by Adam Preiser updated July 28, 2019

Thrive Leads Review WordPress Optin Popup Builder By Thrive Themes


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Thrive Leads is a WordPress plugin to increase optins to your mailing list. It created converting popups, widgets, slide-ins, and other elements that easily integrate into your WordPress website.

Video Transcript

Thrive Leads Review WordPress Optin Popup Builder By Thrive Themes

You really take a quick look at the right leaves which is a new WordPress opting builder plug-in and diets can it compete with other opting type of plug-ins like OptinMonster which is the 800 pound gorilla on the market over to take a look at this and it’s brand-new and it’s from the team over at Thrive themes and there also existing shop they have several themes of the make but there really known for the right content builder which I use a knife highly recommend and this is their new plug-in that is about to be released called Thrive believes in us can allow you to make all these different opt in elements throughout your website others a written’s their sidebar widgets there is slight inns there’s the lightbox pop-up there is after post entries it’s got all of it and do one thing that it has these amazing split testing ability and amazing reporting module that’s all built in and that’s what gives this kind of – to some of the other opt in builders that are out there so I got the prerelease of the plug-in right now it’s can be released here soon and I can be very affordable when it’s released it’s only to be about maybe $37 up to 127 127 would be at an agency license I am pretty sure and allow you to install it on client’s websites and so I was take a quick look at it I’m not going to every single feature this is just more of an overview review however most likely knowing me I will put out some more detailed reviews about it so anyways here it is dried leaves and I’m logged into the dashboard is just like installing any other WordPress plug-in up and here I am I pretty activated it I’m in the dashboard and I really like the initial impression it’s a really nice looking dashboard at any give you a snapshot of today’s the districts I have is on a test domain that you everything my videos on so I don’t really have any data in here so the way it works is there is lead groups and that’s where you can create a different different often elements and you can you can pinpoint where you want those in when you want those to appear now going to a little bit more depth of that is pretty important places lead short codes you can create these elements and embed them anywhere in a poster page that’s pretty cool and then you’ve got the two-step white boxes that you can place anywhere that would be where you can create a link or a image or a button that will trigger a lightbox pop-up for whatever purpose that you wanted for so I anyways it was really nice as they got videos built in throughout the plug-in so if you ever run into any trouble training sortie built into it and from an installation to implementation you really don’t need a manual or any instructions with this is all pretty Celtics laboratory although there’s maybe some advanced use cases so with the way it works is you would first create a leave group and I created this elite group right here and then here’s the five different opt in type of elements that are available so there is the ribbon that’s at the top and what you want to do is you we want to turn on this ribbon we would I’m actually already created all of these but let’s take a look at it just click on addicts and him from in here you can name it and you can set a trigger so for this a trigger would be immediately or with some delay of time and then the display frequency so all these things have an ax so someone can close it in this would be a how many days would pass until artistic and how many days until it will reappear so you can easily set that right there and I think you can click his duplicates right here this clone button in is getting created clone you can modify that clone and then do in AP test so you can really easily and quickly split test different elements so I was on click on the edit design and pops open in a new page and a ceiling show you the different opt in templates I know is can be kind of small to see but it comes with these different sets of designs here was really nice and thoughtful about this is that these designs will carry through to the other opting elements so if you want the same type of design for all of them they made it really easy to do that so for instance I have is green one but we can switch it to this blue one and only choose the template know what they’ve integrated is there content builder to edit all of these different elements that you want to address over instances this text into edited you would just click on it and start typing away and you can have full control on how it will look and out integration of different auto responders is so easy you just drop your opt in code that you get from the autoresponder so if you click on this here is where you would put your autoresponder code you just pasted right in their and you are integrated solar work with all of your auto responders out there so everything is customizable by the way and you can even add different elements extra elements to it so if you wanted some any of these elements is just a drag-and-drop like this so if I wanted to add some stars I would want to do that but you could just go like that and see how easy it is some ex-out of that MS take a look at the lightbox K now the library created a few of the click on edits and this was the one I chose the list of the designs and go to choose often template right here and here’s all these different templates for you to choose from there’s lots of different variations there so for instance if I wanted that this one I would just use it and it will update the design and then I can start customizing this now if you notice these designs are very modern and promise some of the original generation of opt in type of program plug-ins is the designs they didn’t update them it is very impossible to create your own designs with this the designs are already top-notch modern designs what you want to really put your best look forward and that’s what these designs automatically already have in them she didn’t like is a change any of these elements like for picture you just click on this and you choose change image yet couldn’t be any simpler than that so I’m a new get out of there to go back listings look at the widget the widgets are written a really good feature of this plug-in here’s widget I created I was just playing around with it to remove the form which you can easily do it when I ask any you can use this to design really flashy