Best LiteSpeed Hosting

Unless you have been living under a rock ;-), LiteSpeed hosting…

Unless you have been living under a rock ;-), LiteSpeed hosting technology is all the rage in affordable hosting that doesn't completely suck.

Thats right, you can now get quality affordable web hosting on a budget, if the hosting is powered by LiteSpeed servers.

What Is LiteSpeed Hosting

All web hosting is powered by a “tech stack” and there are several common stacks that web hosting companies use.

  • Apache
  • LiteSpeed
  • Nginx

Just about all web hosting platforms are going to use one of the above server technologies.

Apache is old school and should be avoided when looking for affordable web hosting. Most WordPress shared hosting plans are based on Apache, you know those really cheap plans but your website loads very slow.

LiteSpeed is a replacement for Apache but its much more high performance. If that wasn't enough, they also include a comprehensive caching and performance plugin that works with their tech stack to make websites fly.

Nginx is the technology you will find on the most high-performance web hosting platforms such as SiteGround, WPEngine, Kinsta, etc. However, there have been many speed comparisons between LiteSpeed vs Nginx and they perform very similarly.

In my personal usage, LiteSpeed is easier to use for a non-techie and compatible with just about everything. Nginx can be a pain sometimes.

What Are The Best LiteSpeed Hosts

Even though LiteSpeed is fast, web hosting companies can still put too many customers on a single server making your website SLOW.

So there are certainly good LiteSpeed hosts and bad LiteSpeed hosts.

Here are my pick for the best LiteSpeed hosts (I'll be keeping this list updated)


GreenGeeks is a web hosting provider based out of California. They offer reasonably priced shared hosting and reseller hosting out of 4 different data centers.

Key GreenGeeks Features:

  • FREE Website Migration
  • FREE Domain Name
  • Litespeed Server
  • Free Caching Plugin Included
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

GreenGeeks is a solid choice for a web hosting company based on Litespeed servers.

Check Out GreenGeeks


NameHero is a unique web hosting company that offers faster than normal hosting based on LiteSpeed servers and includes lots of great features not found elsewhere.

Key NameHero Features:

  • LiteSpeed Based Hosting – Very Fast
  • cPanel Based Hosting
  • Proactive Security & Monitoring

NameHero is a rare gem in the world of web hosting. They are very reasonably priced yet offer a handcrafted hosting experience without compromises.

Check Out NameHero

A2 Hosting

A2Hosting is a US based hosting company that specializes in WordPress website hosting. They offer affordable prices, a stable hosting environment, and execelent support.

Key A2 Hosting Features:

  • Uses SSD Drives
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • US Based Support

A2Hosting is one of the top 3 WordPress web hosting companies that I recommend. If you want your WordPress website to have fast loading speeds without breaking the bank, then you should strongly consider a new hosting account with A2Hosting.

Check Out A2 Hosting

My Favorite LiteSpeed Host

After extensive testing of all these LiteSpeed hosting companies, I find the best performance from NameHero, but they are also one of the higher priced LiteSpeed hosts in the list.


  1. Sterling Williams says:

    Just signed up for a year of LiteSpeed NameHero hosting w your discount Adam! BIG UPS Now I’m w GoDaddy (VPS, Business Premier cPanel and a Managed WordPress 25 pack), SiteGround (3 GoGeek hosting packages w about 55 hosted clients), Hostinger (most of my WordPress demos are there) and NameHero ha

  2. Hey! Thank you for this short and crispy blog about hosting.

  3. Hello Adam:
    We are hosting at wpengine for about 1150.00/yr. We are on Apache. With our budget and 5 websites could you recommend a better hosting plan? Using Word Press. We are not super techs.

    1. Oh yea, you should look at Cloudways. Here is a tutorial on how to set up Cloudways the right way.

      The reason I am recommending Cloudways is, well I personally use Cloudways on this site, but it’s going to be very cost-effective for you without compromising on performance. Also, they have many innovative features that make having a WordPress website so much easier.

  4. Which hosting best shared or dedicated

    1. Well those two options are vastly different in price and performance. It’s like comparing a Toyota to a Porsche. Sure you can compare, but it just wouldn’t be fair.

  5. Thanks, Adam for taking the time and providing us with useful information.

  6. Does anyone know if SiteGround has any plans to add LiteSpeed to its hosting plans? Thanks.

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