A2 Hosting Vs Bluehost 2020

by Adam @ WPCrafter   |   Last Updated: September 8, 2021

A2Hosting is a US based hosting company that specializes in WordPress website hosting. They offer affordable prices, a stable hosting environment, and execelent support.
Bluehost is a web hosting company owned by EIG, the same parent company as Hostgator.
Current Pricing: $3.92
Current Pricing: $3.95

If you have looked on the internet for web hosting reviews, I am sure you have come across a recommendation for Bluehost. Sadly I always shake my head when I see someone that I feel respect for recommend Bluehost and then if you ask them if they use Bluehost and it's always some excuse as to why they don't use Bluehost personally. And there is a reason for that. Bluehost has been nothing but problems for so many people that it's hard to ever recommend them. A2Hosting, on the other hand, has better performing hardware and better support. You get a whole lot more at around the same price.

A2 Hosting Pros

  • Uses SSD Drives
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • US Based Support

Bluehost Pros

  • Unmetered Hosting

A2 Hosting Cons

A2Hosting is slightly more expensive than other shared hosting, but they more than makeup for it with higher quality hosting.

Bluehost Cons

It has been my experience that Bluehost is a hosting company you would do well to avoid. It's hard to say that, but its the truth. The main problems are extremely slow page load time and serious security issues. Don't be surprised of your website is shut down because it was hacked into, and then Bluehost will ask you for $300 to fix it. The thing is, it's their servers that are insecure. Now part of the problem is that there are so many so called guru's that recommend them, but they don't personally use them. The only reason they do that is because they are paid a lot of money.

Ease Of Use


Ease Of Use


Price / Value


Price / Value







  1. Upendra Singh says:


    Thanks for easy & cool comparison b/w a2 hosting vs bluehost. Thank. It helps me to decide to hosting.

  2. These are serious allegations against Blue host. Do you use Blue Host and are you sure about these allegations?

    1. I´m now facing the issues. Its totally true!!! I have to delete all my sites and even with that, they area asking to pay that extra for having their famous site lock, if don´tn, they will not activate again my account! And I still have a year an a half prepayed. Bad mistake. Never again!!!

  3. jack gibson says:

    You forgot to mention that A2 seems to have trouble with power outages.

    1. I don’t, I have 2 Managed VPS on a2hosting and I haven’t faced any downtime on that end.

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