by Adam Preiser updated December 27, 2017

The 3 Best WordPress Directory Themes For WordPress


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There are MANY reasons why you should consider creating a directory website. It is an excellent value-add, lead generator, and income generator.

You can create them for niche areas versus just a straight Yelp clone or Travelocity clone, which I do not recommend.

If you are a web developer, it would be a great tool to contact businesses then later sell on a development project. Or to give premium listings to your existing clients as part of your care package.

Or you can also create a directory for your local city or town and sell advertisements or advertise your own business.

You can make a directory website with WordPress for churches, associations, etc. The opportunities are limitless.

Here is the link for the 3 top themes:
Listify –
Listable –

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. I like your review on the ListingPro directory theme, My Future purchase.
    looking to see how you setup ListingPro.

    Do you have a ListingPro directory setup, If you have the video I like to see it?

    What are your thoughts on the Wisem directory theme
    how to setup a Wisem directory theme from themeforest

    Thank You so much

  2. Adam, You sold me on Elementor a while back and I like ListingPro but am needing the directory to be behind a paid membership. Any suggestions for the best theme’s/plugin’s that work with Elementor for a Directory that would be behind a Paid Membership site?

    I have a client that is serving a very specific niche that is using a 1.5k FB group now and wants to transfer the information (listings) to a website that members can pay to access, leave reviews, etc.

    The listings are local businesses that may also be able to “claim” their listing to give the members more information about their business.

    Thanks a bunch for all you do! chris

  3. Trying to figure out the appropriate fee to charge for a listing…and how long the terms should. I assume most terms are for 1 year.

    Should there be free directories listings and paid versions?

    Are there any blogs or videos with guidance?

    1. A lot of that’s gonna depend on your niche in exactly what you’re doing. For example a business listing you might want it to have a paid version for 30 day or six months or even as much as a year. However if it’s a product for sale listing, you might only want there to be a one or a two month listing period.

  4. Hey Adam,
    Any review on Mylisting directory theme available on Themeforest which has 5 stars reviews + 5K downloads ? Might be interesting to add this one in your comparison too 😉

    1. I am waiting for them to release MyListing 2. Then I will have a full tutorial and it will be my top pick.

  5. Hello there, really hoping to find the video on how to set up listingpro as promised. Not sure where it is, still looking? thanks a lot for your hardwork.

    1. Yes, sorry, I didn’t make it. But will make it when version 2 of the theme is released.

      1. ok no problem. now i gotta find out when would that version 2 will be released. is there any incentive if i sign up under your referral link with the theme?

      2. Looking forward to your v2 video and what ListingPro has in-store! Once they launch v2 which is hopefully soon…when do you reckon you will have a video ready?

        Thanks for all the great content!!

  6. Awesome comparison and ideas for directory themes! I and have several questions 🙂
    1. I want to be careful with the integration points – especially with 3rd party booking and payments. Is there information on which of these works well in India?
    2. I don’t want the directory search screen as my home page (tried that with free version of GeoDirectory). I want it to be in the background and accessible only if the users wants to search. Is this possible with any of these?
    3. Alternately, when a user searches for a keyword, apart from local listings, I also want to show them a) Blogs pertaining to that keyword, b) Products from an online store (ex: Amazon) – i.e. things which do not have a physical location. Is this possible in any of these?
    4. Would you have a feature-wise comparison of the themes? (like the one you have for Beaver vs Elementor)? I’ve listed out some features below:-)
    • Multi Locations
    • Automatic Location Detect
    • Advanced Search Filters
    • Search by Post Types, Categories, Tags
    • Switch Ratings On/Off for Post Types, Categories
    • Switch Map On/Off for Post Types, Categories
    • Paid Listings / Featured
    • Subscriptions
    • Claim Listing
    • Schedule & Bookings
    • Payments
    • Bulk Updates by End User
    • Import from Other Sites?
    • BuddyPress or equivalent Social commenting
    • Bookmarks / Favourites (is there a difference?)
    • Listing User Dashboard (is ListingPro the only one?)

      1. That’s a pretty detailed comment. I would suggest asking the theme developer as a pre-purchase question.

  7. I’m with Bob.

    Where is the follow up video?

    I discovered you on YouTube a couple of days ago. Man you have some great content on YouTube. Thanks for all the wonderful tips!

  8. Thanks for another great video! Similar to directory sites, do you know of any themes or ways to build an Angie’s List / HomeAdvisor / Thumbtack type website where customers can search for a service in their area and the lead is sold to 2-3 vendors to respond and quote?

    1. Hey Michael, nothing for WordPress that I am aware of. Would be some custom development.

  9. Great Topic!! I am meeting with a prospective client next week that could make good use of this for PART of their project. But I hate to suggest something so brand new to a new client. I went looking for your promised follow-up video on ListingPro and couldn’t find it. The i realized this video was only two weeks old, so I guess I need to give you some time. LOL. They are already up to 4100 sales (I blame YOU), so I am hoping all those people clean the kinks out very quickly. And from all the comments, I am sure there are some kinks. I hope they don’t get overwhelmed.

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