LearnDash Vs WP Courseware 2020

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: September 8, 2021

LearnDash Logo

LearnDash is the leading learning management system for WordPress. It allows you to facilitate selling and managing online courses on a self-hosted platform that you own & control.

WP Courseware allows you to have online courses on your WordPress website. It’s a solution ideal for people that already have an e-commerce platform and a membership plugin and just want to add courses.

Current Pricing: $159 to $189
Current Pricing: $99 – $175

If innovative features are important to you, then the choice between these two is LearnDash. Sadly I haven't seen any innovation from WP Courseware, plus with it, you need to have a membership plugin and an e-commerce platform if you want to sell your courses. That just adds complexity that may not be necessary. With LearnDash you don't need any of that and they are actually innovating with their recently released video progression feature and new course builder. So while WP Courseware has been on the market for a few years, personally I prefer using a LMS that is evolving and giving me the tools to have a better learner experience.

LearnDash Pros

  • *Exclusive* Modern Learner Experience With Focus Mode
  • Easy To Use Course Builder
  • Drip-Feed Course Lessons
  • Sell One-off Courses And Subscriptions
  • *Exclusive* Video Progression Feature
  • *Exclusive* Lessons Can Be Reused In Other Courses

WP Courseware Pros

  • Drag / Drop Course Builder
  • Powerful Quiz Options
  • Drip Feed Lessons
  • Multiple Instructors

LearnDash Cons

  • Slower / Methodical Development
  • Some Design Features Lack Options

WP Courseware Cons

If you want to sell your courses then WP Courseware will need to be integrated with an e-commerce system, which further adds complexity to your online course website. They do offer integrations with most e-commerce and membership platforms for selling courses, but I think it would be better if this was built in.

Also, when I used WP Courseware last, it did not protect course content, so it also required a membership plugin, which is another system you will need to learn, manage, and maintain.

Ease Of Use


There is no other WordPress LMS that is this easy to set up because of the new “industry first” focus mode feature.

Ease Of Use


Price / Value


Currently, I find LearnDash to be seriously underpriced when you look at what you get and the other options on the market.

Price / Value




It’s super easy to get the help you may want from their fully staffed ticket desk or their active Facebook group community.




  1. Donna Sauve says:

    What would be your recommendation/suggestion for an eLearning plugin? I am looking for that must have the capability for the student to view video/powerpoint presentations, complete a quiz at the end of each module, complete an exam after completing all the modules in the training series and produce a certificate at the end that the student can print off. All the modules need to be completed within a specified period of time.

    1. Both can to all of that, except the last part, completing within a specified period of time.

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