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Divi Vs Thrive Architect Comparison 2018

Updated: March 3, 2018
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Here are 2 different page builders for WordPress that fill 2 different needs. Thrive Architect is ideal for creating single pages, landing pages, etc, where Divi is better at creating entire websites. The feature set that comes with Divi, like global sections, style sync, etc, are just better for full site builds. On the flip side, Thrive Architect has much better modules and just keeps getting better and better.


Cost: $89



Divi 3 Overview

Divi is one of the oldest page builders for WordPress. It has been around for many years and because of that, it has a huge userbase of fans. It boasts many innovative features that are unique to Divi.

Thrive Architect Overview

Thrive Architect is a WordPress page builder from Thrive Themes. It's their next generation page builder that replaces Thrive Content Builder. It is ideal for any website build, but also really shines for marketers because of its marketing focus.

Divi 3 Key Features

  • Front End Page Builder
  • Inline Text Editing
  • Many Innovative Features
  • Responsive Editing
  • Global Elements
  • 40+ Elements

Thrive Architect Key Features

  • Over 100 Page Templates
  • Best Mobile Options
  • Included Popup Engine
  • Advanced Marketing Features
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Works With Any Theme

Divi 3 Things To Consider

Divi is a really nice page builder, but there are some drawbacks. First, it has been around a long time, this is both good and bad. This means they have to keep the plugin backward compatible and this is why they say "Divi for life" which means, if you ever deactivate Divi you will be stuck with a bunch of shortcodes. This is very concerning as WordPress releases Gutenberg and there is talk of eliminating shortcode in WordPress.

Thrive Architect Things To Consider

Being that Thrive Architect is an upgrade to Thrive Content Builder, there have been some upgrade issues that people have experienced. So right now I really don't recommend upgrading from Thrive Content Builder.

While many developer hours went into Thrive Architect, there are still some things that are a bit overly complicated where there are settings panels on top of setting panels.

Also, Thrive Architect is lacking global save sections which is a huge time saver when building full websites.

Divi 3 Coupon / Discount

There are currently no active Divi 3 Coupon or Divi 3 Discounts available. However, if you do purchase Divi 3 through the link on this website, I will give you access to one of my premium training course which normally sells for $49.

Thrive Architect Coupon / Discount

There are no Thrive Architect coupons available and Thrive rarely discounts their products.

Divi 3 Review Summary

Divi is really nice, but I do have a hard time recommending it to anyone because of the content lock in issue and that it's based on shortcodes. Pair that with hit or miss support, and frequent website issues on updates, it's just tough to recommend it. I will say that the pricing and the lifetime option are very attractive.

Thrive Architect Review Summary

Thrive Architect is a VERY exciting product. It is also the only modern page builder with inline editing which makes it ideal for creating amazing blog posts. It is a serious contender in the competitive page builder market.

















  • David says:

    Hi Adam,

    How are they doing in terms of loading speed? I’ve been told by some of my friends that Thrive Architect has a good loading speed, but I haven’t heard of anything from Divi. Also, just an additional question since you mentioned Elementor:

    Have you tried Genesis Framework, and if yes, how does it compare to Elementor?


    • Genesis is a theme, this page is comparing page builders. These are 2 different product categories. Both are going to be fine, but you should be using a caching plugin and decent hosting. There have been many speed comparisons, the result is they are all pretty equal.

  • Harvey Gordon says:

    Ask and ye shall receive! Thanks Adam

  • Octavio says:

    Which one did you use to build this page? Your site?

  • Andy says:

    The value depends on if you’re the end-user or a developer.
    Divi‘s lifetime license offers definitely more value in long term for developers. I build about 50+ sites a year so Divi is much more cost effective for me.

  • Ovidiu says:

    Nice review clarifies a great deal, however would it be possible to use both?
    I have a website built with Divi and I love the builder and all the options even though it is anoying sometimes the loading that happens after a front end edit.
    What I really lack is the landing page & opt-in page. If I would buy the Thrive Arhitect woul I be able to create a landing page on top of the already Divi built website?

    Hope it is not a stupid question… it kind of feels like it though

    Thanks a lot!

  • Eduardo says:

    Great comparison, i really like what you are doing here. i have been using divi for a couple of years and im looking for other alternatives like elementor pro and Thrive Arquitect or the Whole Thrive Ecosystem. having all together, i love divi for making full sites but there is an option of convert oriented landing pages marketers and i think as you said Thrive is better here. maybe i need this two to different aproaches, but 80 % of my clients still asking for full website design, i really need to see what is better, DIvi Elementor Thrive … value for money etc.

    Will continue my search its hard once you have all your business formed in a way and change

    • Yea is a very fluid market right now, that is changing monthly. All 3 have exciting things coming up in the new year, but also have serious challenges in how they will adapt to Gutenberg. I think Elementor is going to fair the best when it comes to Gutenberg.

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