by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

How To Disable WordPress Update Notifications


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Here is the code that I used in the video.

// Remove update notifications
function remove_update_notifications( $value ) {

    if ( isset( $value ) && is_object( $value ) ) {
        unset( $value->response[ 'lifterlms/lifterlms.php' ] );

    return $value;
add_filter( 'site_transient_update_plugins', 'remove_update_notifications' );

Video Transcript

How To Disable WordPress Update Notifications

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from were I make videos

for non-techies and i’m going to something really
cool in this video on the show you how to

get rid of those annoying update available
messages for plug-ins that you either a don’t

want to update or be made you bought a one
year license the license accident has expired

and now you’re stuck seeing that there is
an update available and you have to look at

that forever I’m in a show you how to disable
that on a plug-in by plug-in basis okay now

this actually happened to me there is a plug-in
and this plug-in went from a a big perfectly

working version to a new version that I was
a huge transition a huge change and they removed

the features that were core features they
my things are broken and so it was best to

just not update and you know I want to have
to sit here and look at these update notifications

all the time and plus I have a tool that automatically
is updating my WordPress site for me anyway

so I wanted to selectively not update this
plug-in and that’s what prompted me to make

this video so what this is going to involve
is adding a custom function to your WordPress

website and K so first what you want to do
is let me to show your chemical plug-ins this

is the plug-in right here and even coming
to their credit and nominate cut them a little

slack here to their credit this is the version
I’m on now to not seven to their credit they

made this huge notification here and that
is to their credit however the fact remains

that most people they might not go over a
lot of people might not go here to do the

rest the theme I just click on this or go
to dashboard updates and so they’re not conceived

this notice and I don’t want to update because
the update is bad it makes things not work

anymore and I don’t want to have to look at
this so anyways what I need you to do though

is there’s more than one way to add a custom
function to your WordPress website now real

easy ways to download this plug-in called
my custom functions and that’s the way to

do this video there’s another way of doing
it where you can add it to your themes files

if you wanted you just go to appearance editor
and then paste it into your themes function

file the way you do that is just like this
editor and I have a child theme so I would

click on theme functions and then I would
paste it right in here that’s one way of doing

it the other way is with that plug-in you
have this new option that’s his custom function

so it’s depends on how you want to do it it’s
up to you now I’m at a pace that comes custom

function in an enema try to explain it a little
bit so, just pasted and might this not already

written S and I can’t take credit for the
site do like anyone else does I search on

Google for a solution I tested it I made made
it so would work for me and that’s it so I

got this line here this is really just a note
when you see these 22/is here that means it’s

a note and so here is the function the whole
thing now the only part that you would be

changing is this little part right here so
this is the name of the plug-in and this is

the file that is in the plug-in that is the
main file that gives all its information to

WordPress now this is the only challenging
part of doing this you need to find out the

folder name of your plug-in and then you need
to find out this file name now most of the

time it’s going to be the name of the plug-in
and then slash the name of the plug-in.php

now there’s a couple ways for you to find
this out if it’s a plug-in that you say can

download on just go ahead and
download it and it’s a bit abusive file unzip

it in the folder name will ask you to be the
folder name right there and then look at the

files inside more more times than not it’s
good to be the same name.php but here’s the

thing if I put this name in wrong I’m trying
a couple files if I didn’t break anything

it also have to try two or three different
files is not can it be that the deal so I

know for fact for this plug-in is lifter/lifter
LMS/lifter elements.php okay so now once I

paste this in and here’s a link if you have
more than one plug-ins that you want to remove

this notification for what you would do is
you would highlight this line put in your

clipboard then you would hit the enter key
and then paste it in and try to line us up

so it’s so perfectly formatted and then you
would just change this to be your second plug-in

that you don’t want that update notice now
like I said this is good when and updates

can break something and you know this or are
they changed it and things are can work the

same or you purchase something and you don’t
have access to updates anymore and you just

don’t want to be annoyed by it works great
for that now there is something to be said

about staying up-to-date with updates that
are out and if their security fixes and things

like that there’s something to be said about
that so just bear that in mind when you’re

deciding if you want to do this so I go ahead
and click save changes but I’m first to get

rid of this line so before it was prompting
me for the updates and so I click on save

changes this numbers ago from 3 to 2 and if
I go to words as plug-ins I shouldn’t see

it prompting me to update this plug-in anymore
so click on save changes you see this went

down to two and this went down to to know
when I click on plug-ins and I scroll down

you see it’s no longer asking me to update
and it won’t anymore and this is actually

really good solution for me I probably will
update at some point but it might not be for

six months because I don’t want to rock the
boat I need to thoroughly test it and they

need to you put some features back in and
work out all the bugs but anyways this is

all you have to do in order to block those
update notifications know what I’ll do is

put a link down in the notes below and it
will take you over to my website and I’ll

have to code right there were you can just
highlight copy and paste it and you can use

it to hide those update notifications of plug-ins
that you don’t want to update or unit you

don’t have a license for any more before you
go I have something for you and before I get

into that I wanted to ask you to do something
for me to give me a thumbs up on this video

and if you’re not a subscriber click on the
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I really appreciated and I do it just for

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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    1. You can do it with CSS that goes into a function. It’s very techie. It may be easier to notify the developer of that plugin so they can make it work.

  1. An even easier way:
    open up the plugin directory, find the php file in which the version of the plugin is mentioned;
    change the version number to a high number (i.e. Version 1.1 to Version 100.1)

    Done 🙂

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