by Adam Preiser updated December 19, 2017

The Easiest Way To Change The Footer Copyright Credits On Any Theme


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Are you using a WordPress theme where there isn't an option to change the footer copyright credits?

Personally, I find it tacky when a theme developer makes this so hard to change.

But you are in luck, all WordPress themes and plugins are GPL licensed. This means you are freely allowed to change the code, you can even resell it as your own.

So in this video, I show you the easiest way to change the footer copyright credits in any WordPress theme.

Video Transcript

The Easiest Way To Change The Footer Copyright Credits On Any WordPress Theme

Welcome back for another video my name is
Adam from where I make videos

for non-techies like me and in this video
I’m gonna show you the fastest and the easiest

way to change the footer copyright credit
on any WordPress website in it doesn’t matter

what theme you’re using now I made a video
on this topic about a year ago and if you

look on YouTube it has over hundred thousand
views on it and that’s because this is a hot

topic now with so many free themes that are
available for WordPress and commercial claims

while these free ones what they do is they
make it pretty much impossible to change that

footer copyright credit and you might not
want that footer copyright credit and there’s

no reason why you have to have it in after
watching this video your be able to change

your footer copyright credit to whatever you
wanted to be so I have a simple demo site

here and it’s very basic and I have this footer
copyright credit and I don’t want it so I’m

in a show you how to change it is good to
be super easy and anyone can do it and in

fact on the to do it on several themes once
we have it set up it is super easy to do so

let’s first log into the backend of our WordPress
website and what I need you to do is go to

plug-ins and click on add new and I need you
to install this plug-in that will be used

to do it now or not to be using any changing
and he got cold or installing child themes

and copying files and searching through think
it’s it’s not going to be that complicated

can be quite easy number to walk you through
all of it now the name the plug and that I

want you to install is called real-time a
find and replace so just do a quick search

for that click on the install button and then
click on the activate button now what is going

to do as this can add a new option here under
tools and is good at this new option that’s

is a real-time find replace go ahead and click
on that is can it take us to the options of

for this plug-in now what you want to do is
kind of explain to you what it does and how

it works now you this plug-in to be used for
so many different things and what you get

comfortable with it you’re going to pretty
much be blown away at what you can do with

this plug-in when it allows you to do is to
look at your website and see any bit of text

that is on your website and be able to change
that text that is that is that simply is not

powerful and the thing is you don’t even need
to know in WordPress where to go to change

that bit of text so first thing before we
get started into using this lets go ahead

and create what we want our new copyright
to be now this is a very easy process I want

to go to pages click on all pages in them
that opens up go ahead and click on add new

now we actually delete this page is just so
that we can use it to generate some of the

HTML that we might need to maybe make a part
of our copyright Boulder a different color

or italicize or something like that or maybe
a larger font that’s all work and he uses

for you can go ahead and delete this page
afterwards let’s make sure on this visual

tab we don’t want to be on the text tab we
want to be on the visual tab and if you don’t

have this bottom row of options just click
on this bun) toolbar toggle as we want those

options as we might want to apply them to
our new copyright so I just typed our copyright

in a minute to show you how we can edit it
so it’s a copyright like this and I’m to put

the start year in him and put to the year
we are in right now which is 2016 and then

I’m going to maybe put a hyphen and I will
put the name of my website okay

so I can just copy this is a little bit of
plaintext but if you want to spruce it up

say we wanted the whole thing bold we can
highlight it all and click on be to make it

bold if we wanted a section of it to be in
italics we can kind of highlight that and

click on the button there to make it italics
like that and if there is a section we wanted

underlined we can highlighted and click on
this underlying option you can see I’m able

to change it to be whatever I want to maybe
I want this 2013 to be a different color of

a highlight that and let’s choose say may
be this scholar right here why not so the

point is you can make this look however you
want and lastly we probably want to put a

link in for this but here are some of the
highlighted and I’m in a click on this link

option right there and want to type in a link
okay my link in the right there and I’m good

to click on apply so we’ve got this whole
bit of copyright here that we’ve just created

now the reason we did this in WordPress is
a really easy way to get it formatted the

way we want and then we click on this text
option we could see WordPress already added

this little bit of code to make it work so
now let me show you how the search find and

replace is going to work so we need to click
on add and it has this box here to put some

text here that we that is the area the copyright
as it is right now and then right here were

going to put what we want to change to know
when we show you how to do this now I’m in

the Safari browser meta-switch to the Firefox
web browser is not everybody uses Safari most

people don’t but everyone has access to Firefox
so here’s my existing site what we need to

do is we need to take a look at the source
code that generates this and just copy and

paste into the plug-in might sound more complicated
than it is so on Firefox I’m going to go and

click on the right button on my mouse and
there’s option here this is a view page source

now if you’re using chrome is can have a very
similar option summit click on view page source

and it opens up this bunch of text now what
you know it or not when someone visits your

website your website gives the web browser
what you see right now this bit of code and

your web browser takes his code and make the
site look like this so we need to find a little

bit of code in here that tells your web browser
to show this and what you do is research this

for this word copyright some ago here and
you can do a search on the page and in Firefox

it pulls up this little bar right here and
I’m in a type in copyright and as soon as

