The Easiest Way To Change The Footer Copyright Credits On Any Theme

Are you using a WordPress theme where there isn’t an option to…

Are you using a WordPress theme where there isn't an option to change the footer copyright credits?

Personally, I find it tacky when a theme developer makes this so hard to change.

But you are in luck, all WordPress themes and plugins are GPL licensed. This means you are freely allowed to change the code, you can even resell it as your own.

So in this video, I show you the easiest way to change the footer copyright credits in any WordPress theme.


  1. Thank you so MUCH! Still awesome advice in 2020.

  2. This is so useful in 2019. I appreciate it.

  3. Thank you a lot Adam! It works!

  4. Hi Adam

    My goodness, I have literally tried EVERYTHING and I just cannot get my footer to change.
    It must read © 2020 Cosmic Journeys – All Rights Reserved
    but the fricken ” | Newspaper Lite by themecentury.” just stays put.
    Please help!!

  5. Hello am struggling to edit the text on the footer of my website as there is no place to late copyright theme, need your advice

    Colibri theme wordpress.

  6. Thanks, a lot sir it was really helpful for me..!! I will definitely use it on my website…

  7. Not working on my site !

    1. Works on every site though. Perhaps you should rephrase it to “I can’t get it to work on my site”. That would be more accurate.

      1. Judith Card says:

        Hi there, I have had not had luck with this method on heavily encrypted sites with the copyright in a PHP function, rather than HTML. Mostly these are one-page sites. You recently posted a great video with a solution for that for the Storefront site, but how about a solution for business one-page, or one-page express? I was always able to figure this out in the theme templates until the last year, and I have been agonizing over it. The website URL I am sending you is an example of this. (Love your videos BTW).

  8. michael johnson says:

    great job , thanks a lot

  9. Thank you Adam it works!
    God bless you

  10. Julie Kathrine Joen says:

    Great video! and it seems so easy – But I might think that the theme I’m using is different and that they have taking precautions for this trick, because it does not work. Maybe you can take quick a look at the sourcecode? 😀

    Thank you 🙂

  11. Vatsala Shukla says:

    Thank you Adam for the updated video tutorial. I had seen the earlier version and then read about the updated tutorial in the comments.

    I tried it and it works like a dream. My Mom’s art website needed the copyright range for a longer period and I was too scared to ‘play’ with the coding of her website.

    Super thank you!

  12. Great & thanks I was trying to get this kind of simple and easy tricks.

  13. Ehtisham Said says:

    Thank You Very Much….Love you for this video…great one…keep it up…helped me a lot …

  14. Thank you so much! very helpful for the non-techie I am

  15. Hello Adam,

    Piggybacking on my last comment, I tried this method, and it worked, even on Spacious! Thank you, a million times! You are the best!

  16. Thank you for posting this! Does this work with the Spacious theme? The team there told me that it’s impossible to change their footer copyright text unless I upgrade to their pro version.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. It’s not impossible just follow the instructions of the tutorial and you will be able to change the footer copyright text.

  17. says:

    Thanks for this video, It helped me a lot

  18. Thanks Adam! But is there a way to throw away the plugin and keep the changes it made?

  19. I cannot make this work for Restaurant and Cafe Raratheme. Can you please help?

  20. Thank You Thank You Thank You! I was so frustrated until I found your video.

  21. Sandie Barrie says:

    Adam, thanks so much for making this video, it worked perfectly!! You have helped a 72 year old great grandma get my website up called GrantLessons where I am going to help nonprofit organizations write applications for funding for their programs. Thanks for your contribution to my work!!

  22. Johnny Truong says:

    What about Hestia? It is nearly impossible to change the copyright text in that theme!

  23. Finally ! Thank you so much !!

  24. Excellent! Thank you soo much! I was going crazy. helped me out immensely!

  25. THANK YOU!!! Helped me soooo very much!

      1. Do you mean footer.php?

  26. Fareed Fattal says:

    Hi Adam, sorry but it didn’t work on Mesmerize theme!

    1. It works on every theme. You most likely have caching or something like that which will need to be flushed.

      1. Fareed Fattal says:

        Thank you, Adam, for your response. I have tried flushing the cache and didn’t work, I do agree with you it should work on every theme (most of them at least), but not Mesmerize! The developers made it hardcoded in the theme files to force users to buy their premium version.

        1. Hi Fareed, without installing plugin mentioned by Adam and performed trial and error, is there any way to recognize that it will not work?

  27. Cher Holton says:

    Awesome!! Thank you so much for such a simple fix to a major issue! Love how you make it so easy to understand and follow!

  28. David Bruin says:

    Thank you Adam, it does work very well. I develop and host several sites and there is one which allows me to either change the year in the copyright or the designer details in the copyright. But I cannot change both parts. Please see the link to the site I am referring to below. Could you possibly supply me with a solution? Thank you! (please reply to me by email if at all possible)

  29. Barry Richardson says:

    Thank you, Adam – this video was very helpful!

  30. cherouana sabrina says:

    thanks for this tutorial

      1. reza shoari says:

        You are great thanks it worked like a charm

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