Elementor Vs Thrive Architect 2019

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: June 30, 2019

Elementor is a WordPress page builder that has taken WordPress web design by storm. It has the deepest feature set, yet is very easy to use and master. Elementor is the most full-featured free page builder. There is also a Pro add-on to add additional developer features.

Thrive Architect is a WordPress page builder from Thrive Themes. It’s their next generation page builder that replaces Thrive Content Builder. It is ideal for any website build, but also really shines for marketers because of its marketing focus.

Current Pricing: Free to $199
Current Pricing: $67

While many Elementor users have considered Thrive Architect an Elementor copy, they seem to forget that Thrive came way before Elementor did. Yes, there are many similarities, but the same could be said in reverse. This is a tough comparison and I think, for some, it is going to end up coming down to cost. Elementor is an annual license cost, where Thrive Architect comes with lifetime updates. Also, it is important to note that Elementor is a lot more refined and much better suited for full website builds. Elementor Pro is also more powerful in that it allows you to create dynamic headers / footers and post templates. Elementor also has an ecosystem around it of 3rd party plugins to expand its features. Thrive Architect has a great focus on marketing with specialized features like timed content, popup boxes, and deep integrations with the other plugins that Thrive makes.

Elementor Pros

  • Live Front End Page Editor
  • Website Personalication Features
  • Template & Block Library
  • Extensive Mobile Responsive Options
  • Most Powerful Popup Builder
  • PRO Create Custom Headers / Footers
  • PRO Create Post Type Layouts

Thrive Architect Pros

  • Over 100 Page Templates
  • Best Mobile Options
  • Included Popup Engine
  • Advanced Marketing Features
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Works With Any Theme

Elementor Cons

  • Features Lack Useful Options
  • Template & Block Library Are WEAK
  • Support Unwiling To Provide Custom Solutions
  • 3rd Party Addons Commonly Cause Issues
  • No Whitelable Version
  • Header Builder Lacks Schema

Thrive Architect Cons

Being that Thrive Architect is an upgrade to Thrive Content Builder, there have been some upgrade issues that people have experienced. So right now I really don’t recommend upgrading from Thrive Content Builder.

While many developer hours went into Thrive Architect, there are still some things that are a bit overly complicated where there are settings panels on top of setting panels.

Also, Thrive Architect is lacking global save sections which is a huge time saver when building full websites.

Ease Of Use


One of the easiest to use page builders on the market with their intuitive and unique right-click menu, navigator, and finder features.

Ease Of Use


Price / Value


Incredible value! Includes a form builder, popup builder, theme builder, header / footer builder, and that is just scratching the surface.

Price / Value




Support could use some improvement in their willingness to put the customer first and solve problems that take extra effort.



107 thoughts on “Elementor Vs Thrive Architect”

  1. Bought a Thrive 5-activation license a couple years ago, and although it’s a lifetime license, support expires after one year.
    Also, people who bought a Thrive Architect before the Product Manager was added will not be able to activate or deactivate sites without help from Thrive Support (and you have to upgrade your license or buy another Thrive product in order to receive that support).
    I like thrive as a site building tool, but I wish there was less focus on selling “selling” workshops. Thrive actually can do much more. Here’s a thrive site I created for jazz trumpeter Jon Hassell. No sales funnel! https://jonhassell.com

    1. Interesting! I have the unlimited license but I pay for it every year however I have heard that they don’t like resetting licenses. So if you use it on a site and later decide to move your site or something along those lines or switch to a different WordPress install, that you’re kind of out of luck.

  2. Hi,

    I would like to swap my website which is using Elementor to Architect. Is there an easy way to do this or do I need to totally rebuild it? Thank you so much.


    1. M

      PS I also have ConvertKit and GSuite. Am I doubling up on anything with all these different softwares?

  3. J

    I want to buy Thrive through your link for the training and I will eventually be developing a large number of sites, some with extensive daily content and some just as sales funnels with limited content updates. I will be selling physical products (tees, books, etc) affiliate links and advertising through all of them. Does it make sense to purchase the Thrive membership for the added plugins vs just Thrive Architect? Also, since your basically building the pages does it make sense to pay for a premium theme, does the theme even matter any more?

