by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

The 3 Best WordPress Directory Themes For WordPress


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There are MANY reasons why you should consider creating a directory website. It is an excellent value-add, lead generator, and income generator.

You can create them for niche areas versus just a straight Yelp clone or Travelocity clone, which I do not recommend.

If you are a web developer, it would be a great tool to contact businesses then later sell on a development project. Or to give premium listings to your existing clients as part of your care package.

Or you can also create a directory for your local city or town and sell advertisements or advertise your own business.

You can make a directory website with WordPress for churches, associations, etc. The opportunities are limitless.

Here is the link for the 3 top themes:
Listify –
Listable –

Video Transcript

In this video me to take a look at some of
the popular directory WordPress themes for

WordPress hi my name is Adam from
where I make WordPress videos for non-techies

if you enjoy the content in this video I like
to ask you maybe click on that subscribe button

if you like notifications of new video uploads
there’s a little bell off to the side of it

click on that and you too will notify you
what I upload new videos so, talk about directory

themes and if you’re not sure what a directory
theme is just think of maybe yelp or think

of Travelocity these are websites that list
things like businesses but they can list other

things it gives people an opportunity to write
reviews and there’s a bunch of other different

features in these types of websites and you
can actually build these with the WordPress

and there are specific beings made of for
WordPress that are going to make it super

easy to pull these off now these three main
themes that I’m gonna look at in this video

they’re all available on a theme of force
and for some to take a look at Listify oops

let me scroll to the top Listify right here
then a minute take a look at Listable and

then a minute take a look at listings of pro
and I want to talk about the history of a

talk about some of the considerations with
them and some of the differences between these

two help you make a decision now obviously
I know there are a lot more than these three

that are available there’s plenty that are
not even sold on the enforcer sold and third-party

theme shops the reason I’m taking a look at
these three is because these are the three

most popular these are the three most widely
used these are the three with the largest

user bases and all the other ones there just
kind of little fringe side projects I’ve experienced

that theme shops have not their main core
expertise or business that’s why I would stick

to these three now a lot of the functionality
and the complexity that goes into having one

of these directory sites you can maybe do
custom but you know I do like to do things

custom but this things a little more complex
than that there’s a lot of consideration so

even though you could probably figure it out
and build something that’s custom I don’t

recommend it when it comes to a directory
site deserves a lot of different components

to it and there’s a lot of different considerations
so first let’s take a look at Listify and

what would you actually at the end of this
video is pick the one that I think is the

best and then when I’m in a do is I’m gonna
make a video of me setting that up that will

probably go out maybe next week so let’s get
started so the first one is Listify now I

will say the first terminal look at they require
several third-party plug-ins in order to get

the full functionality out of it so this is
the Listify theme right now it’s normally

not $39 I think it’s normally $59 a just on
cell probably for a couple days because I

just had version 2 of this release it’s made
by a sound if I and they make great stuff

they know what they’re doing with these types
of themes they have another one called Java

phi which is probably the number one theme
if you want a job website and I’ve gone through

and set that up before very clean code I really
like right here that it’s 100% GPL licensed

so anyways they just released the version
2 of this their rocksolid company and just

because you know if you order any theme on
theme Forest you’re technically only supposed

to install it on one website although with
this when you can install on more than one

but they only come with six months of support
and then you can continue paying if you want

support I think it’s only maybe $20 or so
every six months and these are kind of themes

that you might want to have that extra bit
of support so anyways this one comes with

a few design packs there’s two different design
options and the right here in they said they

got some more coming out they got some style
kits drag-and-drop about what is pretty interesting

here is and I think it’s the main difference
between this theme in the last one that I’m

in to be talking about in this video is that
this one depends on third-party plug-ins that

are available and these do committed an additional
cost so even though you pay say $60 for the

theme there’s more that it’s going to need
in order to have it work the way that the

demo works but what’s really powerful and
all three of these are to do it they have

a a listing claimant system so if you put
a business in there the business owner can

go in there and claim that listening they
can also submit their own listing they can

get to subscribe look the subscriptions okay
for subscriptions that’s if you want to sell

the ability to list your business and management
page you can sell that as a subscription this

is one of the things that are going to require
a an additional plug-in and what’s nice about

this is it has advertising system built into
it there’s also a way to have it so can take

reservations a can facilitate booking appointments
and of course you can sell these listings

is important is a distinction though when
it comes to the appointment booking or paying

for reservations and things like that I’ll
talk about than the moment what’s really nice

is it supports all of these different plug-ins
but that’s a pro and that could also be a

