Ultimate Addons Vs PowerPack 2020

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: September 8, 2021

PowerPack Beaver Addons is an add-on plugin for Beaver Builder that adds some new features, modules, & templates to Beaver Builder.
UABB for short is the best Beaver Builder add-on package that adds numerous new modules, sections, and full-page templates to Beaver Builder.
Current Pricing: Free – $69
Current Pricing: Free to $69

The 2 main add-on packages for Beaver Builder go head to head, my personal preference has always been Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder over PowerPack for various reasons, but after a recent update to Ultimate Addons to include several WooCommerce modules, Ultimate Addons now has the edge.

Over time, they have become very similar, each adding features that the other has. Both are very well made.

The biggest difference I see right now is Ultimate Addons includes WooCommerce modules where PowerPack has an extra charge for them. Outside of that it's really just personal preference.

PowerPack Beaver Addons Pros

  • Over 50 Modules
  • 150+ Page Templates
  • Fully Designed Sections
  • Unique Module Styles

Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder Pros

  • Over 45 New Modules
  • 100+ Page Templates
  • Fully Designed Sections
  • Fastest Add-on Package
  • Great Support Staff

PowerPack Beaver Addons Cons

PowerPack Beaver Addons was the 2nd Beaver Builder add-on package released, but the first serious one. They have consistently added new modules to the plugin and have maintained a consistent presence in the Beaver Builder community.

Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder Cons

Using an add-on package for a page builder can be risky business if the developer is not on top of keeping everything compatible. Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder has done an excellent job over the last 2 years of staying perfectly in sync with Beaver Builder updates. After having used UABB for 2 years on multiple websites, it is both reliable, continuously improving, and adding new modules.

Ease Of Use


Ease Of Use


Price / Value


Price / Value






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    1. That should be easy to recreate for you using the module. You enable the icon and have it top aligned. Then remove the border color so it blends into the background color on your website.

  1. Selim Rana says:

    Hello can you review Element Pack? how it is actually?

  2. Joko Frank Octo says:

    AS of now, PowerPack has facebook, Instagram modules and other.
    Is this review still reliable ? Can you share your experiences on both product ?

    1. My personal experience is that PowerPack has been buggy for me. But if it has an extension that you really need for your website, you should buy it.

      1. mind to share what bugs?

        1. Sure, I mostly have used their grid add-on and it has consistently had one problem or another with how it displays.

    1. I am an affiliate for both. As my disclosure statement says, please assume that I am an affiliate for any link on this site. That being said, it has no bearing on this review or any of my reviews for that matter.

  3. i want to include scrolling news plugin in beaver page builder it has a short-code how to fix it in home page (on front developing page)

  4. Is there a similar “add ons” concept for Elementor that you use or recommend? Thanks, Adam!

  5. Great review… thank you.

  6. Pablo del Valle says:

    Thank you for this comparison. I was about to buy PowerPack but then after seeing your review, I’m definitely going for Ultimate.

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