stylish widgets that you can place anywhere in your WordPress installation but dicey with the templates for this she have these various templates let’s take a look at down this one right here let’s let’s see here is this the only thing I don’t like about some of the designs of their widgets is there just taking up so much think in space but the best thing is is you can get rid of that and now thinking of was less space you can you can easily edit these things and so maybe this picture you don’t need it you can remove it or make it smaller like that so there’s there’s lots of different things you can do so that is the widgets let’s go back with the post footer let’s see here and click on edit and here’s that I actually really like this post footer design changes colors by the way so for instance there is this maroon type of color I can just go like that and then click on background and I can change it to whatever I wanted to match my design and you can even just at your color code right there C so there he just was easily a able to change the color it’s very easy let’s look at the different opt in templates though so there’s the one that I have right now with that image so here’s another variation of it is just a whole bunch of different options here this was actually really nice right here that I just selected it’s got this kind of simplicity about it okay so let’s close this go back to the dashboard and last is the slide in I don’t know about this I’m on the fence up of the about of the slidingin a slide in from the right or the left the top or the bottom CGL big it is a mean it’s a very big slide in let’s look at the other design so you have various designs with the slide in as well I really like the colors on this template here as well so let’s close that to show you some of them all what they look like on my websites of this is they’re all activated at the same time by the way so right here is the slide and looks kind of good it is the screen height CI just kind of slides in from the side and then I can click on this X to make it go away and then here is the this the ribbon from the top and I can click X and make that go away so it’s a pretty good I you know what I forgot to do was add a trigger for the lightbox let’s do that together so here’s the triggers so let’s go ahead and change the trigger and you you can use that the exit intent that somewhere when the mouse cursor goes up the screen and this is really nice here there’s also a mobile option as well with this so you can have the pop-up display after certain amount of time cruisers obviously no cursor on a mobile let’s save it and let’s go back let’s see my go back with see if it works now are there might be one more setting yeah I might have viewed it and asked it out already so anyways what you create your different your test group are your league group and create the different elements you want you want clicked his own click will hear and decide and decide where it’s going to trigger and display these different opting elements that you’ve created and you can really fine tune this and get it working exactly how you want it begins have it go on the entire website but exclude some pages you can never be on specific categories in the reason you want to do this is if someone if you categories on your website that are kind of differently different you might want a difference and often elements for one category that speak to what the content is that the visitors a consuming versus a nether category see you can have different language in order to encourage people to opt in so those are your display I’m sorry those are your display settings it right here okay I’m going to go into the lead short codes but that’s where you would basically a you can drop a short code in any piece of content and it will display it in their soap processing a quick look at the reporting this is something that I haven’t really seen in any other plug-in that is Robbins is this that of reporting you’ve got six reports that you can pull here and you can also putting date ranges and you can see it based upon league groups short codes to step options you can really dig into the data that your website will collect in it so very powerful so anyways for doing AV split tests and see me go into the light box here on any acting element that you create you can clone it insane change the headline and then you can click on this and you can run in a beat the test on it and it’s pretty pretty easy to set up are you have to do is give your test the title and then you can choose your winter settings are a few wanted and that means if this one’s converting better than this one than this one will be deemed the winner and this will be the one that shows from then on suit can really tap into the 80s that Harvey B split testing if you have enough traffic on your website so anyways this is the drive leads i.e. in good use this personally I believe in the developers when they had released a right content builder about two years ago it was very basic when it was first released in the added update after update feature after feature and they’ve really stuck with it in and made it something that’s amazing today and was nice about drive leads is right out of the gate is pretty stinking amazing and the things that no other WordPress opt in plug-in does so this is definitely something that I suggest you pick up and if history tells us anything when we throw out the builder was first released it was very affordable and over time it’s still a horrible and still bargain but the prices gone up because they keep adding more value in features and value and features so this is something you’re going want to buy right away if there’s any interest because the price is going to be going up over time that’ll say that’s it at some kind of false scarcity it’s it’s true because I’ve been watching this company in our products I I think their amazing and there doing some really great stuff so anyways that’s thrive leads others could be a link below for you to purchase it and if you have any questions about this plug-in I had over to the blog post for this and ask your question there and I love to interact with you then can we appreciate it if he was in the moment to play on the bounds of funds and the share this video with your friends also please subscribe to our YouTube channel and take a moment to talk with our website is a common question sign up for our newsletter don’t have enough time for all this work and having experts install and configure WordPress review will install configure and optimize WordPress for all you have to do is sign up for hosting account one of our recommended provider for more information visit the you can make change in the social network for

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