Astra Vs OceanWP 2020

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: September 8, 2021

Astra is a free WordPress theme that is focused on speed. Optionally you can purchase the Pro version for $59 which adds some additional settings and options.
OceanWP is a WordPress theme with innovative features and is the most generous free theme I have ever seen. There is a suite of extensions that can be purchased which will extend the theme even further.
Current Pricing: Free to $59
Current Pricing: Free to $129

There are 2 things we are comparing here, each themes free version versus their paid versions.

First the free version, Astra is easier to use primarily because its more logical options layout, where OceanWP has the most options I have ever seen in a free theme, but they are poorly organized.

For the paid versions, OceanWP has a more affordable single site license but is more expensive for multiple sites.

For e-commerce websites, OceanWP and Astra are comparable but will give a slight edge to OceanWP.

As far as demos, Astra is the clear winner with more demo sites.

As for speed, OceanWP will be slower out of the box, but it has speed optimization options to make it just as fast. I like that those options are available.

So it's tough to say which is the better theme, but since both have free versions, I would encourage you to test both out.

Astra Theme Pros

  • Fast Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  • Lots Of Free & Paid Demo Sites
  • Newly Added Header / Footer Builder
  • Flexable Mega Menu Feature
  • Custom Layouts Options
  • WooCommerce Support

OceanWP Pros

  • Fully Responsive
  • eCommerce Ready
  • Fully Customizable
  • Advanced Mega Menu
  • RTL Support
  • Free Templates

Astra Theme Cons

  • Free Version Is Very Limited
  • Archive Page Styling Is Basic
  • Blog Comment Styling Is Basic
  • Blog Post Styling Is Basic

OceanWP Cons

  • Too Many Advertisements In The Free Version
  • Too Many Plugins Are Required To Install
  • Slow "Out Of The Box" When Compared To Other Themes
  • Poorly Organized Options Panel
  • Default Styling Is Dated
  • Demo Sites Are Dated

Ease of Use

Ease Of Use

Astras free version offers limited customizations when compared to other similar themes, but enough to get the job done.
Ease of Use

Ease Of Use

OceanWP is not as easy to use as other themes that are available primarily because the options are all over the place.
Price Value Icon

Price / Value

The free Astra theme is just ok in today’s market, but when you factor in the free starter templates, you really can’t complain.
Price Value Icon

Price / Value

Rating is based on the free version. The Pro version is more expensive than all other Pro themes.


Astra has received some criticism with their support response time, but I think they are mostly isolated incedents.


The support experience is really good. There have been issues that linger and are not resolved in a timely manner.


  1. I have a lifetime subscription to Ocean WP and can’t say that I’m happy with the decision. Their controls / interface is a cluttered and confusing mess. Even after having built 3 sites using OceanWP combined with Elementor, I still find myself confused as to why the simplest of tasks (changing the logo) still don’t work as expected. I’m not the only one who experienced this either, as I’ve seen many other users complain (yet OceanWP refuses to fix these issues).

    Even changing global colors is a pain… I find myself cycling through their list of color change options trying to figure out what their descriptions even mean. And half the time when I change an OceanWP setting, it doesn’t even work as expected; resulting in me having to use custom css to achieve the intended goal. Not to mention the dated looking templates that come with OceanWP and rare updates. I also experience slow websites with Elementor + OceanWP which requires a bunch of tinkering to improve.

    Sure, OceanWP is helpful in certain areas, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Honestly, mosts of the themes I’ve tried have been very disappointing. The ones who offer slick looking blocks/elements/templates tend to be bloated and slow… while the ones like Kadence Pro (which I just purchased based on WpCrafter’s recommendation, but have yet to try) seem to be cleaner and faster, yet are drastically lacking in the aesthetics department (boring, overly simple, uninspiring and dated looking templates). Even many of their blocks share in the look of something iThemes put out over a decade ago. Sure, some css can fix that, but it’s odd to me why none of these developers seem to be able to offer the best of both worlds (functionality and good design sense). I realize I’m coming across as very critical, but I’m just being honest in my opinion and hoping maybe someone from OceanWP or Kadence will read my comments and make some changes.

  2. Please elaborate on your statement statement that OceanWP has “Too Many Advertisements In The Free Version”

    Are those advertisements internal (on the WP backend dashboard) or are they facing outward where my visitors can see them?

    1. They are in the back end of WordPress. So if you or your client log in to the site, there are banner advertisements and data collection happening.

