many times they don’t realize they are referring to 2 separate things. The Divi Theme & the Divi Builder. While you would only use the Divi Theme with the Divi Builder, you certainly can use the Divi Builder with any WordPress theme.

First, the Divi Theme is nice, but I find it basic. However, with Divi 4, your dependence on the Divi Theme is minimal as you can now create everything in the Divi Builder.

The Divi Builder is the most advanced page builder that I have ever used for WordPress. It has more options, more flexibility then all the others combined. In practical usage, I think its completely overkill and overwhelming at first, in a bad way. I think they want to accommodate their users and in this have given too many options versus making some decisions for their users. So just be prepared.

Divi Builder is a shortcode based builder. Most people already know this, I don’t like it, but you will have to decide for yourself whether that is a big deal or not. My issue with it is Elegant Themes could easily solve the problem, but they haven’t.

As far as templates go, there are a TON of them, again more then all the other page builders combined. They keep making them because they sell, but I don’t find them that practical or useful. Sure they are beautiful, but they are more for learning purposes versus practical usage.

Many people are attracted to Divi because they are the only WordPress page builder that offers a lifetime price, which will save you a ton of money over time.

Divi Coupon Discounts

The link above will auto applied a 20% discount on purchasing Divi. No Divi coupon necessary.

Divi Review: Wrap Up

I can see why people buy Divi. It has a lot going for it especially after the release of Divi 4 which added theme builder functionality which was lacking, but now it’s here.

I will say that the pricing and the lifetime option is very attractive.

Also, the Divi team over the last 12 months has become a well-oiled machine cranking out unbelievable features and enhancements. If that wasn’t enough, they also have pushed out an insane amount of free templates and a template manager for them. It’s a good value all around despite the issues mentioned above.

Divi Alternatives

28 thoughts on “Divi”

  1. It is really painful to work with it when you want to try to follow a predefined layout. I’m really disappointed. I have to keep rebuilding and re crafting and refactoring. I have no reason to recommend Divi over any other famous builder or multipurpose theme.

  2. Last I tried, the DIVI BUILDER was not compatible with the EXPLORABLE template offered by ElegantThemes..did not display the map. Support was aware about the problem for a few months too, but the error was not removed.

  3. Good stuff Adam,

    I’ve been following your channel on Youtube for a little while and find your insights really helpful!
    Nice to see a review on Divi which shows the good with the bad. It seems most people seem to hate Divi, I’ve seen quite a bit of negativity around it on Reddit but to be honest, a lot of the time it’s from developers who seem a little too upset that somebody can make an income with a page builder and not have to spend time learning to code (too much). This, IMHO is the point of a page builder is it not?

    Looking forward to future thoughts as more updates are released!

    1. Haha, that is so true. Code snobs, sure hand coding is the very best, but smart people know that ultimately its a waste of time and effort. And of course, most people have zero interest in learning to code, and that includes me. I rather put my effort into growing my business and hand-coding anything is a one-way ticket to the poor house.

  4. Great review – thanks. So now it’s Summer 2020 … would you recommend Divi over Elementor Pro? I’ve never used either so learning curve isn’t an issue. Have the comments others have mentioned re: speed and support improved since? ????

    1. Really it boils down to your preference with the editor itself and how you feel about the annual payment with Elentor and the lifetime payment with Divi.

  5. Hi friend
    Only one question i have in my mind
    Is divi good for seo?
    I just started my business and I’m going to make a website for my small business.
    What you prefer please advise

  6. Divi theme gets issues with projects and posts section, and they deal with these problems by saying that I should wait for their technical support. Time after time after time and problems still there, I get so many troubles with this.

  7. I started with Weebly – it was so easy to use very intuitive but I out grew it. A friend recommended Divi. I really want to like it but am regretting it. I do not find it intuitive …it is slow to load…technical help is over a day to respond…many of the tutorials are outdated and I spend hours trying to accomplish the simplest task…very bummed about Divi

  8. loving divi because i’m not yet a proeficient coder, so using it until that happens. It did really shock me when I downloaded it. I hope the new 4.0 update will solve many issues.

