by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

How To Create Unlisted WordPress Posts & Pages Only Viewable With Private Link


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There are many situations where you may want to have unlisted content on your WordPress website. They are not all marketing related, but I can think of many marketing related examples.

The problem is, most people don't realize that all WordPress content is discoverable via WordPress search. Whether you have a search box or not, the content is still discoverable.

In this video, I share with you the perfect solution to creating unlisted content that is removed from search, so the only person that can see it are those that have the unlisted link.

Video Transcript

In this video you share with you a really
cool utility that definitely solves a problem

hi my name is Adam from were
I make WordPress videos for non-techies and

I release these just about daily so if you
find some value in this video I would like

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by YouTube and I am going to talk about a
new plug-in it’s a free plug-in and it solves

a problem so let me first give you an example
of how something like this works with another

platform I don’t know if you’ve ever uploaded
a video to YouTube but when you upload your

video to YouTube YouTube then gives you an
option to make that video public or unlisted

now what’s nice if you make that video unlisted
I could take the link to that video and then

email or send that link to anyone that I wanted
to give access to that video however that

video would not be published in the YouTube
search or on my channel it would just be kind

of private but not it’s just unlisted and
now there’s a way to do the very same thing

with WordPress now there’s a couple reasons
why you want to do that so here’s an example

so you have an e-commerce store and you want
to put a product page up in together but you

don’t wanted to be accessible to anyone use
maybe like a private cell just for your existing

customer base and you want to send a Lincoln
only those people will have access to make

this purchase that’s a perfect example for
it if you are a marketer and you might have

some special one time offer or at a some kind
of an upsell that you don’t want publicly

accessible on your website you would want
this private link in order for that well X

let me take that back this unlisted link for
that so let me show you what this is and how

it works so here I am in the WordPress dashboard
you just go to plug-ins add new and then do

a search for this plug-in the name of it is
unless the post and pages now don’t be alarmed

it’s a brand-new plug-in that’s been with
sexy been used for a long time it’s just now

in the WordPress repository the last time
I did a video this early with the new plug-in

a month later they have 4000 people using
it and the numbers keep going up by the hundred

per day and so don’t be worried if this is
a very reliable developer brainstorm force

they have their plug-ins on hundreds of thousands
of websites so I’ve already gone ahead and

installed and activated the plug-in so let’s
go ahead and create a special page so to go

ahead and click on add new and let’s call
this special offer so I made my special offer

page and then I’m in a click on publish now
some people think well if I don’t take a link

to this page and put it in a menu or in someplace
in the content no one’s going to know about

it anyway and that’s actually false about
two years ago I made a video on how to steal

anyone’s content on the WordPress website
because what some people don’t realize is

whenever you publish a page or a post it is
now available in the WordPress search function

of your website suffice to go to the front
end of this website I have this little search

box right here and I can go ahead and search
for anything and it would come up so just

for example let me search the letter a and
then click on enter and what’s going to happen

it’s gonna show me every single piece of content
that has the letter a in it and there it is

there is this hidden special offer but we
don’t wanted to be available to anyone that

comes in search search is the website name
might be thinkable I don’t have a search box

on my website well it actually doesn’t matter
if you have a search box on your website or

not if you take a look at the URL it has the
website address/?

S equals and then whatever you’re searching
for so regardless if you have the search option

publicly available anyone can go and modify
the URL of any website and perform a search

and so the video I made two years ago is saying
how that you’ve got people that are creating

online courses and they think their content
is protected or safe because there’s no one

really publicly knows the URL but anyone can
go here and search on any WordPress website

and actually find this content that’s there
so this is how it normally works now let’s

see what happens when I go ahead and enable
this on list post so you can see her all it

does is add this box and I can click on the
check and then I can click on update so now

I’m in a go back to the front end and I’m
going to do that same surgeon just can put

the letter a in and then go ahead and hit
enter you can see it doesn’t show sample page

not special offer so that’s all there is to
making this plug-in unlisted content that

you’re creating and putting on your website
it’s really just a simple couple of mouse

clicks and you can have unlisted content on
your website now for you developers out there

obviously there is a way to do the same exact
thing with the writing a custom function but

to keep it updated and maintain it’s kind
of a pain in the rear end and actually that’s

what I had been doing up to this point there
are pages of content on my website that I

don’t want available in search but I do want
on my website so there’s this way of doing

it with a custom function but this simple
utility plug-in makes the process so much

easier in its is so practical so next time
you’re gonna run a secret sale or you have

maybe some kind of a secret piece of content
that you want available with a specific link

but you don’t want publicly available on your
site I think this a plug-in will be very handy

to use once again the name of this plug-in
is unless the posts and pages and you saw

how simple it is to use on your website

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. where is this plugin now? i don’t see it on wordpress anymore. The author Nikhil Chavan comes out instead

  2. When I install the plugin etc.
    To distribute access to a hidden page, do I simply send the URL?

  3. In the video the “special offer” link in the menu bar is still thereafter unlisting.

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