by Adam Preiser updated May 18, 2017

How To Change The Footer Credits On The Tesseract WordPress Theme


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Video Transcript

How To Change The Footer Credits On The Tesseract WordPress Theme And remove those nag notices

Thank you for joining me for another video
my name is Adam from where I

make videos for non-techies like me and in
this video on to show you how to change the

credits on the bottom of this thing called
the Tesseract theme and also to show you how

to remove these annoying mad messages that
are in the backing of WordPress if you’re

using this theme now this is can apply to
version 2.7 and up and I hear this is what

the credits are working to remove this right
here in Michigan to put whatever you want

if you’re in word press and you have this
theme and so they feel that to these nag annoying

messages like this and you can even like get
rid of it I’ll just keep coming back, to show

you how to get rid of that as well now I didn’t
really want to make this video I don’t plan

on making any videos on this theme I do not
recommend this scene I’ve looked at the code

there is lots of issues and quality issues
with this theme there is really no path to

support they do some things that are very
unconventional and I really question the ethics

behind this theme but I do have some of the
people that go to my website they’re using

this theme and they asked if I would update
this video because I made a video on changing

these items I made a video on that maybe six
months ago and so I’m updating the video for

version 2.7 and an above now if you’re having
this theme on your side are ready you can

follow along if you are thinking about using
this theme I would strongly suggest not using

this theme it’s really not that good when
you look under the hood of the theme and plus

there’s some other reasons why I strongly
don’t suggested and I don’t actually want

to get into those issues in this video here
is a much better team it’s also free is called

generate press and it is an awesome theme
by an awesome guy who actually coded it himself

unlike the Tesseract the more they’d encode
that themselves this thing they actually made

themselves this thing right here in Austin
developer was really nice about this theme

as he got all these options and you can make
it look however you want but check this out

there is a dedicated website and check this
when you go to support him and help there’s

the support forms she can go in there and
you could see the developers in here fixing

people’s problems if there are problems of
people have questions he’s answering them

he is 100% dedicated to the users of this
theme and that’s what I like about it and

you don’t really get that with this the there’s
really no clear path to support among lots

of other problems with it now you might visually
recognize this theme and then in this form

right here or this form right here both of
those are what the videos were based off of

him on YouTube so anyways this is going to
be for the Tesseract theme version 2.7 and

a and I want to go over this in detail now
the first question that you might be asking

yourself are you allowed to do this and you
absolutely RC WordPress themes and plug-ins

the vast majority are licensed by something
called the GPL can you can Google that on

your own but essentially what the GPL means
is you are freely allowed to change any of

the code on your site you’re allowed to redistribute
GPL code so I can take this theme and give

it to wherever I wanted you can rebrand it
if you want and even sell it and so I could

literally take this theme if I I had a death
wish and change the name and then sell it

to people I would never do something like
that but the GPL allows you to do that and

that’s one of the beauties of this thing called
the GPL something I would encourage you to

maybe do a little bit more reading on of on
your own if you’re curious now this theme

is a GPL license and this is how you find
out so you can log into your website to go

to appearance and then go to editor and it’s
been a pull up something called the stylesheet

so you can see right here says that the name
of the theme it’s a stylesheet and when I

scroll down a little bit to pull this up and
then I scroll down a little bit in their it

says right here that it is fully GPL license
which means I can do anything I want with

this so I just wanted to add that little bit
of information because the developer actually

is contradictory information on their website
it’s, like they want to have their cake and

eat it too so they made this GPL license and
I think they might’ve had to make it GPL license

because the foundation of this theme if they
actually got from someplace else themselves

they didn’t coat this thing from scratch so
if you go to the themes website right here

and were to scroll all the way down there’s
a terms of use here and someone to scroll

down a little bit on the terms of use and
it says right here that you don’t have permission

to change the copyright and if you want to
change the copyright you have to buy this

plug-in for $50 I’m just telling you that
it’s GPL licensed they lit listed as GPL license

they even called this thing from scratch and
yet they want to see you if you want to change

it you have to pay them 50 bucks per website
which I think is insane but anyways the GPL

