by Adam Preiser updated November 18, 2017

Ultimate Add-ons For Beaver Builder Review


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If you have Beaver Builder on your website, you need to take a look at this amazing new add-on that will speed up your website development.

Video Transcript

Ultimate Add-ons For Beaver Builder Review

Welcome back for another video I’m Adam from where I make videos for nontechies

like me and just maybe like you as well and
in this video I’m in a talk about a new add

on that was released that will work with Beaver
Builder and Beaver Builder’s a page builder

for your WordPress website never free version
of the paid version this add-on will work

for both versions of it so right here I want
to share this page I made using Beaver Builder

the free version in fact with this add-on
and this page took me about one minute to

create and I’ll tell you how I created it
30 seconds was putting it together and another

30 seconds was swapping out this image and
changing this headline so here’s the page

about this large hero area I put that image
back there and change the headline and we

have some call to action buttons there and
I have this really cool logo area and this

really nice down arrow that draws the eye’s
attention down on the page and we have this

features area right here we have this really
slick frequently asked questions area where

you can just click on any of these items and
get your answer this is great for any kind

of a software product or service where people
do have questions that we have a testimonials

area words just sliding through the various
testimonials you have a team section as well

this is where you can have the different images
of your staff and lastly we have a contact

form at the bottom and you can see this page
is just a series of sections that I put together

in Beaver Builder and it only took me about
a minute and I did that with a new add-on

for Beaver Builder that was just released
and here’s their website is called ultimate really cute name let’s just go
through the website real quick and let me

show you all the power of this plug-in and
what it will bring to your free version of

Beaver Builder or your paid version of Beaver
Builder so what the goal of this add-on is

is to enable you to launch your website in
just a few short hours versus days of tweaking

and building and changing and stuff like that
that’s how I was able to build that one page

in one minutes and kind of the goal of the
plug-in is it has everything predesigned for

you select what you want the sections you
put it together and all that’s left for you

to do is to change the text and the change
the images so here is the homepage and the

your some of the difference a highlights of
it there is a library of modules that it adds

to Beaver Builder and it is a huge timesaver
and they have these professionally designed

sections us always able to build that site
in one minute is because it has these pre-design

professionally designed sections some initially
those so there’s over 30 modules that are

used to build these really cool features in
and add them to your site and then you have

the sections and unfortunately haven’t released
it just yet they’re still developing it there

can have full page templates that are good
to be adding I put a series of sections together

but there can have full page templates so
when they do that I wouldn’t build that site

in only 30 seconds because when they have
the professionally done full page templates

I would just drag and drop and choose one
of their professionally designed templates

and remember this will work with the free
version of Beaver Builder okay so they have

a demo up here let me scroll up and so here
is for the modules know when you click on

this it pulls out this sidebar were you can
demo all of the different modules and what

they will do for your Beaver Builder based
website and then you can also click on sections

and asking to show you all the predesigned
sections that are available in him and actually

show you this part in action this pages takes
a moment or so to load so before I jump into

showing you the plug-in in action I just wanted
to tell you my favorite things about it first

of all my favorite thing is obviously these
predesigned sections so much time goes into

trying to be creative that is stitches of
the most time-consuming part of building a

pages this time and okay with you how should
I present this piece of information how can

a house and I designed this section of the
website well with ultimate add-ons you’re

able to just use these professionally redesigned
sections and you just drag-and-drop I love

the sections and as far as the modules go
I love all the modules there’s a couple real

gems in there and one of them I’m going to
show you is the different Rose styles and

that really adds that little bit to your website
that makes it pop and look so professionally

done and that is the different row options
that it adds and obviously I love all of the

modules that it adds to your website so I’m
in a scroll down here and these are some of

the predesigned dissections that are available
in the plug-in and I’m initially how it all

works and you just scroll down here and see
how perfectly and professionally designed

all of these sections are no I do have a link
down below that will take you to the site

and you could check it out for yourself but
I’m only like maybe a third down the page

