Thrive Ultimatum Review & Launch Discount

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: May 18, 2017
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Video Transcript

Thrive Ultimatum Review & Launch Discount

This will be different type of video and it’s
good to be on a product that isn’t even available

yet and it comes out on this upcoming Monday
and I’m really excited about this plug-in

and I wanted to tell you all about it in its
called Thrive ultimatum and it’s a plug-in

that’s made by the same folks that make Thrive
the leads thrive content builder Thrive themes

and I made some videos about Thrive leads
and thrive content builder because they’re

just amazing products backed and built by
a really solid company that supports their

products and makes them massively better over
time so what thrive ultimatum is it’s a plug-in

that uses allows you to use a scarcity if
you’re selling anything on your website and

I really think this is gonna be a bit on the
revolutionary side of what you’re to be able

to do with your website I think this could
be one of those plug-ins that if you sell

anything on your website whether be a physical
product a digital product you sell a training

course or something along those lines that
this is going to be a plug-in that’s required

on any of those sites and basically what is
going to do is implement scarcity with the

products that you’re selling and what scarcity
is it simple you have a for instance a sale

on a product maybe it’s 50% off but they have
to make that purchase when ate within a specified

period of time and will be a countdown timer
and over time it may be that countdown timer

will say different bits of information to
just urge them on but once the timer runs

out they can no longer get that special price
and that is called scarcity in is actually

used in all types of retail but you might
not recognize it like Prince is a coupon that

has an expiration date and you know I gotta
use this before that expiration date there’s

all types of examples in real everyday life
for scarcities being used and this will allow

you to use scarcity on your websites and I
know for me I’m in the process of a launching

a series of online training courses and this
is going to be a great plug-in to have so

I have a screen capture images of how it works
to try to give you a better idea of what it’s

going to include and how powerful it really
is so let’s take a look at some of those screenshots

right now all right here is when you have
installed your to see the option right there

Thrive ultimatum majority of the Thrive product
your unit see this Thrive dashboard and I

have this on all of my sites and I I use the
threat products on all my sites and right

here is the different types of scarcity campaigns
that you’re going to be able to add to your

website so this right now they have for campaign
types with will be adding more camping types

after the launch of this product you have
a one from scratch were you can build it all

out yourself there is a seven-day offer there’s
a Christmas special what that means is as

a for instance on a communal black Friday
for example that’s that right after Thanksgiving

in the United States they call it by Friday
where everyone has massive cells where you

can put your your scarcity promotion in for
Thanksgiving black Friday time in it will

just run every time that year Celeste with
the Christmas special campaign is in any of

your end of the month a special tribunal to
choose a different camping type and then right

here you choose kind of the settings whether
you wanted to be sitewide with with firm dates

or if you want which I think I’m going to
be using it in most people be using it as

sort of an evergreen type of campaign and
there’s another one right here which is site

sitewide with rolling dates and then you get
to choose your designs-this is where you want

the scarcity elements to go where they wanted
to be a ribbon on the top of the page or you

want on the bottom or if you wanted to be
a widget now I want to have these six templates

right here but I’ll never thrive in giving
example I have this right leads product and

it launched with now just a few landing page
that sorry pop-up templates in different often

element templates and it has grown massively
in the last 12 months so I’m pretty sure overtime

they’re going to be putting way more templates
into this and they never stop they just keep

adding templates so this is the different
templates that doesn’t have a launch and here’s

what it looks like when you chose a template
and you’re editing it you get to use that

very familiar Thrive content builder interface
with the bad that the sidebar there with all

the elements you can just drag and drop in
and this was really neat you can our time

I so say you’re having a seven day offer you
have seven days to take up this offer we you

can have that banner dynamically change based
on how far they are into those seven days

so good examples in the last 12 hours you
can say hurry you have 12 hours left and you

can make it automatically switch what is shown
to that in you can have as many of these as

you want so on this one there’s two days left
to say we got two days left don’t forget about

this and etc. etc. you know you can create
whatever you want but that is pretty amazing

and this right here is one of the widget template
so you can just drag-and-drop this widget

into any of your widget areas and what was
really nice right here is obviously you can

have multiple campaigns running at the same
time and if there’s a visitor on your site

that is eligible for two of these different
campaigns you can prioritize which one campaign

they get and you can just drag-and-drop these
left or right is pretty slick I saw the demo

video of this product and was really nice
is if you use right leads it fully integrates

with that so you can put someone right on
one of these campaigns the minute they submit

their information into one of your Thrive
leads capture forms so this is I think you

to be one of those pillar WordPress plug-ins
that you have to have on your site if you’re

doing any kind of e-commerce commerce or selling
anything and on Monday when I have my hands

on this plug-in under the do a full video
review of glycerol the settings and configuring

it now put that out to you if you want to
check out the information right now I got

rolling down below this can it take you to
some information on this I know they got a

prelaunch going this week were there to have
different bits of information and training

getting everybody prepped for this product
but it is good be pretty amazing how look

out for my review on Monday and if you’re
watching this in money is already past I have

a link right here in the annotations that
will take you straight over to that full review

and like I said if you just want to jump over
to the product page it’s good to be down below

the price is going to be I think 60 some dollars
like that up to 97 so don’t be an unlimited

site license and what I love about the Thrive
products are when you buy a plug-in from the

war theme or any product from them it includes
lifetime updates and what that means is see

two years from now they got a new update you’re
going to get that update a lot of WordPress

developers these days only include one year
of updates in one year support now thrice

seems there a business that has excellent
support so you do get that one year support

and there’s a small fee to get another year
support if you need it I do not need support

but I really want the updates I would especially
when it comes to thrive themes product because

when they do an update their adding features
over and overwriting more and more and more

features I want those features but I don’t
want to have to keep paying for it every year

so I love the way they do business you get
lifetime updates and you get one year support

and that actually works perfect for me so
anyways how look at it now we’ve got link

cycling style and show notes and I’ve got
a full video review coming up soon that’s

it for today’s video I love to hear your thoughts
on it in the comment section down below please

also give me a thumbs up on YouTube that really
helps me out and if you haven’t subscribed

it to the channel go ahead and click on that
subscribe on that also helps me out now I

don’t want you to ever leave empty-handed
in that’s why I put together a free video

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right thanks for watching now see you in the
next video

Adam @ WPCrafter

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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