  3. I imagine this post must be old. I am valuing what pro-purchase theme to develop a website and I just saw the prices of Astra Pro and Oceanwp Pro. Astra Pro costs $ 59 and Oceanwp $ 39.
    Why do you indicate in your article fake prices being so easily verifiable?
    Sorry if you don’t understand well. I speak Spanish and translate with the Google translator.

    1. I am not understanding you here. This is neither old or fake. Those are the prices clearly on their websites. I have listed the price range for each theme because both offer different packages.

  4. Vijay Kumar Pathipaka says:

    I am a big fan of OceaWP. I made theme load really fast and disabled few scripts. To be honest it nearly beat all other themes listed in the video. You can check the website performance yourself to say OceanWP will be the winner.

    1. kieuqtoan says:

      (sorry for my English)
      May I know which way you optimize? Do you share them?
      Thank you!

      1. Are you asking how to make your website load faster?

  5. Hi Adam! Now I see that oceanwp has partnered with seopress. Plus they have options like login popup and sticky add to cart button. From what I see with their extended plugins you get more than what u get with astra pro at the moment. Coming from an ecommerce standpoint. What do you think is best for woocommerce today? Keep in consideration I am going to edit the single product page and I want to customize the shop page a lot too. Any info u can give me on the two? I keep reading that oceanWP is now the way to go, but also in some speed tests they show astra can be a bit faster. Also, any differences in plugin compatability between astra and ocean?, i dont think so right?

    Your advise would be the factor of my choice. I also am going to pick elementor instead of BB now 🙂

  6. hy Adam,

    Hope you well, I m going with Astra pro after reading your post. Can I use visual composer in Astra? because I love visual composer, elementor page builder does not have many features like visual.

    Or I go with Ocean pro with visual composer?

    Waiting for your reply

  7. Hello Adam,

    I’ve been trying to choose a new theme for our website but I’m still stuck between Astra and Ocean WP. We’re a marketing agency and we’re using WooCommerce to sell our services.

    I mainly care about speed and WooCommerce customizations but I haven’t found a specific comparison online yet.

    I tested many websites that use those themes and PageSpeed score is much better when it comes to OceanWP, but none of the sites I tested had WooCommerce. I test with PageSpeed Insights because we’re a SEO & Google Ads oriented company, so being on the good side of Google matters. GTmetrix scores are more easily optimized 🙂

    Can you please share your opinion, especially when it comes to speed & WooCommerce? I checked your previous comments but there isn’t anything that takes in mind the most recent updates.

    Thank you!

    PS.: Your videos have been really helpful!

  8. Edy Werder says:

    Hello Adam,

    Thanks for this excellent article. I saw you the first time on Youtube why I was searching for Elementor.

    I’m new to the wonderful world of WordPress. I currently try out OceanWP free and Elementor free. Consider going with a pro version. Would OceanWP paid and Elementor Pro really make sense? I find OceanWP a flexible good theme with a clear structure. I think to buy Elementor Pro for the additional widgets and customizing header and footer.

    I understand with Elementor Pro I would get themes too. I guess with these themes I don’t need OceanWP, but would I need to write any page and post with Elementor?


  9. Thanks for this useful comparison
    I like Sydney free better than Astra free as it includes sticky header out of the box. In Astra you need pro version for this feature or add extra plugin.
    It would be interesting a comparison between the two.

  10. Adam – Lots of great guidance you provide, hoping you can solve an issue easily.

    I switch from BB Pro to Elementor Pro, in part because of the custom header/footer. OceanWP has been easy to disable their main header but can’t figure out how to do the same with Astra. Their site advises code in the child theme’s php database. Do you know of another way to do this, one that doesn’t involve code, child themes or databases?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Do you want to disable it or replace it? Replacing it with an Elementor Pro created header is easy. Disabling it is done on a page by page basis, there are setting in the same area where you choose categories and tags for your content. Under the publish button.

      1. Apologies for the confusion. I’d like to replace it with an Elementor Pro created header.

  11. Thanks for this great review.

    I note that you say one of the pros for OceanWP is that it’s fully responsive. There’s no mention of Astra‘s responsiveness either as a Pro or a Con. So is it any different to OceanWP‘s responsiveness?

    Thanks so much, I am a total beginner! Appreciate your efforts.

    1. Sorry for the confusion, just about all themes available for the past 2 years are fully mobile responsive. I’ll get that updated.

  12. zeeshan malik says:

    my vote is for Astra i love it because It offers special features and templates which works perfectly with all
    page builders like Elementor, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi, etc.

