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Updated: September 3, 2018
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Brizy Overview

Brizy is a free WordPress page builder built in React. It represents a new way of building websites with WordPress what is both innovative and very easy to use.

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  • Value

  • Reliability

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  • Overall Rating



Free - $269

    • Easy To Use Interface
    • Global Linked Colors & Fonts
    • Inline Editor
    • WooCommerce Integration
    • Professionally Designed Blocks
    • 4k Useful Icons

Brizy Review: Key Features

  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Global Linked Colors & Fonts
  • Inline Editor
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Professionally Designed Blocks
  • 4k Useful Icons

Brizy Review: Things To Consider

Brizy is the new page builder that brings along with it new ways of doing things. Normally I wouldn’t be excited about a new page builder because I only want to use products that I know I can depend on and that will be supported long term.

What is different here is that the developers of the Brizy WordPress page builder have been developing WordPress products for 10 years. That’s what makes this different for me.

Right now they have a pretty aggressive roadmap with some amazing features planned. So time will tell if they can deliver. I think they can and they will.

Brizy Coupon / Brizy Discount

There are currently no active Brizy Coupon or Brizy Discounts available. However, if you do purchase Brizy through the link on this website, I will give you access to one of my premium training course which normally sells for $99.

Brizy Review: Summary

Using Brizy this early in its life is a risk. However, in this case, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that they will be in it for the long haul and be able to deliver on their roadmap.

Brizy Comparisons

Brizy Tutorials

In this video I’m getting introduce you to
a new WordPress page builder called Brizy

and more specifically I’m good to go over
14 features that I found in it that I think

are quite innovative and unique hi my name
is Adam from were make WordPress

tutorial videos for non-techies I just try
to make the stuff make sense if you knew your

consider clicking on the subscribe button
and if you want notifications for videos is

Lobel and click on that so here it is a breezy
page builder it’s a newer page builder and

I normally I don’t jump on the bandwagon with
something so fresh and shiny and new however

this one is a little different there some
really neat things about it that through my

own testing I discovered 14 in fact that I
want to go over in this video now the page

builder is it spelled Brizy BRI ZY but it’s
pronounced like Brizy so everything with the

Brizy is a breeze is kind of like a tagline
for this page builder they also have a professional

version that is going to be coming out in
a few months if you want to check that out

you can go to be a/Brizy have
a link in the video description box down below

they do happen to have a pre-launch special
going on right now so if that interests you

at all after looking at these 14 things that
I found that are pretty neat go ahead and

hit up that link but here it is it’s just
in the WordPress directory so right now will

go over just those 14 features and maybe will
check out their website and what they say

is actually coming to the professional version
so here we go I have it already installed

in this website you can just go to plug-ins
add new do a search for Brizy in a pull right

up and click on activate or install and then
activate and you will then have this menu

item right here now when you click on it the
menu items are the back and settings here

it’s very lean essentially were just enabling
what pulse types we wanted on poster pages

and you can also exclude the Brizy page builder
based upon user role right here okay so where

you’re really in a seat is a go to pages click
on add new Amarena see this edit with Brizy

I would like can actually tone down the brightness
of that sum and go ahead and create this new

page and then click on publish okay so I got
ahead and done that in the really click on

edit with Brizy for the first time on this
particular page now the interface for this

the page building interfaces built in something
called react it’s the same technology behind

the Facebook website page and it’s also the
technology behind another very popular page

builder so it’s gonna give you this kind of
app like feel to it now one of things I actually

didn’t like is when I first jump into the
page builder it takes you straight into kind

of a landing page mode that wipes out your
themes header and footer it does that automatically

I kinda wish it wouldn’t do that that it would
actually go straight in to looking the way

that you wanted to with your teams header
and footer but don’t worry it’s actually a

really easy defects on the bottom left there’s
a hamburger icon click on that and it’s his

page template so whenever you go into the
Brizy builder it just takes you straight into

this Brizy page template we can go like that
and we can choose default and it’s gonna switch

to given us our theme’s header and footer
back but as you can see right here I didn’t

actually do my astronauts settings in order
to make this work right something to go ahead

and just go back right now let me go back
and exit here and I just need to make a few

quick adjustments okay for the Astra Theme
I’m going to set this to no sidebar and for

the layout I go full with stretched and I’ll
disable the title let me do a quick update

and then get back into Brizy okay so now my
click on continue to edit with Brizy and now

it’s exactly how I would think it would be
I have my themes header and down here I have

my themes afoot are now the first thing you’re
going to want to do with Brizy when you jump

into the editor you want to click on this
plus in your immediately can it be presented

with their blocks library and it’s all categorized
here I think currently there is 150 you have

them separated by light and also here we have
some dark options which gives you a nice variation

and if you want to use any of these you could
just go ahead and click on the plus it will

enter it right in the page or you can start
with a blank block if you wanted to so I’ll

just go ahead and click on this plus and you
can see it entered it straight into the page

now what I want to do is actually switch over
to a page that I’ve already put together where

