WP Courseware Review 2021

by Adam Preiser updated September 8, 2021

WP Courseware allows you to have online courses on your WordPress website. It’s a solution ideal for people that already have an e-commerce platform and a membership plugin and just want to add courses.

Current Pricing: $99 – $175

Ease Of Use


Price / Value




WP Courseware Pros

  • Drag / Drop Course Builder
  • Powerful Quiz Options
  • Drip Feed Lessons
  • Multiple Instructors

WP Courseware Cons

If you want to sell your courses then WP Courseware will need to be integrated with an e-commerce system, which further adds complexity to your online course website. They do offer integrations with most e-commerce and membership platforms for selling courses, but I think it would be better if this was built in.

Also, when I used WP Courseware last, it did not protect course content, so it also required a membership plugin, which is another system you will need to learn, manage, and maintain.

WP Courseware Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active WP Courseware Coupon or WP Courseware Discounts available.

WP Courseware Review: Wrap Up

WP Courseware is a pretty solid option, but when you factor in all that it doesn’t do, you have to decide if it is a deal breaker.

I would prefer if it didn’t require an e-commerce platform and a membership plugin because that will be additional cost and learning curve.

It just adds complexity that is a huge turn off for me.

WP Courseware Alternatives

Video Transcript


  1. Ho Adam, you have to correct this comparison because, from 4.3 version, WP Courseware added its own integrated shopping cart (with PayPal and Stripe) with recurring payments option, so I think that this product is really mature and it can be considered as a stand-alone and complete solution for everyone who wants to see courses online…

    1. I don’t “have to” correct anything. Perhaps update, but I can’t keep tabs on all these plugins when they decide to add a new feature.

      1. ALESSIO PALMIERI says:

        Adam, I didn’t want to be offensive (maybe my English, even revised by Google, wasn’t very effective :-)))) I just wanted to say that one of the most serious lacks that made you downgrade this plugin was the absence of a cart and the need to rely on other plugins. Now that this thing has been implemented in my opinion this plugin becomes one of the best and cheapest plugins available now …

        1. They added that after this review was posted. When I have the time I will re-review WP Courseware.

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