3 Best WordPress Webhosts With Free SSL Certificates

Updated: September 28, 2017
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There are a ton of choices when looking for a new web host for your WordPress websites. So to make it easy to narrow your options down, you should choose a web host that will give you a free SSL certificate.

Normally an SSL certificate can cost $50 – $100 per domain, per year. Ouch!

Luckily I have found 3 of the best WordPress hosting companies that will give you free SSL certificates for all of your websites.

* Just a little side note, in the video above I talk about some bonus courses I would love to give you to make your experience using WordPress awesome, but Siteground contacted me asking me to not include the courses if you purchase their service because they don't want that to be the reason you choose them. I get it, but unfortunately, I can't retroactively go and change the video.

A2 Hosting

InMotion Hosting


This video is good to be about the three best
WordPress-based web hosting companies that

will give you a free SSL certificate saving
you a bunch of money hi my name is Adam from

WPCrafter.com where I make WordPress videos
for non-techies if you’re new here click on

the unsubscribe button and if you like video
notifications there’s a little bell off to

the side of that and you too will let you
know when I uploaded a new video now you need

an SSL certificate whether you know it or
not I know I know that I needed one and I

got one if you look on my website it says
secure and I got the green padlock a lot of

people just know it is this green padlock
you need this for every website in fact Google

made some changes and insisted in 2017 when
it started in one 2017 started that everybody

needs an SSL certificate the reward you if
you get it and they will penalize you if you

don’t get it if you have an e-commerce website
or any kind of commercial transactions you

have to have it and any website you really
need it in fact Google even reward you in

the search engine results if you have an SSL
certificate so it’s something that you need

now traditionally with Webhost I don’t give
it to you for free Uribe $5200 per year per

website for it and it’s getting inexpensive
pretty darn quick but now there are several

web hosting companies that will give you a
free SSL certificate for each website that

you have on their service and I want to talk
about three of the best Webhost right now

in this video now links to everything you
could just go to order new hosting.com I have

links to everything right there and also have
some bonuses if you wanted to get any of these

web hosting companies willing to talk about
the very best web hosting companies in this

video so two of these web hosting companies
are getting their free security certificates

from a service called let’s encrypt now a
web hosting company has have specific integration

with Lexus and let’s encrypt in order for
it to work the first two companies have it

the third company has an even better SSL certificate
program that get you free SSL certificates

here is let’s encrypt they are probably the
leaders in free SSL certificates however not

is all perfect and let’s encrypt land if you
do a search for let’s encrypt security problem

you see there’s been lots of problems with
let’s encrypt now that doesn’t mean their

bad securities certificates it just means
that they’ve had some problems so the first

web hosting company I want to talk about is
a Siteground now Siteground is probably one

of the highest rated in terms of quality web
hosting companies around especially in the

WordPress’s space majority-owned with all
Webhost most of their websites are WordPress-based

websites but they are custom tailored for
WordPress and they were probably the first

Webhost that I noticed that started offering
free SSL certificates highly respected that

they were the ones that really pioneering
and putting pressure on all the other Webhost

to give our free SSL certificates now they
have several plans their plans are little

on the pricier side because they are metered
so if you see on this is start a plan right

here 395 per month but it is a limited to
10,000 visits per month and if you look at

the other two plans there’s this metered aspect
of it fantastic web hosting company but you

do have to think about this whole metered
aspect of it great web hosting company when

you visit order new hosting.com I’ve got information
there about some special discounts with Siteground

to get you this is 60% off next working to
talk about A2Hosting I love A2Hosting I think

the performance of A2Hosting is better than
what you’re going to get from Siteground the

value is better than what you get at Siteground
A2Hosting’s fantastic web hosting company

they do not have that metered thing which
are getting at Siteground so you’re not can

have this limitation on how many visits your
website can get very very reasonable pricing

I also have a special discount lined up with
them order new hosting.com you’ll read about

that I like them a lot I’m actually working
on a full review video for A2Hosting because

they are that good and next to her and talk
about the web hosting company that gives you

free SSL but is not let’s encrypt their actually
giving you Komodo I think I’m pronouncing

that right SSL certificate which is way better
than the let’s encrypt security certificate

now that company is InMotion hosting now this
is actually knew about a year ago I will I

was talking to the folks at InMotion hosting
I said you guys gotta get on this free SSL

bandwagon you have to do this they looked
at let’s encrypt they decided there some problems

there they don’t want to go that route and
it took him about a year to get Komodo in

place where you’re getting a free premium
SSL certificate in your not paying for it

it’s going to be free to you now this actually
just launched any new web hosting accounts

going to get it all the older web hosting
accounts are going to start having it added

and there also adding it to VPS’s and reseller
hosting accounts and it’s just a higher-quality

SSL certificate you can see they give other
subscribers in my channel 857% discount when

you sign up for a new web hosting account
with them also visit order new hosting.com

for info on getting that discount billing
will also be in the video description box

and when you click on order new hosting.com
or visit that website I have a special bonus

that I like to give to people that are new
setting up WordPress websites or maybe there

Novus WordPress users I have paid training
courses on my website there from 97 up to

197 I put a essential bundle of these courses
together worth over $500 when you visit ordinal

hosting.com you’ll see about that bundle and
if you order web hosting for many of these

three companies I will give you that access
to that course bundle for free just to make

sure that you get off to the right start with
having a WordPress website that you take care

of yourself that you get running lightning
quick yourself secure yourself etc. etc. so

you can visit order new hosting.com to find
out all the information on that and also to

get the special discounts I’m lined up with
these three web hosting companies this is

all exclusive to me through order new hosting.com
now if you’re using any of these three web

hosting companies I want to hear about it
in the video description below I know probably

90% of the viewers of this channel are using
one of these three companies for your own

West web hosting needs I’d love to hear how
the experience is going down below which one

you thinks best out of the three let’s not
trust the other two but let’s praise the one

that you’re using and having a good experience
with hate thanks for watching this video and

I’ll talk to you in the comments section down

Adam @ WPCrafter

My passion is making the best quality video tutorial online, for non-techies. When I am not behind the camera, I am usually helping out one of my YouTube subscribers.