I’ve assembled a bunch of these blocks and
now I want to go through those 14 items that

I said that I am pretty impressed by with
this theme now all the the blocks that you

can see that are assembled this is just from
there done pre-dumb blocks are nothing that

I’ve sat there and done myself so okay so
I’m just gonna blast through these number

one I like that the settings are there for
you when you need them so if I click on some

text there is my settings are there for me
when I need them and if I need anything more

specific there is a little settings will right
here when I click on it then I can get some

additional spacing options but if I wanted
to go deeper into the advanced settings I

click right here and then we get this panel
off to the right but for the most part your

settings are there when you need them so for
a button I click here it’s the same thing

I got my color my topography I click right
here and I have some additional button options

that are right there so I like that the settings
are there when you need them the next feature

in this is actually the biggest feature now
I’m going to start going from the most impressive

stuff all the way down to just things that
are impressive but not like the big big things

and the biggest thing that impressed me with
this is global color and font control let

me just show you what I’m talking about so
you have this little paintbrush here and this

is where were going to pull up our global
styling settings and so you see these various

colors here and it’s easy to think okay you’re
just setting colors for a color palette but

actually when you’re setting the colors in
this color palette and then you use those

colors from that color palette anywhere it’s
linked to right here so I can change that

color at any point in anywhere that I link
to the color it’s going to change okay let

me just show you and it will all make sense
okay so it looks like most of these blues

are coming from this color right here there
linked right here so when I click on it I

can start adjusting the color and you see
there now it’s changing color if I wanted

to go may be something a little purpleish
I can go like that and you can see I am totally

changing the color but here’s the thing I’m
not just changing it on this button if I click

off I change it on the button I changed right
there because that was linked with it I changed

it on these icons because it was linked to
their I changed it with this play button because

it was linked there etc. etc. it’s all linked
together and guess what it’s not just for

this one page it’s globally on your site so
you build out an entire site say for client

and they want to change the shade of something
well you don’t have to go to every little

location to change it with Brizy you would
just go here to the global color option I

think this is pretty amazing you could set
your colors you can link things to any color

that you want so for example of this button
here if I wanted to click here and then here’s

for the color I can link it to a different
one of those colors in the color pallets or

if I just started adjusting it then it would
be independent it would be custom it would

be on its own and it wouldn’t be a link to
anything and you could do that as well but

the power in this is a linking the styles
together so if I wanted to say link it to

this color instead you can see it now changed
I can go here and now it’s link to this color

and if I was to adjust this color it would
adjusted every spot that was linked to it

that’s powerful stuff and guess what the same
thing goes for fonts there’s all these different

font categories that you can link fonts on
your design to we have paragraph subtitle

above title heading your your typical heading
options button options but guess what you

can also create your own I can click right
here at noon I can create my own font style

and link multiple elements to that font style
so I can change it at any point what’s nice

about this is our preferences change what
you like today will probably change in six

months but your traditional way with the page
builder is everything’s kind of independent

now one way to build your website though is
to use the have the page builder use the styles

that are set in the theme and that’s actually
very nice but this just goes beyond this you’re

not getting all these color options like this
in anything you’re not getting these options

of adding your own custom fonts and easily
being able to change them course you could

all do this with CSS but the point is now
you’re able to do it in this visual interface

this is some pretty impressive stuff right
here okay so that was global fonts and global

colors another thing that I really like is
this so I called the section organizer so

these are just kind of sections are they column
blocks and there’s an organizer for that it’s

this little folder right here and then here
are all of my sections so if I wanted to rearrange

any of them say I wanted to bring one of the
ones up from the bottom up to the top I can

just drag and drop it up so here is a social
icon one I can just go like this and I can

bring it up and so now it’s going to be underneath
here and there it is and let me just go ahead

and put that back so I really like this it
makes it easier to manage a larger web designs

so if you have say a long format cells page
it makes it easy to just pull up this drawer

and reorganize your blocks I really like that
okay sexy section organizer next feature is

you can turn any row into a slider so if you
go up to the top right corner of one of these

rows I’m using the the term section row and
block interchangeably so just try to go along

with me so this is a section and there is
a section settings right here off to the rights

and then there’s a little folder icon will
what I could do is I could turn this into

a slider so I can just turn that on and what
it does is it makes two copies of its and