supersedes this little wine on their terms
of use right here so there’s nothing wrong

he legal and moral or any of that stuff with
changing this little bit of text that’s displaying

on your website I just want to let you know
that now you might say well these guys there

working hard to give it for free and they
do all that why not just give him 50 bucks

that’s a good argument if you want to give
them 50 bucks go ahead and give them 50 bucks

however if you think that’s the only way they
make money then you actually don’t understand

how they make money I do and let me just tell
you they don’t need that 50 bucks okay so

anyways that is me just covering the whole
legality there’s nothing illegal there’s no

trouble you can get in as a matter fact if
you want to take this theme put your name

on it and sell it for 100 bucks you are more
than welcome to do it because it’s clearly

GPL licensed as you can see right here so
you know you can have your cake and eat it

too you can’t take GPL code and then tell
people it’s GPL license and then tell them

what they can do you can dictate what the
GPL says you can and cannot do the GPL dictates

that so anyways I didn’t want to go to this
confusing thing but I’m sorry alright so normally

when you want to change something like that
a code change if you just went and changed

it in the code that’s what’s called not upgrade
safe which means if a new update to the theme

comes out of it would overwrite your change
so what we need to do is add a custom child

theme now there are plug-ins that you can
get for word press that with one click it

will create a child theme for you now the
problem is this theme is encoded well so if

you try to use one of those get all kinds
of error messages and stuff like that and

they’re just not going to work so what I’ve
done is I’ve put together a child theme for

you that you can go to my website and download
for free there’s no cost of course I’d be

hypocritical me to try to sell to someone
know it’s free now if you’re watching this

on YouTube there’s a video description area
and you can just expand it and they’ll be

a link that will take you exactly what to
the spot on my website where you can download

it so please don’t just run over to my website
and live chat me asking me where this is when

the link is now below and you can just click
on it and go there and I’m an email the child

theme over to you that is the reason why you
can just use one of those plug-ins to create

a child thing you really got to use the child
theme that I created for you in on a show

you exactly what’s in it so there’s no of
misunderstandings so what you gonna my website

and downloaded this child theme now we can
pick up in the video were actually to get

this done so first you’re going to want to
go to plug-ins and you’re going to want to

add this plug-in right here call customizer
import export and there’s a reason why working

to do this and say just really go to plug-ins
add new and right here you can just enter

a search see how annoying this so messages
introduce search for and this is it right

here it’s by the Beaver Builder to the team
and there’s about 30,000 active installs what

this is going allows to do is export and import
some of our custom settings that we’ve added

to the theme okay to make sure that when we
put this child theme is to look identical

to how you have it looking right now don’t
know what we want to do once we’ve done that

we want to go into the customizers you go
to appearance and then you click on customize

and this should be familiar this is where
you change all the different settings in your

theme now the reason we need to export these
settings and then import it is cost a lot

of times when you activate a child theme it’s
going to not carry these these customizations

are to carry over these customizer customizations
so be on the safe side we want to export these

changes that we’ve made so that it’s really
easy to import them after we activate the

child thing so what you do to incoherence
is export import and click their and then

click on this export button right here and
then it just gonna download a file to your

computer now the name this files can be tested
right-export.DAT will be in your downloads

folder Germany need to know where that is
okay so now we’ve done that let’s get out

of the customizer by clicking on this X so
now we need to do is upload the child things

so you’re going to appearance go to themes
and click on add new and then just click on

upload theme right here then just click on
choose file and upload the child themes on

my dragline across in enemy click on install
now and it’s going to go ahead and install

that child theme now what you need to do is
click on the activate button right here now

you can immediately notice that the nag screens
are gone they’re all going to be gone and

I’m gonna show you where the code is that
May does disappear so you know exactly what’s

in this child thing tonight to see two themes
here it is your parenting right here and then

the child theme which is the active theme
now when we go to the front end of the website

let me go there right here and scroll down
you see right there is can see my new footer

or something like that okay so now let me
go back here now I want to show you the contents

of this custom child think just you know what’s
in there okay Summit click right here on my

local computer and I’m gonna bring this across
like this you can see so this is what is in

the child theme and these are all the files
that are in it so for instance if the reason

