WP Business Reviews Review 2021

by Adam Preiser updated February 24, 2020

WP Business Reviews is a plugin that allows you to attractively display your businesses reviews from around the web.

Current Pricing: $99.00

Ease Of Use


While not difficult to setup for most, you will have to connect it in to the services which may be a challenge for some.

Price / Value


You have to decide is the automation is worth it for you vs just manually adding reviews with a link back to the source.



WP Business Reviews is made by the same developers as GiveWP. Rest assured if you have an issue they will be there for you.

WP Business Reviews Pros

  • Multiple Presentation Styles
  • Fast & Easy Setup

WP Business Reviews Cons

  • Pricy annual license for what it is
  • It may just be easier to manally add them

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WP Business Reviews is a WordPress plugin for showcasing your best reviews in style. Display reviews from one platform or a mash-up of multiple platforms as shown below.

WP Business Reviews Coupon Discounts

There are currently no active WP Business Reviews Coupon or WP Business Reviews Discounts available.

WP Business Reviews Review: Wrap Up

If you want to create social proof for your business and show off all of the great things people are saying about your business, then WP Business Reviews may be for you. It is backed by a solid developer and will be one of those things you add to your website that will increase conversions and make you money.

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  1. Hey folks, it’s out and alive and kicking already since August 2018. Happy to answer any questions folks have in general. Thanks for the kind review Adam!

    1. Hi Matt,
      I updated WP business reviews google reviews on my WP dashboard and there are 2 new reviews, however they are not showing up on my website. Any ideas?

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