I can start customizing them so I wanted to
style up this slide right here I can easily

do it and now we have this lighter and I can
add slides to it so if I go back into that

setting and I go back into the folder right
there here’s my slider options I can turn

it autoplay I can adjust the speed I can choose
if I want and how I want the navigation this

is actually neat okay there is a accurate
notion that sliders are kind of a bad thing

and I think sliders are bad because they are
misused this is something that can be used

in lots of locations of your website so let
me go ahead and actually turn that off now

and that’s actually very easy as well where
he says make it a slider I can just go ahead

and turn it off and now I un-made that a slider
I really like that feature obviously the Brizy

page builders young that need some additional
animations like fade and stuff like that but

it’s a great start okay so that’s turning
any row into a slider you can adjust your

padding visually so when I hover my mouse
here you can see how turns baby blue and I

can go like this and I can adjust my padding
if I want just like that or I can make it

go back whatever I want so I’ve got padding
on the top and the bottom and you could just

do that visually that is a really cool thing
for thousand icons okay this is a really cool

so these are icons right here and there’s
a 4000 to choose from I really like that so

let me go ahead and click into this icon and
then right here is the settings for it and

then right here I can choose a different icon
in the size of the icon I can do whatever

I wanted here I can do one of those backgrounds
with a circle and all that kind of stuff alright

so when I click here check it out there’s
all these different categories oops of icons

and I can there’s 4000 of them they all can
be linked to a color so here’s some transportation

icons we’ve got some emoticons right there
we’ve got some sport icons right there let’s

go ahead and put the I don’t know it doesn’t
look sporty I don’t know what sport that would

be looks like a champagne glass the me may
be drinking as a sport and there you go I

mean that’s all there is to it but it’s nice
that they’re all there there’s a 4000 icons

there okay the next feature is actually one
of my favorite features and it is with images

and this is I’ve always seen as kind of a
pain point with page builders and using an

image saying a background or like this is
you it’s hard to get the focal point displaying

exactly where you wanted there’s the alignment
methods write the center center the center

let the center right the top left to top bottom
all these different you know options to just

try to get it where you wanted but with the
Brizy page builder it’s pretty it’s different

so here’s an image right there and hopes it
looks like that is a background image for

the column so I click there up there it is
okay so I pulled it up so we got the image

and we got this.will your focal point
I can move this.wherever I want it so if I

wanted it to be just perfectly like that I
can do that and just love that about this

and so where it’s really useful is for sections
full sections like up here or down down here

this section and obviously see I turned on
parallax for that or this is section right

here this would actually probably be a good
one to do it you can faintly see we’ve got

these buildings in the back coming to go into
the section options right there and then right

here’s my background and there it is so I
got this image right here we’ve got the focal

point in the center bottom which makes sense
here but you can see it’s moving you know

it’s just that easy or maybe I wanted more
or less of something on the left or the right

and there you go you have a right there and
here’s also your parallax options if you wanted

and you can switch to video or map whatever
you want but I think that is really cool to

be able to get the part of the image to be
use that you actually want used okay so that

was position the image focal point the next
really cool thing is you can resize images

maps or videos visually I like this a lot
so I do have some images right here okay testimonials

so I can click on this image like that and
you can see I have the four corners or if

I wanted to make it bigger I can just drag
and drop it just like that and obviously her

and also you see how it’s in the circle will
that was also done using one of the features

right here if I go there while here’s my focal
point feature that we just went over and I

can zoom in or zoom out if I wanted to end
it was actually right here the click will

here actually let me get it out of the way
there we go now it’s above all right so I

got my size and here’s for the corner so I
didn’t wanted to be a circle I could go like

that and go square just click here and have
it go circle and tell you can have full control

over the radius of it oh another thing this
is actually just a little bonus here on the

bottom right I can undo so let me just go
ahead and do a little undoing and there it

is I just undid what I did okay so I was resizing
images by just clicking on the corners I like

that okay here’s something that I think is
really neat for I mean I know how to do this

by setting IDs but I think this is just a
more convenient way of doing it so for any

thing that you can set a link for let me show
you this you can actually link to one of the

