How To Add Email Attachment Download Links To Elementor Forms

Earlier today, someone in the WPCrafter Facebook group wanted to use Elementor forms to send an email attachment to someone that fills out the form, and it's actually a very common thing that you'd want to do.

A lot of times you might be asking for someone's email address in exchange for some kind of a PDF resource or something like that, but when you add the element or form.

But when you try to use Elementor forms, nowhere do I see where I can basically just add an attachment.

Elementor forms has no option for attachments…

So sadly, someone that was trying to help this guy out said, Oh, use this add on package, but who wants to add another add on package to their website anyway?

This is very simple to do. I'm going to show you how.

Now what we're going to have to do is add some HTML.

Now don't get afraid. This is the WordPress website for non-techies, so I'm going to walk you through it.

It's going to be very easy to do.

Format Email For Elementor Forms

We're just going to add a little bit of HTML and you can easily add any kind of download or multiple downloads in an email if that's what you want to accomplish.

Elementor forms email I want to send…

So I have open right now a note pad, and this is the email that I pretty much want to send right here.

It's going to say, here is your free download, and then there'll be a link to the download, although I don't know yet how to make this a link.

Now what we need to do is learn a tiny bit of an HTML. I'm no HTML coding master, so what I do is what everyone does.

I go to Google and this is what I would search for: HTML link

Typically I like the instructions from w3schools. So let's choose that option.

And while, while there it is, it's right here.

<a href="url">link text</a>

So this is the exact information I need to add to this email to make it a hyperlink.

Where it's saying is where it says URL, I need to replace this with the download link to the file.

Add Downloadable File To WordPress

Now what I need to do is get the URL to the file that I want to download.

I'm going to go to media > click on add new > drag and drop that file that I want to have included as the download.

Add download to my media library…

Next you need to get the direct download link to this file we just opened.

Click on the file and the direct link is listed.

Direct download link…

Now highlight the link and then copy it into your clipboard.

Add HTML To Elementor Forms Email

Now there's one more step that we need to do since we are putting some HTML inside of this email we need to add something called line breaks.

If you don't it's just going to be one big clump of text, which you don't want.

Here's a little handy tip of HTML that I actually don't need to go to Google for.

Add a <br> to add a line break.


I use this all the time.

You want one of these for every line break.

So now with all this info, let's format this email.

HTML Formatted email for Elementor forms…

Now take your HTML formatted email and copy that into Elementor forms.

Final Testing Of Elementor Forms

Now all you need to do is test the form to make sure you actually received the email and it looks properly formatted.

If you have any issues sending outbound email from your WordPress site. I do have a video on that.

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