con the pro is you’re using the best of the
best that’s available the con is it comes

at an additional expense that usually an annual
expense as you need to renew for updates and

you need to get these things working together
sometimes they might not always work well

together if one pushes out an update it might
break something over here so these are things

that think about so you can get this to work
with faucet WP I know that’s like 80 bucks

a crap and he forms that’s probably like 40
bucks and up contact form sevens free ninja

forms but here’s what some of the things that
really make this expensive you have the WooCommerce

bookings that I think like 300 bucks product
vendors WooCommerce subscriptions I know that’s

like 200 bucks and they have various payment
gateways but what’s really nice about that

is will if you’re using WooCommerce there’s
so many things you can get to extend WooCommerce

at a cost of course but it supports so many
different payment processors so anyways here’s

what the theme actually looks like in your
written notice they all kind of look the same

so right here it just got this video playing
and we can scroll down this is just one of

the demos but in the mirror and noticed they
all look the same they all have this big call

to action research area right here right when
you go to the website and it’s going to have

these businesses here let’s go ahead and look
at one and even the listing pages all look

very similar so here is a listing on this
site right here in this one actually has the

booking integrated in it I think I don’t want
I really personally don’t like about the booking

solution that you find in this number one
the cost of WooCommerce but if you’re actually

going to charge it collect the money and charge
for say a hotel reservation maybe it’s a site

about hotel reservations you is the site owner
need to collect the money and then whatever

deal you have with the hotel or the bed-and-breakfast
then you give them their portion I would think

that some of these businesses would be a little
reluctant to let you collect the money and

then you would obviously keep a cut and then
there’s also tax implications and things like

that having all this money flow through you
I personally wouldn’t want that but it’s an

option here and so these are what reviews
people can come here and write reviews and

that is what that looks like right there but
check this out I’m in a just give you a brief

snapshot of what all of them look like so
this one’s Listify this is the next one that

I’m to talk about Listable see how it just
kind of all looks the same and then right

here is ListingPro let me click on it and
they all just have a very similar look and

feel to it so this is a Listify it’s a real
solid option they really know what they’re

doing right now it’s on sale but by the time
you’re watching this video this sale is probably

over some of the pros are number one it’s
GPL number two it has all of these things

that you can easily integrate into it but
some of the negatives arts can accommodate

an additional annual cost and they might not
always plug-ins always work well together

as sometimes one puts out an update and break
something in another Nellis take a look at

Listable now Listable’s going to be the more
expensive of the bunch this one is $85 and

I actually am not opposed to them charging
more than all the other ones because they’re

probably not selling a vault that the big
massive volume design themes that are going

to sell hundreds of thousands of copies these
will sell tens of thousands of copies so I

do like it sometimes when a theme is coming
in at a higher cost to me it means that they

have more money coming in and they’re going
to be able to provide updates and support

in constant improvement so this one’s been
out eight while as well it’s super popular

and injury to see a lot of these things look
the same now this one’s gonna work a lot of

the same ways as Listify works where you need
these third-party plug-ins to get its full

functionality that it talks about so this
is another one where you know you can list

your secured the listings in charge monthly
fees for that subscriptions and all that but

you can see right here in there and do better
job being more transparent about Agassi right

here it says WooCommerce subscriptions then
you need to get this premium plug-in paid

listings you need to get this premium plug-in
and these all add to the cost so they are

a rocksolid team 85 bucks let’s see I think
there’s a spot down here it’s gonna list everything

that you need in order to make it work the
way that the demo works okay we got our filtering

system is one thing I personally actually
haven’t tested this theme outside of its demo

the other two I have use this when I haven’t
used outside of its them up but this is actually

very interesting right here and you know I
like Beaver Builder units saying that it works

fine with Beaver Builder but I question the
how well it works with Beaver Builder in the

building out the home pages and some of that
those modules I really want to test that out

myself and I probably will do that but I’ll
add that content to my blog post on this particular

theme which will be linked in the video description
box down below so okay here go premium plug-ins

illustrated in the demo so each of these lines
you got a thing teaching teaching judging

it’s going to add to the annual cost of running
this thing which isn’t necessarily so bad