I told you earlier that if you try to use
one of those one click type of plug-ins to

create a child theme to get much errors well
that’s what I had to put this file in here

because it’s can cause an error this right
here is the name of the footer file some of

the changes we make in here even if the parent
theme is updated is not an overwrite these

changes this is a function following to show
you that what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna

remove those nag screens and right here are
some images this is to make the page builder

work writes the importer that’s the same thing
for the page builder this is normal stuff

in the style that CSS I’ll show you what that
is that’s how we’re gonna style the footer

a little bit and it’s also I made it really
easy to change some of the button styles that

you could put in the header if you wanted
so that’s what’s in there someone to show

you all that stuff right now so first let
me show you where to go to change the footer

to say whatever you wanted to say okay so
right now when you scroll down to just as

my new footer and the reason I did that is
so it’s really easy to find where it is in

the file to be super easier to see not a lot
of criticism before with the prior child theme

because I had it say how to make a WordPress
website and had a link back to my site a lot

of people criticize me say why would I change
one credit to different credit and the whole

point is that was just to make it easy to
find so I’m not to do that this time because

you know I don’t need the headache of people
getting something for free and then getting

mad at me so this what we need to do on the
backend of the word press editor click on

right here were underneath appearances as
editor okay so here are those files that I

was talking about the footer of the function
the stylesheet and all that so it immediately

takes us straight over to the stylesheet but
what we want to do is click click on this

footer file now one caveat this is the name
of the file if they change the name of the

footer file in the parent theme this is no
longer going to work you have to go into your

website in your have to change the name of
this file now unfortunately they did that

once that’s why this is for version 2.7 and
up and not behind the older versions it was

just named what everything names it footer.php
and they changed it for some reason so anyway

so you click on that in your escrow all the
way down to the bottom and the scroll up until

we see that text my new footer and you see
them finding it right here my new footer now

what we can do is put a text we want in this
area right here click on update and that’s

what it’s gonna look like on the front and
so let’s say my business name and the number

click on update file animal to go to the front
and under to do refresh receives a my new

footer I’m a click on refresh announces my
business name so that’s really easy for what

I want to do is take this a bit further and
see how to maybe add a hyperlink at some style

to it if you want to word in bold or something
like that and it’s good to be really easy

to do some believe this open and lecturing
on to go to pages and I’m to click on add

new now without really creating a new page
were just can use the built-in word press

code generator so we can actually go right
here and click on this visual tab sorry and

we can actually create the look we want for
our footer they click on the text copy and

pasted in’s let me show you what I mean some
of the call this my new footer thanks Adam

okay whoops let me capitalize when it okay
so say I wanted the footer to be bold so I

can highlight it and click on bold okay actually
wanted thanks to be italicized, do that and

so now that’s italicized and let’s just say
for Adam I wanted a hyperlink that some enough

highlight that and I’m going to click on this
button here that says insert link and let’s

just make that go to Google but you can enter
any hyperlink you wanted him and hit enter

okay so now let’s just say this is what I
want my footer to look like looks like this

now but we wanted to look like this so coming
here make it how you want and then click on

this text tab and you can see all this little
bits of code and this is what the word press

editors kind of generated four units very
cleanly done something I highlight this code

in him and put it in my clipboard so now to
go back and I’m to paste that into my footer

file someone ago to appearance editor and
my prop me to save it and obviously didn’t

anyways so I’m back in my editor and to go
back into that footer file by clicking here

on the right and to scroll all the way down
in the number to slowly scroll up to find

it and there it is my business name someone
a highlighted Dominic paste that little bit

of code that WordPress just generated for
me and I’m a click on update file Sonoma to

go back to the front and an omen to do a refresh
and you could see right there now it looks

like there is some spacing limitation here
to show you how to overcome that right now

but you can see that I’ve got footer in bold
I got thanks italicize and you can see when

