by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

How To Move A WordPress Website To A New Web Host Or New Domain Name


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If you are developing websites on your local computer you will want to move it to your live web hosting account at some point.

Or if you want to start using a different domain name, or change website hosts, you need a way to move your website.

That is what this video is about, how to easily move your website to a new web host, a new domain name, or anywhere really.

Video Transcript

In this video me to show you how to migrate
your website move into a new home hi my name

is Adam from where I make WordPress
videos for non-techies and if you enjoy the

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when I upload new videos now this is actually
a video that people been asking make for a

while and I’m very sorry that I haven’t made
it up into this point and I want to show you

essentially how to migrate your website from
either if it’s on your local computer it you’ve

been dealt developing it you want to put it
on your Webhost or maybe you are moving from

one hemp Webhost to another web hosting provider
your to be able to do that after I show you

how to do it in this video if you don’t already
know how it’s actually very simple process

and let me show you here Diane Laidlaw I am
a subscriber of her YouTube channel and she

actually just made the same video that I’ve
known that I wanted to make for a while but

she just made it two days ago and I like gosh
I better make mine I totally for God and spaced

on it so essentially she’s actually had a
lot of influence on my YouTube channel we

were having a private conversation about my
some of my video ideas and if you remember

just a few months ago I released an entire
video series it was 20 or so different videos

on how to create an online course and is actually
her suggestion to slice those into separate

bite-size chunks videos versus having one
big epic video was her idea so put a link

to it in the description box down below to
her YouTube channel so essentially a few months

ago I made a video on how to develop websites
on your local computer and by far the very

best way to do that is with this free program
called a local by fly will as a matter fact

I’m using it here it is right here and you
can see a list of my websites that I’ve been

developing right here most of its for testing
purposes that’s why it’s his demo Beaver Builder

and all this kind of stuff and I use this
to test everything now but this does is it

puts WordPress on your local computer and
it makes it so building a website is a lot

faster because you’re not slowed it down based
upon your Internet connection they actually

just recently released version 2 of it it’s
a lot more beautiful it visually looks a lot

nicer and it’s just an excellent program is
free for a Mac and for APC income right here

to download it for free I think you gotta
give them your email address anything in the

future there and I have some paid version
of it but I can’t see anything in the paid

version that I would really want to purchase
because the free version is perfect but the

challenge with this is is now that you have
built this beautiful website but it’s on your

computer how the heck do you get into your
web hosting provider or if you’re on a web

hosting account how are you to move it so
that’s what I’m really going to show you how

to do in this video so here I am and just
on a website here now let me tell you there’s

more than one way to migrate your website
and I’ve tried all of the different ways now

be paid a way of doing it using the paid plug-in
I use the paid version of updrafts now if

you don’t have the page version of updrafts
that’s okay I wouldn’t suggest doing that

but me personally when I’m migrating a website
that is the tool that I personally use because

I already own it and I always use it now the
very best and most reliable free way of migrating

your website is with the plug-in were to use
in this video tutorial now I do want to let

you know I’ve tried all of the different plug-ins
in this is the one that works the most reliably

it’s the most well supported for this single
purpose of migrating websites so I really

actually have it installed here but let’s
just go to plug-ins add new and your to do

a search for all in one WP migration let me
just enter that now there is I’ve already

entered it in and here is the plug and you
can see I’ve downloaded and installed it now

the thing about this plug-in is when you install
it and you go through sub something to show

you you can then remove it you don’t have
to keep this installed on your website I do

not recommend this as a backup solution either
a backup solution you want to have be this

automated process this is manual in order
to get this migration package of your website

you have to login and click a button so this
is not a backup solution just so you know

is another one here called duplicator actually
I should check it out I think I try to before

and it didn’t quite work out for me all-in-one
migration has worked flawlessly for me so

this is the one that I’ve always used okay
so once you’ve downloaded and installed it’s

it’s going to be right here all in one migration
now I do want to let you know that there is

add-ons available for this I don’t necessarily
think any of them are needed let me actually

show you their website right here it’s a server and these are different add-ons so

if you wanted to have it go to dropbox or
Google drive or something like that there’s

all these options for that however I doesn’t
really make sense to me if I’m going to migrate

my site I think it just makes more sense to
click the button download the file and then

uploaded to the new location of your website
so I don’t necessarily think you need actually

any of these add-ons so there is a one small
caveat as well with the free version of this

plug-in it limits the size of what it will
allow you to migrate to 500 megs or less now

that is probably going to cover most sites
by far most sites even my own site that has

hundreds of images tons of content videos
and all that my very own site it would it

would be under that threshold now I will show
you a way around that so essentially what

you do is you go here to where it says export
it says export to you click on this little

area) then here’s all the places you can send
it to go ahead and choose file so when you

click on that is going to do let’s little
spinning bit and then they’ll be a button

that will allow me to download the backup
file up and there it is already’s you can

see the size of this backup was only 44 MB
all this is just a test WordPress install

that I’m using lately so then you would just
click on this button and it just is going

to download the file to your computer now
the same and then you can click on close let

me show you what to do just in case if your
backup is going to be larger than that there’s

a little code modification that you can make
so depending on where your website is some

web hosting providers or WordPress themes
might restrict access to this but if you notice

when I hover over plug-ins there is this editor
option all you have to do is click on editor

like that and you would see right here this
drop-down and this can be a list of the different

plug-ins on your site you want to choose all-in-one
migration now since the first letter is a

most likely it’s going to be what immediately
pops up unless alphabetically you have a plug-in