WooCommerce bookings were WooCommerce subscriptions
and then you need this WP job manager and

the different packages that come with that
I added this all up it’s your probably admitted

maybe about a $600 per year directory site
with all these different plug-ins that you

need to get the full functionality to sell
the listings to sell subscriptions to the

listings and on and on and also this claim
listing functionality now let’s take a look

at its home page right here you can see they
all kind of look at the same and you can obviously

have a directory site for number of five types
of businesses you can see right here there’s

for restaurants for city centers for shopping
all of that it’s a city directory the way

that it set up in the demo and I don’t believe
this one has multiple kind of demos so you

can have a demo for this nature of this nature
that niche so here’s what the listings look

like him to go ahead and click on a listing
you’re right here and Isabel Kendall at the

same or you’ve got that Mary at the top with
the images and then you have the information

on the business right there and then their
review system so this is a Listable it’s a

rocksolid developer they have a lot of themes
and you can see this is already being used

on the 6000 over 6000 websites it’s going
to be a very reliable solution and I trusted

and recommended but it comes at that additional
cost so now is take a look at the listings

Pro now this is one of the new work themes
that are providing this directory service

and this one really caught my eye when it
first launched because what they did is they

looked at the best of both of those themes
in all of the themes and then they they thought

how can we do this difference and then they
came up with a whole different solution so

this right now it’s actually normally $69
it’s on sale right now for 59 they have sales

every now and then so by the time you’re looking
at this it might be $59 which it are $69 which

is a very good price for it now this is a
newer it’s only about a month and 1/2 old

and they’ve already sold 1100 copies of this
this I think in six months is going to overshadow

the other two and him and explain why right
here in a moment so let’s scroll down and

take a look at this and I’m in a comment as
I scroll down of this is a complete solution

and what they’re doing differently is you’re
not going to need to purchase and make all

these plug-ins work together in order to get
the full functionality out of this that they

built it themselves now be pro and that is
your only having to deal with one company

first supports there is also the benefit of
not having to spend $600 per year and up before

reoccurring subscriptions to plug-ins and
then you’re dealing with seven or eight different

developers of these different plug-ins to
get them all working together with their solution

you’re just dealing with them and it’s good
because they have more control now one of

the negatives are is you have to wait for
them to add certain things to extend it so

where you can run into a problem with that
is with payment processors perfect example

is you can use PayPal you can use striped
but that is that’s fine and all but there’s

certain countries that don’t take stripe and
there certain countries that don’t take PayPal

I know here in the US those are the best two
solutions and a lot of countries those are

the best two solutions out there but they
are adding more to it and in this is developed

at such a rapid pace so one of the things
that I think really stands out as well about

this is this a beautiful dashboard for businesses
that add their listing or claim their listing

so they can manage their listing they can
put their own booking solution in it and they

can also manage the different reviews that
people leave for the business so this is the

most complete solution that I have come across
so let me scroll down to this is the page

where someone would actually submit their
listings so they could submit it you can choose

to let people submit a listing for free or
charge them to do that here is their own advertising

platform that’s built into it were people
where you can actually sell advertising space

on the website which is amazing look at this
this is just a glimpse of the customer dashboard

right there and you can see right there someone’s
paying with stripe and you get that beautiful

pop up there and you don’t have to leave the
site so here is the dashboard and this is

beautiful this is the dashboard if you’re
selling the listings this is going to be the

dashboard that those businesses are going
at sea now obviously it’s not just businesses

that would have listing you can have a listing
site about anything really and this is the

beautiful professional dashboard that people
can experience and I’m really impressed by

that and I know if you were to use the solution
the people that are using it and paying you

money for listings or if you’re building this
for a client or it just you as a project it’s

going to look very very professional the other
two don’t have this back and professional

dashboard for the people that are leaving
these are creating these business listings

and managing these business listings so okay
so here’s the view of the of the listing right

there that they all at the same there now
this is what’s really neat as well and allows

the business owner to add hours if it’s a
business that has hours they can go ahead

and leave those right there and you can see
he does it in a smart way were if it’s outside

of hours it will say close it’ll collapse
them and people can expand them to see the

hours on different days now this is one of
the things that I like the most about it is

their booking integration it’s not a plug-in
that you add to the website is not something

that you now have to have anyone that wants
a booking to use your system in conjunction

with their system know it is built to work
with third-party systems so the two biggest

ones are I think it’s got time kid and a red
deserve his reserve box that’s probably right

reserve up and so what happens is the business
owner so say hypothetically it’s a salon in

the salon you want to have people book appointments
on line and so the salon owner or the hairdresser

can go and set up their own account with time
kit or reserve and then there’s a little embed

code and they can just drop it right into
their listing and now they have a solution

to accept to book appointments through this
directory site I think it’s awesome because