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18 thoughts on “3 Best WordPress Webhosts With Free SSL Certificates”

  1. Hey, thanks for the great suggestions, Adam! I’m currently using a WordPress hosting plan with free SSL certificates, but it’s good to have some more options just in case. I’m really satisfied with the speed and the quality of the service that I’m currently using, and moreover, I pay a really affordable monthly price. It was not difficult at all to manage the SSL certificates, as the host provides a detailed article on how to manage the certificates.

  2. Hi Adam! I went with InMotion (IMH) and deployed the Free SSL certificate. However, they mentioned that the “free SSL” is not recommended for commercial sites? Do you know much about this? If one plans to take payment through their website, even if just occasionally to start, would we really need to upgrade to a paid SSL with dedicated IP? Am a bit confused & would love to hear your thoughts…Thanks! See below regarding the free certs from IMH:
    “However, it is worthwhile to note that *free certificates use SNI without a dedicated IP*. This means that multiple domains can share an IP address and still use an SSL. It should be noted that this type of certificate does not have the same level of acceptance as an Advanced SSL with a dedicated IP. This is because SNI is a relatively new extension and is only recently receiving widespread support across browsers and devices. Some combinations of older browsers and devices may not accept a certificate that is using SNI. For most informational websites, the level of acceptance provided by a free SSL is adequate. However, large-scale enterprises (like an e-commerce store) that accept private data about their customers would be best advised to consider a paid SSL from a respected certificate authority. Premium SSLs from certificate authorities often provide support and warranties in addition to being widely accepted in all browsers and devices.”

    1. Hi Leah,

      Correct. The free SSL these hosting companies provide are mostly the stock “self-signed” C-panel generated SSL certificates. Now those who give Let’s encrypt certificates are for general purpose and are protected with 128bit layers.
      For e-commerce it’s recommended choosing wildcard 256 bit SSL.

      Hope it helps.

  3. Hi, Thanks for all the great information. I was getting fed up with hostgator nickel and diming me, but I wanted a hosting service that provided free SSL. So I chose InMotion and I just got confirmed. However, I did not see the button for your free course. I don’t want to be greedy, but it sounded like something I could really use. Is there anyway to let me know how to get access to it? Thanks, Louise


    Here is my comment on the above company and the feedback I sent their sales feedback.

    “I had a pleasant chap Mathew on chat, who was patient and attentive. However you people are walking past business.

    I wanted to sign up today for a six month R2000 plan and pay the money then and there.

    HOWEVER there was NO guarantee of the renewal cost after 6 months other than some crazy offer of a lifetime plan at considerably more or an undisclosed loyalty discount.

    Forget Loyalty discounts etc. Where I come from (New Zealand) it is illegal to trade this way. WHY do you Americans make it so dam difficult to do business?

    I know hosting is all about monthly fees and loyalty, FIX the price at what you offer from day one. THEN you get loyalty……

    I am so disappointed with all the waste of time for both your guy and myself. SIMPLE is the answer NOT difficult.

    When will your country and people ever learn”?

    Steve Hilliar
    New Zealand

    1. That sounds pretty bizarre to me. The cost of the plan is right there on the website and it’s not hard to find. I don’t see why there would be confusion on the cost unless you were wanting some extra discount that you were trying to get them to agree to on the phone.

      Sound more like to me that you are only telling part of this story because none of it makes any sense at all. The R2000 plan can be ordered by anyone for $39.99 per month. It is a mid-tier reseller plan. There is no confusion on the price, it’s there in black and white, all you have to do is click order if that is the plan you want.

      1. Sorry but maybe I have not expressed it properly.
        There is a plan for various payment structures 1, 6, 12, 24 months etc
        However they will not disclose the cost after those times, they say they offer a loyalty discount after that but will not disclose it. Nothing bizzare about that I just don’t understand their marketing ploy

        1. All web hosting companies have a discount when you first sign up. All of them do. So the normal price is listed, in this case, $39.99. That is the price per month after the period of time that you sign up for. So if you prepay for 1 year, take advantage of that discount, then after a year, the cost is $39.99. Every web hosting company is this way. Many monthly services are this was as well. All 3 hosting providers on this page are structured this way and they are all generally regarded as the best web hosting providers.

          1. Fair enough however they are keen for business as anyone would be and say they offer a loyalty discount after the initial term is up, they just will not disclose what that is and in my humble opinion that sucks. I am looking at a reseller account with the view of transferring 15 sites. I believe I am entitled to know what my ongoing costs will be.

          2. I have finally joined IM Hosting within your specified time. I cannot find a JOIN button on your website menu.

  5. Adam, do you recommend any particular companies for Registering a Domain? I currently have InMotion Hosting, where 1 site has the Free SSL already with them, but my 2nd site needs to be moved FROM Yahoo to somewhere else that is reputable.
    Would you recommend www.NameCheap.com ?

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