that would come before that so what you want
to do is you want to click on this I believe

it’s the Constance file so you’ll click on
that right there and working them as work

actually modifying the code of this plug-in
to just modify the limit so we would scroll

down and it we are looking for where it says
max file size so right here will say max file

size eventually I think it was like down in
the melt there it is max file size so you

could see it’s almost halfway down and scrolling
down and right here is where that limit is

set so if we change this five to a higher
number like or maybe added a zero here just

to make this number larger then that you’re
going to be able to make a backup for a larger

site now here’s the thing the developer sells
an extension that does this for you I think

it’s like 69 bucks let me see it’s right here
is this unlimited extension and when I click

on it like this it’s can it take me to the
page it’s $69 a seller for $69 just for that

one ability I’m not saying don’t support developers
I think you should but if you’re just migrating

one website and maybe it’s just a little over
the that the threshold there’s no reason to

pay $69 for this one function just go ahead
going here and make the modification if your

web developer in your pushing and pulling
websites all day long maybe that’s a good

instance where you definitely want to pay
the $69 to purchase the extension to support

the developer that’s building the tools that
help you in your business but if you’re just

migrating one website just going here and
increase this number right here this Max file

size number then click on update file now
keep in mind that your editing the code of

this plug-in if there’s an update in the future
to the plug-in that will overwrite this modification

and you just need to make that modification
all over again and this is all a constantly

updated so this plug in might see an update
every week or two so just keep in mind that

just because you make the change right now
it doesn’t necessarily mean that the changes

going to stay after an update so now all you
need to do is wherever you’re migrating this

to so let’s just say your web hosting account
you would go to log into your web hosting

account and install WordPress there and then
when you login to WordPress it just can be

a vanilla installation of WordPress go and
do the same process go to plug-ins go to add

new and then install the same plug in the
all-in-one migration now what you’re going

to do differently is when you go to all-in-one
migration you’re not gonna go to export your

to go to import when you go to the import
screen all you need to do is drag and drop

backup right here in this is actually where
you see that limit right in front you the

512 MB limit I think actually will let you
make the larger backup but it might not allow

you to import it actually let me go back and
increase the numbers you saw was 512 let me

scroll down to where that option was and will
do a quick save I think it was right up here

there is max file size so we just put a zero
here zero like that, click on update file

and then I’m going to go back to that import
all-in-one them to go into import and you

can see now my limit is 10 X because I put
the zero at the end it’s now 5 GB limit nothing

circumvent them but you know it’s a free plug
in your love the modify code if they didn’t

want you to modify it then they don’t have
to distribute it or license it under the GPL

anyways so just go here and click on import
from you can drag-and-drop the file right

here or you can go ahead and click on file
and then the little slide down thing and then

choose the file and then what’s can happen
is it’s going to upload that back up and it’s

going to import everything unzip everything
and then what it does is it looks at the database

of your websites and everywhere word shows
the old URL to the website so right now for

this it’s is at example website.Deb everywhere
where it says that it’s going to replace it

with whatever the current URL is where I’m
installing this that’s really all there is

to doing that and then your it’s going to
bring over your same login and there’s can

be some instruction actually let me do it
when a okay some to go to import from let

me just do a drag and drop let’s see I have
it here on my computer I’m sure okay there

it is drag-and-drop like this and it’s just
going to upload it like that it’s going to

do preparing it and it’s not gonna take that
long because I in doing this on my local computer

is can give this warning here and this is
basically saying this is destructive everything

that’s currently on the WordPress installation
to be wiped out that’s fine go ahead and click

on continue and now it’s gonna start doing
its thing it’s gonna start extracting and

moving things were needs to go move the images
where the images go the plug-ins the themes

the post the pages all of that is gonna put
it exactly where it needs to go and then it’s

going to give you this message to say it’s
been done successfully you have to do this

one step do not skip this one step you have
to do something called the resetting your

primal links let me show you how to do it
right now you could also Google it it’s not

really that hard some click on close now if
you click on anything here it’s probably going

to take you out to the login screen so when
I click on posts of course is not doing it

for this video because I chest restored it
to the same place where I had this work anyways

when you click on anything it’s going to log
you out okay and then you’ll just have to

log back in and this would be the login for
the site not that temporary site it’s going

to be the login for the site that you’re migrating
then you need to go to settings and then you

need to go to permanent links and you need
this set your perm links right here essentially

have to do is click on save changes and you
are going to be done the section of the Permalink

structure I like to have but this is a dev
site that’s white says this but normally it

should be on that anyways and that’s it your
site should be migrated then what you want

to do is you want to look at the front end
of the website make sure everything looks

right make sure your images look at rights
and if it is you are set you have been migrated

just fine I have done this probably 100 different
times of this plug-in and before I use the

distribute these done for you websites and
I would use this plug-in and I would use the

websites that I bill I’d export and then I
would give it away and then I’d walk people

through this process of importing it works
every single time every single time it works

so you’re not can have any problem migrating
your website I do recommend local by flywheel

you’ll definitely want to go ahead and check
that out I’ll put links to everything down

below hey if you use a migration plug-in that
works really good for you once you go ahead

and tell us all about it down below in the
comments section also if you run into any

trouble doing this process after watching
this video leave a comment down below as well

and I’ll be glad to help you out

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hello Adam, i searched the web for this video (have seen it earlier) , and no i found it, it does not run the video 🙂 Could it be because the info about changing the “max file size” in the plugin editor (all in one wp maigration) is changed?

    1. Yes, YouTube removed it, but I am in the process of fighting to get it restored.

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