sections on the page so this would be kind
of your anger link but is just an easier way

of doing it so if I click on the link right
here there’s an option to put my URL but right

here it’s his anchor in it shows me an image
of all of my sections so if I wanted this

to go down to the contact form I could click
like that and now it’s going to actually take

whenever someone clicks on it it will take
me down to the contact form just like that

so let’s see okay it Stokes Q okay so that
is really cool and anything that has a link

you can do the same thing and not just buttons
okay another thing that I think is really

neat so most major builders you can only have
one button in a row but that’s not the case

with this so I can go ahead and click on this
button and check this out and I can click

on duplicate and you see what happened I have
two buttons on the same row now this is just

something that you don’t usually see usually
if you want to button side-by-side some add-on

maker made an add-on to do that or you’d have
to do some multiple column thing but not so

with with Brizy was just a breeze right I
was able to just click on it and duplicated

now you can do the same thing with the icons
I can click right here I can duplicate it

and I can keep duplicating it in fact when
I scroll all the way down to the bottom and

we see the social buttons here these are actually
just buttons with the the color the said they

way they are in the images and the icons are
that’s in there just side-by-side like that

that’s really neat how they are able to do
that okay were getting to the end of our list

here another one is with accordion content
if you’re going to use an accordion typically

the page builder when you want to use an accordion
or tab module or something like that the actual

content of the accordion or the content of
the tab is just limited to text and some kind

of little box that we have to put it in not
what this page will there someone to go ahead

and add a new block out at a blank block and
right here there’s a plus a click on the plus

and here’s all the modules that we can drag
and drop in there and one of these modules

right here is an accordion I can drag and
drop it in there and now I have an accordion

so here’s the first tab of the accordion the
second tab of the accordion but the content

area of that accordion I can drag any module
in it in just build it out visually like this

so these are just your typical accordions
you can every aspect of it is that you can

design using the page builder okay there is
a contact form a built-in with the free version

of the plug and this is great and here’s a
contact form you can have drop downs like

you see here and it’s just using the same
visual interface so the placeholder text says

name I can just click in there and I can change
that to whatever I wanted to change it to

your able to do it all visually so when you
use it Brizy you don’t also have to use like

contact form seven and or ninja forms or gravity
forms multiply if you want those more mature

powerful form builders you can use that anyway
but you don’t if you just want a basic form

you don’t need to use something like contact
form seven or anything like that okay were

down to our final to the next feature I can’t
show you right now I just read that it’s coming

in two weeks and that’s gonna be global save
this section so you can save something and

reuse it on multiple pages and have them all
be linked that’s can hit the free version

of Brizy and alas the but certainly not least
one of the neatest features is you don’t need

to click save there’s no save button because
it’s automatically saved everything for me

tell tell me how cool is that it did that
all automatically format when I first started

using I like where is the save button wears
a button there isn’t this a button because

it’s doing it all automatically for you using
react now is also mobile options for everything

we have this right here today there’s only
desktop and mobile view they are going to

have a tablet view out I think in like a week
or so so you’ll have the full range of different

mobile device specific options and you can
switch between those and make it look pixel

perfect okay so let’s just jump on over to
their website to take a quick look in over

what the Pro versions can it happen it’s W BRI ZY all have a link in

the video description box down below okay
so here is what’s coming in their Pro version

dynamic content to a concert to do the same
page template thing that to all the builders

are doing right now are premium designs at
headers and footers she’s I don’t know if

I’m allowed to say this I did reach out to
the developer and they showed me little video

of the the header thing I’m not gonna say
what I saw but I could just say that I was

pretty impressed okay third party integration
a pop up builder manager role advanced forms

that’s interesting but here’s what interested
me and it was actually what started to get

my curiosity going was a B split testing that
shows the me if they pull that off after they

deliver all of this stuff and like this like
I said this is coming like 2 to 3 months later

in 2018 if they pull off a solid a B split
testing I gotta say I’ll be very impressed

okay let’s scroll down and see little bit
more so there to be doing dynamic content

so you can create post templates and things
of that nature they got some designs coming

like this oh this looks like it’s the header
and footer builder right here okay and so

it’s all in the same interface third-party
integration so they’re referencing integrating

probably their forms and stuff like that with
different third-party services a pop up builder

would be interesting a manager role this would
be for restricting access to the Brizy editor

or the modules are various things like that
based upon the user role advanced forms this

will be interesting to see and that said I’m
not can assure you the price if you want to

see the price I don’t want someone to watch
this video in think that they paid a higher

price will not show the price in this video
it was you want to check this out

BRI ZY don’t take you right on over there
I this is really cool stuff I mean I kind

of impressed by it it’s all done and react
it feels very apt like it’s very very slick

it doesn’t leave shortcodes it does leave
a lot of dibs so if I save this and then I

deactivated Brizy I’m knocking to be left
with a bunch of shortcodes actually we should

just do that in this video because that’s
actually pretty important so I’m in a go ahead

and click right here and then click on back
to WordPress it’s can adjust me back into