I hover over right here it’s good to give
me that link to take me to the site that I

said so now we can see that that we want to
kind of extended out a little bit of this

just isn’t enough to put our text now this
is going to involve a little bit of CSS but

it’s pretty easy if you want to make this
easy just don’t have a big old copyright there

but let’s go back into the backing of the
website and for the Steinberg and click on

this thing here that says that says stylesheet
now this is code that I added to make life

easy for you you know the buttons on the top
right that are in these demos all right here’s

where you can paste in your color codes to
make the color of those buttons whatever you

want now if you don’t want this code here
you can literally just highlighted and remove

it to scroll all the way down to the bottom
words is footer style and this is where we

can change and manipulate some of the styles
of the footer so what you do so and then adjust

this with its currently same 13 just make
it 100 and see how it looks only click on

update file my goal here and I’m a click on
refresh and you can see now my footer is not

scrunched into two lines and everything’s
kind of spaced out exactly the way the header

is spaced out to see that it is perfectly
spaced out so you can go here and words as

footer style and you can play around with
that with number and there’s also options

to change other elements of the style of that
footer so you might want to make that 100

and get that full with them so this right
here is how were going to change whatever

we want this footer to be in its upgrade safe
the only time it will stop working as if they

change the name of the footer file in the
parent theme Kim hoping this is making sense

okay so now says initially with that theme
functions file was on the clicking of right

now and this is what it looks like someone
we scroll down right here it says remove the

footer removal nag and so right here it’s
going to have a bit of code that can remove

those display notices that were showing those
nag screens and so this notice right here

is the one that says you you know if you want
a to remove this little bit of copyright techs

in the bottom right or this footer credit
A 50 bucks was plugged in so that’s what this

is gonna remove and this is this other new
annoying notice that they added where they’re

trying to or they sensually took someone else’s
plug-in and they change the name in there

trying to sell it themselves which is I thinks
an ethics violation but anyways and that’s

what that is on its can remove that notice
as well so this is the function right here

that is going to this is their whole complete
bid right here that’s going or remove those

annoying notices for you okay so that is what
the theme function file is so the last a bit

in this video is if you install the child
see me activated it and it doesn’t look quite

right it didn’t look how it looked prior must
go ahead and import those customizer settings

so what you wanted to good appearance and
then customize and let me pull it up here

and then you want to click on export import
and then you’re going to want to import the

file right here someone to drag and drop that
right there in him to click on import in this

will restore all of the custom settings that
you had so if you had this color here different

the logo different all kinds of different
things with the theme style that you can control

right here what we just did will restore all
that for you then you could just click on

save what she looks like it did and then get
out of there so anyways this is how you change

this footer and I want you know I have no
ill will and I don’t want to have any negativity

on this video or this channel or anything
like that I got no ill will towards anybody

towards them towards any of that I’m just
showing you how to do something that you have

every right to do and they chose to license
this theme under the GPL and so you’re allowed

to do this and you can do this all that you
want and there’s no problem with doing it

and if I wanted to be evil I could just say
here’s a link to download the footer on branding

plug-in I do have the plug-in but I’m not
gonna do that because I would feel ethically

that that would be wrong even though I have
every right to do that too I would feel that

that’s ethically wrong even though would make
this process a lot easier but you still have

those annoying notices I don’t do that I’m
just showing you how to do what you have every

right to do and that’s to install this child
theme that you can get on my website and have

the footer say what you want this footer to
say that being said I’m not to make any more

videos on this theme I’m not can it make any
more videos on this topic this would be the

last time you ever you say anything about
this theme ever again before you go I have

something for you and before I get into that
I wanted to ask you to do something for me

to give me a thumbs up on this video and if
you’re not a subscriber click on the subscribe

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role as a student in this course makes for

watching this video I really appreciated and
I do it just for you

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  1. Hi Adam, thanks for a great Tesseract theme video.
    I followed everything you did, but the ‘my new footer’ text appears in the centre of the footer instead of the right.
    This is causing the left footer menus to appear different lines

    1. I would suggest taking a look at my most recent video on changing the footer copyright credits on any theme.

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