I typed it and found where was on the page
so I want to copy this bit of code you see

how it looks a little different it has this
this right here for that copyright symbol

and there’s the little bits of codes we want
this whole little bit so I’m in a highlight

all the way across and this is where it ends
words is Go Daddy but I want this bracket/A

but I don’t want the bracket/dip so I’m sure
you on three or four different themes how

easy this is this is all that we want and
I went to copy it into my clipboard and then

I may go back to the plug-in rinses find phenomena
pasted in right there okay so this is the

bit of code that should that tells your web
browser to show that copyright nets over after

okay so let’s go back to where we made that
copyrights and a copy this into my clipboard

and I’m at a pace that words is replaceable
easily this plug-in were telling it when you

see this code don’t show that code instead
show this code rights only go ahead and click

on update settings go to the front end of
site in a refresh the page so you know it

works if this changes K and I just to refresh
and there’s that new copyright that I made

up I was a urinal while on that looks more
professional I did this on it on purpose to

show you that you can format this however
you want to format it but there is our new

copyright now I’m going to show you how to
do this in two other themes or three other

themes it’s going to just take maybe 30 seconds
of theme and then I’m gonna tell you some

things that you want to be aware of that might
break this came so let’s just go ahead and

right here I’m not gonna save this almanac
go to themes in I’m going to change my theme

so many changes to the ski shop which is a
very popular theme click on activate now when

I go to the front and on my site and do a
refresh the copyright is totally changed to

what they push in there and that’s this proudly
powered by WordPress so let me go back to

Firefox to close this to do my refresh and
I need to look at the source and do a search

for maybe this word proudly so in a right-click
view page source and I’m in a pull up the

find and I’m in a tie proud and there it is
so I want to start on this theme right here

and I want to go all the way down to the last
bid which is this themes for WP and you can

see it themes for WP so on a copy that into
my clipboard and now I’m in a go back to my

find and replace in I’m going to change this
right here to what is in this particular theme

and I’m a click on update settings so now
what I do refresh if it worked this should

change to that silly copyright that I created
and there it is my silly copyright that I

created okay so that’s another theme let’s
try with this Max store actually not let me

skip it you’re getting the point I’m in a
switch to the Sydney theme which is a very

popular theme go to the front and do a refresh
and when I scroll down you can see right here

it’s something similar the probably powered
by it’s going to Firefox to do my refresh

anima scroll down you could see it’s it’s
not my custom one I’m in a right-click and

view page source animal to search the page
and this one also starts proudly like that

and here it is it’s right here and it goes
all the way down to words is by a themes.rumor

I said we don’t want that bracket/div so that’s
why I’m copying it all the way to the end

there a copy that into my clipboard and I’m
in a go back in here a highlight in almond

paste it into an update settings now this
one might look a little different because

it’s a different colored background and I
coded in I think was that red reddish color

so that the only spot where it might look
weird someone to do refresh and there it is

you can see it so I fear you’re in a dark
colored background you might want to change

the font color to be something lighter so
it’s easy to see now let me show you what

could be done that might break it so if I
go back here and a better example would be

with the primer theme right here so we just
activate the primer thing okay and so when

I go back to the front and I switch themes
and it’s different now the copyright that

is generated on this theme and maybe your
theme will have a year so you see versus 2016

well if it becomes 2017 on January 1 that
string of text is gonna change and that will

make it probably revert to the old copyright
credits you need to go in and change it to

2017 another caveat is right here word says
site name will it’s auto pulling this from

what I have configured in Word press and so
I change my site name it’s going to break

it so let me show you what I mean by that
and how to fix it so I need to do a refresh

and I need to find that again someone ago
to view page source and I’m gonna do a search

for copyright so here is that little bit okay
so right here this could change in 2017 70

highlighted like that and I’m a go back into
the find and replace input that in the do

my update settings okay so now are back to
our custom our custom copyright remember I

said of the year changes it might revert to
the old copyright or if I change the site

name let me see what happens when I change
the site name somehow go to settings and then

general and here’s where it has that phrase
site name what if I change this to WP crafter

like that and then I saved it now when I go
here and do a refresh that string of information

changed because this little bit is pulling
dynamically from how I have it set in the

theme and this is as well the year so when
it changes it’s gonna revert back but not

to worry all you have to do is go back into
your real-time find and replace and change

it so right here’s where it says site name
so if I put that to what I change the site

name to and click on update settings it’s
going to match again and so when I click on

refreshing goes back so the same things can
happen when it turns two 2017 or 18.