I rather leave all of that with the business
owner not have to be the one that is managing

it for them or if they want to have booking
they have to learn a whole new system and

managed to systems at the same time so this
is I think the smarter way to go to offer

booking or scheduling your appointments on
a directory website where the business owner

has full control okay and here are just some
comparisons of what this has that some of

the other ones do not now let’s take a look
at it over here so here is the site and you’ve

got right here where you can you know search
for whatever and it will need popular city

in and you can have these different categories
much like a Listable looked like where it

let me go back to Listable right here it had
the categories you can see took some inspiration

guaranteed from some of these anyways and
this actually reminds me of how Listify works

so here’s like Listify but has it in a more
stylish grid like that I like this it has

this section here for getting started so if
the business owner he comes here they can

see how they can go ahead and add their own
listing and here are some listings right here

let’s just go ahead and click in one of them
so you can see what the listing actually looks

like so right here organist see our images
like this and it can be in a carousel so the

business owner can put up a variety of images
and they can scroll across and right here

is that really that intelligent hours things
so right here and saying it’s close because

it’s actually after this time but you can
click on that and it will expanded the hours

and the week one of things I really like as
well is this kind of a attention-getting area

where a business owner can go ahead and drop
in a video when you click on this is gonna

pull up a light box with that video here some
tags here is the address and let’s see I don’t

think this one has the reservation system
built into it but I already visually like

the way this one looks a better mean a lot
of them look similar but I think this one

takes the best of all of them and puts it
together and I like the review system better

right here where people can leave their images
and their review and you also have this voting

system that is built into it so other people
can vote on people’s reviews okay so here’s

some additional details some see I think I
want to find one where I can actually test

the booking so me go back to the homepage
on here and I think it may be there is a hair

salon or something like that let’s see beauty
and spa so when I click on this it should

show me a map on the right and on the left
show me the businesses so here are our businesses

right here and let me go ahead and just go
with the first one and out cross my fingers

that this is going to allow me to see what
the book in there it is there is this huge

book now button right here which I like a
lot so see what happens when I click on it

the light box pops up and right here I can
choose a service I want to beard trim I don’t

have a beard and it this is using that third
party booking solution that the customer or

the business owner can manage themselves outside
of this solution I really like that a lot

so this is an adventure Yorty got the idea
this when this is going to be the one that

I think is the best of the bunch and it just
keeps getting better and better I’ve been

keeping an eye on it the last two months that
it’s been out and I keep seeing all the new

features that they are adding I am going to
be buying this myself at 60 bucks I think

that’s a good time to go ahead and buy it
and I want to set up a directory site of my

own I was thinking maybe having a directory
side of website developers and allow people

to create a listing and maybe use the booking
feature to book initial consultations and

these images here could be different screenshots
of the websites that they’re building that’s

one thought I had but was would be also interesting
is people can then leave reviews for these

web developers but they’re selling different
applications for niche directory sites I wouldn’t

recommend you saying I’m in a go and compete
with yelp because that’s can it be a tough

nut to crack to to compete with yelp or some
of these broader directory sites but there’s

so much opportunity and more niche directory
sites I thought of may be a local Chamber

of Commerce setting this up for a local Chamber
of Commerce where the business owners can

go ahead and put their business in there how
about larger churches and they and others

churches that have 10,000 people in it so
they can list the business owners within the

church so people can have their own micro
economy there or how about for specific hairdressers

boom and you’re only targeting them and you’re
giving them an opportunity to not have to

go and make this jump to have a website they
can have this and put their booking into it

there’s all sorts of little niche ideas that
you can use foreign directory site for that

would get traction you could have maybe Natchez
city directory where you can have everything

in your city just kind of put in there if
your web developer maybe you’ll have a directory

website and this is how you get leads you
encourage businesses in your local area to

put their information or better yet you put
their information in and then send them a

cold email saying hey your listing is here
if you wanted to claim it and that’s how you

can start a relationship with the business
owners there’s a lot of interesting ways and

reasons to have a directory site but you deftly
want to have some creativity to figure out

how you’re gonna differentiate this from what
is already out there and I think the solution

is the make it more niche so what I’m going
to do is I’m goodbye this I’m going to set

it up it might take mean one or two weeks
to put together a video on exactly how to

set it up and I will go through that myself
and I’ll document the whole process in a video

and share it with you now I have more information
on all three of these themes over on my website

I’ll put a link in the video description box
and I’ll also put links to purchase any of

these themes if you wanted to do that so anyways
if you have used a set up a directory site

and maybe use a different solution what is
you go ahead and add that information down

below in the comment section or maybe if you’re
using and have some experience with any of

these three themes that I’ve talked about
go ahead and add that information down below

is well hey thank you for watching I can’t
wait to make that set up video for you when

I do I’ll put a link to that down below as
well thank you for watching

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Now that ListingPro supports Elementor would you now say its the better solution to use for a directory site over Mylisting? (saw your comments on youtube video)

  2. I like your review on the ListingPro directory theme, My Future purchase.
    looking to see how you setup ListingPro.