  13. Hey Adam!
    When talking about Astra theme vs OceanWP, usually they say they are about the same – speed etc. Although I’ve noticed several big differences there.

    1. The amount of demos for an online store. Does Astra have much less amount of demos for an online store than OceanWP? I can only see “Brandstore” demo suitable for an online store. Is this true or am I missing something? Can I compensate that by using Elementor Pro in Astra‘s Brandstore?
    2. With Pro version, Astra’s license is for unlimited sites, OceanWP – 1 site.

    I know you have some great videos on making a store with Elementor and Astra. Could you make a detailed video on Elementor and OceanWP theme as well?
    That’d be really helpful.

    Thank you.

    1. There are 2 new ecom Astra Sites coming this week, but right now there are 9, which should be plenty. You can easily use Elementor Pro with any of their starter sites.

      And yes, all Astra licenses include unlimited installs, where all of OceanWP‘s are limited.

  14. Ajibola Aderonmu says:

    Astra Theme has issues with display on ipad. The menu isn’t properly displayed. how do you resolve that?

    1. I haven’t run into any issues myself and haven’t heard of any issues. Have you tried to reach out to their support?

  15. Hello Adam,
    I am planning to create ecommerce site using wordpress for the first time. I like both Oceanwp and Astra but before buying anyone of them I want to run my site for a few days to check out their working response. So right now I don’t want to invest, I am thinking about free versions of both. Which one would be better to use either Astra free or Oceanwp free?

      1. Is there any significant speed difference between both? Oceanwp provide many features like sticky header etc. free of cost but I am looking for good page loading speed as well.

        1. Out of the box, Astra is much faster and leaner. OceanWP requires a bit of work to get there, but you can play around with its settings to get it there, or close.

  16. kunjal chawhan says:

    I use Astra(FREE) + Elementor (FREE) and it works like a charm!

    No other theme and page builder has satisfied me in ways these two did, P.S. It allows 1 navigation menu button free which is really awesome.

  17. Seth Oyinloye says:

    Hello all,

    How best can I create a custom header and footer using Oceanwp and Free Elementor.



  18. I love OceanWP. I use it with add on Gutenberg blocks and I can build anything my clients have ever asked for ! I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it.

    And it’s fast!

    And the support is second to none IMO. Great support forum.

  19. Hi Adam.

    I love watching your videos. I also love seeing your comments you take screenshots of on facebook with the fun replies you do.

    I am currently using Ocean WP, but I am really thinking about using Astra. In your opinion, how does it stack up and what is your thoughts on how it will be in the future? I like Astra because it already supports Brizy Builder.

    I know Ocean WP is really good, but I do find it slow when opening the customizer. BTW, I already own Elementor Pro unlimited sites.

    In total, I own Theme Fuse (Lifetime), Brizy (Lifetime) Elementor Pro (unlimited), and I use Ocean WP (the paid version)

    Is there anything that you know of that Ocean WP and Astra will be coming out with soon this year (2019) or next year?

    Btw, I am a newly starting agency website business.



    1. Well both are good themes, but the theme for me is Astra by a mile. The team behind it, the refinements, the experience of the developers, and their careful attention to bring smart features, its the theme for me. Astra is going to be going deep with their Astra Sites plugin, its gonna be amazing what you will be able to do with it.

      1. Hi Adam! OceanWP is mentioned as an ecommerce ready by you and Astra having a Woocommerce support. So are they both good for a Woocommerce based site? Does Astra lack much in that regard? Astra seems to have integration with Woocommerce, that’s what I need it for. Will I lose much if I give preference to Astra instead of OceanWP ecommerce features wise?
        Thank you!

  20. Jaykishan says:

    This comparison is clear and helpful. Thank you so much!
    I would like to go with Astra but the problem is the social menu which is not present in the free version of Astra while in oceanwp it’s available. And also in the footer widget option, oceanwp again wins! So, is there any way to manage the number of footer widgets and social menu without any plugin in Astra? By the way, I’m ready to add some code in the theme if necessary!
    Waiting for your answer. Thanks again!

      1. Jaykishan says:

        Yeah, ofcourse!
        Because I am just learning things right now and don’t want to invest in it.

  21. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the great comparison.
    I love using custom templates for header, footer or literally anywhere in oceanWP. It comes free after installing ocean extra plugin. Is there such a thing for Astra? and for free?

  22. I do not know English well and have to translate into Russian, I like your reviews, we have almost no people doing quality reviews, Good luck!