  4. K

    I am using Elementor now, but have discovered a few drawbacks. Maybe I can solve them by using Thrive Architect:
    1) using externally hosted images (cloudinary.com) is almost impossible with elementor. Cloudinary has a plugin that works fine with the standard WP editor. With elementor, there is no way to use even an external URL via copy/paste as image source.
    2) when touching the Elementor page with the WP editor (to do some minor changes like quickly changing a typing error or put a url as image source), the page layout is broken most of the time.
    Pitty there is no (time limited) free version of thrive architect to try it out.

  5. G

    I need the best WP builder for building marketing sales pages that go to my ThriveCart checkout system then back to thank you and delivery page or membership sites.

    I would also like to set up some quality websites and blogs for brand quality besides.

    I almost bought DIVI for the one time buy, beauty and actual phone support. Support is Important to a RAW newbie that needs stuff built soon. Also it has child theme or something so that the actual code for total custom can be done which some others can’t.

    Elementor for the ease of use from reviews and ALL the features with unlimited sites is also very appealing. But after reading your post and others here about tables, content disasters, and extra marketing features others don’t have, I’m kinda scared back into Thrive themes I think.

    Please help me understand what’s best in my situation going forward with money considered but allowing me to make a bunch of sales pages anytime I need to slam one up quick without draining the bank all the time, unless you have a slick solution for that as well?.

    Thank you. Looking forward to buying the right one here with all the good you have to offer. Your great!

  6. M
    Michael Trachtman

    I use Thrive Themes.. But my biggest frustration with it is that they are good for collecting emails, but not really good at shopping carts. They have no substantial integration with woo-commerce or any other bigtime shopping cart. I want to be able to create “clickfunnels” style funnels.

    I am selling physical products in the healthcare arena (not supplements or anything similar).

    I am now considering using woo-commerce with woo-funnels.

    Does that combination (woo-commerce + woo-funnels) work better with Thrive Themes (and Thrive Architect) or with Elementor?

    What I want to do is buy traffic on FB or Google. Send to a Landing Page that describes the product. Push one button and be taken to a checkout page, where you can give payment/shipping info. Possibly get a “bump” offer. And then possibly an upsell.

    I think I can do it with woo-commerce+woo-funnels but I haven’t tried yet. Woo-Commerce by itself is a pain to use for this kind of application.

    Alternatively, Do you have a suggestion for a better solution of how to build such “ClickFunnels” style landing pages.

  7. A

    Hi there,
    I’m debating between Thrive and Elementor. I’m looking to make a website for the purpose of organic traffic and do SEO and all that stuff. For that purpose I need the blogging and Dynamic updates (i.e when I publish a blog it automatically replaces with the old blog box in the first page and I don’t have to do it manually every time ). Which one do you think would give me better tools, and have lighter templates easy to read for Google bots?
    Appreciate your feed back.

  8. S

    Making a choice among elementor and thrive is very difficult, As I am trying to scale up my affiliate sites.
    Elementor is what i have started with.

    Elementor Pros – Easy, full customization possibilities, new elements/features releasing frequently.
    Elementor Cons – Tables , not much options for editing long content, messy codes (Important drawback).

    Adam what do you think if I have both installed on same website, how much will it affect on page speed, requests and Dashboard speed?

  9. M

    Adam I want to buy Thrive architect licence for 15 websites…. mostly bcus it’s better than elementor when it comes to content display…tables, content list, tabs etc. How can I buy it from your link so that I get free access to your Thrive Architect course… I will need it. You are the best guru out there!

    1. Yes, it does have some amazing content modules, especially tables. No one can touch that, it’s that good. So yes if you click on the Thrive button it should send you to a page about the courses, of course, the courses are free. I think it’s worth getting that way.

  10. D

    Hey Adam, great review!

    I am wondering one thing. Which of these two combination theme + pagebuilder is the better in terms of easiness to use and approachability in keep the same layout in landing page, checkout etc: generatepress + elementor or generatepress + thrivearchtect?

    Thank you a lot!

  11. A

    Hi Adam,

    i’m looking for a plugin that will be mainly used for marketing my products.
    landing pages, sales funnel with timer countdown etc…
    i also need it to support RTL language (my site is in English and Hebrew).
    my website is currently using visual composer and i’m trying to decide which will be better and easier for my marketing needs, what do you think?


    1. J

      I’m also looking for this exact same thing, sales funnels and landing pages like ClickFunnels but built by wordpress/woocommerce.
      I want to show multiple products they can choose to add to cart, have shipping+billing address fields, some testimonials or other text, then check out button.

