Beaver Builder Vs Thrive Architect 2020

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: September 8, 2021

Beaver Builder is a WordPress page builder that is loved by website developers and DIYers alike. It’s reputations of being developer friendly, having clean code, and reliable updates have led to it being used on over one million websites.
Thrive Architect is a WordPress page builder from Thrive Themes. It’s their next-generation page builder that replaced Thrive Content Builder. It is ideal for any website build, but also really shines for marketers because of its marketing focus.
Current Pricing: Free to $99
Current Pricing: $67 or $97 with split testing

With the current release of Thrive Architect, this is now a very close competition.

If I were building websites for clients, I would go for Beaver Builder because it is very reliable will won't cause you any headaches down the line.

Also, Beaver Builder is a real page builder with full website builds in mind.

But if I was making just a few websites for myself, you can't beat the value you get from Thrive Architect.

It is priced better, and it has almost every feature you could want.

Also, Thrive Architect has excellent marketing-focused elements.

Keep in mind that to use any of the templates in Thrive Architect, it will remove your theme's header and footer on those pages.

Beaver Builder Pros

  • Fast Front End Page Builder
  • Full Template & Block Library
  • Modern Design Features, Gradients, Drop Shaddows
  • Most Reliable Page Builder Available
  • Ideal Page Builder For Agencies
  • Whitelable Option On Higher Package

Thrive Architect Pros

  • Over 100 Page Templates
  • Pre Designed Section Templates
  • Global Colors For Easy Customization
  • Included Popup Engine
  • Advanced Marketing Features
  • Constant Updates & Improvements
  • Works With Any Theme

Beaver Builder Cons

  • Developement "Feels" Slow Compared To Other Builders
  • Theme Builder Costs Extra
  • Lacks Form Builder
  • May Need To Purchase An 3rd Party Addon For Extra Features

Thrive Architect Cons

  • Lacks Theme Builder Features
  • Interface Is Complex - May Overwhelm You
  • No 3rd Party Plugins
  • Support Could Be Better

Ease of Use

Ease Of Use

Incredibly easy to use and lightning fast, you won’t find yourself needing to read a manual on how to use it.
Ease of Use

Ease Of Use

Personally, I find Thrive Architect to be complicated. I don’t think user-interface is their strong suit. But they provide more in terms of useful templates and sections to bridge the gap.
Price Value Icon

Price / Value

While still an incredible value for a reliable and modern page builder, there are other tools that are lower in cost.
Price Value Icon

Price / Value

You will not find a better value in a WordPress page building tool. At only $67 and it includes lifetime updates, it’s almost worth buying just to test it out.


My support experiences have always been top notch, fast, and personal without me having to explain everything. They just get it.


Support is a weak spot for Thrive. In my experience its not that personable and requires a lot of explanation and of course access to your website.


  1. Hi my web site is just for info and a presence and i want to up grade from bakery builder as i dont want to learn any more programs and just want something that is easy to use WYSISWYG
    Thinking Beaver over Thrive is the site i want to add it to
    What do you think ?

  2. Thrive Architect is without a doubt the best option for marketing or sales purposes. However it does hurt your SEO.

    Use Thrive Architect on a subdomain with landing and/or sales pages, but do not use Thrive on pages you want to rank.

    For good ranking Genesis is a very good option. Less flexibility, but good clean code. Beaver or Elementor can be useful to bring the required flexibility as they don’t hurt SEO like Thrive Architect does.

    1. Why would it have any different effect SEO wise than any other page builder? Its just words and images on a page, all the same.

  3. Mama Siga says:

    just my 2 cents 🙂
    1/ Thrive Architect already has GLOBAL ELEMENTS – they call it SYMBOLS.
    2/ You can load landing page template and copy its HTML (directly from TA). Then insert it into normal SANDWICH page/post and you will get full landing page template, but with header and footer. It is quite easy to do…

  4. Chris Johnson says:

    It now has global elements called “symbols.”

  5. Which of the site/page builders do you recommend for non-techies who just want to get their own web presence up in a solid way, that is quick, efficient and again solid in its appearance?

  6. Have you noticed a load speed between the two? I am trying to find a non-bloated faster loading builder.

  7. Hi,
    The prices for both plugins are for unlimited time or we have to pay it every year in order to keep our content?

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