MemberPress Vs Restrict Content Pro 2019

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: July 30, 2019

MemberPress is a WordPress plugin used to secure and sell content on your website. With its extensive features and integrations, MemberPress can handle just about any membership website requirements.

Restrict Content Pro is a membership plugin for WordPress based websites. It will allow you to secure and sell content and includes a number of add-ons to cover most requirements.

Current Pricing: $149 – $349
Current Pricing: $99 – $249

This will be the tightest comparison of membership plugins because they are both really close in features, ease of use, and solid backing.

If I was to give an edge to one, it would be MemberPress if you need to have an affiliate program because it's included in their $349 plan. However at that rate you can purchased Restrict Content Pro's $249 plan and add in their sister software AffiliateWP for $99. So its sorta a wash anyway.

If you have your own affiliate management plugin or if you already use AffiliateWP (the market leader), then I would go with Restrict Content Pro because it's more actively being developed, looks much better out of the box, and has a lifetime payment option available. Oh and you can install it on unlimited websites.

One big negative for me with MemberPress is their fake 50% offer if you buy in 4 hours. Don't fall for shady fake scarcity tactics like that.

MemberPress Pros

  • Easy To Use Intuitive Setup
  • Drip Feed Content
  • Multiple Payment Processors
  • Email Autoresponder Integration
  • Affiliate System Included With Higher Priced Plan
  • Powerful Access Rules

Restrict Content Pro Pros

  • Offers Lifetime Pricing Option
  • Support Many Payment Gateways
  • WooCommerce Integration *HUGE*
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Dedicated Support Team

MemberPress Cons

  • All Front End Elements Look Ugly And Dated
  • No WooCommerce Support :-(
  • Slow Development And Few Improvements Made Over Time
  • Questionable Marketing Tactics Fake “Limited Time Offer”

Restrict Content Pro Cons

  • Most Will Need The $249 Plan Or $499 Lifetime Plan
  • Lacks Integrated Affiliate System

Ease Of Use


While quite easy to use and setup, the front end styling is very dated so expect a lot of effort to make it look good.

Ease Of Use


This membership plugin is so easy to use that literally anyone will be able to set it up.

Price / Value


The price is in line with other solutions but offers less active installations. However the included affiliate management tool makes up for it.

Price / Value


While I would like to see a plan that is full-features and less than $200, the amount of flexibility and power is nearly unrivaled.



My support experiences have always been prompt and helpful with an eagerness to help.



Support is what you would expect from a premium-priced membership plugin.

14 thoughts on “MemberPress Vs Restrict Content Pro”

  1. A


    Dude, can’t believe im just finding your website. This is great. I think we may go with RCP (lifetime) because they also offer affiliate WP which is great for starting your own affiliate program.

    Would you mind taking a look at our website and letting me know your thoughts. We sell EMP Surge protectors so, its not a common item to sell lolol.


    I’ll be making the big switch to soon so, I want to make sure I have the big updates like including membership and affiliates ready before the switch.

    Keep up the great work and please let me know your thoughts Sir.


  2. W

    Thanks for sharing … I choose RCP ultimate finally. Consider the increased price and annual payment, I thinkthe price would be lower using RCP Ultimate. I want using my membership for long time, not only one or two years, therefore at least for 5-10 years investment, RCP is the winner.

  3. k

    Thanks for this. Restrict content pro has the worst support ever… I purchased their licensed version and one expiration they won’t give reply even to questions related to technical problems… I have used a dozen premium plugins but no one has ever bluntly replied me that they will not provide support as the licence is expired. Stay away from Restrict Content pro

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