and you can see just keeps going on and on
I really like this testimonial section here

on the right I actually use that our product
our project recently it’s a section after

section is go to the top i didn’t even scroll
all the way down to show you the module is

that i really like and it’s that row separators
so let’s see down here rose separators and

this what it does is it adds some extra options
to your beaver builder rose so this is one

right here you see how it kind of you have
the image but then it made it sort of a very

wide triangle like that that’s one here’s
another one that you actually saw me use in

that page i created in 60 seconds and that’s
the down arrow and you can see that right

there that’s the draw your visitors eyes down
here’s another one work also left there’s

a circle bottom to the right you can have
clouds that’s actually really cute for anything

having to do with kids this one i really like
this multiple triangle life use this under

images as well on a product the round splint
that’s actually a very modern and trendy and

stylish thing to add to your sites just as
that that adds that little extra flair and

i just want to reiterate this to work on the
free version of beaver builder you got the

waves that’s really nice for restaurants and
stuff like that tilt left to curb center tilt

right in it so easy to add this to your rose
and it just makes your website pop and does

so that’s one of my favorite features another
one i like is this and i used to live is this

feature is called a dual button so let me
go down to that the dual button this is a

really cool i’m using it on all of my course
pages on my website and you could basely have

one button but there’s two sides to is actually
two buttons and there’s a separator and you

can use an image or a you know you can put
letters in there like that so does this or

this and here it is with an image i really
like the dual button and there is one more

mantra want to show you there so many awesome
modules and that’s this one down here called

the info list and this is going to help you
to create these very visually appealing the

lists that you can list out features for whatever
your product or services but let me show you

this third example in this i thought wow this
is perfect if you have a restaurant and you’re

trying to build out a visually nice looking
menu and delicate this is just a real beautiful

way to build out your menu and there’s lots
of different styles with this info list and

there’s also we have these interactive banners
which are amazing swimming to show you real

quick the interactive banner here us you can
see you can put your image and you can have

this really slick hovering effect over your
image in these could be used for lots of different

creative purposes to show you one more and
then i want to go and hopped into the plug-in

itself so you see you got your image and you
can overlay this text and when someone hold

covers over there can be a nice animation
a transition and then displaying a little

bit more information it just adds so much
extra pizzazz to your website and it’s so

easy to implement this especially with their
different sections that you can just drag

and drop into it so we actually show you how
works i’m back on that site that i built in

60 seconds and i’m using the free version
of beaver builder someone going to click on

page builder and let me show you what they
add to the mix of beaver builder so when you

add the ultimate add-ons to your website your
have this new button here that says sections

and you have this new part right here that
says modules now when you click on the modules

hears all those different modules that it
comes within you could just drag and drop

the module on to your beaver builder row and
then they also just at this they had this

really cool search function right here we
can just go right here and you can search

for whatever you want so i’m sure the sections
i click here and it has that same search function

and you can just click on anyone and you see
a nice thumbnail image of it so i can go like

that and you can see all the different thumbnail
options for these sections before you drag

and drop them into your website so say for
instance i wanted to add a new section between

the frequently asked questions in between
these feature boxes and so maybe i’ll put

some kind of counter or number sonically curates
his number and i can see all these predesigned

number areas and let’s see this one looks
kind of cool is green one that would really

stand out so i’m just gonna drag and i’m going
to drop it right there and it’s good to put

that section right here into my website so
all i would have to do is change the text

and probably just change the background image
if the existing background image didn’t fit

the luxury those really cool roads separator
options she can see the only separation between

these roses just this this line going across
there just the break there so not go into

this row and i’m a click on the ranch to show
the settings now let me scroll down a little

and is good at this new ultimate add-ons as
this new option here that says affects and

i can choose these effects so let’s go ahead
and try one of these effects the multiple

triangle which is one i like a lot and you
can choose where this effect gets applied

to the top or bottom so it showing the top
and when i scroll up you can see how it’s

already been applied to the top third you
can actually choose the both the top and the