  23. I’ve just recently discovered your YouTube channel and have been binge watching a lot of your Elementor videos. I’ve recently started building a blog with Oceanwp + Elementor. What i wanted to ask was, it seems that Oceanwp has an update, but I’ve been told that if I update, it’ll stuff up my blog. Is this true? Am I locked in and I will never be able to update the theme? Please help a newbie understand. Thanks

  24. Hi, If you choose the 1 year option, does this mean you lose functionality of the theme – after that year has passed – or just that you are unable to receive updates and support? Cheers

    1. The only thing you loose after the 1 year expires is access to support and updates. Also, they offer a renewal discount, I think that expires after a few weeks.

      1. Your reply is not entirely correct. The lifetime price plans are not equivalent in terms of offerings. OceanWP offers all their demo websites for 519. In order to get that with Astra, you would need to jump up to the Agency plan where price would be $699. That said, you also get a few more plugins with Astra. On the other hand, OceanWP doesn’t break out a lifetime/unlimited sites plan without their demo websites which would be more in line with what Astra Pro offers.

          1. if i download free is there any payment i supposed to pay

  25. I purchased Astra as per your recommendation, however I feel it lacks in some fairly basic design features.

    There are very limited settings for mobile menu styling in particular. Mobile traffic is huge these days. Seems like an afterthought in this theme. Cant style the background of the menu items independently of the main menu. So if you use a transparent header, the mobile menu after clicking the hamburger is transparent.

    I dont wish to hack with custom css for every design job I do. this should be a simple setting at the Pro price-point.

    Unless im missing something. But there are not many settings. Luckily im within the 14 days refund guarantee.

    1. Hmm, that doesn’t sound right on the transparent header for mobile. And yes for mobile there are 2 main formats, one with a hamburger icon and the other with a menu under the logo. Those are pretty standard and, in my opinion, are what 99% of mobile websites have.

      You also can control the size of your logo when viewed on mobile.

  26. Hi Adam,

    Thank you for all the helpful video reviews and tutorials!

    I’m currently building a website with the pro version of OceanWP but I keep going back and looking at Astra‘s demos because they have more of that “delight factor”.

    I hesitate to switch because OceanWP has a few things that are must-haves for me:

    1) Transparent header option for posts (as well as pages) for portfolio pages

    2) Post title in the previous/next navigation

    3) Related posts at the bottom of the post

    Also, I don’t know if this is because the demos are hosted on top of the theme and not as separate sites (probably not explaining this correctly), but I don’t always get good results when testing speed (e.g., GTmetrix gives Astra a fairly low grade whereas OceanWP gets A all around). You seem to have a direct connection to many theme and plugin makers, so I wondering if any of the features I mentioned are in the works for Astra?

    I honestly prefer the look of Astra but will stick with OceanWP Pro if I can’t get those features or find a workaround.

    Thank you!

    1. Your first item is in Astra, but 2 & 3 are not. Number 3 is a performance killer for any theme.

      Regarding the Astra sites, you are testing them wrong because on their site they are in an iframe. If you break the demo out of the iframe you will see that all the designs are lightning fast. In any of the demos, right click on any link and open it in a new tab. That will break it out of the iframe and you can test that url.

      1. My experience was a bit different from Michael’s. I started with Ocean WP but had issues with loading speeds when the site was complete. Even after using Smush which is what I use on all sites. So I ended up reducing the number of images in the page sections and that spoilt the look that I originally intended. Fast forward. I tried Astra for my next two sites. Fantastic in every way! The only thing I miss is the underline effect in the main menu (though there’s a workaround with Elementor add-ons).

        1. there is a small (hack), a piece of CSS which can enable underline menu effect

  27. Hey Adam,

    Is there a significant difference in terms of speed? I tried both themes and my personal preference would be OceanWP regarding features. But my main concern is speed. And that is the part where the Astra theme is better in my experience. Do you also feel a significant difference there or is it just me?


    1. Astra will be faster in every test. It also has deeper features if you are planning on using the Pro version. If you only plan on going free, then OceanWP is a good choice.

  28. Roberta Laliberte says:

    Hi Adam. So I swapped out to the Astra theme and have some pages built with elementor and some bb. I am finding I am switching over to the elementor because the free BB version is so limited. NOW…. I want to style my blog page, make it look better and would like some more templates and features as well as more control of my header design, transparency hopefully… Question is do I pay for elementor pro, or astra pro? Best value? It seems overwhelming that themes sell pro versions and editors do as well. Its easy to start racking up the costs and sometimes you buy something and it wasn’t the best value.

