Sensei Vs WP Courseware 2020

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: September 8, 2021

Sensei is a learning management system for WordPress from the makers of WooCommerce. WooCommerce was acquired by Automatic, the parent company of WordPress itself.

WP Courseware allows you to have online courses on your WordPress website. It’s a solution ideal for people that already have an e-commerce platform and a membership plugin and just want to add courses.

Current Pricing: $149 – $299
Current Pricing: $99 – $175

Because Sensei is not actively developed, it's sorta a weird side project, WP Courseware is the better choice between these 2 options. Sensei is just this stalled side project for Automatic that is overly complicated to setup and near impossible to get working right with your theme of choice. Now both of these require a separate e-commerce platform if you want to sell your courses, and a membership plugin to secure the content. No thank you.

Sensei Pros

  • WooCommerce Integrated
  • Question Bank
  • Manual Quiz Grading

WP Courseware Pros

  • Drag / Drop Course Builder
  • Powerful Quiz Options
  • Drip Feed Lessons
  • Multiple Instructors

Sensei Cons

Sensei does not integrate well with 99% of WordPress themes. So if you are not a developer/coder, you will have a tough time getting it to work right with your theme.

Also, it requires WooCommerce and several expensive extensions to function properly. This makes the total cost 3x higher per year.

WP Courseware Cons

If you want to sell your courses then WP Courseware will need to be integrated with an e-commerce system, which further adds complexity to your online course website. They do offer integrations with most e-commerce and membership platforms for selling courses, but I think it would be better if this was built in.

Also, when I used WP Courseware last, it did not protect course content, so it also required a membership plugin, which is another system you will need to learn, manage, and maintain.

Ease Of Use


Ease Of Use


Price / Value


Price / Value







  1. Your review of Sensei isn’t accurate. I say that because the screenshot of Sensei’s product page and its pricing is quite stale. Sensei has been $129-$279 for well over a year.

    As far as Sensei not working on 99% of WordPress themes, that has been addressed by a theme compatibility fix made last year. I would actually flip that stat and say that Sensei DOES work on 99% of WordPress themes –

    Please, don’t do your visitors a disservice by giving them false information.


    1. I’m quite shocked that someone from the Sensi team would come here and be so accusational. False information? Sure maybe outdated because why would I spend a second of my life keeping tabs a dead end product like Sensi. Where is the “Hey we have been working on it and made some improvements, just wanted to let you know”, but you come here with this BS attitude? Like you have no idea where I came up with this! I just came up with it out of thin air or something. Whateves.

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