  9. I am a current user of the Divi Theme and Builder. The 2 biggest cons for me are the length of time waiting to open, edit and save. Also, the Divi Library does not truly separate content and design layers. For example, you can save either a global library item or a standard item. If you insert a global library item onto a page you can not edit the text without editing the text on all instances. If you insert a standard item, that instance will be a unique instance; in other words, updating the standard source item in the library will not update the other instances. A better solution would be to create a master as a library item. If you want to update/change the design layer, do so in the library. If you want to update the text/content you should be able to do that per instance without that text/content edit impacting all other instances.

  10. I regret so much ever started using DIVI.

    Mostly because DIVI builder is very slow to work with.

    Most of my I time use waiting for DIVI builder to load or save or refresh og freeze.

  11. Hi Adam.
    I have been using Divi for a year and I am looking at getting plug-ins for testimonials.
    Can you recommend any?
    Thanks in advance

  12. Hey Adam,
    Thankyou so much for your video! It’s given me a lot of useful info I need before choosing my next builder.
    I have seen a lot of reviews and comments re being “locked in” with Divi because of the issue of being stuck with shortcodes when moving away from it. I’ve been doing much research because this was a big factor for me.
    I did come across a plugin if having this issue called the Shortcode Cleaner – it looks like it cleans all shortcodes from frontend and backend – could be very useful for those moving away from Divi. I’ve read comments etc and all have been positive. Maybe this is something you could maybe mention if you do another update on your review? As for some of us, this is a deal breaker. Here is the link for the plugin: https://codecanyon.net/item/shortcode-cleaner-clean-wordpress-content-from-broken-shortcodes/21253243

    After viewing this plugin, I would like to get your opinion on whether you would still go with Elementor over Divi? Or is your top pick still Elementor?

    Besides that, I have read a few people say that Divi is very “slow”, they have specified if this is during creating the website or loading their actual site to view. Did you have any issues with the speed of Divi while editing or viewing frontend of your site?


  13. Anne Francis Scott

    Good information. I’ve been thinking about switching from Weebly to WordPress for a while, and have decided to take the plunge. I’m in shopping and research mode right now, so your post here has given me some valuable insight. Thanks for that! I was leaning toward Divi, until I read the con above about not being able to build custom headers or footers. That’s a deal breaker for me. If at some point you update your Divi comparisons, I’d be interested in your thoughts on Jupiter and UX builder. Thanks again.

    1. Yea that is not currently a Divi feature, but it’s being developed right now and should be available this year. I am not a fan of Jupiter because it uses Visual Composer for the page builder. It’s a pretty bad experience.

    2. I agree with the Header/Footer issue. Seems that Divi is releasing this in their new update happening soon. I’ve been using different themes all over the place and I find it very time-consuming. I’m going to jump in with Divi, here we go….

  14. in reference to elementor and what occurs after the 1st year, I asked them the same question is this is there response, “Hello Fernando, if you are buying Elementor Pro version you are getting 1 year of Support&Updates, after one year your license expires, however, the renewal is only 50% off the original price.After your license expires, all your existing project will remain intact. The difference is you won’t be able to continue to enjoy our premium support, Pro templates, and updates, which require renewal.”

      1. Hi Adam theme Divi now has many new features are not the same as before, now Divi added many new features such as new Css editor, code refinement, shader feature, filter features edit opacity as well as Photoshop, new edge features, and the Divider Shaper feature previously available on the Elementor as well as an additional 180 integrated layouts layout.And the number of layouts will increase over the next few months. I hope you will come up with a new review of this theme.Unable to admit that the Divi as well as many layout designers like today does not support shotcore but can this bug will soon be overcome soon Elementor I find it great but only one problem is to spend Every year instead of the permanent license as Divi I think if they later added a whole package to Elementor then it’s good to have many features like editing the text directly in the editor or compiling the call to action. While the Divi has been around for a long time, as the 0% and 50% scaling of the columns is on the Elemental sooner or later the Divi. Maybe Elementor is better than Divi, but I think the tool is not good at divi beard but another project I still use Elementor and mix with Astra is great

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