bottom so will add that extra flair to your
website so now when you scroll you see it

there and you see it there now the only difference
is down here we need to specify the color

so that it matches the color of this row and
it will make it all fit and that’s why it

looks like that you can also change the size
of this effect it’s just unbelievably slick

and powerful what you can do to your website
with all these new options to separate your

rows and make them stand out on their own
and i and i just really like that now if you’re

a power beaver builder user there is a new
option panel is well that this add-on will

add to your website if you go to tools you’ll
see it right here it says you abb as ultimate

add-ons for beaver builder global settings
and when you click on this you can set your

global settings for your colors and your buttons
and things like that and and the reason why

this is important is were taking these predesigned
sections so instead of having to change the

button color on every single section that
you use all you have to do is going into the

global settings and set with these colors
and styles should be so as soon as you drop

that section in it conforms to what you want
to write off the bats you don’t have to manually

change everything so if you’re any use 10
buttons on the different sections on your

website you would only set the color once
here and you can easily change it once right

here and that is a massive massive timesaver
for anyone that is building their website

and a and fran overtime would have you want
to change something i want to change the color

a little bit in this makes it really easy
to change things around globally and that’s

one of the power features of adding this to
your website so i wanted to just speak to

the difference between the free version of
beaver builder and the paid version of beaver

builder now this doesn’t necessarily replace
the features of the paid version of beaver

builder it does add a ton of modules it does
add these sections it does work perfectly

with the free version of beaver builder but
it doesn’t really replace the paid version

if you like the specific features that the
paid version gives you it is another option

if those paid features of the beaver builder
paid version are really something that matters

to you a lot then you could just go with ultimate
add-ons i know for me i will still always

use the paid version of beaver builder but
i really ever single sites can have the ultimate

add-ons because it really makes a huge difference
in your website and the end result that you

get at the end of the day but what i love
about it is it’s very affordable this add-on

and it still works with the free version of
beaver builder all sections work perfectly

all those modules third and work perfectly
everything you saw me do on on this page right

here you can do and you can do it in a minute
just like i did it in one minute with the

free version of weaver builder now the paid
version of beaver builder i made a video the

other day about it what it’s going to give
you is is can give you some of its modules

now if you’re not really big on their modules
the ultimate add-ons and has fantastic modules

that it adds but the main thing that i see
the paid version of beaver builder giving

you is the ability to save your own rows to
save your own modules to save your own templates

that you can reuse over and over on your website
but if that is not something that is important

you are your only using this for maybe one
site and you just want to make it look as

professionals possible that potentially you
will be perfectly fine with just having ultimate

add-ons and so i think going to get in check
is the insured use the price of i click on

get started they have two versions they have
a version where you can paid to renew your

support each year and that’s only $69 and
you can use it on unlimited websites but at

the end of the year you have to pay again
it’s probably a discounted rate i’m not sure

but you will have to pay again in order to
get another your support which is perfectly

reasonable they also have this lifetime license
i purchased with my own money that lifetime

license a so that i could use it on as many
sites as i want to use it on and i can get

support from them if i needed it so with the
exciting thing is that this add-on is made

by a team that has sold over 100,000 copies
of other add-ons that they’ve made and so

the rocksolid it’s a real development team
with the support staff and everything and

this is really just the beginning of this
add-on for beaver builder it’s just the beginning

they got full page templates coming out and
it’s something that is going to keep growing

and growing so by the time you watch this
video it will probably already have those

page templates it will have a lot more sections
then were available when i recorded this video

so hey i got a link to them down below if
you do purchase it i click on my way to go

to the site and purchase it i do earn a little
bit of a referral fee however that is not

why i should i’m sharing this plug-in with
you i purchased it with my own money the lifetime

license and i’m using it on all my sites and
that’s the only reason why sharon i have a

specific page on my website for beaver builder
resources its wp builder

resources you should easily be of the find
it on my website what can you do something

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this time with me and i can’t wait to make
another video you

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