      Could not find a clear solution yet for the past 2 days

    2. The main challenge with using these tools for sales funnels is, what are you going to use for the checkout. They are perfect for creating sales pages, any type of page really, but if you are selling something there needs to be a cart. You can use WooCommerce, but then WooCommerce isn’t really for a sales funnel.

      1. I’m going through Shane’s (Thrive Themes) Course Craft course, and he recommends SendOwl for membership, protection of content and payment processing. Much, much easier to use as it’s a service (starts at $9/mo) rather than a plugin.

  12. Hey Adam,

    Thanks for this concise comparison.

    I wonder if you’d give me your input about something…

    I’m thinking of a redesign on my site, from Divi to GeneratePress.

    I want to use most of the Thrive plugins; I love their conversion focus.

    Wondering if I should stick to Thrive Architect to have fewer plugin conflicts, or if it’s safe to go with Elementor?



  13. C
    Christine Sempero

    Hi Adam
    I am Christine I am 64 and I am trying to do the website for my new and little hotel I have been seen you every day for some weeks now I am going to host with inMotion through your site
    I need multilingual page and booking and I like the parallax effect very much and I need to decide between elementor or thrive architect that way I will have everything in order so I don’t have problems when I buy.
    another thing how can I become a member of your site I am very new at this as you can see but I am a hard worker

    1. A
      Alejandro Vargas

      Thrive Architect parallax I have both and it seems much easier and intuitive Architect, common functions such as align center are difficult to use in Elementor, try to center an Icon List and note that there is no function for Elementor.

      The handling that is given to Elementor Headings is quite annoying too, buy Elementor because one of my pages is a store and this has better options with Woocommerce.

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter

      Hey Steve, you are right in your assessment, yea Thrive Architect is going to give you most integrations and also the most flexibility with them. They do have it nailed. Also, these integrations carry over to all of their plugins, so if you wanted to add Thrive Leads to the mix, you don’t have to recreate the integration.

      Elementor Pro is great and getting better, but in this area, they can improve. However, I don’t think that is it’s focus right now.

  14. E

    Hi Webcrafters,

    off topic suggestion, would be very helpful to have a timestamp on comments so readers can contextualize the different info provided. besides that great site and work. thanks for all the info 🙂

  15. H

    Thrive Architect is still a very buggy product. Compared with Thrive Content Builder (even that wasn’t perfect) it lacks of stability and performance. The way they release software is ridiculous and just breath taking amateurism.
    Incredible. They annoying way of Shaun and Hanne introducing all kinds of new features makes it even more buggy and complicated.
    I’m regretting that I bought this, costed me a lot of time money and confidence of customers.

    1. I upgraded from Thrive Content Builder to Thrive Architect and I really can’t complain so much. It’s just obvious the there will be hiccups. But the way the handled it… i’m happy.
      I think it would be MUCH better comment if you described in more detailed manner what didn’t work in your case. I use Thrive for 3 years and I couldn’t be happier.

      It’s wierd how you describe things in this comment without logic. It even looks like just creating bad pr for Thrive.

      Just read yourself: you said that Shane way of introducing new features makes the software more buggy… How video tutorial could create a bug in a software?

  16. I used to be a dedicated Thrive fan. Then I upgraded to Thrive Architect and it was super buggy. I had no idea they’d do an official release w so many problems. It really screwed up a Client project. (Delays, Lost work on my side and the Client side, loss of confidence from Client, and Prob not a good reference from them.) I’m super bummed and switched to Elementor and Astra theme. Very happy w my choice and not looking back. Astra Agency comes w ConvertPro which rivals Thrive Leads. Thrive Leads was the one thing I was nervous about losing w my Thrive membership but I’m enjoying Convert Pro immensely so far. If I need any other Thrive plugins I’ll just purchase them separate.

    1. Shane warned that backups are needed before the update.

      If you do any major update on a live site … you will lose time and confidence – no matter the software.

      So please don’t blame Thrive for going forward. Take responsibility and step up your dev skills.

  17. C
    Christian Barturen

    Hi Adam! It’s a tough decision indeed. I’m new in this topic with websites. And i don’t know which to choose for a web/blog. I love both! Elementor for the design and Thrive for the marketing. I want to put a personilized menu for the blog, separating by categories, topics, etc. Later, maybe put some courses to sell. So, i’m desperate! Elementor or Thrive Architect? I’ll be very greatful

  18. Mario Rodriguez

    For me the differential factor is that you do not really need a theme with Elementor as they have an advanced “menu” widget (https://elementor.com/introducing-nav-menu/) that they launched last september (something I have not seem in other visual builders).