WordPress I actually haven’t tested this before
right now I do think it’s important them to

click on the activate going to pages and that
was a homepage so you see okay so this is

just giving me my content back but if I looked
at the text there is a bit not actually this

is super clean I saw an image that someone
posted it and look this good but there are

a bunch of div classes and stuff like that
but you do have your contact or not let your

your con some your content left and not left
with the judge a bunch of shortcodes I’m glad

I actually hit on that so anyways that’s crazy
let me know what you think about this and

what your impressions are in the video description
box down below it’s good to look at other

things you know it’s good to look where this
has strengths and this one has strengths and

you know what’s can end up happening is all
these various page builders they they end

up pushing each other forward and I think
it’s a very good thing and that’s why was

making this video because I thought there’s
some really neat innovations in this free

WordPress page builder and all be exciting
to see what their future holds in 3 to 3 months

or so when their Pro version comes out that’s
all I have for you in this video thank you

for watching give it a thumbs up if you enjoy
the content and I will see you in the next one

Review Transparency & Ethics
These reviews & comparisons are my opinions based on my usage and testing. Although I have been solicited for paid reviews, I want to make it clear that I have always declined! I have never been paid to write or record any reviews, EVER! For more information on my review process, visit my Transparency Report linked above.

29 thoughts on “Brizy”

  1. I am currently debating between Beaver Builder, Elementor, and now Brizy (for the lifetime deal). I only make sites for myself, but require at minimum grid posts with infinite scroll that works on WP multi-site. Do you think Brizy can do this? Will I still need to buy a theme, and if so, does Astra work with Brizy?

    1. Brizy is far, far, far away from Elementor, maybe purchase Brizy Lifetime like a future investment is a good idea but nothing more for now. Check Brizy elements and then check Elementor elements. Brizy PRO can’t compare with Elemetor free, don’t have HTML element, tablet previe……..etc. For now Elementor PRO is 10 light year forward than Brizy PRO.

      1. Very true, it has a ways to go, but it does have a bunch of really unique features to it. They recently released a ton of templates where you can instantly change the style globally. It’s really cool.

  2. Hi, your Checkout button leads to FREE Brizy and nowhere to buy. Moreover is it worth to buy when the free version already includes enough functions to build a website? I build a website once per year ,

    1. There is a Pro option in the navigation on their website if you want to see the Pro version. So with Brizy the free version is going to have most features. But it will not have all the options someone may want. For example, the free version has forms, but the pro version will have multistep forms.

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to review this.

    Such a seemingly simple thing of changing the focus point of a large image is a game changer for me. However, the fact that there’s not yet any way to add a grid of latest posts or to make a gallery of images (masonry or grid style) is a serious limitation, meaning that I can’t use this page builder for any of my client’s websites right now.

    Am I right in thinking that that functionality will be available as dynamic content in the pro version? If so, that would make it way more expensive than some of the other page builders out there. Thoughts?

    1. Yes being that it is new, there are some things like that which need to come and I am sure they will come. I bet the final price after the presale will be in line with the other builders, package wise, but a bit more generous on active installs.

    2. I’m using the List Category Posts plugin to render the list of posts through use of a shortcode Brizy widget. Seems to be working fine for now until they officially add a supported widget type, which is in their roadmap.

  4. Hi Adam, how will the category/single page template work? is it set on the individual level or global?

    What about adding other stuff like related content? will this rely on the main theme or Brizy can add it too?

  5. Hi Adam, Great review as usual. Am I missing something? But is there a link to purchase on your site as you say there is? Just couldn’t find it.

  6. Hey Adam, I just purchased the Lifetime Pro through the referral link on your YouTube channel video. I hope that link gives you the credit. Does joining through that Youtube video qualify for one of your $99 courses, or is that only available when done through this particular website?

  7. Chetan Patnekar

    hi, i am using Brizy builder free plugin on wp theme Renden X. designed new page in it and published but the designed site is not visible.

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