    1. I would suggest purchasing both because everything you listed that you want is not available in just one or the other. I would start with Astra Pro because that may get you everything you want IF you like their blog index page.

  29. Hi Adam,

    I recently found your site and your YouTube channel and so thankful I did. You have been a great help. Thanks for all your great reviews and resources!

    I’m in the process of (getting overwhelmed before) my companies site’s 4th major redesign. One important factor for this site is that this last year we brought our e-commerce in house on the site using WooCommerce.
    You wrote;
    “For e-commerce websites, OceanWP has the edge until January when Astra releases their WooCommerce integration.”

    Can you clarify 1) what features make OceanWP edge out Astra and 2) And now that we are almost through January do you have updates relating to Astra’s WooCommerce integration.

    Thanks again,

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      I am so glad you asked this and am happy to report that today Astra released their WooCommerce integration. I have been using it for the past 2 weeks and can confidently say that it is the best WooCommerce integration I have ever seen. It is thoughtful, easy to use, and very useful. Some of the highlights are below, but my favorite is the distraction free checkout:

      ✅ Brand new List Style
      ✅ Quick View
      ✅ Off Canvas Filtering
      ✅ Hover Effects for Images
      ✅ Grid box shadow
      ✅ Horizontal / Vertical Gallery
      ✅ Two Step Checkout
      ✅ Distraction Free Checkout

      1. Hilariously well timed post!
        Thanks of your quick response and your Astra WooCommerce highlights. Can’t wait to give them a spin.

        1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

          I’ll have a video out on all the specific WooCommerce features of each theme.

  30. My site was built with Elementor Pro with OcenaWP. Reading all these valuable tips here, i’m a little bit confused about my choice of Page Builder and Theme.

    YOU prefer Astra. Does it make sense to switch to a combination of ASTRA and BTH and BB to get more reliability for the future?

    1. Adam @ WPCrafter says:

      That’s a great combo you have. It’s going to boil down to personal preference with your theme choice. I obviously have made my preference know haha.

      I personally chose Astra + Elementor Pro. I find that Astra is a lot easier to work with and has features that I am interested in. That’s not knocking OceanWP which is also very good.

      1. Thank’s Adam for your quick answer.
        i will give Astra a try! why not.
        have a great day

        1. Sure thing. Let me know if you have any further questions in these themes. I’ll be releasing more videos on them very soon.

          1. okoko you got me!
            seen a few videos you have on your channel regarding astra-convinced!
            things i have to check out before i switch to – incognito!-
            What about ELEMENTOR PRO as a Addon Plugin like Beaver; is it implemented right know ?
            On their Website is a coming soon label and in one of your videos i saw the choice of template integration between Beaver and Elementor– that’s confusing to me. They build Sites with Elementor but the Addon is not currently available?
            Maybe you can clarify this to me.


  31. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for this comparison. Is it very helpful for newbies like me to get some point of views from the expert who has experience on both OceanWP and Astra theme. Currently I looking the best themes that meet my requirement. Will try both and see the result.

    Thanks again. 🙂

  32. Hey Adam, thanks for this comparison. Very helpful!

    I know that Astra is a theme and not a page builder, but please excuse my ignorance when I ask – if I have Beaver Builder with the Beaver Themer do I still need another theme like Astra? I am considering buying the Astra Agency lifetime deal on the Black Friday sale but also looking at the BB Pro or Agency if I can find the money for it in the next 3 days.
    I currently build sites for clients and buy a copy of the Enfold theme (by Kriesi on ThemeForest) for each new site that I do (hopefully Astra is as good). It’s a great theme and very flexible, but I feel like I can do better with something like what I’ve mentioned above to develop a more systematic approach and to have some added flexibility and control. Having the option of unlimited sites is also great and lifetime on Astra will pay for itself reasonably quickly.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. The lines between a page builder and a theme are really getting blurred these days. Personally, I still prefer my header done with my theme. There are also other areas of your site that even Beaver Themer can’t adjust.

      I use the features in Astra Pro quite a lot even though I am using Beaver Themer.

      1. I meant to say Genesis. What are your thoughts Astra vs. Genesis?

        Because Genesis also scores very high on GTMetrics. Secondly, it has pre-built functions that are ready to go.


        Are you saying none of that would matter if you’re already adding Elementor?