    And of course their free version gave them a huge market share in very short time.

  19. R

    HI, I’m an absolute newbie an know very little about themes however I’ve been looking at Elementor and thrive. My site is a tuition website which will house various lessons. I would also like to sell an exam guide on it so was drawn to thrive‘s salespage. But it seems Elementor is great for beginning, and I could get a salespage added on? I think I’m gonna go ahead and buy through your link anyway. Thanks for your great reviews.

  20. P

    Hello, Adam!

    This comparison post is awesome. One thing I am wondering – “How did you create the TWO Columned Post Format?”

    Is that an option with your Parent theme or use Beaver Builder? Can you guide me the steps so that I can make one for me.

    Thanks in advance!

      1. A

        Hi Adam, are you using both Elementor and Beaver Bbuilder on the same website? I’m curious if this is possible and doesn’t cause any issues.

          1. Similarly, Is it viable to use Elementor to build out a site and Thrive plugins for CTA’s forms and integration with Active Campaign (my aarketing automation tool) etc.

          2. Thanks for the response. I really like Thrive but love the theme ecosystem of Elementor (and other builders) which Thrive doesn’t quite match yet. When they do… the others will all be dead to me LOL

  21. M

    Hi Adam – similar to Aron, I am reviewing what Page Builder to use for a new website project. I have used Divi-3 for all previous but now aware of impact Gutenberg may have.. plus my business partner needs to learn how to manage the website, and perhaps Divi-3 more complex than Elementor/Beaver-builder to learn. This current project, whilst a full website, I will want landing-pages; also on-line course/membership-site facility. … – so now am considering Elementor – but your comment on Beaver Themer, and its features – would Beaver Builder be a better option than Elementor? Thank-you.

  22. Hi Adam,
    Thank you for all your videos, really appreciate your time and efforts. I just started to help my wife with her project and have been playing with “Customizr” theme, but starting to look at visual builders. And this is how I found you.
    I am really torn between Thrive Architect and Elementor. It seems I am stuck between maturity of Thrive (as a company) and its “marketing” direction vs Elementor usability and aggressive updates and new functionality. The “marketing” direction is very appealing but so is the youth of Elementor devs and their “backgrounds”. You have already “recommended” Elementor, but anything you could say to push the scale in either direction? Also, what did/are you using for this site, theme and “builder”?

    1. Yes choosing the right page builder for you is a big choice. Both of them are headed in a similar direction. Also, Elementor just added inline editing, which is pretty huge. Right now Thrive Architect is a bit on the buggy side. They will be working them all out, but that is the current status of it. However, I think that Elementor will deliver a page builder for your entire website faster then Thrive will.

      Oh and on my website, I am using Beaver Builder paired with Beaver Themer. If I didn’t need the features from Beaver Themer, I would be using Elementor.

    1. I would recommend holding off on using any of the current thrive themes because they are going to be releasing a new theme and phasing out all the existing ones. The will support the existing ones, but they will most likely not be adding any features to them.

      But to answer your question, yea it should work perfectly.

    2. T

      Your videos have helped me narrow down my options. Thank you! The comparison has been challenging for a newbie!

      I need to create an entire website with hundreds of beautifully designed pages. I’m thinking it will be easier to do that with Elementor, and I plan on purchasing through your link.

      I LOVE Thrive Architect‘s pricing structure and marketing features, but they don’t quite have what I need right now (I’m guessing) and I’m worried they will change their pricing structure after they make improvements. You mentioned Thrive Themes is updating their plugins. Do you know anything about how the pricing structures might change for the plugins and the page builder? I’m wondering if I should purchase while the price is lower and not recurring. I’m concerned it might not be within my budget with time.

      Thank you!

        1. they have changed the pricing :/ in december they gave unlimited licenses in their membership now its only 25 in their individual website license and 50 in agency, now its super expensive :/

  23. J


    As regards thrive architect.

    Any chance you know when they are releasing templates that you can use with the theme’s header/footer? I don’t want to create a menu bar every single time I use their templates…

    1. I just bought Thrive Architect. Still learning, but you don’t have to make the menu bar for every page. You can make it once and then save it as a template.

      I like the functionality that anything you create, from a single button to a full page, can be saved as a template to use again and again.

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