    Do you have a ListingPro directory setup, If you have the video I like to see it?

    What are your thoughts on the Wisem directory theme
    how to setup a Wisem directory theme from themeforest

    Thank You so much

  3. Adam, You sold me on Elementor a while back and I like ListingPro but am needing the directory to be behind a paid membership. Any suggestions for the best theme’s/plugin’s that work with Elementor for a Directory that would be behind a Paid Membership site?

    I have a client that is serving a very specific niche that is using a 1.5k FB group now and wants to transfer the information (listings) to a website that members can pay to access, leave reviews, etc.

    The listings are local businesses that may also be able to “claim” their listing to give the members more information about their business.

    Thanks a bunch for all you do! chris

  4. Trying to figure out the appropriate fee to charge for a listing…and how long the terms should. I assume most terms are for 1 year.

    Should there be free directories listings and paid versions?

    Are there any blogs or videos with guidance?

    1. A lot of that’s gonna depend on your niche in exactly what you’re doing. For example a business listing you might want it to have a paid version for 30 day or six months or even as much as a year. However if it’s a product for sale listing, you might only want there to be a one or a two month listing period.

  5. Hey Adam,
    Any review on Mylisting directory theme available on Themeforest which has 5 stars reviews + 5K downloads ? Might be interesting to add this one in your comparison too 😉

    1. I am waiting for them to release MyListing 2. Then I will have a full tutorial and it will be my top pick.

  6. Hello there, really hoping to find the video on how to set up listingpro as promised. Not sure where it is, still looking? thanks a lot for your hardwork.

    1. Yes, sorry, I didn’t make it. But will make it when version 2 of the theme is released.

      1. ok no problem. now i gotta find out when would that version 2 will be released. is there any incentive if i sign up under your referral link with the theme?

      2. Looking forward to your v2 video and what ListingPro has in-store! Once they launch v2 which is hopefully soon…when do you reckon you will have a video ready?

        Thanks for all the great content!!

  7. Awesome comparison and ideas for directory themes! I and have several questions 🙂
    1. I want to be careful with the integration points – especially with 3rd party booking and payments. Is there information on which of these works well in India?
    2. I don’t want the directory search screen as my home page (tried that with free version of GeoDirectory). I want it to be in the background and accessible only if the users wants to search. Is this possible with any of these?
    3. Alternately, when a user searches for a keyword, apart from local listings, I also want to show them a) Blogs pertaining to that keyword, b) Products from an online store (ex: Amazon) – i.e. things which do not have a physical location. Is this possible in any of these?
    4. Would you have a feature-wise comparison of the themes? (like the one you have for Beaver vs Elementor)? I’ve listed out some features below:-)
    • Multi Locations
    • Automatic Location Detect
    • Advanced Search Filters
    • Search by Post Types, Categories, Tags
    • Switch Ratings On/Off for Post Types, Categories
    • Switch Map On/Off for Post Types, Categories
    • Paid Listings / Featured
    • Subscriptions
    • Claim Listing
    • Schedule & Bookings
    • Payments
    • Bulk Updates by End User
    • Import from Other Sites?
    • BuddyPress or equivalent Social commenting
    • Bookmarks / Favourites (is there a difference?)
    • Listing User Dashboard (is ListingPro the only one?)

      1. That’s a pretty detailed comment. I would suggest asking the theme developer as a pre-purchase question.

  8. I’m with Bob.

    Where is the follow up video?

    I discovered you on YouTube a couple of days ago. Man you have some great content on YouTube. Thanks for all the wonderful tips!

  9. Thanks for another great video! Similar to directory sites, do you know of any themes or ways to build an Angie’s List / HomeAdvisor / Thumbtack type website where customers can search for a service in their area and the lead is sold to 2-3 vendors to respond and quote?

    1. Hey Michael, nothing for WordPress that I am aware of. Would be some custom development.

  10. Great Topic!! I am meeting with a prospective client next week that could make good use of this for PART of their project. But I hate to suggest something so brand new to a new client. I went looking for your promised follow-up video on ListingPro and couldn’t find it. The i realized this video was only two weeks old, so I guess I need to give you some time. LOL. They are already up to 4100 sales (I blame YOU), so I am hoping all those people clean the kinks out very quickly. And from all the comments, I am sure there are some kinks. I hope they don’t get overwhelmed.

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