Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder Review 2021

by Adam Preiser updated September 8, 2021

UABB for short is the best Beaver Builder add-on package that adds numerous new modules, sections, and full-page templates to Beaver Builder.

Current Pricing: Free to $69
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Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder Pros

  • Over 45 New Modules
  • 100+ Page Templates
  • Fully Designed Sections
  • Fastest Add-on Package
  • Great Support Staff

Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder Cons

Using an add-on package for a page builder can be risky business if the developer is not on top of keeping everything compatible. Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder has done an excellent job over the last 2 years of staying perfectly in sync with Beaver Builder updates.

After having used UABB for 2 years on multiple websites, it is both reliable, continuously improving, and adding new modules.

Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active Ultimate Add-ons For Beaver Builder Coupon or Ultimate Add-ons For Beaver Builder Discounts available. However, if you do purchase Ultimate Add-ons For Beaver Builder through the link on this website, I will give you access to Beaver Builder Essentials which normally sells for $199.

Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder Review: Wrap Up

Backed by a solid company, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder is the most reliable add-on package available for Beaver Builder. It is the only add-on package for Beaver Builder that I trust.

Ultimate Addons For Beaver Builder Alternatives

Video Transcript


  1. Still learning about plugins and such, went to your site to see what you suggest, no review on Ult add ons in you reviews or the footer list as I was purposely looking for an Ult add on connection and your course offer, but not there. After ordering it today, I happen upon another part of your site and now find both the link and your course offer.
    Unless the offer only comes up with a private logon, I guess we both lost out here!

    1. You can send me a copy of your receipt. Be happy to get you in the program. All the instructions are on my contact page.

      1. Hopefully the receipt will help as I did look to buy Ultimate through your Purchase Confirmation – Brainstorm Store.htm

  2. I am also debating between BB with UABB vs elementor pro. I like Elementor’s features, but I feel the BB & UABB combo just creates much better modern looking sites, with Elementor I feel it looks outdated. What are your thoughts?

    1. I actually feel the opposite. It’s just my opinion though that Elementor Pro is much more current design wise. With gradients, box shadows, and many other modern design features, but UABB does bring many of these to Beaver Builder.

  3. Tom Brennan says:


    I am about to publish approx 25 new sites and would like an opinion regards which combo of plug ins and themes to use. I have just purchased BB Pro and BB Themer,(I can get the 30 day refund), but have not actually used either yet. I see from some of your videos you seem enthusiastic about Astra Pro and Elementor. Which combo of these themes and plugins do you think will be best choice for next few years? Thanks for all the great videos!

    1. Well, it really comes down to preference. Elementor has more design featured then will most likely ever come to Beaver Builder. I think with either page builder, you are best off using Astra. Astra Theme is much better then the Beaver Builder theme, and it will work with any page builder. I would suggest trying out the free version of Elementor to see if you like it.

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