        1. Genesis us a dying theme in my opinion. And Astra is much faster than Genesis. The big problem with Genesis is that it’s for developers who want to hand code everything even though everything these days should have an option in the customizer.

          1. Hi Adam. I’m so glad I found you. I was looking to switch from Genesis. I got Elementor Pro to try and improve my Genesis site but now I’ve read this I think I’ll switch the whole site to Astra. Thanks for your advice.

  33. Looking at OceanWP – and it’s featured rich (non-comparison) – what does it have that Astra doesn’t in the free versions? Thank you Adam for being you and everything you do for newbies like me. I will be using your affiliate links when I buy something.

    1. If you are comparing the free versions, OceanWP has more options then Astra. But it also comes with additional complexity. OcenaWP is heavily reliant upon large option boxes in posts and pages that may confuse users. The main features are more topography options, color options, and transparent header. When you compare the paid versions, OceanWP is over 2x more expensive but has less powerful features, in my opinion, then you find in Astra. An example of that is the custom layout and page header features in Astra Pro. The intelligent targeting options for these extensions are on another level. When comparing demos, I find the Astra Sites demos to be more practical, useful, and modern, but I am sure that OceanWP will catch up at some point.

  34. Antonio Martins says:

    You have good points Adam. I really like OceanWP, its free version is very flexible and has more options to customize than Astra (At least in my point of view), I will keep OceanWP in my main site but I will try Astra in one of the other sites I will create for me.

    Thank you for this review, it help me a lot.

  35. Hi Adam,

    thank you for this great comparison. I am a Webdesigner with my own small WordPress-Agency. I changed my workflow by using Elementor Pro (before I used Themes like AVADA, X Theme or Impreza with their page-builders, but they were to slow). For me and my customers it is very important, that I have a Theme which is highly customizable and future-proof. Yes, never i can be sure, how long a theme will be further developed, but I don´t want to change every year the theme in all of my customers websites.

    What do you think is the better theme for using? I tried Astra and OceanWP. Astra is a very good theme. Very fast and lightweight, so it is good for SEO. But I miss some things, like eCommerce-functionality, individual settings of every page, special settings for mobile header and only small global custom settings.

    OceanWP has all these functions that I miss in Astra. But OceanWP is only developed by 1 man and Astra is craftet by BrainstormForce. So now I think about the right theme which is better for my work and future projects? I´m a little bit unsure.

    What do you think is better for the future?

    1. Astra will have their WooCommerce customizer available by the end of 2017. Like all of the other extensions for Astra, I am sure it will be powerful, intuitive, and easy it use.

      I also share your concern and am very cautious when deciding what to install on my website. After using WordPress for 10 years, I have seen many developers come and go, this experience goes into what I choose to use.

  36. Andrea Culpepper says:

    Hi Adam, I’m beginning to realize I’ll have to buy not only Elementor Pro but also Astra Theme, right? I’m not sure why that is. Go Daddy told me to buy a premium theme cuz the free one I chose I had too many questions (for which they had no answers). But doesn’t a theme like Astra have a way to build its own pages? why would I need Elementor or Beaver Builder? Thanks for answering such basic questions.

    1. Hey David, that would simply boil down to a comparison of the page builders themselves. I recently released a video comparing 11 different page builders, have you seen that video?

      1. Looks like a great video but I’m crushed for time however based on your review was pondering switching from BB theme to Astra. Note that I already have Themer and UABB.

          1. There is nothing really that can compete with Beaver Themer unfortunately. Nothing even comes close, so if you need those features, it is your only option.

          2. Thanks!

  37. I am impressed with the talent of OceanWp‘s developer. Damn what a man ???? he is.

    Hell of a talented man.

    1. Well, that sure is 1 way to look at it haha. OceanWP was not coded from scratch, it was initially a fork of a different theme, so that certainly gave him a jump start.

      1. Adam I’m a great fan of you. By the way which theme was that?

        1. Thank you. Now regarding which was the forked theme, I am not sure. Initially, they forked the Total theme which isn’t full GPL and they had to remove everything.

        1. OceanWP was a fork of a free theme from the developers of the Total Theme, found on Theme Forest. Initially, the developer forked the Total theme and quickly got into some trouble since it is not GPL licensed. He didn’t have bad intentions, it was that he was naive. Since all that I have been impressed at what he has been able to accomplish, and I don’t write this to take anything away from him, but lift him up for how fast he is growing as a developer.

          1. Antonio Martins says:

            Thank you Adam. 🙂

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