by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

How To Reset All Customizer Settings In WordPress


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Video Transcript

How To Reset All Customizer Settings In WordPress

I just a lot of settings in my WordPress websites
when I’m testing things out and I was looking

for an easy way to just reset everything back
in the customizer that’s worth a lot of themes

have all the settings you can change in a
friend really quick solution I just wanted

to shoot show you it real quick and it’s a
plug-in it’s right here it’s called customizer

reset and actually if you do a quick search
when you click on add new let me just show

you what that would be to center customizer
reset and hit enter and then here is and dumb

it’s been around for about a year but it doesn’t
have a ton of active installs and that’s probably

because you install it you use it you you
disable and delete it insults one of those

types of plug-ins so anyways Gordon activated
to show you how this works so on this WordPress

site I have the Beaver Builder theme and the
plug-in so let me go to appearance and then

click on customize now what the plug-in does
is it adds a new button right here that says

reset so if I’m in here and I change around
some settings so for instance let’s just change

one setting let’s go ahead and change this
top bar style from now rights to nap centered

it should move the logo into the center and
if I had a menu it would be here on the left

and the right, click save and publish so now
that one changes in there so all you have

to do to reset it is directed to reset all
your settings and the customizer is just go

back in and him and to click on this reset
button and after a dude it should reset all

the settings which we know I only made one
change move this back over here I’m in reset

suggest me this warning which is good and
that I’m a click on okay it’s been a reload

of my page and let’s see hopefully it worked
and I’m not wasting my time in this video

you know in a split second it’s just our reloading
the page and there is a move the back so this

is a real quick way to reset the site your
customizer settings in bulk for most website

themes I did try this and one other theme
and it didn’t work but it’s not as well of

a coded theme as the bill Beaver Builder products
so if you want to check out the Beaver Builder

building products of datalink down below in
the notes of this video now if you want a

direct link to this plug-in I got that below
as well that’s it for today’s video I love

to hear your thoughts on it in the comment
section down below please also give me a thumbs

up on YouTube that really helps me out and
if you haven’t subscribed it to the channel

go ahead and click on that subscribe on that
also helps me out now I don’t want you to

ever leave empty-handed in that’s why I put
together a free video course and just for

my subscribers called the three steps to WordPress
success now if you would like free access

to that course just go ahead and click right
here on the right thanks for watching and

I’ll see you in the next video

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hi,

    The reset button worked fine overall, but it did not reset the font in my heading (still in Roboto and in 16px). I changed the font to make a test, then hit reset… the new font was still there.

    I am using oceanwp. I wonder if there is a way to make a fresh install of oceanwp. When I delete oceanwp and reinstall it, it still has the customized parameters I specified, not the default ones.

    Thank you,
    Best regards,

  2. Is this plugin out of date? It doesn’t work with Divi by Elegant Themes. I need to reset all the settings and I’ve not yet found a way that works. The customiser within WordPress didn’t make the right changes to some of my pages, it seems to be faulty so I want to start again and just use css instead.

    Essentially, I wanted all my meta data for my blog posts in Italics but on one page it simply doesn’t work. Thing is, I can’t remember all of the changes I made using the customiser in the first place and I just cannot reset my website! I’ve installed the latest WordPress and the latest Divi theme and created a new child theme but for some reason it is clinging on to all the customiser settings.

    So frustrated. Are there any other ways to reset it all?

    1. Yea Divi is a different beast all together. I think they have their own import / export feature that may conflict. I would suggest a fresh install, export the default customizer settings, then use that to import when you want to reset.

  3. I am learning a great deal from you and really appreciate how simple you show it to be. So thanks!


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