Have to go back here in change that date from
6 to 7 to 8 or whatever the year might be

now this plug-in is super powerful you can
use it to change any bit of text on your website

it’s not just for changing the footer copyright
if you have an address and you don’t know

maybe that address appears on 30 different
places on your website and instead of going

into all those places and changing it you
can just go right here and change it or if

there’s something that your theme is using
like say it’s a blog post and it says the

word tags and you know wanted to say tag you
might want to say topics you can use this

to do that as well there are so many uses
for this plug-in and I think you would agree

that this is the easiest way to change the
footer copyright credit on any word press

theme is the only video you need to watch
on this topic before you go I have something

for you and before I get into that I wanted
to ask you to do something for me to give

me a thumbs up on this video and if you’re
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right beneath me if you have a question on
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right here on the right is called the three
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you’re gonna love it I would love for you
to join in and enroll as a student in this

makes for watching this video I really appreciated
and I do it just for you

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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  1. Hi Adam

    My goodness, I have literally tried EVERYTHING and I just cannot get my footer to change.
    It must read © 2020 Cosmic Journeys – All Rights Reserved
    but the fricken ” | Newspaper Lite by themecentury.” just stays put.
    Please help!!

  2. Hello am struggling to edit the text on the footer of my website as there is no place to late copyright theme, need your advice

    Colibri theme wordpress.

  3. Thanks, a lot sir it was really helpful for me..!! I will definitely use it on my website…

    1. Works on every site though. Perhaps you should rephrase it to “I can’t get it to work on my site”. That would be more accurate.

      1. Hi there, I have had not had luck with this method on heavily encrypted sites with the copyright in a PHP function, rather than HTML. Mostly these are one-page sites. You recently posted a great video with a solution for that for the Storefront site, but how about a solution for business one-page, or one-page express? I was always able to figure this out in the theme templates until the last year, and I have been agonizing over it. The website URL I am sending you is an example of this. (Love your videos BTW).

  4. Great video! and it seems so easy – But I might think that the theme I’m using is different and that they have taking precautions for this trick, because it does not work. Maybe you can take quick a look at the sourcecode? 😀

    Thank you 🙂

  5. Thank you Adam for the updated video tutorial. I had seen the earlier version and then read about the updated tutorial in the comments.

    I tried it and it works like a dream. My Mom’s art website needed the copyright range for a longer period and I was too scared to ‘play’ with the coding of her website.

    Super thank you!

  6. Great & thanks I was trying to get this kind of simple and easy tricks.

  7. Thank You Very Much….Love you for this video…great one…keep it up…helped me a lot …

  8. Hello Adam,

    Piggybacking on my last comment, I tried this method, and it worked, even on Spacious! Thank you, a million times! You are the best!

  9. Thank you for posting this! Does this work with the Spacious theme? The team there told me that it’s impossible to change their footer copyright text unless I upgrade to their pro version.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. It’s not impossible just follow the instructions of the tutorial and you will be able to change the footer copyright text.

  10. Thanks Adam! But is there a way to throw away the plugin and keep the changes it made?

  11. I cannot make this work for Restaurant and Cafe Raratheme. Can you please help?

  12. Thank You Thank You Thank You! I was so frustrated until I found your video.

  13. Adam, thanks so much for making this video, it worked perfectly!! You have helped a 72 year old great grandma get my website up called GrantLessons where I am going to help nonprofit organizations write applications for funding for their programs. Thanks for your contribution to my work!!

  14. What about Hestia? It is nearly impossible to change the copyright text in that theme!

  15. Excellent! Thank you soo much! I was going crazy. helped me out immensely!

        1. Nope, its done via a custom function that the document on their site will have.

  16. Hi Adam, sorry but it didn’t work on Mesmerize theme!

    1. It works on every theme. You most likely have caching or something like that which will need to be flushed.

      1. Thank you, Adam, for your response. I have tried flushing the cache and didn’t work, I do agree with you it should work on every theme (most of them at least), but not Mesmerize! The developers made it hardcoded in the theme files to force users to buy their premium version.

        1. Hi Fareed, without installing plugin mentioned by Adam and performed trial and error, is there any way to recognize that it will not work?

  17. Awesome!! Thank you so much for such a simple fix to a major issue! Love how you make it so easy to understand and follow!

  18. Thank you Adam, it does work very well. I develop and host several sites and there is one which allows me to either change the year in the copyright or the designer details in the copyright. But I cannot change both parts. Please see the link to the site I am referring to below. Could you possibly supply me with a solution? Thank you! (please reply to me by email if at all possible)

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